GROCERY, &c. DeALERS continued. Pimm Henry, 55, Northgate st..
Preece John, High Orchard Salmon John, Island
Price Mary, Island

Salmon William Frederick, 62, Price Richard, Island

Southgate street Price Richard, Littleworth Saunders Robert, London road Sansum Harriet, 52, Westgate st. Simpson William, 72, Southgate st. Smart Henry, Hatherley Smith Daniel, Barton street Smith George, Barton street

Hatters. Stait Henry, 87, Northgate street Colchester Frederick M. 31, WestTalbot Thomas, 41, Northgate st. gate street Thomas Evan, Water street Hopkins Philip, 132, Westgate st. Tipping John, 36, Barton street Hudson Roht. jun. 3, Southgate st. Townsend Edwin, Barton terrace Ludford William Henry, 11, WestTownsend Joseph, Island

gate street Trigg Edwin, 94, Westgate street Parry Henry, 19, Northgate street Trunkfield John, Mitre street Prime Frederick & Co., 133, WestWebb Joseph, 88, Westgate street I gate street Webb Samuel, Island

Spier Elizabeth, 145, Westgate st. Wilson John, Island

Stopford Charles & Co. (manufacWingate William, 66, Northgate st. turers), 7, Northgate st. & Bristol

Thomas Daniel, 2, Northgate st.
Qun and Pistol Makers. Workman Richard S. 94, South-
Fletcher Thomas, 161, Westgate st.} gate street
Prosser Thomas, Westgate street

Hair Cutters and Perfumers.
Gibson George, 10, College street A

Ayers John, High Orchard
Greening Elizb., 78, Northgate st. 19

*Clifford Thomas, Sudbrook Ladkin Charles Gilbert, 126, West-cu

Curtis Ann, Island

Griffett Lucy, Duckham gate street Lowe Frederick, 24, Southgate st.

Griffett Wm. Duckham & Quay st. Maysey James, 83, Northgate st. (Griffin William, Twigworth Meadows George, 154, Westgate st. Halling Anne, Quay

Page Joseph, Quay street Fair Cutters and shavers. Smith William, Barbican house Cherrington Richard, 16, Barton st. Cole William Jas. 78, Westgate st.

Hosiers. Crook Robert, Quay lane

Marked thus * are Haberdashers also. Curtis George, Alvin street

1 *Blinkhorn Robt. 8, Eastgate st. Curtis George, 74, Northgate st.

Gordon William, 157, Westgate st. Dorn Thomas, Island

*Hankins George, 103, Westgate st. Green Joseph, Island

Mew Francis, Victoria street Hodges Francis, 106, Westgate st.

Saloway Benj., 86, Southgate st. Jeffs Josh., Hare lane

Spier Elizabeth, 145, Westgate st. Jeffs Thomas, 23, Eastgate street

Wheeler Benjamin, 97, Southgate st Loveridge Wm. 28, Southgate st.

*Wynne Robert, 40, Westgate st. Perry Peter, Berkeley street


Marked thus • are Posting Houses. Albion Hotel (commercial and shipping) Southgate

street ..................................Nunn William *Bell Hotel, (family & commercial) Southgate st, . Marsh Susan * Booth Hall Hotel, (commercial) Westgate st. .. Holtham Richd. W. Dog Tavern, Over ........................ Weight Edmund Fleece Inn, (commercial) Westgate street ...... Haviland William George Inn, Upper, (commercial) Westgate st... Thomas James George Inn, Lower, (commercial) Westgate st... Smith Daniel *Greyhound Inn, (commercial) Eastgate street .. Ford John *King's Head Hotel, (family and commercial)

Westgate street .......................... Churchill William New Inn, (commercial) Northgate street........ Hyett Thomas *Ram Hotel, (commercial) Southgate street ....Mousell Daniel Spa Hotel, (family) Spa road ................ Robertson John Spread Eagle Inn, (family and commercial) Northgate street ...

............ Lesingham Elizabeth INNS and PUBLIC HOUSES. Barley Mow, Lonel Hare lane Cross Hunds, Organ Richard, Bear (New) Cobb George, Long- Brockworth sinith street

Cross Keys, Hyett Jas. Cross Keys Bear (Old)

, West- lane gate street

Cross Keys, Truman John, Wotton Bee Hive, Wilkes Benj. Tewkes-Crown, Watkins Wm. Cross Keys bury road

lane Bell, Neale Frederick, Upton St. Crown and Thistle, Lovesy Conway Leonard's

| Whithorn, Barton street Bell, Smith Aaron, Barton street Diul, Hanman Sarah, St. Mary's sq. Berkeley Arms, Dancer Sophia, Dial, Pearce Henry, Southgate st. Southgate street

