Allen Frederick, 2, Park promenade, the Park
Allen John, 32, Cambray
Allen Mrs. Col. 22, Montpellier terrace
Alleyne Mrs. 7, Lansdowne terrace
Allport Thomas, 7, Park place
Amphlett Edward, 23, Lansdowne place
Anderson Mrs. Jane, 14, Montpellier villas, Suffolk road
Anderson Simpson, 5, Montpellier terrace
Andrews George, Rose hill house, Cleeve road
Ankers, Mrs. Mary, 4, Seagrave place, Pittville
Annesley Miss, 32, Montpellier terrace
Anstey, Mrs. 2, Hatherley place, Lansdowne road
Arbuthnot Lady Harriet, 3, Montpellier parade
Arbuthnot Mrs. Margaret, 2, Portland parade
Arkell Anthony Ellis, Grosvenor house, Grosvenor place
Armitage Edward, Farnley lodge, Vittoria walk
Armitage Rev. H. L. adjoining 1, Selkirk parade
Armstrong Misses, 9, Hewlett street
Asher Asher, Sussex house, Winchcomb street
Ashwin Misses, St. John's house, Berkeley street
Askew Major Thomas, 8, Berkeley place, High street
Aspinall James, 5, Bath place and Liverpool
Aufrere Mrs. Matilda, 12, Lansdowne parade
Austen Lieut.-Col. John, 27, Lansdowne place
Aycott Mrs. Somerset house, Manchester walk
Babington Mrs. 6, Oriel place, Bath road
Bache Miss Ellen, 4, Oxford buildings, High street
Bacon Capt. Edmund C. 9, Suffolk square
Badger Thomas, 1, Clarence square, Pittville
Bagnall George, 23, Promenade
Bagshawe Mrs. Eliza Ann, 1, Sussex villas, Pittville
Bailey Mrs. Mary Ann, 5, Pittville lawn
Baillie Mrs. & Miss, 22, Promenade
Baines Mrs. 3, Park place, Saffolk square
Baker Anthony Kington, Longford house, Park
Baker Mrs. 22, Imperial square
Baker Mrs. Caroline, Springwell cottage, Bath road
Baker Mrs. Eliza, 27, Montpellier villas
Balbirnie John, Sherborne house and villa, near Albion st.
Balfour Francis, 8, St. James's square
Ball Mrs. Catharine, Murvagh cottage, Old Bath road
Ball William Shirley, Kenilworth house, Pittville

Banbury Mrs. Sarah, 57, St. George's place
Bangley Mrs. Jane, 18, Clarence street
Barber Thomas, 6, Suffolk square
Barker James, 4, Columbia place, Winchcomb street
Barker Major George, 3, Bay's hill terrace
Barker Miss Raymond, 6, Paragon terrace, Bath road
Barker Mrs. 2, Pittville parade
Barker Mrs. John, 14, Royal crescent
Barrett Miss, 433, High street
Barrett Mrs. 10, Oxford street, High street
Barrnes John S. 6, Oxford parade
Barnard Thomas, 24, Lansdown place
Barnett John, 3, Oxford buildings, High street
Barnhurst Mrs. Harriet, 7, Oxford street
Baron John, 1, St. Margaret's terrace
Baron Miss, Avondale house, Wellington square
Barry Mrs. Caroline, 2, North villas, North place
Barry Mrs. Robert, 22, Clarence square
Barton Charles, 19, Lansdowne terrace
Basevi James, 6, Berkeley place, High street
