Life and Letters of William Bewick (artist).

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Hurst and Blackett, 1871
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176. oldal - O wha is this has' done this deed, This ill deed done to me, To send me out this time o' the year, To sail upon the sea!
41. oldal - And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.
153. oldal - Of recreation there is none So free as fishing is alone; All other pastimes do no less Than mind and body both possess; My hand alone my work can do So I can fish and study too.
154. oldal - Aurora's peeping: Drink a cup to wash our eyes, Leave the sluggard sleeping: Then we go To and fro, With our knacks At our backs, To such streams As the Thames, If we have the leisure.
152. oldal - Our hearts with loyal flames; When thirsty grief in wine we steep, When healths and draughts go free, Fishes that tipple in the deep Know no such liberty.
152. oldal - Go, let the diving negro seek For gems hid in some forlorn creek : We all pearls scorn, Save what the dewy morn Congeals upon each little spire of grass, Which careless shepherds beat down as they pass : And gold ne'er here appears, Save what the yellow Ceres bears. Blest silent groves ! Oh may you be For ever mirth's best nursery ! May pure contents For ever pitch their tents Upon these downs, these meads, these rocks, these mountains, And peace still slumber by these purling fountain* : Which,...
84. oldal - His eye also does justice to Rembrandt's fine and masterly effects. In the way in which that artist works something out of nothing, and transforms the stump of a tree, a common figure, into an ideal object by the gorgeous light and shade thrown upon it...
232. oldal - A TEMPLE to Friendship," said Laura, enchanted, " I '11 build in this garden — the thought is divine !" Her temple was built, and she now only wanted An image of friendship to place on the shrine. She flew to a sculptor, who set down before her A Friendship, the fairest his art could invent, But so cold and so dull, that the youthful adorer Saw plainly this was not the idol she meant.
84. oldal - But he sometimes takes a higher tone, and gives his mind fair play. We have known him enlarge with a noble intelligence and enthusiasm on Nicolas Poussin's fine landscape-compositions, pointing out the unity of design that pervades them, the superintending mind, the imaginative principle that brings all to bear on the same end ; and declaring he would not give a rush for any landscape that did not express the time of day, the climate, the period of the world it was meant to illustrate, or had not...
79. oldal - ribbed seasands," in such talk as this a whole morning, and I recollect met with a curious sea-weed, of which John Chester told us the country name ! A fisherman gave Coleridge an account of a boy that had been drowned the day before, and that they had tried to save him at the risk of their own lives. He said " he did not know how it was that they ventured, but, Sir, we have a nature towards one another.

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