Dials Old )Harman William Griffin, Black Dog, Organ Jno. London rd 93, Westgate street Black Swan, Fox William, 32, Dolphin, Clutterbuck William, 21, Southgate street

Northgate street Bolt, Taylor John, Longsmith st. Duke of Glo'ster, Bradley Francis, Bull, Hill Charlotte, Bull lanet Quay street Bunch of Grapes, Samband Duke of Sussex, Robertson John

125, Westgate street Miles, Island Castle, Heague Richard, Quay lane Fleece, Tombs William, Wotton Chequers, Brainsford Elizabeth, Fountain, Upton Tho. Westgate st. Upton road

Four Mile 'House, Cobb John, City Arms, Jenkins Richard, Bell Harescombe lane

Fox, Gainer Charles, Mercer's entry Coach and Horses, Jenkins Thos. Globe, Maysey Esther, Quay st. St. Catherine street

Golden Cock, Coopers? Arms, Keene Thos. Island! Worcester street


Inns & Public Houses continued. Parrot,Merchant Luke,Berkeley st. Great Western, George David, Pelican, Belcher Chas. Water st. New town

Pheasant, Griffin Robt. Columbia st. Green Dragon,Deane John, South- Plough, Bower George, 82, Northgate street

gate street Hare and Hounds, Stephens John, Prince of Wales, Moss John, Prince Cheltenham road

| street, near the Railway Hope, Clutterbuck Obadiah, Barton Prince's Plume, Murrell James, street

Westgate bridge India House, Miles Susan, Lower Queen's Head, Nicholls James, Barton street

Tewkesbury road King William, Bullock Peter, Al- Queen's Head, Smith Wm. Prince vin street

street King's Arms, Gatfield Matthew, Queen's Head, Wathen Ann, St. Hare lane

Catherine street Kingdom Home Page Hovio tem, Railway Inn, Spratt Aaron, Sud

mine Kingsholm, James George, Tewkes- Red Lion, Bond William, Lower bury road

Barton street Laburnum, Tibbatts Richard, Bar- Red Lion, Lewis Charles Thomas, ton terrace

I Northgate street Lamb, Dobbins Chas. St. Mary's sq Red Rover, Thornbury John, BarLanthony Bridge, Ford Joseph, ton street Lanthony road

Robin's Wood Hill House, Green Leather Bottle, Do w nload, Elizabeth Deacon street

Roe Buck, Gale Thos. Northgate st. Maidenhead, Holmes Thomas, 98, Royal Oak, Dowdeswell John, Northgate street

Lower Westgate street Malt Shovel, Hart William, Lower Royal Oak, Jones Wm. Hucclecote Barton street

Saracen's Head, Sunilo h et Mariners' Arms and Custom House 24h teet

Inn, Jones Elizabeth, adjoining Severn Trow, Hulme Jas. Quay st. the Docks

Shakespeare, Mastricht William, Marquis of Granby, Band James, Northgate street Barton street

Ship, Halling Anne, Quay Mason's Arms, George Samuel, 77, Ship, Wadley William, Maisemore Westgate street

Star, Beard Elizabeth, Quay Mermaid, Price William, Quay st. Stur, Lewis Edwin, Alvin street Merry Fellow, Wallop Edward R. Spa Hotel Tap, Robertson James, Barton street

| Little Norfolk street Mitre, Lane Joseph, Mitre street Squirrel, Maysey Eliza, Littleworth Nag's Head, Braxston Robt. Island Suffolk Arms, Simmonds William, Nelson, Thompson Jas. Littleworth Suffolk street New Inn, Taylor James, Tuffley Swan & Falcon, Cook Thomas, New Inn, Walker Sarah, Longford Longsmith street New Market Inn, Hillier John, Talbot, Cook Charles, Southgate st. Newmarket

Ten Bells, Spring Henry, 114, Oxbody, Cowles Henry,Mitre st. | Westgate street

Three Cocks, Wheeler, Charles, I Land Surveyors, &c.
Three Cocks lane

See Surveyors and Agents, land.
Three Kings, Evans Ann, Quay st.
Trumpet, Jackson Edward, Little Last and Boot-Tree Maker.

worth Union, Mormowl . Westgate st. Moody Richard, Northgate street Vauxhall, Long Robt. Verbena pl. Victoria, Mann John, Lower Bar

or Barat Libraries, Ciroulating. ton street

Lea John Edward, 2, Westgate st. Welch Harp, Seabright Joseph, Needham Joseph, 30, Westgate st. London road

Thomas Charles, 28, Westgate st. Wheatsheaf, Chesterton John, South hamlet

Linen Drapers, Silk Mercers, White Hart, Cook Thos. Tewkes Haberdashers, &c. bury road

Addis Henry, 6, Westgate street White Lion, Close Ephraim, Alvin Barrell John, 1, Westgate & Southstreet

gate streets White Swan, George Paniemi

Butt Arthur, and Cadle John Cor94, Westgate street

I nelius, 38, Eastgate street York House, Rodway Thomas, Cadle John, 6, Northgate street London road

Foxwell Edwin, 8, Southgate st. Ironfounders.

