A Woman of Essence: A Christian Guide to Godly Relationships for Women

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iUniverse, 2006 - 228 oldal

"Godly Relationships in an Ungodly World"
...Is this possible?!!

If you can't remember the last time you felt truly treasured in your love life, or wonder why you continue to go through unrelenting cycles of heartache & pain, shattered dreams, and DRAMA, then let A Woman of Essence teach you how to overcome the craziness that is found in unhealthy relationships.

Women today are hurting, bewildered, and are desperately searching for a book that will show them how on earth to make godly relationships work in an ungodly world!

...And now such a book exists!

By detailing her own personal struggles with dysfunctional behaviors in ungodly relationships, author Cynthia Smalls-Purdie reveals how she uncovered the obstacles, barriers, and spiritual darkness that women often carry into new relationships, ultimately hindering them from achieving a successful relationship. She offers insightful counsel on how to free yourself from poor self-esteem, negative thinking, bitterness, and counterproductive behaviors so that honorable men will be drawn to your confidence and who will respect you and hold you in high regard.

The victory is that you can become free of the pain and frustration from destructive relationships by having a personal and intimate relationship, through Jesus Christ, with our Heavenly Father. Never again do you have to suffer at the hands of relationships gone wrong. By having God guide your path, you can start to cultivate relationships that are healthy, free of sin, vibrant, and most of all, GODLY!

Discover a life full of love, joy, and peace with A Woman of Essence!

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