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Corn Department - Comptroller of Corn

BOARD OF INLAND REVENUE. Returns, George Joyce.

Chairman, John Wood-Dep., John ThornRailway Board-Commissioners, Rt. Hon. ton, Hart Davis, Charles P. Rushworth,

H. Labouchere (Chairman), Earl Gran- Thomas Harrison, H. F. Stephenson,
ville, Rt. Hon. Sir Edw. Ryan, Lieut.-Col. Charles J. Herries, Alfred Montgomery,
R.C. Alderson-Sec.,Capt. H.Ü.Harness-- Charles Pressly, Esqrs.
Inspector of Railways, Capt. Wynne, R.E. Secretary, John Clayton Freeling, Esq.

Poor Law Board-President, Matthew TalChancellor, Lord Campbell.

bot Baines, M.P.-Lord President of the OFFICE OF WOODS, FORESTS, &c.

Council, Lord Privy Seal, Secretary of Commissioners, Earl of Carlisle, A. Milne,

State for the Home Department, and Hon. C. A. Gore-Sec., S. W. Philipps.

the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Post Office - Postmaster-General, Marq. THE MINT.

of Clanricarde-Sec. to the Postmaster. Master, Rt. Hon. R. L. Sheil.

General, Rowland Hill Sec., Lieut.-Col. Deputy, Jas. W. Morrison.

W. L. Maberley - Sec. in Edinburgh, Comptroller, John Tekell.

F. Abbott-Sec. in Dublin, J.C. Cornwall IRISH OFrice.

Board of Audit-Chairman, Col. Sir W. L. Chief Sec., Sir Wm. Somerville.

Herries-Sec., T. L. Mallet.
The titles here given are those by which the noblemen sit in the House of Peers.

The family name is not repeated where it is the same as the title.
Speaker, The Lord High Chancellor... Chairman of Comm. E. of Shaftesbury.
Princes of the Blood Royal....

3 Peers of Ireland (28 elected for life) 28 Dukes

20 English Archbishops and Bishops 26 Marquesses

21 Irish representative Archbishops and? Earls

115 Bishops
Barons ..


454 Peers of Scotland (elected 1847)* .. 16 # Marked thus are Scotch Peers.

a Marked thus are Scotch Represen. Peers, Irish Peers,


Irish Represent. Peers.

Breadalbane, John Campbell, 1831, * Wales, Albert Edward, Prince of, 1841 ,*0 Bristol, Fred. William Hervey, 1826 Cumberland, Prince Ernest Augustus Bute, John P. Crichton Stuart, 1796,* 1799, 0

Camden, Geo. Chas. Pratt, 1812
Cambridge, Prince Adolphus Fred., 1801 Cholmondeley, George Horatio, 1815

Dalhousie, James A. Ramsay, 1849 *
Canterbury, John Bird Sumner, 1848 Exeter, Brownlow Cecil, 1801
York, Thomas Musgrave, 1847

Hastings, Paulyn Reginald Serlo, 1816, O Armagh, Lord J. G. Beresford, 1822, 6 Hertford, Rich. Seymour Conway, 1793,0 DUKES.

Lansdowne, Henry F. Petty, 1784 Beaufort, Henry Somerset, 1682

Normanby, Constantine H. Phipps, 1838, 0 Bedford, Francis Russell, 1694

Northampton, S. J. A. Compton, 1812 Brandon, A. Hamilton, 1711 (Hamilton, D.*) Salisbury, J. B. W. Gascoigne-Cecil, 1805 Buckingham and Chandos, Rich. Grenville, Townshend, George Ferrars, 1787 1822, o

Tweeddale, George Hay, 1694, a Cleveland, Henry Vane, 1833

Westmeath, Geo. Tho. J. Nugent, 1822,6 Devonshire, W. Spencer Cavendish, 1694 Westminster, Richard Grosvenor, 1831 Grafton, Henry Fitzroy, 1675

