SCHOOLS, continued.

Seedsmen. Saunders Elizab. 68, St. George's Marked thus § are Florists, and thus

place +Smee Misses, Bay's hill villas

* Nurseymen and Florists also. *Smith Lamburne, 3, St. George's sClark John, 58, High street

id *Arnott Robert, Charlton kings parade. Smith Sophia (& day) 28, Gros

*Clift James & Wm. Tivoli venor place south

*Evans Joseph, Charlton kings +Snow Augusta & Hovell Eliza (&l Harris Wm. 147, High street day) 53, Winchcomb street

1 *Hodges Samuel, Promenade Turner Phoebe, 25, Albert place *Hopwood Wm. Jersey gardens, White Elizhth, 3, Regent street

| Hewlett's road, & 7, Victoria st +Whitsonday Misses °(& day) 2./ ŞHurlston Edmund, 1, Market Wellington st

*Jessop Chas. Hale, St. James' sq + Winnall Misses (& day), 2, North

Lawrence Richd. Hewlett's road

*Meggs Martha, Wellington sq
Pigott Luke, Bath road

*Pipe Edward, Montp. gardens

Stadden J. Regent street Addison Miss, Gt. Norwood st $Twimborrow Richd. Swindon rd +Barnhurst Mrs. (infant) 7, Priory *Ware Wm. Portland street

street Brander Mary,5, St. George's sq silk Mercers and Shawlmen. Cuff Mary, 37, Montpellier villas | Barratt John, 173, High street Hayward' Amelia Ann, 21, Cam- Bennett Charles & Co. 17, Promebray

nade villas Kerridge A. 1, Carlton place

Brown Chas. 128, High street Lovell Caroline, London road

Crux & Chillcott, Montp. avenue Neal Fanny (gents) 22, Gt. Nor- Debenham, Pooley, & Smith, Pro

wood street Parker Elizabeth & Field Amelia, Evans Daniel, 338, High street

menade 3, St. George's square Smith Sarah, Tewkesbury rd

Etheridge Robt. 7, Prom. villas Sterry Eliza, 16, Gt. Norwood st 1

Fox Benjamin Buckley, 152, High

street 4 Townley Mrs. (gents.) 6, Sand- Hacker Geo. 2, Rotunda circus ford place

'Isaacs Joseph, 6, Queen's circus Tyler Mary Ann, 1, Norwood pllOverton & Foster, 340, High st +Young Misses (infant) 2, Essex Shirer & Co. Imperial circus place

Sculptors and Modellers.

See Jewellers, 8c.
Lewis George, 14, Clarence st

Slate and Cement Merchants. Papera James Phillips,

Blizard John & Henry, Regent pl

St. Pauls
Sealing Wax and Wafer

Blizard Thos. Regent pl. St. Paul's maker.

Broom Samuel, Regent place, St. Dight Lewis, 170, High st George's st

Dover, George, Tivoli place

Soda Water Makers. Tanner Robert Tregoze, 23, Gros Berington Jno. Wm. 1, Portland sa _ venor place south Harper Ann (& ginger beer) Ver: Tomkins Gregory Jas. Surman, 32, non place, Bath street

Gloucester place

Whatley Rich. Geo. Queens bldgs Solicitors.

Williams Geo.Edmunds, & Griffiths

Frederick Thomas, High st Arkell, Anthony Ellis, Grosvenor Williams Thomas, 1, Ormond pl

house, Grosvenor place south Winterbotham John Brend, & Bell Baker Anthony Kington, Longford John Penrice, Essex place

house, the Park Banner Thomas Vaughan, Manor

Spas. office, Portland street Barnett John, 3, Oxford bldgs | Cambray.-Jones, Baynham proBillings Wm. Fred. 61, Regent st) __prietor Boodle Jas. 10 & 11, Grosvenor pl King's Old Well.Hassell, Sarah south

lessee Bowyer Henry Jas. Window, 23, MontpellierThompson, Pearson Grosvenor place south

1 proprietor Bubb John, Lingwood Robt. Sole, Pittville-Wickes, Charles Floyer & Bubb, Benj. Clarence st

1 lessee Buckle Wm. 4, Portland st Chesshyre Charles Jno. Regent st

Stationers. Cox Jólin Surman (& notary) 94, See also Booksellers & Stationers.