Bassett Mrs. Ann, 1, Suffolk lawn, Montpellier
Bastin Mrs. 1, Oriel place, Bath road
Battine Major-General William, 7, Suffolk square
Baughan Misses, 6, Columbia place, Winchcomb street
Baxter Rev. William, Newick house, Bath road
Bayly Mrs. Jane, 5, Oriel place, Bath road
Beach Henry, 65, St. George's place
Beach Mrs. 8, Pittville villas, Prestbury road
Bean Lieut.-Col., Gothic villa, Sandford road
Beaty Commodore, 2, Keynsham place, London road
Beauchamp Mrs. Elizabeth, 25, Promenade
Beaufoy Mrs. Agnes, 13, Pittville lawn
Beaumont Capt. Francis, R.N. 3, Cambray
Beavan Capt. John Griffiths, 3, Manchester place
Beavan Theophilus, 7, Berkeley street
Beet Misses, 2, Oxford buildings, High street
Beetlestone William Moore, Segrave house, Pittville
Beever John Holt, Bibury cottage, High street
Beever Misses, 1, Cambray place
Begbie Mrs. Fanny, 2, Oxford terrace, High street
Bell Capt. Henry, Chalfont lodge, the Park
Bell John Penrice, 4, Raymond terrace, London road

Bell Mrs. Gen. Belgrave house
Bell Mrs. R. M. 3, Montpellier grove
Bell Sheppard, Langmoor villa, Bath road
Bell William, 15, Park place, Suffolk square
Belson Mrs. Harriet, 3, Selkirk parade, Prestbury road
Bennett John, Cyntaf house, Pittville parade
Benson Mrs. 4, Pittville terrace
Benson Rey. Ralph L. 12, Pittville lawn
Benzie Misses Charlotte and Eliza, 5, Montpellier terrace
Berington Mrs. Mary, 1, Portland square
Berkeley George, 12, Imperial square
Berkeley Hon. Craven, N.P., 3, St. Margaret's terrace
Bernard Ladies H. & A. 33, Montpellier terrace
Bernard Mrs. Somerset house, Manchester walk
Bernard William Rhodes, 12, Cambray
Berrington Capt. Thomas, 1, St. George's place
Best John Rycroft, 9, Lansdowne terrace
Biddulph Miss, Andover villa, Tivoli
Bigland Capt. Wilson Braddyll, 10, Suffolk square
Billings, Mrs. 61, Regent street
Billings William Frederick, ditto
Bingham Miss, 2, Portland parade
Bingham Miss Sarah, 4, Park place, Suffolk square
Bingham Mrs. Gen. 9, Lansdowne place.
Bird George, 24, Cambray
Bird John, Lansdowne lodge, Lansdowne road
Biscoe Mrs. S. 45, Landsdowne crescent
Black Miss, 5, Imperial square
Blackburne Miss Mary Ann, 31, Montpellier villas
Blacker Misses, 4, Keynshạm Bank, London road
Blair Robert, Moor's cottage, Tewkesbury road
Blakeney Miss, 5, Suffolk square
Bland Captain, Billbrook house, Winchcomb street
Blencowe Misses Anne and Jane, 9, Pittville lawn
Blount Michael & Hon. Mrs. Cleveland house, Cleeve road
Blunt Misses, St. James's cottage, St. James's square
Blunt Mrs. Julia, 2, Wellington square
Blyth Samuel, 15, Imperial square
Bodley Thomas, Anlaby house, Cleeve road
Boisragon Henry Charles, 2, Segrave villas, Park pl.
