Cooke Henry, 21, Albion street Martin, Baskett, & Martin, 4, Im-
Elliott Edmund (ivory & brass), perial circus
Sandford street

Nicholls Wm. 8, St. James st Floyd Charles, 16, Ambrose st Rouse Frederick, 4, High street Haley Frances & Son (ivory and Stone John, 262, High street

wood), Rose and Crown passage Tymms Wm. R. 23, Sherborne pl Haynes George, St. George's pl Vimpany Richard, 6, Winchcomb Parry Edwin, Chester walk, &*22, street Albion street

| Waite Thomas, 341, High st. Spring Charles, 15, St. James's st Waite Wm. 301, High street Tinkler John, 168, High street Williams Wm. 19, Colonnade Waite James, 8, Arcade

Waterproofer of Woollen

Umbrella and Parasol

Herbert Edward, 24, Tivoli place
Aston Thomas, 8, Winchcomb st whoel Chair Makers.
Patrick John, 27, Manchester wk | Garrett James, 411, High st
Stanford Richard, 10, Chester wkl Oliver Daniel, 5, Winchcomb pl,

& 16, Fairview street
See also Cabinet Makers and


Davis John, Park street
Battin Harriet, Suffolk road

| Eldridge Thomas, Jersey street Millard Elizth. 13, Chester wk

Etheridge Joseph, Leckhampton

Freeman Wm. Albion street Peters Mary, Regent place

Harris Samuel, Clare street
m. 2,Tios ter pl] Humphris John & Hen. Sandford

James Isaac, Lypate street
Veterinary Surgeons.

| Roberts Geo. Russell street
Bryer Wm. W. St. George's ter White Thomas, Sun street
Gutteridge, Joseph, Stamford ter. Williams Wm. Glo'ster road
Regent street

Young John (& agricultural imShaw Jno. Fredk. Albion street | plement maker), Gloucester rd Wheeler Daniel, 6 & 7, Albion st

whitesmiths. Watch & Clock Makers. See Ironmongers, also Lock, and Abbott Jno. Robt. 3, Suffolk par

Whitesmiths. Brown Fredk. 19, Winchcomb st Brown Robt. 28, Pittville st Window Blind Makers. Edwards Wm. 370, High street Court Benjamin, 1, Regent pl Faville John, 13, Bath street Savory Elijah, 1, Providence pl Hamilton Jas. Hayes, 1, Grosvenor street

Window Glass & Lead MerHowlett John, 9, Clarence parade chants, oil and Colourmen. Huber Joseph, 186, High street Creed James, 68, Winchcomb st Laurenee Isaac, 10, North street Parsonage George, 5, St. George's Major Wm. Fairyiew place



WINDOW GLASS, &c. continued. Miller John, Birdlip cottages
Smith William, Oxford passage Roberts William, 35, St. James's st
Walker Jas Bruce, 7, Clarence st Smith John, London road

Stephens Chas, Little Norwood st Wine and Spirit Merchants. White Edwin, Norwood terrace Marked thus + are Ale and Porter

Woollen Drapers. likewise. See also Ale and Porter Merchants. Barratt John, 173, High street ?

*] Brown Charles, 128, High street Atkins George, 4, Ormond place, Dunn Edwin & Co.,'124, High st and St. James's square

Fox Benj. Buckley, 152, High st Beman James, Columbia house, Overton & Foster, 340, High st Winchcomb street

| Shirer & Co., Imperial circus Binckes Fredk. 48, St. George's p! +Caffieri Hector, 3, Portland place

Miscellaneous, and 13, Montpellier street Agricultural implement maker.Cambridge Robert John, 19, Gros- Young John, Gloucester road , venor place south

Butter factor. — Butt Timothy, Churchill John B., High street

Alstone villa + Dobell John, 71 & 246, High stl Coachloce & frino

', higa st Coachlace & fringe manufacturer. (central office, Clarence street)

street) —Morris Wm, 38, Hanover st.

