Antrim, Marquess of Donegal
Armagh, Col. Jas. M. Caulfeiid, M.P.
Carlow, Earl of Bessborough
Cavan, Marquess of Headfort
Clare, Sir Lucius O'Brien, Bt.
Cork, Earl of Bandon
Donegal, Earl of Leitrim
Down, Marquess of Londonderry
Dublin, Sir Compton Domville, Bt.
Fermanagh, Earl of Erne
Galway, Marquess of Clanricarde
Kerry, Earl of Kenmare
Kildare, Duke of Leinster
Kilkenny, Rt. Hon. Wm. F. Fownes Tighe
King's County, Earl of Rosse
Leitrim, Earl of Leitrim
Limerick, Earl of Dunraven
Londonderry, Marquess of Londonderry
Longford, Luke White
Mayo, Earl of Lucan
Meath, Earl of Fingall
Monaghan, Lord Rossmore
Queen's Co., Viscount de Vesci
Roscommon, Viscount Lorton
Sligo, Col. Arthur F. Knox Gore
Tipperary, Hon. F. A. Prittie
Tyrone, Earl of Charlemont
Waterford, Lord Stuart de Decies
Westmeath, Marquess of Westmeath
Wexford, Earl Courtoun
IVicklow, Earl of Meath

Antrim, Marquess of Donegal
Armagh, Col. Jas. M. Caulfeild, M.P.
Carlow, Earl of Bessborough
Cavan, Marquess of Headfort
Clare, Sir Lucius O'Brien, Bt.
Cork, Earl of Bandon
Donegal, Marquess of Abercorn
Down, Viscount Castlereagh, M.P.
Dublin, Earl of Meath
Fermanagh, Earl of Erne
Galway, Marquess of Clanricarde
Kerry, Earl of Kenmare
Kildare, Duke of Leinster
Kilkenny, Rt. Hon. Wm. F. Fownes Tighe
King's County, Earl of Rosse
Leitrim, Earl of Leitrim
Limerick, Earl of Clare
Londonderry, Sir R. A. Ferguson, Bt.
Longford, Henry White
Louth, Lord Bellew
Mayo, Earl of Lucan
Meath, Earl of Fingall
Monaghan, Lord Rossmore
Queen's County, Viscount de Vesci
Roscommon, Viscount Lorton
Sligo, Col. Arthur F. Knox Gore
Tipperary, Earl of Donoughmore
Tyrone, Earl of Charlemont
Waterford, Lord Stuart de Decies
Wesimeath, Marquess of Westmeath
Wexford, Lord Carew
Wicklow, Earl of Wicklow


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Consec. Archbishops.
Secs. Anno. In room of

1805 Lord J. G. Beresford, D.D.,
D.} Armagh. 1822 Stuart

E. G. Hudson, A.M. Primate of all Ireland 1831 Rt. Hon. Richard Whatley, Dublin and 1831 Magee

Storich's Prank chann. She en:

trick's and Christ Church. D.D., Primate of Ireland.) Kildare .

James Gregory, A.M., Kil.

dare. Bishops. 1842 Rt. Hon. Edw. Stopford, D.D. Meath 1842 Dickenson Rich. Butler, Clonmacnoise. 1804 Lord R. P. Tottenham, D.D. Clogher. 1822 Jocelyn Hon. R. W. H. Maude, M.A.

W.Warburton, M.A,Elphin. Kilmore,Ar-2

R. Murray, D.D., Ardagh. 1812 John Leslie, D.D.

dagh, and 1819 French

Lord Fitzgerald, LL.D., Kil.

T. B. Gongh, M.A., Derry. 1828 Hon. Richard Ponsonby, D.D. (Dereinbheand?

1831 Knox.

Lord E. Chichester, Raphoe.
J. Head, D.D., Killaioe.

J.Armstrong, M.A., kilfruora fenora, llon1839 Lord Riversdale, D.D. .

fert, and kil

1839 Sandes T. Hawkins, D.D., Clonfert. (maeduagh

J. A. Bermingham, Kitmac

duayh. (Tuam, Kili?

l, (vacant)

Tuain. 1839 Hon. Thos. Plunket, D.D. lalu, and 1839 Trench J. Collins, D.D., Killala.


