Law and Publio Officers CONTINUED.
Cox, John Surman, Clerk to the Town Commissioners and

Commissioner Extraordinary in the Irish Court of Ex

chequer, 94, High street. Ellis, William Joyner, Coroner for the Berkeley Division

of the County (Berkeley). Forty, Henry, Collector of Church, Highway and Sewers'

Rates, 23, Manchester walk. Gibbins, William, Surveyor of Highways, Arle. Griffiths, Frederick Thomas, Clerk to the Gas Company,

public offices, High street. Gurney, William, Road Surveyor, Maryville, Alstone. Hale, Charles, Surveyor of the Highways, Promenade house,

Promenade. Hastings, W. Collector of Paving and Lighting Rates, Ade

laide cottage. Hulbert, John, one of the High Constables for the Manor

and Hundred, Knapp house, Manchester walk. Jones, Baynham, jun. Solicitor and Secretary to the As

sembly Rooms, Cambray house. Kite, Thomas, Surveyor of Assessed, Property and Income

Taxes, Norwood cottage, Bath road. Lea, John, Road Surveyor for Westall, Naunton and Sand

ford, Hatherley. Murrell, Edward, Auditor of Cheltenham Poor Law Union,

(Pershore). Newman, Edmund Lambert, Steward of the Manor and Clerk

to the Trustees of the Cheltenham Roads, Essex place,

Rodney terrace. Packwood, John, Solicitor to the Conservative Association,

441, High street. Paul, Andrew, Town Surveyor (buildings), 397, High st. Preston, John, Bailiff of the Manor and Hundred and Town

Crier, Arcade. Rowe, George, High Bailiff of the Manor and Hundred, 9,

Clạrence street. Russell, George, Town Surveyor, Clonbrock house, St.

Margaret's. Straford, Joseph Cooper, Clerk to the Trustees of the Glou

cester, Evesham, and Winchcomb roads, Bath road. Ticehurst, Rowland James, Clerk to the Board of Guardians,

Essex place.

Williams, George Edmunds, Clerk to the Magistrates, to

the Commissioners of Land, Assessed, and Property Taxes, to the Deputy Lieutenant and to the Water Works and Sewers Companies, public offices, High street.

Collectors of Land, Assessed, Property and Income Taxos. Acock John, for Swindon, Swindon. Bridgewater William, for the North side of the town, 1,

Portland street. Onley Samuel, for the South side of the town, Hewlett street. Broad William, for Westall, Naunton and Sandford, Rutland

cottage, Henrietta street. Buckle John, (Assessed only) for Boddington, Withey bridge,

Boddington. Carter William Thomas (Income and Property), for Arle,

Arle. Cooke John, for Charlton Kings, Charlton Kings. Hayward William, for Prestbury, Prestbury. Hicks Edwin, for Leckhampton, Leckhampton. Hyett John, (Income and Property), for Boddington and

Staverton, Boddington. Kearsey John Rogers, (Assessed only) for Arle, Arle. Minett John, (Assessed only) for Bishop's Cleeve, Bishop's

Cleeve. Perry Thomas Gilly (Alstone Mill), and White Thomas,

for Alstone. Rayer Richard (Property and Income), for Bishop's Cleeve,

Bishop's Cleeve.
Ursell William, for Uckington, Uckington.

Registrars of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. Superintendent, Ticehurst Rowland James, Essex place. Registrar of Marriages for the Union, Harper Samuel

Charles, 318, High street. Registrar of Births and Deaths, for Cheltenham district,

Harper Samuel Charles, ditto. Registrar of Births and Deaths, for the out districts, Pear

man Robert, Leckhampton. Registrar of Births and Deaths, for the Cleeve district,

Grizzell Charles, Cleeve.

Public Buildings, Institutions, Offices, &c,

ECCLESIASTICAL EDIFICES, &c. ST. MARY's, or Parish Church, near High Street; Perpetual

Curate, Rev. Francis Close; Curate, Rev. Maximilian Geneste; Clerk, John Glass; Organist, Thos. Woodward;

Sexton, William Forty. CHRISTCHURCH, Alstone; Incumbent, Rev. Archibald Boyd;

Organist, George Washbourn Morgan; Clerk, John

Wilkins; Pew Agent, Hy. Davies, Montpellier promenade. St. Paul's (Parochial), St. Paul's Street north ; Incumbent,

Rev. Charles Henry Bromby; Curate, Rev. William Hamilton Bodley ; Clerk, James Saunders; Organist,

John Ward; Pew Agent, James Saunders, 92, High St. St. James's, Suffolk Square; Incumbent, Rev. F. D. Gilby;

Curate, Rev. J. Croker; Clerk, Henry Waite; Organist, James Uglow; Pew Agent, Francis Fletcher, 10, Mont

pellier avenue. St. John's, Berkeley Street; Incumbent, Rev. W. Spencer

Phillips; Curate, Rev. Alexander Watson; Organist, Jeremiah O. Smith; Pew Agent, Thomas Shipton, 13,

Promenade villas. St. Philip's, Leckhampton; Rector, Rev. Charles Brandon

Trye; Incumbent, Rev. J. E. Riddle; Organist, Samuel H. Cox; Clerk, John Fletcher; Pew Agent, J. Lapidge,

13, Suffolk parade. TRINITY, Portland Street; Incumbent, Rev. John Browne ;

Curate, Rev. L. Armitage; Clerk, John Urch; Organist, J. W. Evans; Pew Agent, John Lee, 384, High Street.