Morri. Wms Fleischmann John Baptiste, 118, Chair caner. Hutchins John, High street

Wellington passage Furlong Richard, 5, Cambray loa

Cooks.-Sayer James & John,310, Griffith Samuel Young, (to her High street

Majesty,) Queen's Hotel
Haines Charlotte, 97, High street

Engineer (ciril). - McIlquham

William, Prestbury road +Hasell Wm, 342, High street Fossils and ancient remains (dealHealey Edward, 9, Portland street er in).—Jenkin Thomas, Little *Mills, Brothers, 100, High street, Norwood street

and 5, Montpellier street | Furnishing undertaker.-Brown Thomas Benjamin, 55, High street John, 46, St. George's street İSmith George, 66, Regent street French polisher:--Curtis Henry, Yearsley John, 161, High street | Bedford buildings Wire Worker.

| Glass Blower. — Cole Cornelius,

105, Albion street Stewart Jane (& bird cage maker), Millwright.-Day Richard. 226. 65, High street

High steeet
Wood Dealers.

Nurse.—Davis Eliza, 18, Glou

cester place Clark Thomas, Albion street Rustic chair and grotto builder.. Dale William, Regent place Newman Thomas, Bays Hill Dodwell Henry, Swindon road Servants' registry office-Masters Field William, Albion street Mary, 3, North street Hayward Thomas, Union street, | Tanner.—Bolding Robt, Alstone Somers town

Ticket writer. —Sperry Samuel, James Isaac, Lypate street

325,High street Lewis Edward, Regent place Tripe dresser.-Summers Samuel, Mason George, Victoria street Tewkesbury road

Post Office,

John NICHOLSON, Postmaster. Letters are delivered daily, at 7 in the morning, and at to 5 in the afternoon.

Money orders are granted and paid from 9 to 12 at noon, and from 1 to 6 in the afternoon. Letters to be registered must be presented at least half an hour before closing the box.

DESPATCHES. Night Mail, for London, Gloucester, Hereford, South Wales, Oxford, Cirencester, Slough, Maidenhead, Reading, Windsor, &c., at 9 55 p.m; the box closes at 9, but letters may be posted to 9 30, by payment of a fee of Id. and 2d. to the despatch of the mail.

Day Mail, for London and the same places, excepting Hereford and South Wales, at 6 40 a.m.; box closes at 6 30.

Night Mail, for Worcester, Tewkesbury, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Birmingham, Liverpool, the North of England, North Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, at 8 40 p.m.; box closes at 7 45, letters may be posted to 8 15, by paying a fee of ld. and a fee of 2d. up to the despatch of the mail.

Day Mail, for Worcester, Birmingham, &c., at 12 35 noon, the box closes at 12, letters may be posted to 12 30, by payment of a fee of id. and 2d. up to the despatch.

Night Mail, for Bristol, Bath, Dursley, Wotton-underEdge, and the West of England, the box closes at 10 p.m. letters may be posted to 10 30, by paying a fee of 1d. mail despatched during the night.

Day Mail, for Gloucester, Bristol, &c., and West of England, at 12 55 noon, box closes at 12, letters may be posted to 12 30, by payment of a fee of ld. and 2d. to the time of despatch.

Night Mail, for Winchcombe, Evesham, Northleach, Burford, and Witney, box closes at 10 p.m. letters may be posted to 10 30, by payment of a fee of 1d. mail ; despatched during the night.

The office is closed at 10 30 p.m. but a box labelled “ too late,” is open during the night, for the reception of stamped and unpaid letters. Letters so posted, for London, Glou

Post Office CONTINUED. cester, &c., (if posted before 6 30 a.m.) are forwarded by London Day Mail. Receiving houses are also open at Richard W. Clarke's, 1, Montpellier Exchange, James A. L. F. Hart's, 5, Tekesbury rd; Richard Hill's, St. Paul's Cross; Thomas William Newenham's, Leamington place, Prestbury road; Charlotte Kelly's, Corpus street; and William Hale's, ), Northwick terrace, Thirlestaine road. Letters from these places are despatched to the principal office three times daily, viz. at 11 30 a.m. 7 30 p.m. and 8 30 p.m. Letters may be posted at these places until five minutes before they are despatched.