High street Cuff Joseph, 3. Pittville terrace Bailey Wm. 6, Queen's circus Gay Aaron Wills, 14, Suffolk par Bunting Joseph, Bath road Griffiths Edw. Llóvd. 155. High stl Cockling John Robt. 194, High st Hasell Wm. 10. Clarence st 0 Dight Lewis, 170, High street Henney Wm Hy. Imperial lodge,

Gardner Mary, 42, Winchcomb st Promenade

8° Lewis Wm. 4, Suffolk parade Hill Richard, 6 Grosvenor place Long Joseph, Crescent place Howard John Hy. 1, Prom. bldgsWestley Fredk. C. 96, High st Jessop Walter, 1, Church street Jones Baynham, jun. Cambray hol Stay & Corset Makers. Kelly Peter, 9, Öxford street Allen Miriam M. 43, Winchcomb Leighton Thomas, 182, High st 1 street Newman Edmd. Lambert, Gwin- Barnes Mary, 44, New street

nett Wm. Henry, & Ticehurst Brice Sarah, 1, Cambray place

Rowland James, Essex place Bridges Mary & Susan, 97, WinchPackwood John, 441, High st comb street Philipps Jas. Rees, 14, Cambray Chreiman George, 5, Pittville st Powell Horatio Nelson, 6, Jersey Drieu Madame, 1, Rotunda circus place, Hewlett road

Elliott Sarah, 9, Montpellier aven Price Francis, 65, Regent st. Francis Emma, 5, Prom. villas Pruen Septimus, 3 Prom. place Haywood Frances & Susan, 10, Sheldon Thomas, 84, High st | Colonnade Stiles Henry, 29, Cambray Hollister Samuel, 6, Montpellier Straford Joseph Cooper, Bath st avenue

STAY & CORSET, &c. continued, Halksworth Sarah, Shurdington rd Lander Sarah, 8, Montpellier Hands Charlotte, 3, High st

prom. & 15, Pittville street Healing Eliza, 4, St. George's st MIlwain, Elizabeth, 16, North pi Merrett Ann, 2, Ormond place Overbury Kezia, 16, Clarence st Oborn Emma, 102, High street Wakefield Mercy, 4, Arcade Page Mary, Bath road

Powell Hannah, Suffolk road
Stock & Share Brokers. Samuel S. 2, Promenade
Lee William Suffolk road

Selby Augusta, 354, High street Stokes James, 65, Regent st Sperry Eleanor, 325, High st.

Sirickland Hannah, 16, Regent st Stone Masons. Wark Susan, 13, Northfield ter Marked thus + are Marble Masons Wetherstone Susan, 84, Winchalso.

comb st. Allen Richd. Gt. Norwood st

| Wheeler Mary Ann, Bath road Baldwin Wm. St. Philip street Williams Mary, 7, Chester walk Blackwell Geo. Richd. Suffolk rd | Brown James, 15, Tivoli street

Surgeons. Cowley Jacob, St. Paul's road Beach Henry, 65, St. George's pl Iles Robert, 16, St. Paul's st Bell Win. 15, Park place King Benjamin, York street Brookes Wm. Philpot, M.D. Al+Lewis George, 14, Clarence st bion street Nottingham Jno. (scagliola), St. Cary Walter & Anthony Michael George's place

2, Priory buildings Ryland Thomas, Victoria place Coles Hen, 1, Liverpool pl High st Turner Thomas, Britannia place Cooke Chas. Turner, 26, Cambray + Vines Ann, 33, Ambrose street Copeland George Ford, 8 Oriel pl #Weaver Geo. 105, Albion street, Cottle Thos. Jas, 29a, Cambray

& Kington cottage, near St. Crump Fred W. Thirlestaine road Paul's church

Dalton Wm. 1, Rodney terrace Whale Thomas, 26, Townsend st Edwards Chas. M.D. 31, GrosveWinstone Charles, Hereford pll nor street Winstone Chas. sen. Swindon rd Elcum Chas. Fred. 3, Promenade Winstone Chas. jun. Victoria st Eves Augustus & Brookes Wm..