Edw. N. Horre, Achoury.
Hon. R. B. Bernard, D.D.,

Leighlin. 1812 James T. O'Brien, D.D. .

H. Newland, D.D., Ferns. : Leiglilin

Charles Vignoles, D.D.,


(S. Adams, M.A., Cashel. 1842 Robert Daly, D.D..

Emly, Ia

U. Lee, D.D., Waterford. 1842 Sandes terford,and

Brabazon W. Disney, Emly.

(suspended), Lismore. Cork,Cloyne) 1848 Kyle

11. T. Newman, Cork. 1848 J. Wilson, D.D.

J. Stannus, M.A., Ross. and Ross S

Vise. Mountnorris, Cloyne. | Down, Conil

Theo. Blakeley, M.A., Down, 18 19 R. Knox, D.D.

1201, and 1818 Mant

Jolin Chaine, MA, Connor. Dromore ,

(Hot Waring, Dromore. Limerich,

A. L. Kirwan, Limerick. 18 19 Wm. Higgin, D.D.

Ardit, & 1849 Knox.

A. Irwin, A.M., Ardfert and

Aghadoc. The Bishop of Meath takes precedence of all other Bishops, and is a Privy Councillor in right of big

See; the rest take precedence according to priority of Consecration.

Losseries, and} 1842 Fowler

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Archbishop of Armagh, the Bishops of Derry, Limerick, and Down. Since the passing of the Act 3rd and 4th of his late Majesty, cap. 37, entitled “An Act to alter and amend the law relating to the temporalities of the Church of Ireland," nine Sees, in compliance with the 32nd section of that act, have been united to others, viz. :-- Waterford and Lisniore to Cashel and Emly; Killala and Schonry to Tuam; Clonfert and Kilmacduagh to Killaloe and Kilienora; Raphoe to Derry; Leighlin and Ferns to Ossory ; Cloyne to Cork and Ross; Kilmore to Elphinand 'Ardagh; Dromore to Down and Connor; and Kildare to Dublin.




In room of.
D. Wilson, D.D.


1832 Turner, dec. Thomas Carr, D.D...


1836 See created. G. T. Spencer, D.D.


1837 Corrie, dec.
James Chapman, D.D. Ceylon

1815 Do.
W. G. Broughton, D.D.. Sydney, Metrop... 1836 See created.
F. R. Nixon, D.D.


1842 Do, William Tyrrell, D.D.


1847 Do. Aug. Short, D.D.


1847 Do. Charles Perry, D.D.


1847 Do.
G. A. Selwyn, D.D.

New Zealand ... 1841 Do.
Dealtry, D.D...

Jamaica, &c. .... 1849 Spencer, res.

Barbados & Lee- } 1842 Coleridge, res.
Thomas Parry, D.D.

ward Isles.... D. G. Davis, D.D.


1842 See created. W.P. Austen, D.D...


1842 Do. G.J. Mountain, D.D.

Quebec ..

1836 Stewart, dec. John Strachan, D.D.


1839 Sce created.
John Inglis, D.D.

Nova Scotia .. 1825 Stanser, res.
John Medley, D.D.... Fredericton .. 1845 See created.
Edw. Feild, D.D...

Newfoundland.... 1844 A. G. Spencer, tr.
George Tomlinson, D.D.

Gibraltar ...

1842 See created. Robert Gray, D.D....

Cape Town

1847 Do.

Victoria (Hong
George Smith, D.D. .....

1849 See created.

David Anderson, D.D. ....

Prince Rupert's ? 1849 Do.



St. Vincent.—Lieut.-Col. Sir John Camp-
Gibraltar.-Lieut.-Gen. Sir Robert Gardi. bell, bart., Lieut.-Governor.

Grenada.-Ker Baillie Hamilton, Lieut.Malta.-Richard More O'Ferral, Governor Governor. and Com.-in-Chief.

Tobago.—Major Lawrence Græme, Lieut.. Ionian Islands. -- Sir H. G. Ward, Lord Governor. High Commissioner.