Member for the Borough.
Hon. Craven Fitzhardinge Berkeley.
Lord and Lady of the Manor.

James Agg Gardner, Esq., and Mrs. Mary Gardner.


Por Addresses, see Court Guide. William John Agg, Edward Armitage, John Blagdon, Hon. Craven Berkeley, Robert Capper, Rev. John Edwards, Samuel Higgs Gael, William Greaves, Lewis Griffiths, Wm. Gyde, Thomas Henney, Rev. William Hicks, Edw. Kendall, Rev. Thomas Blackman Newell, Thomas Pilkington, Robt. Ansley Robinson, Rev. Robert Smith, Isaac Spooner, David Latimer St. Clair, Sydenham Teast, Pearson Thompson, Rev. Charles Brandon Trye, Joseph Ellis Viner, Col. Robt. Martin Popham Wall, George Asser White Welch, John Gregory Welch and Stubbs Wightwick, Esqrs.

Clerk, George Edmunds Williams. Public Offices, 350, High street.

Commissioners for Paving, Lighting and Cleansing The Addresses will be found in the Court Guide, unless specified in a parenthesis.

Anthony Kington Baker, William Bell, John Browne (Salperton), John Bubb, John Burton, Thos. Byrch (Cirencester), William Churchill, Rev. Charles Coxwell (Dowdeswell), Robert Crump (Charlton Kings), James William Douglas, Richard Rogers Ellis, James Fallon, James Fisher, Benjamin Buckley Fox (152, High street), Henry Foulkes, D.D. (Oxford), Thomas Frobisher, James Agg Gardner, James Gray, William Gyde, Rev. John Harward (Hartlebury, Worcestershire), Rev. Thomas Harward (Winterfold, Wor. cestershire), Thomas Henney, James Humphris (Keynsham cottage), James Shrubb Iredell, John Irving, Edward Jeffries, Baynham Jones, Thomas Jones, Richard Liddell, Edward Lloyd, Edward Matthews, William Merry, Edmund Lambert Newman, John Nixon, John Peart, William Ridler, George Schreiber, Samuel Sheddon, Richard Crosier Sherwood, Edward Warner Shewell, William Nash Skillicorne, Joseph Cooper Straford, Pearson Thompson, Wm. Larkins Watson, James Webster, John Gregory Welch, William Samson Whish, George Arthur Williams (11, Rodney terrace), Rev. Hugh Hugh Williams (Gloucester) and Robert Younghusband (Alnwick, Northumberland).

Clerk, John Surman Cox, 94, High street.

Town BeadlesJohn Lewis Williams, Primer's passage, High street; Joseph Simmonds, 4, Brighton cottages ; Joseph Fowler, 9, Albion place; John Hill, 2, Tivoli place.

Law and Public Officers. Ball, J. G., Coroner for the Cirencester Division of the

County (Cirencester). Banner, Thomas Vaughan, Deputy Steward of the Manor,

Manor office, Portland street. Barnett, John, Coroner for the Forest Division of the

County, 3, Priory buildings, High street. Boodle, James, Honorary Secretary to the Liberal Associa

tion, Grosvenor street south. Boodle, Thomas, Assistant Overseer and Collector of Poor's

Rates, 4, St. George's square. Bowly, James Hinton, Treasurer to the Township, County

of Gloucestershire Bank. Castle, Elisha, Inspector of Weights and Measures, and one

of the High Constables, High street. Cooke, John, Coroner for the Cheltenham Division of the

County, Worcester street, Gloucester.

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