Winchester, John Paulett, 1551 Leeds, F. G. D'Arcy Osborne, 1694, *

EARLS. Manchester, George Montagu, 1719 Abergavenny, Rev. Wm. Neville, 1784 Marlborough, George Churchill, 1702 Abingdon, Montagu Bertie, 1682 Newcastle, Henry Pelham Clinton, 1756 Albemarle, Augustus Fred. Keppel, 1696 Norfolk, Henry Charles Howard, 1483 Amherst, William Pitt, 1826 Northumberland, Algernon Percy, 1766 Ashburnham, Bertram, 1730 Portland, Wm. Henry Cavendish Scott Aylesford, Heneage Finch, 1714 Bentinck, 1716

Bandon, James Bernard, 1795, 6
Richmond, Charles Lennox, 1675, *

Bathurst, Henry, 1772
Rutland, John Henry Manners, 1703 Beauchamp, J. R. Pindar, 1815
St. Albans, W. A. A. de Vere Beauclerk, Berkeley, T. M. Fitzhardinge, 1679

Beverley, George Percy, 1790
Somerset, Edw. Adolph. Seymour, 1547 Bradford, G. A. F. H. Bridgman, 1815
Sutherland, Geo. Granville Gower, 1833 Brownlow, John Cust, 1815
Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, 1814 Buckinghamshire, G. R. Hampden, 1764

Burlington, G. A. H. Cavendish, 1831
Abercorn, James Hamilton, 1790, *0 Cadogan, George, 1800
Ailesbury, Charles Bruce, 1821

Caledon, Jas. Dupre Alexander, 1800, .
Ailsa, Arch. Kennedy, 1831 (Cassilis, E. *) Camperdown, R. Dundas Duncan-Hal.
Anglesey, Henry William Paget, 1815 dane, 1831
Bath, John Alex. Thynne, 1789

Cardigan, James Thos. Brudenell, 1661 * One vacant, Nov. 10, 1849.

Carlisle, Geo. Wm. Fred. Howard, 1661 Mountcashel, Stephen Moore, 1781, b Carnarvon, Hen. John Geo. Herbert, 1793 Mount Edgcumbe, E. A. Edgcumbe, 1789 Cathcart, Charles Murray, 1814, *

Munster, Wm. George Fitz-Clarence, 1831 Cawdor, John Fred. Campbell, 1827 Nelson, Horatio Bolton, 1805 Charlemont, Francis W. Caulfield, 1760, b Onslow, Arthur George, 1801 Charleville, Chas. Wm. Bury, 1806, b Orford, Horatio Walpole, 1806 Chesterfield, George Stanhope, 1628 Orkney, Thos. John Fitzmaurice, 1696, a Chichester, Henry Thomas Pelham, 1801 Oxford and Mortimer, Alfred Harley, 1711 Clarendon, G. W. Fred. Villiers, 1776 Pembroke and Montgomery, Robt. Henry Cornwallis, James Mann, 1753

Herbert, 1605 Coventry, William George, 1697

Pomfret, Geo. Wm. Rich. Fermor, 1721 Cowper, George Augustus Frederick, 1718 Portsmouth, John Charles Wallop, 1743 Craven, William, 1801

Poulett, John, 1706 Dartmouth, William Legge, 1711

Powis, Edw. Arthur Herbert Clive, 1804, o De Grey, Thomas Philip, 1264

Radnor, William Bouverie, 1765 Delawarr, Geo. John Sackville West, 1761 Romney, Charles Marsham, 1801 Denbigh, Wm. Basil Percy Feilding, 1622,0 Ripon, Frederick John Robinson, 1833 Derby, Edward Stanley, 1485

Rosse, Wm. Parsons, 1806,6 Desart, O'Connor Cuffe, 1753, 6

Rosslyn, J. A. St. Clair Erskine, 1801 Devon, William Courtenay, 1554

Saint Germans, Edw. Granville Eliot, 1815 Digby, Edward, 1790, o

Sandwich, John William Montagu, 1660 Doncaster, Walter Francis Scott-Douglas, Scarborough, J. Saville-Lumley Saunder