Fluck Nathaniel Clissold, 4, NorthCooke Henry Holder, and Butto John Michael, Kingsholm Iron

Grimes James, 11, Southgate st. Works

gate street Montague William, (and Ironmaster) Westgate street

Hughes William Henry, 97, North

gate street Ironmongers, Braziers. Look Jameson Samuel Roger, 141, West

y gate street
and whitesmiths and

Jennings Wm. 24, Westgate street Marked thus . are Ironmongers only.

c. Kendall Mary, 52, Northgate st.

: Martin John, 7, Westgate street Boughton Edm. 149, Westgate st. *Britton & Darton (wholesale)

Morse George, 162, Westgate st. Docks

Seymour Thomas, 5, Westgate st.

Smith John, 30, Northgate street Butt Henry, 87, Southgate street Edwards Thomas, 49, Westgate st.

Tooby George, 146, Westgate st.

-- Washbourne George Charles and Edwards Wm. & Co. 84, North

Nathaniel, Westgate street gate street Goths Lahn, 190 Wostoate sto Thurston John, 51, Westgate st. Livery Stable Keepers. *Reynolds William and Robert, Cox Henry Berkeley street

(wholesale), 124, Westgate st. James Samuel, Little Norfolles Waites John M. 101, Northgate st. Morris Richard New Market Watts Samuel, 44, Southgate street Price William, New inn lane Yeend Joseph, 5, Southgate street Robins John, Montpellier mews and Lady Belle gate

Veale William, 7, Blackfriars




Lock and whitesmiths and Rudge Benj., 10, Brunswick sq.

Smith Mary, 22, Brunswick sq.
See also Ironmongers.

Sterry Ann, 5, Bear land
Allen Wm. G. St. Catherine's st. |
Bearcroft Samuel, Westgate street, Machine Makers. ;
and Lady Belle gate

Harris William, Quay street
Evans William, Hare lane Montague William, Quay & Island
Gabb Daniel, Barbican road Webb Thomas, Westgate bridge
Harris William, Quay street
Lewis John, St. Catherine street

Machine Rulers.
Webb Thomas, Westgate bridge

Breiherton George, 4, Half street
Young Joseph, Hare lane

Smart John, Alvin street
Lodging Houses.

Marked thus are Boarding also. Baker George, Blackfriars
Bowers Elizabeth, 4, Spa road

| Cook Reuben, 31, Northgate st. Clutterbuck Eliza, Kingsholm

Cook Thomas, St. Mary's square *Comley Robt. 3, 4. & 5, Foley pl Gwinnett William, Bell lane Cook William. 20. Brunswick's Lawrence & Gingell, Hare lane *Davis Eliza, 13 College green

! Rea Wm. & Son, 13, Barton street Hale Mary, 12, Hillfield parade

de Smith George, 64, Westgate street *Hipwood Joyse (seamen's) Prim

Turk Charles, London road rose cottage, Tram road

| Wright Henry, Lower Westgate st. Hodges Elizabeth, Spa road

Marine Store Dealers.
Hopkins Eliza, Worcester street
Howell Eliza Ann, 12, Wellington

Andrews James, 4, Playne entry &

Upper Quay lane terrace

Carwardine James, Longsmith st.
James Samuel, Spa road
Keen Elizabeth, 4, Alvin street

Proctor Henry & Thos., Deacon st.
Kitsell Roger, 2, York parade Mast, Oar, Block and Pump
Mayo Sarah, Worcester street

Meek Charlotte, 3, Wotton parade Bebell Wm. Jas., Lanthony bridge
Munn Mary Ann, 7, York buildgs. Hunt William, Blackfriars square
Priday Samuel, London road Knight James, Docks
Roan Hannah, 5, Norfolk terrace. Watton Wallace, Kimbrose

ALE AND PORTER. 1*Chapman William, Quay
Johnson Richd. Wm.St.John's lane Cother William, Sandhurst
Lloyd Ephraim, Blackfriars Dover George, Docks

Francillon John G. Docks

makin hamDentar tanee
Coules John Fredk. Northgate st. Halling Anne, Quay
Goold William, 102, Westgate st. Moore Charles, Docks

Oakley Sarah, Quay wharf
BRICK AND TILE. Rees William, Sandhurst
Marked thus . are Makers also.

*Sessions Jesse, (and patent drainBrown Gopsill, (brick) Docks | ing pipes) Island

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