Independent of these Churches, divine worship, under the Episcopal Establishment, is performed on Sunday at the NATIONAL SCHOOL Room, Bath road; Minister, Rev. S.

Westbrook. St. Peter's, DISTRICT School Room, Tewkesbury road ;

Minister, Rev. W. Hodgson. School Rooms, Alstone (Evening); Minister, Rev. E. Boyd.

Dissenting Places of Worship. BAPTIST (Bethel), St. James's place; Rev. Thos. Blomfield. BAPTIST (Ebenezer), King street; Rev.J. Statham.

BAPTIST (Salem), Clarence parade ; Rev. Wm. Garrett Lewis. Baptist (Zoar), Manchester walk; Rev. Charles Merrett. Cheltenham Chapel, St. George's sq.; Ministers, various. INDEPENDENT (Highbury): Rev. Andrew Morton Brown. Lady HuntinGDON's (Portland), North place; Rev. Leonard

James Wake. PRIMITIVE METHODISTS, Tewkesbury road. Quakers' Meeting House, Manchester walk. UNITARIAN, Bay's hill ; Rev. William Smith. WESLEYAN, St. George's street, and BETHESDA, Great Nor

wood street ; Ministers, Rev. William Burt, Rev. George Robinson, and Rev. George C. Taylor.

Jew's SYNAGOGUE, St. James's Square; Rev. Isaac Pulver. ROMAN CATHOLIC, Manchester walk; Rev. Jas. H. Dowding.

ASYLUMS, DISPENSARIES, &c. DISPENSARY, for the Diseases of Women and Children, Eye

Infirmary, and Lying-in Institution, 7, St. George's street ; Consulting Physician, H. C. Boisragon; Consulting Surgeon, Edward Fricker ; Surgeon and Accoucheur, I. S. Willis; Collector, Thomas Cosnett, 1, Hanover street. Female ORPHAN Asylum, Winchcomb street; Secretary,

Major Askew; Matron, Elizabeth Perring. FEMALE REFUGE, North parade house, Winchcomb street;

Treasurer, Fenton Hort; Honorary Secretaries, Rev. D. Robinson, and Captain Beaumont; Matron, Emma

Murray. HospITAL AND DISPENSARY, High street; Physicians to the

Hospital, William Gibney, and George Bagnall; Surgeons to the Hospital, Charles Fowler, and Augustus Éves ; Physicians to the Dispensary, Collings Robinson, Edward Acworth, and Thomas Smith; Suryeons to the Dispensary, Thomas Wright, Clement Hawkins, and William Philpot Brookes; Resident Surgeon, David Hartley; Dispenser, S. Bloxwich : Matron, Hannah Coppin ; Collector, Henry Waite, 300, High street. Pates' Alms Houses, for 6 poor persons, aged 60 and

upwards, Albion street. WORKHOUSE, (Old) New street; Master, William Niblett ;

Matron, Harriet Matilda Niblett; School Mistress, Eliza Harris.

Asylums, &0. CONTINUED.
WORKHOUSE, (Union) Swindon road; Chaplain, Rev. Charles

Bromby; Master, William Porter; Mistress, Ann Porter.


Richard Edwards', 82, High street. Christian KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY's Depôt, 91, High street;

Agent, James Blakie. CHURCH OF ENGLAND READING Rooms, Regent street;


menade; Curator, Andrew Browne.

SCHOOLS, ENDOWED and PROPRIETARY. Cheltenham COLLEGE, Bath road; Principal, Rev. W.

Dobson, M.A.; Theological Tutor, Rev. W. F. Wilkinson, M.A.; Mathematical Master of the Classical Department, Rev. J. C. Turnbull, M.A.; Master of Civil and Military Department, Rev. T. A. Southwood, B.A.; Masters, Rev. W. Baxter, M.A., Rev. W. Boyce, B.A., Rev. J. G. Gordon, M.A., Mr. T. L. Williams, B.A., Mr. W. Romanis, B.A., Mr. Henry T. Price, B.A., Mr. Robert Airey, Mr. Debenham, Mr. Philp, Mr. Blackader; Professor of Oriental Languages, Mr. A. D. Gordon; of German, Mr. G. C. F. Werner; of French, Mr. M. Felix L. Murgeaud; Drawing Master, Mr. William Brough ; Writing Master, Mr. Charles Chenery; Civil and Military Department, Mr. A. Penley; Physician, Mr. Æneas

Cannon; Surgeon, Mr. James Fortnom. FREE GRAMMAR, High street; Head Master, Rev. W. H.

Hawkins, B.D.; Second Master, Rev. W. Hawkins, M.A. New PROPRIETARY, Winchcomb street; Head Master,

Thomas Bowman ; Commercial Master, Thomas F. Stead.

SCHOOLS, PUBLIC. BRITISH AND FOREIGN (boys), Portland Chapel, North

place; Master, Henry Jackson Moore. CHARITY (for 45 boys), St. Mary's Church; Master,

William Garn. CHRISTCHURCH (boys), Alstone; Master, Edmund Heller.

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