London Bank, 5, Princes-street, Bank, and Willis, Percival, and Co., 76, Lombard-st. 69, Pall Mall

Young, Chas., Allen, and Co., 6, Welling Lubbock (Sir J. W., Bart.), Forster, and ton-street, Southwark

Co., 41, Mansion House-street
Martin, Stone, & Martins, 68, Lombard-

Masterman, Peters, Mildred, Masterman,

Atkinson, John, Ely Place, Dublin and Co., 35, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-st.

Barron and Smith, 4, Upper Charles-st., National Provincial Bank of England, 112,

Westminster Bishopsgate-street Within

Sir E. R. Borough, Armit, and Co., LeinNational Bank of Ireland, 13, Old Broad-st.

ster-street, Dublin National Security Bank, Sir C. S. Kirkpa

Cane, Rich. & Co., Dawson-st., Dublin trick, Bt., Dalrymple, Macgregor, Twigg,

Codd, Messrs., 15, Fludyer-street and Co., 29, Gracechurch-street

Collyer, Geo., 9, Park-place, St. James's North-Western Bank of India, 62, Moor

Cox and Co., Craig's-court, Charing Cross gate-street

Downes, Charles, 14, Warwick-street, Oriental Bank, 7, Walbrook

Charing Cross Pocklington and Lacy, 60, West Smithfield Hopkinson and Co., 3, Regent-street, Praed, Fane, Praed, and Johnston, 189,

Waterloo-place Fleet-street

Kirkland, Sir John, 80, Pall Mall Prescott, Grote, Ames, and Cave, 62,

Lawrie, John, 10, Charles-street, St. Threadneedle-street

James's-square Price (Sir C.), Marryat, and Co., 3, King Price and Son, 34, Craven-st., Strand William-street, City

Stoddart and M'Grigor, 17, Charles-street, Provincial Bank of Ireland, 42, Old Broad.

St. James's.square street

Watson, W.F., Charlotte-st., Portland-pl. Puget, Bainbridges, and Co., 12, St. Paul's Churchyard

NAVY AGENTS. Ransom and Co., 1, Pall Mall East Barwis, W. H. B., 1, New Boswell-court, Robarts, Curtis, and Co., 15, Lombard

Carey-street street

Burneti and Wynne,, 22, Surrey-st., Strand Rogers, Olding, and Co., 29, Clement's Case and Loudonsack, James-st., Adelphi lane, Lombard-street

Chard, W. & E., 3, Clifford's Inn, Fleet-st. Royal British Bank, Tokenhouse-yard Chippendale, John, 10,John-street, Adelphi Sapte, Banbury, Muspratt, and Co., 77, Collier and Snee, 6, New Inn, Strand Lombard-street

Cox and Son, (for Royal Marines, 44, Scott (Sir Samuel, Bart.), and Co., 1, Ca Hatton-garden vendish-square

Dufaur, Fred., 13, Clement's Inn, Strand Smith, Payne, and Smiths, 1, Lombard-st. Goode and Lawrance, 15, Surrey-street, Smithfield Agency, and Banking Com Strand pany, 59, West Smithfield

Halford and Co., 41, Norfolk-st., Strand South Australian, 54, Old Broad-st. Hallet, Robinson,& Co., 14, Great George-st. Spooner, Attwoods, and Co., 27, Grace

Hinxman, J.,

34, Soho-square church-street

Holmes and Folkard, 3, Lyon's Inn, Strand Stevenson, Salt, and Sons, 20, Lombard-st.

Muspratt, John P., 23, Abchurch-lane Strahan, Paul (Sir J. D. Bart.), Paul Ommanney, Son, & Co., 39, Charing Cross (J. D.), and Bates, 217, Strand

Slade, Wm., 21, Cecil-street, Strand Tisdall, T. G. 15, West Smithfield

Smith, Jos., 12, Marshall.st., Golden-sq. Twining, Richard, and Co., 215, Strand Stilwell, J. G. & T., Arundel.st., Strand Union Bank of Australia, 38, Old Broad-st, Woodhead, Joseph, 1, James-st., Adelphi Union Bank of London, 2, Princes-street, Bank; Argyll-place, Regent-street; and

There are also Agents for Petty 4. Pall Mall East

Officers and Seamen, who are licensed Williams, Deacon, Labouchere, Thornton, for a period of three years,-for whose and Co., 30, Birchin-lane

addresses see the Navy List.