1662 (Buccleuch and Queensberry, D.*) son, 1690, o Ducie, Hen. G. Francis Moreton, 1837 Seafield, L. A. G. Grant, 1701, a Dunraven, W. H. Quin, 1822, b

Selkirk, Dunbar James Douglas, 1646, a Durham, Geo. Fred. D'Arcy Lambton, 1833 Shaftesbury, Cropley Ashley Cooper, 1672 Effingham, Henry Howard, 1837

Shrewsbury, John Talbot, 1442,0 Eldon, John Scott, 1821

Somers, John Somers Cocks, 1821 Ellenborough, Edward Law, 1844

Spencer, Frederick, 1765 Ellesmere, Fras. L. Egerton, 1846

Stamford and Warrington, Geo. Harry Erne, John Creighton, 1789, b

Grey, 1628 Essex, Arthur Algernon Capel, 1661 Stanhope, Philip Henry, 1718 Falmouth, George Henry Boscawen, 1821 Stradbroke, J. E. Cornwallis Rous, 1821 Ferrers, W. Sewallis Shirley, 1711

Strafford, J. Byng, 1847 Fitzhardinge, W. F. Berkeley, 1841 Strange, G. A. F. Murray,1786 (Atholl, D.*) Fitzwilliam, C. W. Wentworth, 1746, 0 Suffolk and Berkshire, Thos. Howard, 1603 Fortescue, Hugh, 1789

Talbot, Henry John Chetwynd, 1784 Gainsborough, Charles Noel Noel, 1841 Tankerville, Charles Aug. Bennett, 1714 Glengall, Richard Butler, 1816, b

Vane, C. W., 1823 (Londonderry, M.0) Graham, James, 1722 (Montrose, D. *) Verulam, John Walter Grimston, 1815,* 0 Granville, G. G. Leveson-Gower, 1833 Waldegrave, William, 1729 Grey, Henry George, 1806

Warwick and Brooke, H. R. Greville, 1747 Guilford, Rev. Francis North, 1752

Westmoreland, John Fane, 1624 Harborough, Robert Sherard, 1719, o Wicklow, William Howard, 1793, 6 Hardwicke, Charles Philip Yorke, 1754 Wilton, Thos. Grosvenor Egerton, 1801 Harewood, Henry Lascelles, 1812

Winchilsea and Nottingham, Geo. Wm. Harrington, Charles Stanhope, 1742

Hatton, 1628 Harrowby, Dudley Ryder, 1809

Yarborough, C. Worsley Pelham, 1837 Hillsborough, A. W. B. S. T. W. Hill, Zetland, Thomas Dundas, 1838

1722 (Downshire, M., 0) Home, Cospatrick Alex., 1605, a

VISCOUNTS. Howe, Richard Wm. Penn Curzon, 1821 Huntingdon, F. T. H. Hastings, 1529 Beresford, William Carr, 1823 Ilchester, H. S. Fox-Strangeways, 1756 Bolingbroke and St. John, H. St. John,'1712 Innes, J. H. R. Ker, 1837 (Roxburgh,D.*) Canning, C. J., 1827 Jersey, G. G. Child Villiers, 1697, 0 Canterbury, Ch. John Manners Sutton, 1835 Lanesborough, John Danvers Butler, Clancarty, Wm. Thos. Trench, 1823, o 1756, 6

Combermere, Stapleton Cotton, 1826 Leven and Melville, D. Leslie, 1641, a De Vesci, Thomas Vesey, 1776, 6 Leicester and Holkham, T. W. Coke, 1837 Doneraile, Hayes St. Leger, 1785, 6 Lichfield, Thomas William Anson, 1831 Exmouth, Edward Pellew, 1816 Lindsey, Albemarle Bertie, 1626

