Law and Public Officers. Bennett James, Sheriff's Officer, 17, St. Aldate's square. Brewer Thomas, Sheriff's Officer, 52, Oxford street. Burrup John, Clerk of Indictments at County Sessions, and

Honorary Secretary to the Gloucestershire Law So

ciety, Berkeley street. Coinmeline Samuel, Clerk to City and County Magistrates,

1, North villas. Davis Thomas, Clerk to the Huntley, Mitcheldean, and

Elton Trustees of Turnpike Roads, Bell lane. Fulljames Thomas, County Surveyor, Barton street Gracewood Alfred, Surveyor of Taxes, Promenade villas. Hartland Robert, Surveyor of the Roads, College green. Herbert Samuel, Solicitor to the Gloucester Accumulating

Fund Society, Berkeley street. Lovegrove John, Deputy Coroner for County, Eastgate st. Lovegrove Joseph, City Coroner, Eastgate street. Matthews William and Son, Treasurers to the City, and

Secretaries to the Chamber of Commerce, College green. Morgan Charles, Inspector of the Mails, London road. Spier John, Inspector of Corn Returns, Southgate street. Whitcombe John Aubrey, Clerk to the Trustees of the

Southgate District of roads, 1, Barton street. Williams George, Inspector of Weights and Measures,

Kimbrose. Wilton Henry Hooper, Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace for

the Boro', County Treasurer, and Clerk to the Trustees

of the Gloucester Charities, St. John's lane. Wilton H. H. and R. Clerks to Commissioners of Taxes,

and to the Trustees of the Northgate, Cheltenham,

Maisemore and Over District of Roads, St. John's Jane. Collectors of Land, Assessed, Property and Income Taxes. Amott John, for the College Precincts, Cloisters. Davis John, for St. Catherine's, 10, Pitt street. Dobbins Richard, for St. Mary de Lode's, St. Mary's sq. Hanman John, for St. John the Baptist's, for St. Mary de

Crypt's and St. Owen's, Worcester street. Herbert Thomas, for St. Aldate's, St. Mary de Grace, and

St. Michael's, King street. Whitehead William, for Holy Trinity, and St. Nicholas, College court.

Law, &c. Officers CONTINUED.

Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Superintendent Registrar-Mayer Samuel, Worcester street. Registrar of Marriages for the Union - Whitehead Wm.

4, College court. Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Kingsholm Dis

trict - Pilfold James, Wotton. Deputy Do.- Edwards George, London road. Registrar of Births and Deaths for St. John's District

Jordan Samuel, Alvin street. Deputy Do.-Christopher Daniel, Worcester street. Registrar of Births and Deaths for the South Hamlet Dis

trict-Haycock Samuel, 3, St. James place, Spa. Deputy Do.-Bowles John, Little Norfolk street. Registrar of Births and Deaths for St. Nicholas Dis

trict-Whitehead William, 4, College court. Deputy Do.-Whitehead James, 5, College court. Public Buildings, Institutions, Offices, &c.

ECCLESIASTICAL EDIFICES, &c. CATHEDRAL; Bishop of the Diocese of Gloucester and

Bristol, Right Rev. James Henry Monk, D.D.; Dean and Chapter, Hon. and Very Rev. Edward Rice, D.D.; Chaplains, the Venerable Archdeacon Thorp, Revs. S. H. B. Mountain, B.D., W. Spencer Phillips, B.D., Thomas M. Browne, A.M. and G. W. Barrow, A.M.; Canons, Revs. T. Selwyn, E. Bankes, Ven. Archdeacon Wetherell, Sir J. H. C. Seymour, Bart., F. Jeune, D.D.; Minor Canons, Revs. C. Y. Crawley, M.A., T. W. Webb, M.A., and E. K. Luscombe; Chapter Clerk, J. A. Whitcombe; Secretaries, J. Burder, T. Holt and W. and C. Clarke ;

Organist, J. Amott. Christ's Church, Spa; Curate, Rev. Robert B. Holmes ;

Clerk, Richard Coates. St. ALDATE's, St. Aldate's Square; Perpetual Curate, Rev.

Francis Turnour Bayly; Clerk, Ephraim Close. St. James, Barton End; Incumbent, Rev. Thomas Alcock

Hedley; Olerk, William Lane. St. John's, Northgate Street: Rector, Rev. Francis Turnour

Bayly; Curate, Rev. Edwd. Brice; Clerk, Ephraim Close. St. Luke's, Beaufort Place; Vicar, Rev. Samuel Lysons ;

Clerk, Joseph Wingate.

St. MARGARET's, Wotton ; Minister, Rev. George Bethune

Norman; Clerk, Charles Jetfs. St. MARK'S, Worcester Street; Incumbent, Rev. Edward

Mansfield. St. Mary DE CRYPT, Southgate Street; Rector, Rev.

Andrew Sayers; Clerk, John Oakley Packer. ST. MARY DE Lode, St. Mary's square; Vicar, Rev. Wm.

L. Coghlan : Clerk, William Howitt. St. Michael's, the Cross; Rector, Rev. Charles Hardwick;

Clerk, Charles Jones. ST. NICHOLAS, Westgate street; Incumbent, Rev. William Elliott; Clerk, James Wheeler.

Dissenting Places of Worship. BAPTISTS, Parker's row and Barton terrace; Rev. George

Woodrow. Friends' MEETING HOUSE, Greyfriars. INDEPENDENTS, Southgate street; Rev. Joseph Hyatt. LADY HUNTINGDONS, St. Mary's square; Rev. Geo. Fitsall. Primitive Methodists, Hare lane; Ministers various. UNITARIANS, Barton street; Rev. Heury Davies. WESLEYANS, Northgate street; Ministers various.