Antigua, Montserrat, St. Christopher's, Heligoland.-Captain John Hindmarsh, Nevis, the Virgin Isles, and Dominica.--R.N., Lieut.. Gov.

Jas. Macaulay Higginson, Governor. America.

St. Christopheros.-R. J. Mackintosh, Lieut.Eastern and Western Canada, Nova Scotia, Governor.

New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's St.Lucia.-C. H. Darling, Lieut.-Governor. Island.--Earl of Elgin, Capt.-Gen. and Dominica.—Lieut.-Colonel G. M‘Donald, Governor-in-Chief.

Lieut.-Governor. Nova Scotia.-Major-Gen. Sir John Har. Trinidad. Lord Harris, Governor. vey, Lieut.-Governor.

Bermuda.--Capt. Chas. Elliott, R. N., Gov. New Brunswick.--Sir E. W. Head, Bart., British Guiana (Demerara, Essequibo, and Lieut.-Governor.

Berbice).-Henry Barkly, Governor. Prince Edward's Island. -- Sir Donald Honduras.-Col. Fancourt, Superintendent Campbell, Bt., Lieut.-Governor.

Africa. Newfoundland.--Lieut.-Col. Sir J. Gaspard Cape of Good Hope.-Major-Gen. Sir Henry

Le Marchant, Gov., and Com.-in-Chief. G. W.Smith,bart., Gov.and Com.-in-Chief. Falkland Islands.-G. Rennie, Governor Eastern Division of Cape of Good Hope. -and Com.-in-Chief.

H. E. F. Young, Lieut.-Governor. Auckland Islands-C.Enderby, Lieut.-Gov. Natal, South Africa. - Lieut.-Col. Boys, Vancouver Island-Rich. Blanshard, Gov. Lieut.. Governor. and Commander-in-Chief.

Mauritius.--Sir G. W. Anderson, Gov. West India Islands.

Sierra Leone.--- Norman Wm. Macdonald, Jamaica and Dependencies.—Sir Charles Capt.-Gen. and Governor-in-Chief.

Edw. Grey, Bart., Capt-Gen, and Gov. Gambia.R. Graves M'Donnel, Gov. and Bahama Islands.-J. Gregory, Governor. Commander-in-Chief. Barbadoes, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, &c. Gold Coast (settlements on the).-Wm. Win

- Col. Sir W.M.G. Colebrooke, Governor. niett, Com. R.N., Lieut.-Governor.

St. Helena.-Major-Gen. Sir Patrick Ross, St. George Tucker, 3 Francis Warden, Governor.

4 John Clarmont Whiteman, 4 Sir Hen. Asia.

Willock. Bengal.--Lieut.-Gen. Rt. Hon. Earl of Dal. housie, Com.-in-Chief,Gor-Gen.of India.

BANKERS IN LONDON. Madras.-Sir Henry Pottinger, bart. Gov. Agra and United Service Bank, Old Jewry Bombay.-Viscount Falkland, Gov.

Bank of Australasia, 8, Austin Friars Ceylon. --Viscount Torrington, Gov.

Bank of British North America, 7, St. Hong-Kong. - Samuel George Bonham, Helen's place

Governor and Superintendent of Trade. Bank of Ceylon, 32, New Broad-street Aden.-Capt. Haines.

Bank of North-western India, King's Labuan-James Brooke, Governor.

Arms-yard, Coleman-street

Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, and Co., 54,
New South Wales.—Sir Chas. Augustus Lombard-street
Fitzroy, Governor.

Barnard, Dimsdale, Barnard, and Dims. Van Diemen's Land.- Wm. T. Dennison, dale, 50, Cornhill Lieut.-Governor.

Barnett, Hoares, & Co., 62, Lombard-st. Western Australia (Swan River).—Comm. Bauer (A.) and Co., 113, Leadenhall-st.

Charles Fitzgerald, R.N., Governor. Biggerstaff, W. and J. 8, West Smithfield Southern Australia. Sir H. F. Young, Bosanquet and Franks, 73, Lombard-street Lieut.-Governor.