Gordon, G. Hamilton, 1814 (Aberdeen, E. *) Liverpool, C. C. C. Jenkinson, 1796

Gough, Hugh, 1849 Lonsdale, William Lowther, 1807

Hardinge, Henry, 1846 Lovelace, William King, 1838

Hawarden, Cornwallis Maude, 1793, 6 Lucan, Geo. Chas. Bingham, 1795, 6 Hereford, Hen. Cornewall Devereux, 1550 Macclesfield, Thomas Parker, 1721

Hill, Rowland, 1842 Mansfield, Wm. David Murray, 1792 * Hood, Francis Wheler, 1796, 0 Malmesbury, James Howard Harris, 1800 Hutchinson, John Hely, 1821 (Donough. Manvers, Chas. Herbert Pierrepont, 1806 more, E.0) Minto, Gilbert Kynynmound, 1813

Leinster, Augustus Frederick Fitzgerald, Morley, Edmund Parker, 1815

1747, 0 (Leinster, D.) Morton, George Sholto Douglas, 1457, a Lorton, Robert Edward King, 1806, 5

Maynard, Henry, 1766

Carrington, John Smith, 1797, 0 Melville, Robert S. Dundas, 1802

Carteret, John Thynne, 1784 Ponsonby of Imokilly, John, 1839

Carysfort, J. Proby, 1801 (Carysfort, E. o) St. Vincent, Edward Jervis, 1801

Castlemaine, R. Handcock, 1812,6 Sidmouth, Wm. Leonard Addington, 1805 Chaworth, J. Chambre Brabazon, 1831 Strathallan, James Drummond, 1686, a (Meath, E. o) Sydney, John Robert Townshend, 1789 Churchill, Francis George Spencer, 1815 Torrivgton, George Byng, 1721

Clanbrassill, Robt. Jocelyn, 1821 (Roden,

E. o)

Clanwilliam, Richard Meade, 1828 (ClanBangor, Christopher Bethel, 1830

william, E. o) Bath and Wells, Richard Bagot, 1845 Clarina, Eyre Massey, 1800, b Carlisle, Hon. Hugh Percy, 1827

Clements, Nath. 1831 (Leitrim, E. o) Chester, John Graham, 1848

Clifford of Chudleigh, Hugh Charles, 1672 Chichester, A. T. Gilbert, 1842

Clifton, John Bligh, 1608 (Darnley, E. o) Derry, Hon. R. Ponsonby, 1831, 6

Clinton, Chas. Rodolph Trefusis, 1299 Downe, R. Knox, 1849, 6

Clonbrock, Robert Dillon, 1790, b Durham, Edward Maltby, 1836

Cloncurry, Valentine Browne - Lawless, Ely, Thomas Turton, 1845

1831, o Exeter, Henry Phillpotts, 1830

Colborne, N. W. R. Colborne, 1839 Gloucester and Bristol, J. H. Monk, 1830 Colchester, Charles Abbot, 1817 Hereford, R. D. Hampden, 1847

Colville of Culross, John, 1609, a Lichfield, John Lonsdale, 1843

Congleton, John Parnell, 1841 Limerick, Wm. Higgin, 1849, 6

Cottenham, Charles Christ. Pepys, 1836 Lincoln, John Kaye, 1827

Cowley, Hen. Richard C. Wellesley, 1828 London, Chas. James Blomfield, 1828 Crewe, Hungerford, 1806 Manchester, J. P. Lee, 1847

Crofton, Edward, 1797, 6 Norwich, Sam. Hinds, 1849

Dacre, Thomas Brand, 1321 Oxford, Samuel Wilberforce, 1845

Dartrey, R. Dawson, 1847 (Cremorne, L 0) Peterborough, G. Davys, 1839

Delamere, Thomas Cholmondeley, 1821 Ripon, C. T. Longley, 1836

De Lisle and Dudley, P. C. Sidney, 1835 Rochester, George Murray, 1827

De Freyne, Arthur French, 1839 St. Asaph, T. Vowler Short, 1841

Denman, Thomas, 1834 St. David's, Connop Thirlwall, 1840 De Mauley, William Francis Spencer PonSalisbury, Edward Denison, 1837

sonby, 1838 Winchester, Chas. Rich. Sumner, 1827 De Ros, W. L. Lascelles de Ros, 1264 Worcester, H. Pepys, 1839