Elected. Richards, D.D., Rector of Exeter Chancellor_The Most Noble Arthur

College. The Rev. R. L. Cotton, Duke of Wellington, D.C.L., &c.

1834 D.D., Provost of Worcester Coll. High Steward_Right Hon. William Burgesses of the University Sir R. Courtenay, Earl of Devon... 1838

H. Inglis, Bt., D.C.L., Ch. Ch. 1829 Vice-Chancellor - Rev. Fred. Chas.

Gladstone, Rt. Hon. W. E.

1847 Plumptre, D.D., Master of Univer

Deputy High Steward-Hon. John sity College

Chetwynd Talbot, M.A. 1848

Curators of the Theatre-Benj. ParPro-Vice-Chancellors-- The Rev.Philip

sons Symons, D.D., Warden of Wynter, D.D., President of St.

Wadham College. Philip Wynter, John's College. The Rev. Benj. P.

D.D., President of St. John's Col. Symons, D.D., Warden of Wadham Curators of the University GalleriesCollege. The Rev. Jos. Loscombe

Rev, E. Cardwell, D.D., Principal of

.... 1840

St. Alban Hall, Rev. Lewis Sneyd,

Elected. M.A., Warden of All Souls Coll.,

PROFESSORS.' Rev. H. Wellesley, D.D., Principal Regius Divinity. Rev. Wm. Jacobof New Inn Hall

son, D.D.

1848 Curators of the Taylor Institution. Reg. Past. Theol.-C.A.Ogilvie, D.D. 1842 The Vice-Chancellor; the Proctors; Regius Hebrew.--Rev. E. Bouverie the Regius Professor of Modern

Pusey, D.D...

1828 History; Benj. P. Symons, D.D., RegiusGreek. -Rev.T.Gaisford, D.D. 1811 Warden of Wadham; R. B. Mar Reg.Civil Law.-J.Phillimore,D.C.L. 1809 sham, D.C.L., Warden of Merton; Reg. Med.-J. Kidd, M.D., F.R.S., . 1822 Rev. F. Jeune, D.C.L., Master of Reg. Eccl. Hist.-Roht. Hussey, B.D. 1842 Pembroke; R. Hussey, B.D.,.Reg. Reg. Mod. Hist.-H. H.Vaughan, M. A. 1848 Prof. of Ecclesiastical History, Reg. Bot.-C. G. B. Daubeny, M.D., Christ's Church; J. Smith, B.D.,


1834 Fellow of Trinity.

Margaret Divinity-G.Faussett, D.D. 1827 Assessor.—John Robert Kenyon, Saville's Astron. - William Fishburn D.C.L., All Souls College....... 1841

Donkin, M.A., University Col. 1842 Colleges and Halls, and present

Radcliffe Observer.-Manuel John
Heads of Colleges.

Elected. Johnson, M.A., Magdalen Hall .. 1839 University, Frederick Charles Plump Sav.'s Geom.-B.Powell, M.A.,F.R.S. 1827 tre, D.D., Master..

1836 Natural Philosophy.-Rev. G. Leigh Balliol, R. Jenkyns, D.D., Master .. 1819 Cooke, B.D., Corpus Christi Col. 1810 Merton, R. Marsham, D.C.L., Warden 1826 Moral Philosophy.--Rev.J. Matthias Exeter, J. L. Richards, D.D., Rector 1838 Wilson, M.A., Corpus Christi Col. 1846 Oriel, Edw. Hawkins, D.D., Provost 1828 Camden's Hist.--Edw.Cardwell, D.D. Queen's, John Fox, D.D., Provost .. 1827 Principal of St. Alban Hall.. 1825 New College, David Williams,

Laud's Arabic. Stephen Reay, B.D. D.C.L., Warden ..

St. Alban Hall....

1840 Lincoln Coll., J. Radford, D.D.,Rector 1834 Lord Almoner's Arabic.-J.D. MacAll Souls, L. Sneyd, M.A., Warden 1827 bride, D.C.L.