Bouverie, Norman, and Murdoch, II, North Australia.-G. Barney, Lieut.-Gov. Haymarket New Zealand.-Geo. Gray, Gov.-in-Chief. British and Australian Bank, 21, Coleman


British and Colonial Bank and Loan ComGovernor-Henry James Prescott.

pany, 50, Moorgate-street Deputy-Thomas Hankey, Jun.

Brown, Janson, & Co., 32, Abchurch-lane DirectorsThomas Baring, Henry Wol. Call (Sir W. P. Bart.), Marten and Co.,

laston Blake, Henry Hulse Berens, Ar- 25, Old Bond-street
thur Edward Campbell, William Cotton, Child and Co., 1, Fleet-street
Bonamy Dobree, Charles P. Grenfell, Cocks and Biddulph, 43, Charing Cross
John Oliver Hanson, John Benj. Heath, Colonial Bank, 13, Bishopsgate Within
John Gellibrand Hubbard, George Lyall, Commercial Bank of London, Lothbury,
jun., James Malcolmson, Thomas Mas- and 6, Henrietta-street, Covent Garden.
terman, Alex. Matheson, James Morris, Coutts and Co., 59, Strand
Sheffield Neave, George Warde Norman, Cunliffes, Brooks, Cunliffe, and Co., 24,
John Horsley Palmer, Sir John Henry Lombard-street
Pelly, Bart., Thos. Charles Smith, Ald.

Cunliffe, Roger, 24, Bucklersbury
Wm. Thompson, M.P., Thomas Tooke, Curries and Co., 29, Cornbill
jun., Thos. Matthias Weguelin, Francis Davies, R. and Co., 187, Shoreditch

Denison, Heywood, Kennards, and Co., 4, Secretary-John Knight.


[lane Deputy-Secretary-John Bentley.

Dixon, Brooks, and Dixon, 25, Chancery.

Drewett and Fowler, 4, Princes-street, BRANCH BANKS OF THE BANK


Drummond, Messrs., 49, Charing Cross Birmingham - Bristol - Hull - Leeds

Feltham, John and Co., 42, Lombard-st. Liverpool - Manchester - Newcastle

Fullers and Co., 42, Moorgate-street upon Tyne -- Norwich -- PortsmouthPlymouth--Swansea--Leicester.

Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co., 67, Lom

bard-street EAST INDIA COMPANY. *

Goslings and Sharpe, 19, Fleet-street Six Directors go out by rotation every year. The

Hanburys, Taylor, and Lloyds, 60, Lom. figure prefixed denotes the number of years

bard-street they have each to serve.

Hankeys and Co., 7, Fenchurch-street

Herries, Farquhar, Davidson, Chapman,
Chairman_2 Major-General Sir Archibald and Co., 16, St. James's-street

Hill, Chas., and Sons, 17, West Smithfield Deputy Chairman3 John Shepherd. Hoare, Messrs., 37, Fleet-street 3 Henry Alexander, 2 Wm. Butterworth Hopkinson, Chas., and Co., 3, Regent-st.

Bayley, 4 Sir Robert Campbell, Bart., Ionian Bank, 6, Great Winchester-street 3 Major-General James Caulfield, 1 John Johnston, H., J. and Co., 15, Gt. Bush-lane Cotton, 4 William Joseph Eastwick, Jones, Loyd, and Co., 43, Lothbury 2 Russell Ellice, 4 Sir Jas. Weir Hogg, Jones and Son, 41, West Smithfield Bart., M.P., 2 Sir Rich. Jenkins, 1 John London and County Bank, 71, Lombard. Loch, 2 Ross Donnelly Mangles, M.P., street 2 John Masterman, M.P., 3 Hon. Wm. London and Westminster Bank, Lothbury; Henry Leslie Melville, 1 Charles Mills, 1, St. James-sq. ; 3, Wellington-st., Bo. 3 Major Jas. Oliphant, 1 William Henry rough; 214, High Holborn; 87, High Chicheley Plowden, M.P., 1 Hen. Shank, st., Whitechapel; and 4, Stratford-pl. 4 Lieut.-Col. Wm. Henry Sykes, 1 Hen. Oxford-st.