Philpot, 6, Royal well terrace Straw Hat Makers. Fortnom James, 7, Royal crescent Boulton Elizb. 94, Albion st. Fowler Charles, 11, Imperial sq Caudle Mary Ari, Bath road Fricker Edward, 3, Grosvenor pl. Clarke Jane, 10, Manchester wk Gabb Alfred,Wm. Mona house, Crawford Esther, 18, North pl London road Deane Lydia Lovell, 98, Albion st Gregory Chas. & Wm.189, High st Doxsey Mary Ann, 4, St. James st Hawkins Clement James, 6, RodEarly Emma, 406, High street Uney terrace Field Henry John, 380, High st Hyett Frederick, 8, Ormond ter Frames Lydia, 6, Commercial st Newman Robert, 96, High street Franklin Éliza, 176, High st Orrell John, 6, Hewlett street Giles Charlotte, Thirlestaine pl Prentice Charles, 1, Oxford villas Goodingham Ann, 7, Chester wk Richardson Frederick H. 3, Belle Haines Dora, 7, Winchcomb pl vue place, High street

Salt Charles, 1, Suffolk parade Payton Thomas, 5, North street Shaw Courtland S. Vittoria walk Pinder & Hutchins, 12, Colonnade Sheldon Wm. Theodore, 2, Carlton Pinder Thomas H. 153 & 154, place, Hewlett's road

High street Taylor Henry, 13, Sherborne pl Reynolds Thomas, 9, Prom villas Willis John, 13, Portland street Robinson William, 6, Colonnade Wright Thos. M.D. 2, Exeter pl Sharland Jas. Noah, Clarence st Wyatt James, 1, Park place " Shirer & Co., Imperial circus

Starr Wm. George, 423, High st. Surgical Instrument Makor. Tinkler Jos. 62, Winchcombe st Bell Wm. Moody, 104, High st

| Wellington Ths. 92, Winchcomb st

Witherspoon Joseph, 421, High st Surveyors.

Tailors-only. Adams Thomas, (& land agent) Arundell Edward, Greville terr

Jersey lodge, Hewlett road Ayliffe John, 30, North place Daukes Samuel Whitfield, (land | Barnes Benjamin, Albion street

and building) St. George's pl Biss Thomas, 104, Albion street Engall George, (& land agent) 95, Bradbury Joseph, 254, High street High street

Bucknell Daniel, 13, St. Paul st Garrett Henry, (land and civil en- Cormack John, 10, North street

gineer) 53, Regent street Crisp William, 20, Gt. Norwood st Gurney Wm. (road) Alstone Cull John, Tewkesbury road Kite Thos. (taxes) Norwood cott. Davis William, 35, Grosvenor st Mc Ilquham, Wm. (road) Prest- Dike Edwin, 185, High street bury road

Dike Samuel, 266, High street Motley James, (road) Alstone Dike Thomas, London road Paine Wm. (engineering) Ameri- Dwyer Hugh, 313, High street

ca house, America passage Early Cornelius, Manchester walk Paul Andrew & Charles, (building Felton Wm. Northwick terrace

and land) 397, High street Field Robert & Son, Regent street Smith Saml. (land) Gloucester rd Fisher William, 9, Bath street

Grundy Thomas, 13, Portland terr Tailors & Drapers.