Bolton Richard, 14, Suffolk square
Boodle James, 11, Grosvenor place, south

Booth Henry W. Oakley, the Park
Boothy Miss, 20, Lansdowne parade
Bourke Hon. Mrs. Ann, 15, Pittville parade
Bowlby Major, Promenade house
Bowly James Hinton, 3, Suffolk square
Bowly Mrs. 1, Grafton terrace, Park place
Bowman Thomas, Belmont house, Winchcomb street
Bown Mrs. Harriet, St. Philip's place, Leckhampton
Bowyer Henry J. W. 23, Grosvenor place south
Boyd Miss Eliza, 2, Royal well terrace
Boyd Rev. Archibald, 11, Hatherley place, Lansdowne road
Boyes John, Nelson house, Imperial square
Brackenbury Mrs. 2, Sussex villas, Pittville
Bradley Francis John, Berkeley villa, Berkeley street
Bradley John, Chalybeate cottage, New (Sandford) road
Bradley Mrs. Fawsley lodge, Hewlett street
Bradley Rev. Charles, 14, Lansdowne place
Bradshaw Capt. Robert Augustus, 4, Hatherley place
Brandon Major John, 6, Pittville villas
Brandt Mrs. E. 4, Sandford place, Bath road
Brawn Miss Mary, 11, Oxford parade
Bray Lieut.-Col. Edward William, 28, Clarence square
Breedon Mrs. Catharine, 22, Lansdowne crescent
Brett Capt. Henry William, 5, Bay's hill terrace
Brewin Mrs. Mary, 27, Montpellier terrace
Bricknell Miss Jane, Sandford
Bridge Mrs. 10, Promenade terrace
Bridges Capt. 1, Imperial square
Briggs Henry, 34, Park place, Suffolk square
Briggs Lady, 1, Keynsham place, High street
Briggs Mrs. Henry, 3, Portland parade
Broad Mrs. Sarah, Rutland cottage, Swindon road
Brodie Mrs. Col. 4, St. James's square
Broker Mrs. 30, Promenade
Brooke Mrs. 3, Bay's hill villas
Brooke Mrs. Augusta, the Aviary, Pittville
Brookes William Philpot, Albion house, Albion street
Brooks John, 4, Portland place, Portland street
Brooks Mrs. Mary, Phonix lodge, Montpellier drives
Bromby Rev. Charles Henry, 10, Pittville lawn
Broome Mrs. 12, Lansdowne place
Brough Major-Gen. Rd. 28, Montpellier villas, Suffolk road
Brough William, 19, Priory street, High street
Broughton Captain Wm., Primrose lawn, Pittville
Broughton Mrs Jemima, l, Promenade
Brown Major John, 2, Salopian villas, Tivoli
Brown Mrs. Rowlls, 5, Lansdowne parade
Brown Mrs. Maria, 2, Bath buildings, Bath road
Brown Rev. Andrew Morton, l, North parade, Winchcomb st.
Browne Miss Wade, 18, Lansdowne terrace
Browne Mrs. Hayward, 29, Montpellier villas
Browne Rev. John, East Hayes, Pittville
Bryon Mrs. Exeter lawn, Grosvenor street
Bubb Benjamin, 1, Southfield villas, Old Bath road
Bubb John, 5, Lansdowne villas
Buchanan George (of Arden), 29, Park place
Buckle Henry, 20, Tivoli place
Buckle Mrs. 8, Suffolk square
Buckle William, 4, Portland street ..
Buckley Major William, Taunton villa, Suffolk road
Bulkeley Henry, 12, Oxford place, London road
Burne Rev. Wm. W. 3, Suffolk lawn
Burns Lieut Col. W.N. 4, Berkeley street, High street
Burns Major J. G. 4, Berkeley street, High street
Burrell William P. 4, Oriel terrace
Burroughs Col. 4, Painswick lawn
Burrows Mrs. 5, Crescent terrace
Burt Rev. William, 8, St. George's square
Burton John, Andover lodge, Park place
Burton Mrs. Mary, 7, Bay's hill terrace
Bush Joseph, 6, Hatherley place, Lansdowne road
Butler Hon. Mrs. Birdlip house, Bath road
Butler Mrs. 3, Suffolk square
Butler Rev. Edward, 3, Suffolk square
Butlin Henry, 43, Montpellier terrace
Butt Samuel, 5, Oxford place, London road
Butt Thomas Packer Walter, and Wm. Arle villa, Arle
Buxton George, 2, Pittville villas, Prestbury road
Bye Mrs. Frances, 1, Promenade terrace
Calder Rev. Frederick, 9, St. George's square
Caldwell Miss, 2, Paragon buildings, Bath road
Caldwell William, 13, Montpellier villas
Cambridge Stephen, 8, Ormond terrace
Campbell Captain John, 30, Lansdowne crescent


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