De Saumarez, Rev. James, 1831
De Tabley, George Warren, 1826

Dinorben, William Lewis Hughes, 1831 Abercromby, George Ralph, 1801

Dorchester, Guy Carleton, 1786 Abinger, Robert Campbell Scarlett, 1835 Dormer, Joseph Thaddeus, 1615 Acheson, Archibald, 1847

Douglas of Douglas, Rev. James, 1790 Alvanley, Richard Arden, 1801

Downes, Ulysses Burgh, 1822, b Ardrossan, Archibald Wm. Montgomerie, Dunalley, Henry Prittie, 1800, b 1806 (Eglintoun, E. *)

Dunfermline, James Abercromby, 1839 Arundell of Wardour, Henry Benedict Dunmore, Charles Adolphus Murray, Everard, 1605

1831 * Ashburton, W. B. Baring, 1835

Dynevor, George Talbot Rice, 1780 Auckland, Right Rev. Robt. Eden (Bishop Eddisbury, Edward John Stanley, 1848 of Sodor and Man), 1793

Elgin, James Bruce, 1849, * Audley, George John Tuchet, 1296 Elphinstone, John, 1509, a Bagot, William, 1780

Erskine, David Montagu, 1806 Bateman, Wm. Bateman Hanbury, 1837 Farnham, Henry Maxwell, 1756, 6 Bayning, Rev. Henry Powlett, 1797 Feversham, William Duncombe, 1826 Beaumont, Miles Thomas Stapleton, 1309 Fife, James Duff, 1827 (Fife, E. o) Berners, Rev. H. Wilson, 1455

Fingall, A. J. Plunket, 1830 (Fingall, E. o) Berwick, Richard Noel Hill, 1784

Fisherwick, Geo. Hamilton Chichester, 1790 Bexley, Nicholas Vansittart, 1823

(Donegal, M. o) Blayney, Cadwallader Davis, 1621, O Fitzgibbon, John, 1799 (Clare, E. o) Bolton, William P. Powlett, 1797

Foley, Thomas Henry, 1766 Boston, George Irby, 1761

Forester, John George Weld, 1821 Boyle, Edm. 1711 (Cork and Orrery, E. o) Foxford, W. T. Pery, 1815 (Limerick, E.o) Braybrooke, Richard Griffin, 1788

Furnival, James Talbot, 1839, o Brodrick, Charles, 1796 (Midleton, V.o) Gage, Henry Hall, 1790 (Gage, V. o) Brougham and Vaux, Henry, 1830

Gardner, Alan Legge, 1806 Bruce, Geo. W. F. Brudenell Bruce, 1838 Gifford, Robert Francis, 1824 Byron, George Anson, 1643

Glenelg, Charles Grant, 1835 Calthorpe, George Gough, 1796

Glenlyon, G. A. J. Murray (Athol, D.*) Camoys, Thos. Stonor, 1344

Godolphin, F. Godolphin Osborne, 1832 Campbell, John, 1841

Granard, Geo. Arthur Hastings Forbes, Carew, Robert Shapland, 1838, o

1806 (Granard, E. o) Carleton, Rich, Boyle, 1786 (Shannon, Grantley, Fletcher Norton, 1782

Gray, John, 1445, a


E. o)

E. o)

Grinstead, W. Willoughby Cole, 1815, o

(Enniskillen, E. o) Hamilton, Robert Montgomery, 1831 (Bel

haven and Stenton, L.*) Harris, Geo. Francis Robert, 1815 Hastings, Jacob Astley, 1 290 Hatherton, E. J. Littleton, 1835 Hawke, Edward William, 1776 Hay, Thos. Robert, 1712 (Kinnoul, E. *) Heytesbury, William A'Court, 1828 Holland, Henry Edward Fox, 1762 Hopetoun and Niddry, Johnı Alexander

