CHRISTCHURCH (girls), at Christchurch; Mistress, Elizabeth

Heller, HIGHBURY Chapel (boys and girls), Grosvenor street;

Master, John Archibald Macfarlane; Mistress, Elizabeth

Macfarlane. NATIONAL (boys and girls), Bath road; Master, John

Bennett ; Mistress, Sarah Bennett. NATIONAL (boys and girls), Leckhampton; Master, John

Collins; Mistress, Mary Collins. NATIONAL (boys and girls), near St. Paul's Church; Master,

William Bailey; Mistress, Henrietta Bedford. St. James's Church (boys and girls), Great Norwood street;

Master, William Pearce; Mistress, Isabella Swansbourn. St. Juhn's Church (boys and girls), Witcomb place,

Albion street; Manager, Rev. Alexander Watson, M.A.;

Mistress, Matilda Lee. TRINITY CHURCH (boys & girls), Sherborne street; Muster,

John Waterworth ; Mistress, Sarah Waterworth. Wesley CHAPEL, St. George's street; Master, Enoch Hall.

SCHOOLS, INFANT. CHRISTCHURCH, Alstone; Mistress, Maria Davies. Cheltenham, St. James's square; Master, George Rogers ;

Mistress, Mary Rogers. EXMOUTH STREET, Bath road; Master, William Wilson ;

Mistress, Hannah Wilson. FAIRVIEW; Master, John Wilkins; Mistress, Caroline

Salem Chapel, Gas green; Mistress, Ann Cooper,
St. Philip's, Bath road; Mistress, Julia Reynolds.
TeWKESBURY ROAD, Waterloo place; Muster, Chas. Allen ;

Mistress, Miss Allen.
WESLEYAN, Milsom street; Mistress, Catharine Smith.


Society. President, George Russell; Vice do. W. Stone; Treasurers, County of Gloucester Bank; Solicitor, James Boodle; Surveyor, Samuel Onley; Secretary, William Bain.

Societies CONTINUED.

SOCIATION. President, R. T. Tanner; Vice do. James
Humphris; Treasurers, County of Gloucester Bank;
Solicitors, Newman and Co.; Surveyor, Andrew Paul;

Secretary, William Bain. Cheltenham Loan FUND, 300, High street. Treasurer,

James Basevi ; Clerk, H. Waite. CheltenhAM PROTECTIVE Building AssoCIATION. Solici· tor, John Henry Howard; Manager, R. L. Maillard,


dent, W. Stone ; Vice do. J. Campbell; Solicitors, H. Stiles and J. Williams; Surveyor, Charles Paul; Sec


dent, T. Jerram; Vice do. George Rowe; Solicitors, Winterbotham and Packwood; Surveyor, S. Onley ;

Secretary, B. Thomas. SANDFORD PROVIDENT Society. President, Rev. Stephen

Westbrook; Treasurer and Secretary, James Rees Philipps, 14, Cambray.

SOCIETIES, Various. COBOURGH, OR LYING-IN SOCIETY, for the relief of indigent

married women; Secretary, Miss A. Puller; Storekeeper,

Susanna Waite, 300, High street. COBOURGH SOCIETY (St. James' Auxiliary), for the relief

of poor lying-in Women ; Secretary, Mrs. Cunningham,

30, Montpellier villas. GUARDIAN Society, for prosecuting Felons; Secretary,

James Bevan, 26, North place. HORTICULTURAL and FLORAL AssociATION; Secretary,

Charles F. Wickes, Pittville Spa PROVIDENT AND CLOTHING, 300, High street; Treasurer,

Frederick Monro; Secretary, Captain Schreiber.

ASSEMBLY Rooms, 392, High street; Lessee, James

Andrews. Corn INSPECTOR'S OFFICE, 60, St. Paul street, north ;

Inspector, William Wilkes.

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Excise Office, Sidney arms; Supervisor, John Truman ;

Officers, Thomas Holt, Nicholas Truscott, and Thomas

Theophilus Shaw. Fire ĖNGINE STATION (Town), near Jessop's Nursery;

Keeper, John Williams. Fire ENGINE Station (Phænix Co.'s), Regent street ; · Kecper, John Goodchild. FREE Masons' Hall, Portland street. Gas Works, Tewkesbury road; Manager, Thomas Spinney. MANOR OFFICE, Portland street; Deputy Steward, Thomas

Vaughan Banner. Police Station, St. George's place; Chief Constable,

Anthony Thomas Lefroy ; Deputy do. Charles Keily; Superintendent, William Hanbidge; Sergeants, Thomas

Box and John Nightingale. PÚBLIC Offices for Magistrates' meetings, 350, High st. SAVINGS' BANK, Queen's buildings, open for deposits and

repayments every Thursday, from 12 to 2 ; Secretary

and Actuary, Richard Masters. SERVANTS' HOME and Registry, 3, Liverpool place, High

street; Matrons, Catharine M‘Entee and Elizabeth

Wathen. STAMP OFFICE, 38, Winchcombe street; Sub Distributor,

Thomas Haines. Town Hall, Regent street. Tram Road OFFICE, Gloucester road; Manager, Charles

Water WORKS COMPANY; Offices, 62, Regent street;

Manager, Daniel Clark.
Weighing Machine (Town), St. Paul street, south.