Roman Catholics, Northgate st. ; Priest, Rev. P. Hartley.

ASYLUMS and HOSPITALS. ASYLUMS :County Lunatic, Wotton, for 300 pauper and other pa

tients; Visiting Physician, Samuel Hitch, Esq. M.D. and F.L.S.; Resident Physician and Superintendent, W. W. Williams, M.D. and F.L.S.; Matron, Miss

Yorkstone; Steward and Clerk, Mr. James Stephens. The Magdalen, St. Mary's square; Chaplain, Rev. William

Thomas Webb; Matron, Sarah Wheeler. Dispensary, Greyfriars; Secretary, Thomas Holt; Resi

dent Apothecary, H, R. Williams. HOSPITALS :Kimbrose Almshouses, Southgate street; for five poor

widows. St. Bartholomew's, Lower Westgage st. ; for 58 aged poor;

Chaplain, Rev. Wm. Elliott, Master, Giles Smart.

Pabllo Buildings, &C. CONTINUED.
St. Margaret's, London road; for 8 poor men; Chaplain,

Rev. George B. Norman; Master, Charles Jeffs.
St. Mary Magdalen, London road; for 10 men and g

widows; Master, Charles Jeffs. INFIRMARY, Southgate st. ; Chaplain, Rev. C. Y. Crawley ;

Physicians, Thomas Evans and Dr. Ralph Fletcher ; Şurgeons, T. C. Buchanan, W. H. Fletcher, J. W. Wilton and A. J. Wood; House Surgeon and Apothecary, G. W. Charleton; Secretary, Charles Weaver; Matron, Sarah

UNION WORKHOUSE, near the Railway stations; Master,
William Cooke; Matron, Phæbe Cooke; Schoolmaster,
Thomas Holmes ; Mistress, Catharine Monk; Relieving
Officers, James Moss, St. Catharine street, and Benjamin
Pollard, Spa.

American-Tripp, Thomas L. Docks.
Belgium and Danish–Fox, Henry & Co. Blackfriars.
Portuguese-Kendall, Edward L. Quay.
Prussian-Price, William, Commercial buildings.
Russian-Shipton, James M. High Orchard.
Norwegian and Swedish-Jenkins, Arthur H. Bear land.

ECCLESIASTICAL Court; Chancellor, Rev. E. T. M. Phillips,

M.A.; Deputy and Judge of the Court, Joseph Phillimore, D.C.L.; Surrogates, Thomas Evans, D.D.; W. L. Coghlan, M.A. and A. Sayers, M.A.; Surrogates for Marriage Licenses, Revs. Francis Close, C. G. Davies, William Davies, H. T. Ellacombe, R. W. Ford, Thomas Huntingford, Henry Miniken, C. H. Morgan, B. R. Perkins, W. F. Powell, George Ridout and John Williams; Register of the Archdeanery of Bristol, Thos. Holt, N.P.; Register for Gloucester, John Burrup; Proctors, Benj. Bonnor, John Burrup, Thomas Davis, William James Holt, William Matthews and Charles Smallridge; Apparitor General, John Ford ; Apparitors of the Deaneries, Marshall Allen, Nicholas Allen, John Avery, Henry William

Browne, Richard Hutt and James Sessions. COUNTY COURT, held at the Shire Hall, Westgate street. COURT OF CONSCIENCE, held at the Tolsey, Westgate st.


Near the Docks. Collector, Thomas Hastings; Collector of the Lights, Dover

and Ramsgate Duties, and one of the Sub-Commissioners of Pilotage, Thomas Jenkins; Comptroller and Receiver of the Merchant Seamen's dues, Henry Costerton; Clerks, ist. James B. Davis; 2nd, William Tickner; 3rd, Wm. Samuel Lloyd ; 4th, Charles Cooke Brown; 5th, Harry F. Shute; 6th, Edwin Calton; Landing Surveyor and Surveyor of Warehouses, Frederick Pennell; First Class, Searching, Landing and Coast Waiters, George Green Steger and James Alexander; Second Class, William Richards, Edward Weaver, Edward Coleman and Charles B. Hale; Tide Surveyor, George Swainson; Tide Surveyor ut Beachley, Robert Luce; Principal Coast Officer at Lydney Creek, Wm. Johnson Read.

Sub-Commissioners for Kingroad and the Gloucester and Berkeley Canal, Thomas Jenkins and Wm. Clegram.


Park place. Collector, Thos. Weston; Collector's Clerk, G. W. Burcher;

Supervisor, Wm. Philp; Officers-first division, Josh. H. Gillett; second, Thos. Price; third, Alfred Allcorn; fourth, Wm. Cholditch; Ride Officer, Thomas Reilly; Permit Writer, John Pallett.

or, Thos, m. Philp; Price; there. Tho


Office in the Docks. Superintendent, Wm. Clegram; Secretary, William Brown

Clegram; Dock Master, Thomas Francillon; Harbour Master, Richard Wraith.

INSTRUCTIVE INSTITUTIONS, &c. Bible Society's Depôt, British and Foreign, St Aldate's

square. Agent, John Spier. CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE Society's Depôt, 3, Northgate st.

Agent, Rev. Thomas Hedley. LITERARY and Scientific Institute, College green. Se

cretary, John Jones. MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, Westgate street. President, Wm.

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