Hope, 1809 (Hopetoun, E.*) Howard de Walden and Seaford, Charles

Aug. Ellis, 1597 Howden, John Hobart Caradoc, 1831, o Hunsdon, Lucius Cary, 1832 (Falkland, V.*) Keane, Edw. Arthur Wellington, 1839 Kenlis, T. Taylour, 1831 (Headfort, M. o) Kenmare, Val. Browne, 1841, o Kenyon, George, 1788 Ker, w.S.R., 1821 (Lothian, M.*) Kilmaine, J. C. Browne, 1789, b Kilmarnock, William Hay-Carr, 1831

(Erroll, E. *) Kingston, R. King, 1821 (Kingston, E. o) Kintore, A. A. Keith Falconer, 1838, * Langdale, Henry Bickersteth, 1836 Lauderdale, Jas. Maitland, 1806 (Lauder

dale, E. *) Leigh, Chandos Leigh, 1839 Lilford, Thomas Atherton Powys, 1797 Lismore, Cornelius O’Callaghan, 1838,0 Loftus, John Henry, 1801 (Ely, M. o) Lovat, Thomas Alexander Frazer, 1837 Lovel and Holland, George Jas. Perceval,

1762 (Egmont, E. o) Lurgan, Charles Brownlow, 1839 Lyndhurst, John Singleton Copley, 1827 Lyttelton, George William, 1794, 0 Manners, John Thomas M. Sutton, 1807 Maryborough, William Pole Tylney Long

Wellesley, 1821 (Mornington, E. o) Melbourne, Fred. James Lamb, 1815, 0 Meldrum, G. Gordon, 1815 (Huntley, M.*) Melros, T. Hamilton, 1827 (Haddington, E.*) Mendip and Dover, Henry Agar Ellis,

1794 (Clifden, V.0) Methuen, Fred. Henry Paul, 1838 Middleton, Digby Willoughby, 1711 Milford, R. B. P. Phillipps, 1847 Minster, Francis Nathaniel Conyngham,

1824 (Conyngham, M. o) Monson, William John, 1728 Monteagle, George John Browne, 1806

(Sligo, M. o) Monteagle of Brandon, Thos. Spring Rice,

1839 Montfort, Henry Bromley, 1741 Moore, H. F.S., 1801 (Drogheda, M. o) Mostyn, Edward Pryce Lloyd, 1831 Northwick, John Rushout, 1797 O'Neill, John Bruce Richard, 1795, 6 Oriel, John Skeffington Foster, 1821 (Fer.

rard and Massareene, o) Ormonde, John Butler, 1821 (Ormonde, Oxenfoord, J. H. Dalrymple, 1841 (Stair,

E. *) Paget, Henry, 1832 (Uxbridge, E.) Panmure, Wm. Ramsay Maule, 1831 Penshurst, Percy Clinton Sydney Smythe,

1824 (Strangford, V. o)

Petre, William Francis Henry, 1603
Plunket, William Conyngham, 1827
Poltimore, G. Warwick Bampfylde, 1831
Polwarth, Hugh Scott, 1690, a
Ponsonby, John Geo. Brabazon, 1749 (Bess.

borough, E. o)
Portman, Edward Berkeley, 1837
Ranfurly, Thomas Knox, 1826 (Ranfurly,
Ravensworth, Thos. Henry Liddell, 1821
Rayleigh, John James Strutt, 1821
Redesdale, John Thomas F. Mitford, 1802
Ribblesdale, Thomas Lister, 1797
Rivers, George Pitt, 1802
Rodney, Robert Denham, 1782
Rollo, Wm. 1651, a
Rosebery, Archibald John Primrose, 1828

(Rosebery, E. *) Ross, James Boyle Carr, 1815 (Glasgow,

E. *) Rossie, George William Fox Kinnaird,

1831 (Kinnaird, L. *) Rossmore, H. R. Westenra, 1838, o St. John of Bletso, St. Andrew Beauchamp,

