*Tunstall Ann, 8, Promenade vills Patton and clog Makers, Williams Jane, St. James's sq Bateman Henry, 210, High street Williams Sarah, 36, Grosvenor st Fluckman Thomas, Tewkesbury rd *Woolrich Elizbth. 3, Pittville st Hayward Samuel, 12, Albion st

Malvern Chas. 366, High street, Modellers,

& 33, Winchcomb street See Sculptors.

Pawnbrokers. Musical Instrument & Music Davis Jacob, 172, High street Sellers & Tuners.

| Isaac Andw, Michael, 89, WinchBradshaw Edward, (maker only) comb street 64, St. Paul's street

Myers Elias, (& silversmith) 191, Cooke John, (tuner only) 30, High street Gloucester place

Moses Israel, 199, High street Finlayson Wm. 11, Colonnade Sternberg Samuel, St. George st Hale Charles & Son, Promenade

house & Montpellier promenadel Pencil, Pen, and Quill, Maker. Hasell Sarah, (piano-forte dealer) Dight Lewis, 170, High street

King's Old wells
Hatton Joseph, 192, High street

Voight George Augustus, (piano- Acworth Edw. 17, Promenade

forte maker) St. George's place Allardyce James, 31, Cambray Woodward Géorge, (music seller | Bagnall George, 23, Promenade

and tuner) 25, Regent street Balbirnie Jno. (hydropathic) SherWoodward shos. 14, Promenade borne house villas

Baron John, 1, St. Margaret's ter
Bernard W. Rhodes, 12, Cambray

Boišragon Hen. Chas, 2, Segrave
Nursery & Seedsmen.

villas, Park place, See Seedsmen.

Cambridge Steph. 8, Ormond ter.

Cannon Æneas, 15, Cambray Oil & Colourmen, Coley Richd Mallet, 17, Cambray See Window Glass Merchants, &c. Colledge Thos. Richardson, Lau

riston house, Bays-hill Opticians.

Comyn Steph Edw. 23, Cambray Abraham M. 1, Queen's circus

Conolly Wm. Castleton house Randall John, 8, St. James's st

Davies Sam. 2, St. Margaret's ter Wellington Joseph, Royal well wkl Gibney Wm. 9, Rodney terrace

Hooper - 3, Montpellier terrace Paper Hangers,

Ker C. Buchanan, (homopathic)

20, Cambray Marked thus * are Manufacturers. Kingdon Richard, 11, Pittville par Collett Henry, 7, Hatherly place McMullin John, 1, Blenheim par Hinton Wm. 11, North street Robinson Collings, Hewlett street *Honiss James, 75, Winchcomb st Robinson Simon D. Hewlett street Morris Charles, Norwood parade Smith Thomas, Albion street *Paynter Thomas & Son, (decora- Swiuey John, Montpellier parade tive) 3, Oxford place

Thomas Reynold C. 2, Bath pl Pilley John, Victoria street Wright Thomas, 2, Exeter place

Picture Dealers, | Bidmead Wm. 1, Carlton street Brooker James, 24, Clarence st Bourn Samuel, Tewkesbury road Eccles James, (& restorer) Oriel Bourne Wm. & Son, 31, Burton st terrace, Bath road

Browning David, Ambrose street Ford Geo. (& cleaner) 9, Grosve Burge Thomas, 4, Grosvenor st nor street

Bussell, Joseph, Cominercial st Nottingham John,

*Channon Wm. Chas. Chapel st Powell George, Promenade

Coombe Jos. 11, Wellington pass
Cottle Edwin & Doogood Thomas,

1, Belmont cottages, Winchc. st Plasterers and Slaters,

Creed James, 68, Winchcomb st Acock Edward, 1, Duke street

Curtis Charles, 10, King street Acock John, 45, Winchcomb st 1 *Davis Thos, & Chas. St Paul st Archer Daniel, 10, Sherborne st Dimock Edw. Jas. 62, St. George's Bidinead Wm. senr. 13, Bath par place Bidmead Wm. Sandford street Ellis George, 11, Suffolk parade Biggs Thomas, 5, Prospect terr Field Joseph, 321, High street Bird Chas. 16, Sherborne place Fisher Robert, 1, Portland place Bodley John, Charlton Kings French 'Thomas, Hewlett street Boyce Thomas, 22, Fairview st | *Garton Samuel, Stirling cottage, Brown Thos 22, Lit Norwood st

High street Coates James, Sherborne terrace

Gibbons Geo. 20, Montpellier vils Gegg John, 21, Albion street Gibbons John, 1, St. James's terr Gwinnell Jas. 7, Gt Norwood st

*Goodingham Thomas, 44, St. Overbury James, New street George's street Overbury Thomas, St. Paul's rd.