* The alterations in the Bank Direction, and in that of the East India Company, take place in April.

London Bank, 5, Princes-street, Bank, and Willis, Percival, and Co., 76, Lombard-st. 69, Pall Mall

Young, Chas., Allen, and Co., 6, Welling Lubbock (Sir J. W., Bart.), Forster, and ton-street, Southwark

Co., 41, Mansion House-street
Martin, Stone, & Martins, 68, Lombard-

Masterman, Peters, Mildred, Masterman, Atkinson, John, Ely Place, Dublin
and Co., 35, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-st.

Barron and Smith, 4, Upper Charles-st., National Provincial Bank of England, 112,

Westminster Bishopsgate-street Within

Sir E. R. Borough, Armit, and Co., LeinNational Bank of Ireland, 13, Old Broad-st. ster-street, Dublin National Security Bank, Sir C. S. Kirkpa

Cane, Rich. & Co., Dawson-st., Dublin trick, Bt., Dalrymple, Macgregor, Twigg, Codd, Messrs., 15, Fludyer-street and Co., 29, Gracechurch-street

Collyer, Geo., 9, Park-place, St. James's North-Western Bank of India, 62, Moor

Cox and Co., Craig's-court, Charing Cross gate-street

Downes, Charles, 14, Warwick-street, Oriental Bank, 7, Walbrook

Charing Cross Pocklington and Lacy, 60, West Smithfield

Hopkinson and Co., 3, Regent-street, Praed, Fane, Praed, and Johnston, 189,

Waterloo-place Fleet-street

Kirkland, Sir John, 80, Pall Mall Prescott, Grote, Ames, and Cave, 62,

Lawrie, John, 10, Charles-street, St. Threadneedle-street

Price (Sir C.), Marryat, and Co., 3, King Price and Son, 34, Craven-st., Strand
William-street, City

Stoddart and M'Grigor, 17, Charles-street, Provincial Bank of Ireland, 42, Old Broad.

St. James's.square street

Watson, W. F., Charlotte-st., Portland-pl. Puget, Bainbridges, and Co., 12, St. Paul's Churchyard

NAVY AGENTS. Ransom and Co., 1, Pall Mall East

Barwis, W. H. B., 1, New Boswell-court, Robarts, Curtis, and Co., 15, Lombard- Carey-street street

Burneti and Wynne,, 22, Surrey-st., Strand Rogers, Olding, and Co., 29, Clement's- Case and Loudonsack, James-st., Adelphi lane, Lombard-street

Chard, W. & E., 3, Clifford's Inn, Fleet-st. Royal British Bank, Tokenhouse-yard Chippendale, John, 10,John-street, Adelphi Sapte, Banbury, Muspratt, and Co., 77, Collier and Snee, 6, New Inn, Strand Lombard-street

Cox and Son, (for Royal Marines, 44, Scott (Sir Samuel, Bart.), and Co., 1, Ca- Hatton-garden vendish-square

Dufaur, Fred., 13, Clement's Inn, Strand Smith, Payne, and Smiths, 1, Lombard-st. Goode and Lawrance, 15, Surrey-street, Smithfield Agency, and Banking Com- Strand pany, 59, West Smithfield

Halford and Co., 41, Norfolk-st., Strand South Australian, 54, Old Broad-st.

Hallet, Robinson,& Co., 14, Great George-st. Spooner, Attwoods, and Co., 27, Grace- Hinxman, J., 34, Soho-square church-street

Holmes and Folkard, 3, Lyon's Inn, Strand Stevenson, Salt, and Sons, 20, Lombard-st.

Muspratt, John P., 23, Abchurch-lane Strahan, Paul (Sir J. D. Bart.), Paul Ommanney, Son, & Co., 39, Charing Cross (J. D.), and Bates, 217, Strand

Slade, Wm., 21, Cecil-street, Strand Tisdall, T. G. 15, West Smithfield

Smith, Jos., 12, Marshall.st., Golden-sq. Twining, Richard, and Co., 215, Strand

Stilwell, J. G. & T., Arundel-st., Strand Union Bank of Australia, 38, Old Broad-st,

Woodhead, Joseph, 1, James-st, Adelphi Union Bank of London, 2, Princes-street,

Bank; Argyll-place, Regent-street; and There are also Agents for Petty 4, Pall Mall East

Officers and Seamen, who are licensed Williams, Deacon, Labouchere, Thornton, for a period of three years,-for whose and Co., 30, Birchin-lane

addresses see the Navy List.