Bristol and Birmingham Railway. Trains run several times a day to each of the above and intermediate places; time uncertain, as changes generally take place every month.

** Omnibuses from the Hotels meet each Up and Down Train, and convey Passengers to and from all parts of the Town.

Posting Houses. See Inns and Hotels.

Coaches. To the underneath places daily, unless otherwise expressed, but none except

the Muil travel on Sundays. CIRENCESTER, (meeting Trains at the Great Western Rail

way Station), the Berkeley Hunt, at 9 a. m. from the


Royal Mail, at 10 p. m. and to Gloucester, Kington, Hereford, and Ross; the Arrow, at 12 noon, from the

George Hotel. LEAMINGTON, Queen, Tues. Thurs. and Sat. 12 noon;

through Evesham and Stratford-upon-Avon; from the

Royal Hotel. MALVERN, Berkeley Hunt, at 4 p. m. in winter, in summer

at 10 a. m. through Tewkesbury and Upton; from the

George, Plough, and Royal Hotels. OXFORD, Rival, at 11 a. m. through Northleach, Witney

and Burford ; from the Plough and George Hotels. WinCHCOMBE, Favorite, Mon. Tues. Thurs. and Sat. at

5 p. m.; and to Winchcombe and Broadway, Hope, Tues. Thurs, and Sat. at 3 p. m. from the Crown Inn.

Carriers to London. Haines, daily (per rail) to and from Sherborne street, and

Blossoms Inn, Lawrence lane, Cheapside. Pickford and Co. (Agent, W. Groves), daily (per rail), to

and from their office New street, and the Railway stations, Castle Inn, Wood street, Cheapside, 395, Oxford street,

and 158, Regent street. Wells and Co. daily (per rail), to and from their office,

Winchcombe street, and New Inn, Old Bailey.

WAGGONS, VANS, AND CARTS TO THE COUNTRY. Avery's Waggon, on Wednesday, from the Shakespeare,

274, High street, to Bourton-on-the-Water. Haines and Co. daily (per rail), from Sherborne street, tothe office, Bartholomew street, Birmingham; Bristol, daily (per rail), to Bland's Waggon office; Hereford, Monmouth, Abergavenny and Brecon, three times a week; Gloucester and Tewkesbury daily; Leamington, Evesham,

and Alcester, twice a week; Oxford and Witney, twice

a week; Worcester (per rail), three times a week. Pickford and Co. (Agent, William Groves), daily (per rail),

from their offices, New street, to all parts of the kingdom. Wasley, daily from 241, High street, to and from Gloucester ;

goods forwarded to all parts.

Carts and Vans. From Beckingsale's Passage, 187, High Street. Cirencester ........ Monday & Friday, 6 a.m... Arkell. Tewkesbury ........ Wednesday, 10 a.m. ...... Arkell.

From the Bell Tap, Winchcombe Street. Cambridge ........ Saturday, 1 p.m. ........ Organ Whitminster ........ Saturday, 1 p.m..........Organ

From the Eight Bells, Church Street. Beckford .......... Tuesday & Saturday...... Taylor. Burford ............ Tuesday ................ Harris. Guiting ............ Thursday .............. Andrews.

From the King's Head, 295, High Street Chasely ............ Thursday .............. Scrivens. Chipping Norton .... Thursday & Saturday...... Hornsby. Stow .............. Thursday & Saturday...... Hornsby.

From the Old Swan, 60, High Street. Caudlegreen........ Tuesday & Thursday...... Rouse.

From the Shakespeare, 274, High Street. Bourton .......... Wednesday, 1 .......... Avery. Gloucester ........daily .................. Plasted. Hereford ..........Monday & Thursday ...... Beesley. Slaughter .......... Tuesday, 11 a.m. ........ Hayward. Tewkesbury ........ daily .................. Beesley.

From the Sidney Arms, Pittville Street. Broadway ........ Tuesday & Saturday ...... Viszard. Camden ..........Tuesday & Saturday ...... Viszard. Overbury ..........Saturday, 4 p.m. ........ Willis. Winchcombe ...... Tuesday & Saturday ...... Viszard,

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