Gore Henry, 258, High street Powell Wm. Hatherly street

Gwinnell Éhas. 6, Bath street Robbins James, 9, Union street, *Hague Richd. 12, Gloucester pl Somers town

*Harris George, 6, Northwick ter Spackman Chas. Portland square Harris John, 6, North street Stanley Benj. 3, Fairview place Haselton Daniel, 59, Regent st Tibbles Richard, Bath road

Hill Walter, Sherborne place Tovey Thomas, Suffolk street Hitchman Thomas, Victoria st Williams Chas. St, George's place Hopson Richard, Sherborne place Williams Henry, Swindon road Jeens Henry, 9, Hewlett street

*Keen Chas. Beckingsale's pass Plamasiers,

Lawrence Thos. 36, St. James' st Perry Robert, 18, Colonnade Legg John & Ellis George, 9, St. Thomas Maria, 2, Montpellier Spal Philip street place

Martin John H. 41, St George's st

McVitie Edmund, Tewkesbury rd Plumbers, Padnters, & Glaziers. Morgan Edwin, 5, Chester walk Marked thus are only Painters

*7*Page Richard, 4, Grosvenor st


Palmer John, 5, Tivoli place and Glaziers.

Parsonage Geo. 2, St. George's par Baker Wm. Sandford road *Phelps Wm. Sandford terrace Balcomb Thomas, Clare terrace *Pike Thos.Jas. 34, Winchcomb st Balcomb Wm. Gratton terrace *Rogers Chas. 1, Providence terr Bidmead Joseph, 21, Regent st Smith Thomas, Essex place

Smith Wm. Oxford passage Hadley Jno. Josp. Queen's bldgs *Snelling James, Manchester wk Harper Saml. Chas. 318, High st *Strickland Philip, 16, Regent st Mayer John, Cambray Swain Wm. 4, Montpellier st Paine Wm. America passage *Vick Thomas, Selkirk street Rowe George & Norman George Wetherstone Edward, 84, Winch- (& lithographic) 9, Clarence st combe st

Shenton Thos. B. 90, Winchcomb st Wheeler Robt. Bath road

W:lley Thos. Oxford passage Willett Saml. 1 & 2, Bath parade

Professors & Teachers. Poulterers.

See also Artists. Marked thus * deal in Game.

CLASSICS. See also Fishmongers. Austin Robt. T. 8, Montpellier st *Bliss Jesse, Market

Hastings Callagan (and writing), Jordan Joseph, Market

390, High street Matthews Matthew. Clarence st

| Kershaw Joseph, 3, Montague pl Matthews Wm. 144, High st

Whittard Thos. 17, Gt.Norwood st *Meadows Edwin, 72, High st

Wyatt Benjamin Webb, 10, Lea*Olive & Harpin, 108, High st mington place Phipps Wm. 4, Tivoli place *Pritchard Westley, Market

DANCING. Roberts Samuel, 9, Market Carr Sarah, 50, Regent st *Sheppard Joseph, 123, High st Furlong Madame D'Egville, 5, Stuart Alexander, 78, High st Cambray *Wyatt Henry. 6, Montpellier st Gobet Madame, ll, Grosvenor st Yates Wm. Market

Hart Wm. Burton, 91, High st

Print Sellers.

DRAWING. Chreiman Olave, 425, High st Alder Mrs. 1, Promenade Ewens Benedict, 87, Winchcomb, Brongh Wm. 19, Priory street street

| Oldmeadow Jas. Chas. 7, MontOldmeadow Jas. Chas. 7, Mont-l.. pellier prom. pellier prom.

| Munday Catharine, 2, York place Shipton Thos. 13, Prom. villas | Orr Thomas, Crescent place

Rowe George & Mrs. Exeter hall Printers—Copper-plate.

| Turnbull Ann, 3, Montp. prom Bradley James, Clarence st

| Whitsonday Miss M. 2, Wellington

street Cockling John Robt. 194, High st stre Johnson Geo. Phillips, 386, High


Reeves George (carriage reposiLeonard Edward, 7, Bath st Mayer John, Cambray

tory), Montpellier Spa bldgs

LANGUAGES. Printers--Letter-press. Marked thus teach French, and Clutterbuck Saml. Pittville st

thus 6 Italian. Davies Henry, Montpellier prom *$Anelli Signor, 10, Rodney terr Edwards Rich. 82, High st Austin Robě. T. 8, Montpellier st

PROFESSORS, &c. continued. Jarrett Wm. Edwin, 10, Gratton * Bouzy Meda, J, 3, Andover ter terrace *Drieu Jerome, 1, Rotunda circus Latour Aristide de (guitar, &c.). *Le Gallois Jean, 2, Portland pl Fowler's cottage, Regent's st *$Pavin Madle. 16, North pl. *Morgan Geo. W. 16, Priory ter $Pedrotti Signor, 8, Exmouth pl | *Munday Sarah, 2, York place *Persac Edwd. Cottage villas, Pavin Mdle. 16, North place Portland square

Pedrotti Signor (guitar) 8, ExPulver Rev. Isaac (Hebrew and mouth pl German) Rose cottage, Hen- *Smith Jeremiah Oakwell, 11, rietta street

| Priory terrace Salome Saml. (German & Hebrew) Taylor Thos. (harp) 17, Gratton Bath road

terrace *ŞTiesset Casimir, 23, Bath par | *Turnbull Ann, 3, Montpellier #ŠTiesset Madle, 2, Essex place promenade Werner Geo. Christian Fredk. *Uglow James, 15, North place (German) St. James' lodge Woodward George, 15, Regent st