Elected. Richards, D.D., Rector of Exeter Chancellor -The Most Noble Arthur

College. The Rev. R. L. Cotton, Duke of Wellington, D.C.L., &c. 1834 D.D., Provost of Worcester Coll. High Steward-Right Hon. William Burgesses of the University - Sir R. Courtenay, Earl of Devon........ 1838

H. Inglis, Bt., D.C.L., Ch. Ch. 1829

Gladstone, Rt. Hon. W. E. Vice-Chancellor -- Rev. Fred. Chas.

1847 Plumptre, D.D., Master of Univer

Deputy High Steward-- Hon. John

Chetwynd Talbot, M.A. sity College


Curators of the Theatre-Benj. ParPro-Vice-Chancellors-- The Rev.Philip

sons Symons, D.D., Warden of Wynter, D.D., President of St.

Wadham College. Philip Wynter, John's College. The Rev. Benj. P.

D.D., President of St. John's Col. Symons, D.D., Warden of Wadham Curators of the University GalleriesCollege. The Rev. Jos. Loscombe

Rev, E. Cardwell, D.D.,Principal of


St. Alban Hall, Rev. Lewis Sneyd,
M.A., Warden of All Souls Coll.,
Rev. H. Wellesley, D.D., Principal

of New Inn Ilall
Curators of the Taylor Institution.-

The Vice-Chancellor; the Proctors;
the Regius Professor of Modern
History; Benj. P. Symons, D.D.,
Warden of Wadham; R. B. Mar.
sham, D.C.L., Warden of Merton;
Rev. F. Jeune, D.C.L., Master of
Pembroke; R. Hussey, B.D.,Reg.
Prof. of Ecclesiastical History,
Christ's Church; J. Smith, B.D.,

Fellow of Trinity.
Assessor-John Robert Kenyon,
D.C.L., All Souls College..... 1841
Colleges and Halls, and present
Heads of Colleges.

Elected. University, Frederick Charles Plumptre, D.D., Master...

1836 Balliol, R. Jenkyns, D.D., Master 1819 Merton, R. Marsham,D.C.L., Warden 1826 Exeter, J. L. Richards, D.D., Rector 1838 Oriel, Edw. Hawkins, D.D., Provost 1828 Queen's, John Fox, D.D., Provost .. 1827 New College, David Williams, D.C.L., Warden ..

1840 Lincoln Coll., J. Radford, D.D.,Rector 1834 All Souls, L. Sneyd, M.A., Warden 1827 Magdalen, M.J. Routh, D.D., Pres. . 1791 Brasenose, R. Harington, D.D., Principal

1842 Corpus Christi, James Norris, D.D., President

1843 Christ Church, Thos. Gaisford, D.D.,

Regius Professor of Greek, Dean . 1831 Trinity, J. Ingram, D.D., President . 1824 St. John's, Philip Wynter, D.D., President

1828 Jesus, Hen. Foulkes, D.D., Principal 1817 Wadham, B.P., Symons, D.D., ViceChancellor

1831 Pembroke, Francis Jeune, D.C.L. 1843 Worcester, Rich. Lynch Cotton, D.D., Provost

1839 St. Mary Hall, Rev. Philip Bliss, D.C.L., Principal

1848 Magdalene Hall, J. D. Macbride, D.C.L., Principal

1813 New-Inn Hall, H. Wellesley, D.D., Principal

1847 St. Alban Hall, EdwardCardwell, D.D. 1831 St. Edmund Hall, Willm. Thompson, D.D., Principal

1843 Senior Proctor.-Rev. Hen. T. May,

M.A., Fellow of New College. ... 1849 Junior Proctor. - Rev. J. Cooper,

M.A., Fellow of Wadham College 1849 Examiners in Literis Humanioribus.