1813 Magdalen, M.J. Routh, D.D., Pres.. 179 Experimental Philosophy.-Rev. R. Brasenose, R. Harington, D.D.,

Walker, M.A., Wadham College. 1839 Principal

1842 Lee's Anatomy.Henry Wentworth Corpus Christi, James Norris, D.D.,

Acland, M.A., All Souls

1844 President

1843 Poetry.Rev.J. Garbett, M.A., BraChrist Church, Thos. Gaisford, D.D.,


1842 Regius Professor of Greek, Dean. 1831 Viner's Common Law.John R.KenTrinity, J. Ingram, D.D., President . 1824 yon, D.C.L., All Souls Col. ...... 1843 St. John's, Philip Wynter, D.D., Lord Lichfield's Clinical Medicine.President 1828 J.A. Ogle, M.D., F.R.S.

1824 Jesus, Hen. Foulkes, D.D., Principal 1817 Anglo-Saxon.-J. Earle, M.A., Oriel 1849 Wadham, B.P., Symons, D.D., Vice Aldrich's Anatomy.-Henry WentChancellor

1831 worth Acland, M.A., All Souls Coll. 1815 Pembroke, Francis Jeune, D.C.L. 1843 Aldrich's Medicine.-J.A.Ogle,M.D., Worcester, Rich. Lynch Cotton, D.D.,


1824 Provost

1839 Aldrich's Chemistry.-C.G.B. DauSt. Mary Hall, Rev. Philip Bliss,

beny, M.D., F.R.S...

18:22 D.C.L., Principal

1848 Mineralogy. Rev. W. Buckland, 1813 Magdalene Hall, J. D. Macbride, Geology: § D.D., F.R.S. 1818 D.C.L., Principal

1813 Political Economy. - N. W. Senior, New-Inn Hall, H. Wellesley, D.D.,

M.A., Magdalen College

1847 Principal

1847 Rural Economy.-C. G. B. Daubeny, St. Alban Hall, EdwardCardwell, D.D. 1831 M.D., F.R.S..

1840 St. Edmund Hall, Willm. Thompson, Boden Professor of Sanscrit.-Horace D.D., Principal

1843 Hayman Wilson, M.A., of Exeter Senior Proctor.-Rev. Hen. T. May,


1832 M.A., Fellow of New College.... 1849 Reader in Logic. Rev. Hen. Wall, Junior Proctor. - Rev. J. Cooper,

M.A., Vice-Principal of St. Alban M.A., Fellow of Wadham College 1849 Hall

1819 Examiners in Literis Humanioribus. Professor of Music.—Sir H. R. Bishop, -Rev. M. Pattison, M.A., Fellow

Knt., B. Mus.

1848 of Lincoln College; Rev. Osborne Choragus--S. Elvey, D. Mus.

1848 Gordon, B.D., Student of Christ Dean Ireland's Exegesis of Holy Church; Rev. B. Jowett, M.A.,

Scripture-Edwd. Hawkins, D.D., Fellow of Balliol College; Rev.

Provost of Oriel College

18-17 R. C. Powles, M.A., Fellow of


Pub. Orator.---Rev. Richd. Michell, Examiners in Disciplinis Mathematicis

B.D., Vice-Principal Magd. Hall.. 1848 et Physicis. - Rev. Robt. Walker, Keeper of Bodleian Library.-Rev. M.A., Wadham College ; Rev. W. B. Bandinel, D.D.

1813 Hedley, M.A., Fellow of University Under Librarians.-S. Reay, B.D., 1832 # College; Rev. N. Pocock, M.A.,

Rev. Henry Octavius Coxe, M.A., Michel Fellow of Queen's College,

Corpus Christi College ........ 1839

Keep. of the Archives.-P.Bliss, D.C.L. 1826 Keeper of Ashmole's Museum.-P.B. Duncan, M.A...

1823 Radcliffe Lib.-J. Kidd, M.D., F.L.S. 1834 University Counsel.-RichardBethell,

M.A., Q.C. Solicitor.- Baker Morrell. Coroner.-G.V. Cox, M.A., Superior Bedel

of Medicine and Arts Proctors in the University Court.--Rev. J.