Hampton Henry, North street Bastard William & Speakman Jo- Harding Henry, 14, St. Philip st seph, 375, High street

Harper William, 13, Gloucester rd Bray Robert, 6, Montp. avenue Heath William, 2, St. James terr Brimall, Chas. 5, Gt. Norwood st. Holliday William, Bath road Bulgin Robert (and undertaker), James Joseph, 3, Winchcomb pl 390, High street

James Matthew, 61, Sherborne st Draper William, 3, Rotunda circus Janes William, 40, Montp. villas Early William, 84, High street Jenkins Thomas, Regent street Fisher William, 26, Bath street Jones John Wm. 1, Northwick ter Gee Richard, 9, Montp. street Jones Samuel, Bays hill terrace Hardwick Joseph, 372, High street Killingworth James, Comml. st . Jones Charles, 17, Imperial square King Samuel, 8, Winchcomb place Jones John Wm. 1, Northwick terr Lake William, Bath road King George, 7, Clarence street Lane William, 8, Albion st Mayer Samuel, 65, Regent street Maddison William, Portland place


TAILORS, continued.

| Halford Wm. Sen. North pl Mayer Frederick, Augustus, 23, Hill Rowland, 23, Gt. Norwood st Winchcomb street

Horton Thomas, 22, Albion st Mc Ilwain John, 16, North place Humphris John & Henry, Sandford Merrett John, 439, High st Lane John, 7, Warwick buildings Minty William, 61, Burton st Williams Wm. 335, High st Morris Thomas, 4, Warwick pl O'Brien Charles, Townsend street Tia

Tinmen & Braziers. Phipps James, 7, Portland terrace

See also Ironmongers. Pilley William, 20, Portland street Deane Wm. 98, Albion street Sheppard Benj. Kingscote passage Nott John, 230, High street Singer Saml. 12, Bath st, Bath rd Norris Wm. St. Paul's cross Smedley Henry, 20, Winchcomb st Packwood Isaac, Victoria street Smith Edward, 1, Chester walk Smith Edmund, 11, King st Smith William, Brunswick street Tustin John, Suffolk road Stride Philip, 31, King street Wardrop James, Leckhampton Tustin John David, 44, St. Geo. st| Webb Frederick, 3, St. George's tr

Tobacconists, Wilks William, 14, Priory terrace Blake Daniel, 20, Winchcombe st

Brown Geo. 14, Montpellier aven Tallow Chandlers. Tayler Richd. Collins, 391, High Arkell Thomas, 411, High st

street Camps & Partridge, 127, High st| Vaughan Henry, 112, High st Harrison Wm. Union st. Somers tn Mathews & Co. (wax) 400 High st) Toy Dealers & Perfumers. Page Geo. 5, Sherborne terrace | Alder Daniel, 1, Promenade

Crook John Matthews, 429, High Tea & Coffee Agents, and

George David & Son (agents for

Hall Thomas, 3, Colonnade
Asam Tea Company) 367, High|

ch Karo Hirtz, Montpellier parade

8" Waite James, 8, Årcade st. & Montpellier prom. Hewlett & Co. 5, Clarence st

Webb Mary, 6, Winchcomb pl
Peek Saml. & Son, 139, High st Trunk and Portmanteau

Tea Dealers, &c.

| Cockrell Joseph, 14, Pittville st TRAVELLING. Borthwick Saml. 15, Albert pl,

Higgins John, 70, High street

P! Higgs George, 9, Winchcomb st Creighton Thos. 33, Portland sq

Jeffs James, 8, Henrietta st . Johnston David, 26, Albert nl Johnston Wm. (& draper) 43, St.

Masters Mary, 3, North street

Parker Jacob, 4, Winchcomb st
George's street

Waite James, Arcade
McMichael John, 18, St. Paul's st |
Simonds Wm. (silk mercer only),

Wakefield Wm. 13, Winchcomb st 39, St. Paul street

Truss Maker.

Bell Moody, 104, High street
Timber Merchants & Dealers.
Blizard John, Regent place

Broom Samuel, Regent place, St. Bradshaw Edwd. (fancy) 64, St.
George's street

Paul street

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