Bell's Edition, 79-80. kötet

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J. Bell, 1797
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27. oldal - a more delusive art must try, And tempt their hunger with the curious fly. To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that Wait on female pride: Let Nature guide thee ; sometimes golden wire The shining bellies of the fly require; 180 The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail,
124. oldal - from each thing met conceives delight; The smell of grain, or tedded grass or kine, Or dairie, each rural sight, each rural sound. Thou wilt not find my shepherdesses idly piping on oaten
150. oldal - He leaves my hand ; see to the west he's flown, To call my truelove from the faithless Town. With my sharp heel I three times mark the ground, And turn me thrice around, around, around. 90 This mellow pippin, which I pare around, My shepherd's name shall flourish on the ground: I
197. oldal - other, she thinks it but queer. MY OWN EPITAPH. LIFE is a jest, and all things show it; I thought so once, but now I know it.
28. oldal - fly; When he with fruitless pain hath skimm'd the brook, And the coy fish rejects the skipping hook, He shakes the boughs that on the margin grow, Which o'er the stream a waving forest throw, 200 When if an insect fall, (his certain guide) He gently takes him from the whirling tide, Examines well his
148. oldal - With my sharp heel I three times mark the ground, And turn me thrice around, around, around. At eve last midsummer no sleep I sought, But to the field a bag of hempseed brought; I scatter'd round the seed on ev'ry side, And three times in a trembling accent cry'd,
181. oldal - Why did I truft thee with that giddy youth! " Who from a page can ever learn the truth ? " Vers'd in court tricks, that money-loving boy " To fome lord's daughter fold the living toy,] " Or rent him limb from limb, in cruel play, 35 " As children tear the wings of flies away.
135. oldal - the swains, an'd seiz'd on Blouzelind. True speaks that ancient proverb, " Love is blind." CUD. As at Hot-cockles once I laid me down, And felt the weighty hand of many a clown-, 100 Buxoma gave a gentle tap, and I Quick rose, and read soft mischief in her eye.
132. oldal - that show'rs would strait ensue: He first that useful secret did explain, That pricking corns foretold the gath'ring rain: When swallows fleet soar high and sport in air, He told us that the welkin would be clear. 30 Let Cloddipole then hear us twain rehearse, And praise his sweetheart
48. oldal - plains! Before proud gates attending asses bray, Or arrogate with solemn pace the way ; These grave physicians, with their milky cheer, The lovesick maid and dwindling beau repair. Here rows of drummers stand in martial file, And with their vellum thunder shake the pile, To greet the new-made bride. Are sounds like these The proper

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