W. Hughes, M.A., Trinity College, Rev.

L. E. Judge, M.A., Merton College
Organist.-S. Elvey, D. Mus.
Divinity Clerk.John Pater
Bailiff-William Perkins
Marshal.-Thos, Blakeman Brown
Registrar.-P. Bliss, D.C.L., Princ.
of St. Mary's Hall

1824 Esquire Bedels.--H. Forster, M.A., G.V.

Cox, M.A., and W. W. Harrison, B.A. Yeomen Bedels --Hen. Smith Harper, Jas.

Philip Shepperd, and John Pillinger. Clerk of the Schools. - W. Sims; Verger,

Moses Holliday.


Elected. Chancellor.-H.R. H. Prince Albert 1847 High Steward.-Lord Lyndhurst, LL.D. Trinity

1840 Vice-Chancellor. James Cartmell, D.D., Christ's

1849 Counsel. -John Cowling, M.A., St.

Commissary.--John Hildyard, M.A.,
St. John's

1849 Assessor.-W. Hunt, M.A., King's . 1805 Auditors.-Robert Phelps, D.D., Sid.

ney; Joseph Shaw, B.D., Christ's;

Frederick Fuller, M.A., St. John's Colleges and Halls, and present Heads of

St. Peter's, Rev. H.W. Cookson, D.D.,

1847 Clare-Hall, W. Webb, D.D., F.L.S. Master

1815 Pembroke, G. Ainslie, D.D., Master 1828 Gonville and Caius, Benedict Chapman, M.A., Master..

1839 Trin. Hall, Right Hon. Sir Herbert

Jenner Fust, LL.D., Master.. 1843 Corpus Christi, J.Lamb, D.D., Master 1822 King's, G. Thackeray, D.D., Provost 1814 Queen's, Jos. King, LL.D., President 1832 Catherine Hall, H. Philpott, D.D., Master

1846 Jesus (vacant) Christ's, James Cartmell, D.D., Master

1849 St. John's, Ralph Tatham, D.D..... 1839 Magdalene, Hon. G. N. Grenville, M.A., Master

1813 Trinity, Wm. Whewell, B.D., Master 1841 Emmanuel, G. Archdall, D.D. 1835 Sidney Sussex, R. Phelps, D.D., Master

1843 Downing, Thomas Worsley, M.A... 1836 Sen. Proctor.-John Clement Middleton,

M.A., King's Jun. Proctor, - William Marsh, M.A.,

Trin, Hall

Pro-Proctors.-Edwd. Reed Theed, M.A.,

King's; Hen. Latham, M.A., Trin, Hall Sen. Scrutator.--- Wm. Williamson, B.D.,

Clare Hall Jun. Scrutator, Roger Buston, B.D.,

Emmanuel Sen. Taxor.--Charles Eyres, M.A., Caius Jun. Taxor.--W. Henry Edwards, M.A.,

Queen's Sen. Moderator. - Lewis Hensloy, M.A.,

Trinity Jun. Moderator.-John Sykes, M. A., Pembroke,

CAPUT. [Every University-Grace must pass the Caput

before it can be introduced into the Senate.] The Vice-Chancellor for the time being,

by virtue of his office. Divinity. - Robert Phelps, D.D., Sidney. Law.-Hen. Annesley Woodham, LL.D.,

Jesus. Physic.-William Webster Fisher, M.D.,

Downing. Sen. Non-Regent. -Joseph Shaw, B.D.,

Christ's. Sen. Regent. - Frederick Fuller, M.A., St. Peter's. PROFESSORS.

Elected. Regius Divinity--(vacant) Regius Civil Law. - J. S. Maine, LL.D.

