An Introduction to Botany

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Longman, 1832 - 557 oldal

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559. oldal - SACRED HISTORY OF THE WORLD, Attempted to be Philosophically considered, in a Series of Letters to a Son. By SHARON TURNER, FSA and RASL New Edition, edited by the Rev.
6. oldal - Thysanotus fasciçularii, the flowers of which are of a deep brilliant violet, with a remarkably satiny lustre, that appearance will be found to arise from each particular cell containing a single drop of...
217. oldal - ... in its substance, and of evaporating pores on its surface, enables the crude fluid sent from the roots to be elaborated and digested until it becomes the peculiar secretion of the species; the contraction of a branch and its leaves forms a flower ; the disintegration of the internal tissue of a petal forms an anther; the folding inwards of a leaf is sufficient to constitute a...
525. oldal - ... verging to green. Again, the ranunculus, which is originally of an intense yellow, sports into scarlet, red, purple, and almost any colour but blue. White flowers, which have a tendency to produce red, will never sport to blue, although they will to yellow ; the rose, for example, and chrysanthemums. It is also probable that white flowers with a tendency to produce blue, will not vary to yellow.

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