1558 Saltersford, James Thomas Stopford, 1796

(Courtoun, E. o) Saltoun, Alex. George Fraser, 1445, a Sandys, Arthur M. W. Hill, 1802 Saye and Sele, Rev. Frederic Twistleton,

1603 Scarsdale, Nathaniel Curzon, 1761 Seaton, John Colborne, 1839 Sefton, Charles William Molyneux, 1831

(Sefton, E. o) Sheffield, Geo. Augustus Fred. Charles

Holroyd, 1802 (Sheffield, E. o) Sherborne, John Dutton, 1784 Silchester, E. M. Pakenham( Longford, E.0) Sinclair, Charles, 1449, a Skelmersdale, E. Bootle Wilbraham, 1828 Somerhill, Ulick John De Burgh, 1826

(Clanricarde, M. o) Sondes, George John Milles Watson, 1760 Southampton, Charles Fitzroy, 1780 Stafford, Geo. Wm. S. Jernyngham, 1640 Stanley of Alderley, J. T. 1839 Stanley, Edw. Geoffrey Smith, 1832 Stewart of Garlies, George, 1796 (Gallo

way, E. *) Stourton, Charles, 1448 Stuart de Decies, H. V. Stuart, 1839 Stuart of Castle Stuart, Francis, 1796

(Moray, E. *) Sudeley, Charles Hanbury Tracy, 1838 Suffield, Edward Vernon Harbord, 1786 Sundridge and Hamilton, George Douglas

Campbell, 1776 (Argyll, D. *) Templemore, H. Spencer Chichester, 1831 Tenterden, John Henry Abbott, 1827 Teynham, G. H. Roper Curzon, 1616 Thurlow, Edward Thomas H., 1792 Tyrone, Henry Beresford, 1786 (Water. ford, M. o) Vaux of Harrowden, George Mostyn, 1523 Vernon, George John Warren, 1762 Vivian, C. Crespigny, 1841 Walsingham, Thomas De Grey, 1780 Ward, William Humble, 1664 Wemyss, Francis, 1821 (Wemyss, E.) Wenlock, P. B. Thompson, 1839 Wharncliffe, John Stuart-Wortley, 1826 Wigan, Jas. Lindsay, 1825 (Balcarras, E. *)

M. o)

Willoughby de Broke, Henry Peyto Verney,

1492 Willoughby de Eresby, Peter Robert Drum

mond Willoughby, 1313

Wodehouse, John, 1797
Worlingham, Archibald Acheson, 1835, 0
Wrottesley, John, 1838
Wynford, William Samuel Best, 1829


Basset, Baroness, 1797, Basset
Braye, Baroness, 1509.47, Otway-Cave
De Clifford, Baroness, 1269, Russell
De la Zouche, Baroness, 1308, Curzon
Grey de Ruthyn, Baroness, 1324, Rawdon-


Inverness, Duchess of, 1840, Underwood
Keith, Baroness, 1803, Elphinstone-Flahault
Le Despencer, Baroness, 1264, Boscawen
North, Baroness, 1554
Stratheden, Baroness, 1836, Campbell
Wenman, Baroness, 1834, Wykeham

To obviate the difficulty of finding the names of those Scotch and Irish Peers who sit in Parliament under English 'Titles, but who are not commonly addressed by them, we subjoin the

following List of them; as also of English Peers who have a higher title by courtesy,
Aberdeen, E. (see Gordon) Drogheda, M. (see Moore) Londonderry, M. (see Vane)
Argyll, D. (see Sundridge and Eglinton, E. (see Ardrossan) Lothian, M. (see Ker)
Egmont, E. (see Lovel)

Meath, E. (see Chaworth)
Atholl, D. (see Strange)
Ely, M. (see Loftus)