1847 Regius Physic.-J. Haviland, M.D., St. John's

1817 Regius Hebrew.-Wm. Hodge Mill, D.D., Trinity

1848 Regius Greek.-J. Scholefield, M.A., Trinity

1825 Margaret Divinity.John Jas. Blunt, B.D., St. John's

1839 Lucasian. W. H. Stokes, M.A., Caius

1849 Moral Philosophy.--Wm. Whewell, B.D., Trinity

1838 Arabic. - Thomas Jarrett, M.A., Catherine Hall..

1831 Ld. Alm. Arab.-T. Robinson, M.A., Trinity

1837 Plumian Astron.-Jas. Challis, M.A., Trinity

1836 Lowndes's Astron.-G.Peacock,D.D., F.R.S., Trinity.

1837 Anatomy.-W. Clark, M.D., Trinity 1817 Modern History.-Sir Jas. Stephen, LL.D., Trin. Hall

1849 Chemistry.-J.Cumming, M. A.,F.R.S. Trinity

1815 Botany.-J.S. Henslow,M.A., St. John's 1825 Woodwardian.--A. Sedgwick, B.D., F.R.S., Trinity..

1818 Lady Margaret's Preacher.-J. Hymers, D.D., F.R.S., John's....

1844 Norrisian Professor. - George Elwes Corrie, B.D., Catherine Hall

1838 Jacksonian Profess.- Robert Willis, M.A., F.R.S., Caius

1837 Common Law.Andw. Amos, M.A., Downing

1849 Political Econ.-G. Pryme, M. A. 1830 Medicine.-W. W. Fisher, M.D.,


Ii, 1844

Mineralogy.-W. H. Miller, M.A., Midwifery.-Edw. Rigby, M.D.
St. John's

1832 Chemistry.- Wm. Thomas Brande. Music.-T. A. Walmisley, Mus. Bac. Botany.-Rev. Professor Henslow, M.A. Trinity

1836 Materia Medica and Pharmacy.Jonathan UNIVERSITY OFFICERS.

Pereira, M.D. Public Orator.-W. H. Bateson, B.D.,


1848 TIFICATES TO CANDIDATES FOR DEGREES Christian Advoc.— Thomas Worsley,

IN ARTS AND LAWS. M.A., Downing..

1844 The Universities of the United Kingdom. Hulscan Lecturer. Wm. Gilson University College, London. Humphry, M. A., Trinity

1848 King's College, London
Librarian.-Jos. Power, M.A., Clare 1845 St. Cuthbert's College, Ushaw.
Registrar.-J. Romilly, M.A., Trinity 1832 Stonyhurst College.
Esquire-Bedels.-H. Gunning, M.A.. 1789 Royal Belfast Academical Institution.
G. Leapingwell, M. A... 1826

Manchester New College.
W. Hopkins, M.A.

1827 St. Mary's College, Oscott.

St. Patrick's College, Carlow.

St. Edmund's College, near Ware.

Homerton Old College.

Highbury College.
Chancellor.—The Earl of Burlington. Colleges of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Prior
Vice-Chancellor.-John G. Shaw Lefevre. Park, near Bath.
The Bishop of Durham ; the Bishop of Spring Hill College, Birmingham.

St. David's; Andrew Amos; Neil Ar- Stepney College. nott, M.D.; John Austin; John Bacot; College of St. Gregory the Great, DownAdmiral Sir F. Beaufort; Archibald side, near Bath.

(hunt. Billing, M.D.; W. Thomas Brande; Sir Countess of Huntingdon's College at ChesJames Clark, Bart., M.D.; Sir Philip Baptist College at Bristol, Crampton, Bt., M.D.; Wm. Empson, Airdale College, Undercliffe, near Bradford. M.A.; Michael Faraday, D.C.L.; Sir Protestant Dissenters' College, Rotherham. Stephen Love Hammick, Bart.; Rev. Presbyterian College at Carmarthen. Professor Henslow, M.A.; T. Hodgkin, St. Kyran's College, Kilkenny. M.D.; Rev. Joseph H. Jerrard, D.C.L.; Huddersfield College. Francis Kiernan; Charles Locock, M.D.;

Lancashire Independent College. Sir John Wm. Lubbock, Bart., M.A.; Sir Wesley College, near Sheffield. Jas. M'Grigor, Bart., M.D.; Jones Quain, Queen's College, Birmingham. M.D.; John Ridout; P. M. Roget, M.D.; Wesleyan Collegiate Institution at Taunton. Nassau W. Senior, M.A.; Jas. Walker; Western College, Plymouth. Henry Warburton, M.A.

West of England Dissenters' Proprietary Registrar.-R. W. Rothman, M.D.

School, Taunton.
Clerk to the Senate.-H. Moore.

St. Patrick's College, Thurles.


SCHOOLS, AND TEACHERS. Classics.-Rev. Dr. Jerrard, D.C.L.; T. B.

ENGLAND. Burcham, M.A.

Birmingham.- Queen's College, and GeMathematics and Natural Philosophy.

neral Hospital. Rev. J. S. Heaviside, M.A.; George B.