*Whitsonday Miss M. 2, WellingMATHEMATICS.

| ton street
Bunting Fredk. 1, Westall place Woodward Thomas, 14, Prome-
Gronow Joseph, 384, High st
Kershaw Joseph, 3, Montagu pl *Young Jane, 2, Essex place
Whittard Thos. 17, Gt.Norwood st|


Anelli Signor, 10, Rodney ter Marked thus * teach the Pianoforte. Barnett John, 46, Winchcomb st *Anelli Fred. O. 10, Rodney ter

Biofield Wm. 2, Rodney ter. Anelli Signor (guitar &c.) 10, Cianchettini Pio, 8, Gt. Norwood

Butt Robt. 34, Grosvenor st
Rodney ter
Barton Emily, 6, Gt. Norwood st|

street Binfield Wm. & Mrs. (& harp)

Croft Alban & Mrs. 26, Tivoli pl 2, Rodney terrace

Latour Aristide de, Fowler's cotButt Robt. 34, Grosvenor street la

tage, Regent st Butt Wm. 34, Grosvenor street

| Taylor Miss, 17, Gratton terrace

raya Chyramski Geo. 2, Providence ter

Quarry Owners. Cianchettini Pio. 8, Gt. Norwood street

Parker George, Morland cottage, Cox Fred. 5, Bath street

Leckhampton Cox John, 10, Gt. Norwood st Vobes James, Bath road *Cox Saml. H. 10, Gt. Norwood st! Davis Philip (flute) 5. Montpellierl Rag, Bone, Bottle, and Metal villas

Dealers. *Evans W. E. (& violin) 2, An- Baylis Wm. New street

dover terrace, park place Bick Joseph, 204, High street *Goodwin J. L. (& violin) 336, Carwardine John, New street High street

Nightingale Jas. Tewkesbury rd Hatton Joshua, 195, High street Stephens Hester, 317, High 'st Jarrett Philip, 10, Gratton ter Stewart Charles, Milsom street

Ropo, Line, Twine, & Sacking Holt Jos. Deakin, 29, Grosvenor Maker.

street Leonard James; 1, St. George's sq +Kershaw Joseph, 3, Montagu pl

1 +King Thomas, The Park Saddlers & Harndss Makers. Moss Henry Benj. 13, North street Bye John, 111, High street +PROPRIETARY-COLLEGE.(headCockrell Joseph, 14, Colonnade, & master.) Dobson Rey. W. Bath 14, Pittville street

road Grimes Mary, 79, Winchcombe st +PROPRIETARY — New. (head. Haines James, New street

master.) Bowman T. Belmont Hooke Michl. 3, Montp street Ihouse, Winchcomb street Jacobs James Hy. Spa buildings Snelus Thomas, Bath road Jeffs Wm. 8, Henrietta st. Warder John, Tewkesbury road Jones Francis, Albion street Morris Alfred, 20, Albion street

LADIES. Parker Isaac, 15, Clarence st +Aldridge Misses, Hatherley house Salter Wm, Bath road

*Ashwin Misses (and day) HewTriggi Edward, Grosvenor st lett street Turk”George, 28, Winchcombe st +Baughan Misses (and day) 5, Co

lumbia place Salt Merchaïts. Bowller Isarriet, Bedford bldgs Smith Thomas, 297, High street I+Collins Elizabeth & Emma (and Dover George, Tivoli place day) 15, Portland street

Coome Mrs. 1, Norwood terrace Saw and Planing Mill. Draper Charlotte, 11, Cambray Steam.

Edmonds Charlotte, 15, Gt. NorBlizard John & Henry, Regent pl. wood st. St. Paul's

+Fison Margaret, 2, Argyle pl

+Gough Mrs. (and day) GrosveSawyers.

nor place south Horton Thomas, Victoria street +Harper Mary Ann (and day) St. Dale Wm. Regent place

James' st"

+Heaven Harriet (and day) 7, Schools.

Leamington place Marked thus + are Boarding.

*Heslop Ann, 18, Lansdown cresc The others are Day. Horton Mary, 2, Regent street GENTS.

tJay Misses (and day) 6, PainsAshe Edwd. Faithful, 105, Albion. wick lawn street

+Langdon Misses, Painswick lawn +Bradley Fras. Jno. Berkeley st #Lucy Misses (and day) 8, OxBunting Fredk. 1, Westall pil ford place +Fursey Thos. (& day) Grosvenor +Matthews Miss, 41, Montp. ter street

Moss Fanny Susanna, 13, Albert Gardiner Michl. A. St. George's pl place +Gilbard Rev. Wm. Wellington sql Munday Misses,:2, York place IGRAMMAR. (head master.) Haw- Munday Sophia,5, Ormond ter

kins Rev. W. High street +Paynter Elizth. Ruth, London rd +Herbert Wm. Boulton (& day), +Reynolds Clara Catharine (and Albion street

T day) 4, North parade

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