-Rev. M. Pattison, M.A., Fellow
of Lincoln College; Rev. Osborne
Gordon, B.D., Student of Christ
Church; Rev. B. Jowett, M.A.,
Fellow of Balliol College; Rev.
R. C. Powles, M.A., Fellow of

Exeter College
Ex iminers in Disciplinis Mathematicis

et Physicis. -- Rev. Robt. Walker,
M.A., Wadham College; Rev. W.
Hedley, M. A., Fellow of University
College; Rev. N. Pocock, M.A.,
Michel Fellow of Queen's College,

Elected. PROFESSORS. Regius Divinity. Rev. Wm. Jacobson, D.D.

1848 Reg. Past. Theol.-C.A.Ogilvie, D.D. 1842 Regius Hebrew.--Rev. E. Bouverie Pusey, D.D...

1828 RegiusGreek, -Rev.T.Gaisford, D.D. 1811 Reg.Civil Law.-J. Phillimore, D.C.L. 1809 Reg. Med.-J. Kidd, M.D., F.R.S., . 1822 Reg. Eccl. Hist.-- Roht. Hussey, B.D. 1849 Reg. Mod. Hist.-H. H.Vaughan, M. A. 1843 Reg. Bot.-C. G. B. Daubeny, M.D., F.R.S.

1834 Margaret Divinity--G.Faussett, D.D. 1827 Saville's Astron. - William Fishburn

Donkin, M.A., University Col. 1842 Radcliffe Observer.-Manuel John

Johnson, M.A., Magdalen Hall 1839 Sav.'s Geom.-B.Powell, M. A.,F.R.S. 1827 Natural Philosophy.Rev. G. Leigh

Cooke, B.D., Corpus Christi Col. . 1810 Moral Philosophy.-Rev.J. Matthias

Wilson, M.A., Corpus Christi Col. 1846 Camden's Hist.-Edw.Cardwell, D.D.

Principal of St. Alban Hall. 1825 Laud's Arabic.-Stephen Reay, B.D. St. Alban Hall..

1840 Lord Almoner's Arabic.-J.D. Macbride, D.C.L.

1813 Experimental Philosophy.-Rev. R.

Walker, M.A., Wadham College. 1839 Lee's Anatomy.--Henry Wentworth Acland, M.A., All Souls

1844 Poetry.--Rev. J. Garbett, M.A., Bra

1842 Viner's Common Law. John R.Kenyon, D.C.L., All Souls Col.

1843 Lord Lichfield's Clinical Medicine.J.A. Ogle, M.D., F.R.S.

1824 Anglo-Saxon.-J. Earle, M.A., Oriel 1819 Aldrich's Anatomy.--Henry Went.

worth Acland, M.A., All Souls Coll. 1815 Aldrich's Medicine.-J.A.Ogle,M.D., F.R.S.

1824 Aldrich's Chemistry.-C. G. B. Daubeny, M.D., F.R.S...

1822 Mineralogy. Rev. W. Buckland, 1813 Geology.} D.D., F.R.S. 1818 Political Economy. N. W. Senior, M.A., Magdalen College

1847 Rural Economy.-C. G. B. Daubeny, M.D., F.R.S..

1840 Boden Professor of Sanscrit.-Horace

Hayman Wilson, M.A., of Exeter

1832 Rcader in Logic.--- Rev. Hen. Wall,

M.A., Vice-Principal of St. Alban

1819 Professor of Music.--Sir H. R. Bishop, Knt., B.Mus.

1848 Choragus--S. Elvey, D. Mus.

1848 Dean Ireland's Exegesis of Holy

Scripture-Edwd. Hawkins, D.D.,
Provost of Oriel College

1847 UNIVERSITY OFFICERS. Pub. Orator.-Rev. Richd. Michell,

B.D., Vice-Principal Magd. Hall.. 1848 Keeper of Bodleian Library.-Rev. B. Bandinel, D.D.

1813 Under Librarians.-S. Reay, B.D., 1832

Rev. Henry Octavius Coxe, M.A.,
Corpus Christi College


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