Midleton, V. (see Brodrick)
Balcarras, E. (see Wizan) Enniskillen, E. (see Grinstead) Montrose, D. (see Graham)
Belhaven, L. (see Hamilton) Errol, E. (see Kilmarnock) Moray, E. (see Stuart of Castle
Bessborough, E. (see Ponsonby) Falkland, V. (see Hunsdon) Stuart)
Buccleuch, D. (see Doncaster) Ferrard, V. (see Oriel)

Mornington, E. (see MaryboClanricarde, M. (see Somerhiil) Galloway, E. (see Stewart of rough) Clare, E. (see Fitzgibbon)


Roden, E. (see Clanbrassill) Conyngham, M. (see Minster) Glasgow, E. (see Ross)

Roxburgh, D. (see Innes) Cork, E. (see Boyle)

Gosford, E. (see Worlingham) Shannon, E. (see Carleton) Courtoun, E. (see Saltersford) Haddington, E. (see Melrose) Sligo, M. (see Monteagle) Darnley, E. (see Clifton) Hamilton, D. (see Brandon) Stair, E. (see Oxenfoord) Donegal, M. (see Fisherwick) Headfort, M. (see Kenlis) Strangford, v. (see Penshurst) Donoughmore, E. (see Hutchin- Huntley, M. (see Meldrum) Talbot de Malahide (see Furnival) son) Kinnoul, E. (see Hay)

Uxbridge, E. (see Paget) Downshire,M.(seeHillsborough) | Leitrim, E. (see Clements) Waterford, M. (see Tyrone)


Chairman of Committees, Earl of Shaftes

Clerk of the Parliaments, Right Hon. Sir

G. H. Rose.
Clerk Assistant, J. G. S. Lefevre.
Additional Clerk Assistant, William Rose.
Reading Clerk, and Clerk of Private Com-

mittees, Leonard Edmunds.
Counsel to the Chairman of Committees,

Robert Palk.
Chief Committee Clerk, Peregrine Birch.
Clerk of the Journals, Edw. Parratt.

Chief Clerk, Henry Stone Smith.
Clerk of the Engrossments, W. E. Wal-

Clerk of the Enrolments, Geo. J. Dike.
Librarian, John Frederick Leary.
Short-hand Writer, W. B. Gurney.
Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, Sir

Augustus W. Clifford, bart.
Yeoman Usher, James Pulman.
Sergeant-at-Arms, Lt. Col. A. Percival;

Deputy, George Goodbody.
Receiver of Fees, J. Oldrini.


Speaker-Right Hon. Charles Shaw Lefevre.

13 Beaumaris, Lord G. A. Fred. Paget | Abingdon, Sir Frederick Thesiger 14 Bedfordshire, Visc. Alford, F.C. Hastings 2 Albans, St., A. Raphael, G.W.J. Repton.

Russell 3 Andover, H. B. Coles, W. Cubitt 15 Bedford, Hen. Stuart, Sir H. Verney, Bt. 4 Angleseyshire, Sir R. B. W. Bulkeley, 16 Berkshire, R. Palmer, Visc. Barrington, Bart.

P. Pusey 5 Arundel, Earl of Arundel and Surrey 17 Berwick-upon-Tweed, M. Forster, J. C. 6 Ashburton, Lt. Col. T. Matheson

Renton 7 Ashton-under-Lyne, Charles Hindley 18 Beverley, John Townley, W. L. Fox 8 Aylesbury, Lord Nugent, Quintin Dick 19 Bewdley, Viscount Mandeville 9 Banbury, Henry William Tancred 20 Birmingham, G. F. Muntz, W. Scholefield 10 Barnstaple, R. Bremridge, Hon. J. W. 21 Blackburn, J. Hornby, J. Pilkington Fortescue

22 Bodmin, James Wyld, H. C. Lacy 11 Bassetlaw (East Retford), Hon. Capt. 23 Bolton, Steph. Blair, Sir J. Walmsley

A. Duncombe, Visc. Galway 24 Boston, B. B. Cabbell, Hon. Capt. D. A. 12 Bath, Visc. Duncan, Lord Ashley


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