Bristol.-Medical School, Infirmary, and Jerrard, B.A.

St. Peter's Hospital,
Logic and Moral Philosophy.--Rev. Henry Haslar.-Royal Naval Hospital,

Alford, M.A.; T. B. Burcham, M.A. Hull. --and East Riding of York School of Polit. Phil. and Polit. Econ.--Nassau W.

Medicine and Anatomy. Senior, M.A.

Leeds.-School of Medicine, and General Chemistry.Professor Graham, M.A.

Infirmary. Botany._Rev. Professor Henslow, M.A.

Leicester.-Infirmary. French Language.-C. J. Delille.

Liverpool.-Infirmary, and Fever Hospital German.-Rev, A. Walbaum.

and Infirmary. Hebrew Text of the Old Testament, Greek London.- University College, King's Col.

Text of the New, and Scripture History. lege, London Hospital, Middlesex Hos. -Rev. W. Drake, M. A. ; Rev. T. Stone,

pital, Aldersgate School of Medicine, M.A.

School of Anatomy adjoining St. George's FACULTY OF LAWS.

Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, St. Law and Jurisprudence.-N. W. Senior.

Thomas's Hospital, St. Bartholomew's

Hospital, Westminster Hospital, Guy's FACULTY OF MEDICINE.

Hospital, St. George's Hospital, PhysiMedicine.--Archibald Billing, M.D.; Alex. cians of the St. Marylebone Infirmary, and Tweedie, M.D,

Royal College of Chemistry. Surgery.—Sir Stephen L. Hammick, Bart.; Manchester.-Royal School of Medicine and Cæsar Harry Hawkins.

Surgery, Union Hospital, Royal InAnatomy and Physiology._Francis Kier. firmary, and Robert Smith, Ph.D., Lec. nan; Professor Sharpey, M.D.

turer in Chemistry. Physiology and Comparative Anatomy.- Newcastle-upon-Tyne. -School of Medicine W. B. Carpenter, M.D,

and Surgery,

Nottingham.-General Hospital.

English Law.-J. Ryland Marshman, A.M Sheffield.--Medical Institution.

French.-P. F. Merlet. York.--School of Medicine.

Geology.--Andrew C. Ramsay, F.G.S.

German.-Adolph Heimann, Ph. D.

Greek.Henry Malden, A.M.
Aberdeen.-King's College and University.

Italian.-A. Gallenga. Edinburgh.-University, Minto House Dis

Jurisprudence.-C. J. Hargreave, B.L. pensary, and Royal Infirmary.

Latin.--Francis W. Newman.
Glasgow.-Andersonian Institution.

Machinery.--Bennet Woodcroft.

Mathematics.-Augustus de Morgan.

Mechanical Principles of Engineering. Belfast.-Royal Academical Institution.

Eaton Hodgkinson.
Cork.-Recognised School of Medicine, and
North and South Infirmaries.

Natural Philosophy and Astronomy.-R.

Potter, A.M. Dublin.-Original School of Anatomy, Me. dicine, and Surgery, School of Physic, Philosophy of Mind and Logic. --Rev. John Apothecaries' Hall, School of Medicine,

Hoppus, Ph. D. Richmond Hospital School of Anatomy,

Practical Chemistry. -- A. W. Williamson,

Ph. D. Medicine, and Surgery, Theatre of Ana

Zoology.-Robert Edmond Grant, M.D. tomy and School of Surgery, St. Vincent's Hospital, Mercers' Hospital, Jervis-street

FACULTY OF MEDICINE. Hospital, School of Anatomy, Surgery, Forensic Medicine-W. B. Carpenter, M.D. and Medicine, Royal College of Sur (Dean). geons, Meath Hospital City of Dublin Anatomy and Clinical Surgery.-R. Quain. Hospital, Coombe Lying-in Hospital, and Anat. and Physiology.-W. Sharpey, M.D. Dr. Steevens's Hospital.

Anatomy (jun. Professor).-G. V. Ellis. Maryborough.- Queen's County Infirmary, Botany.-John Lindley, Ph. D.

Chemistry.--Thos. Graham. Malta.-University.

Clinical Medicine.-E. A. Parkes, M.D. Ceylon.--Military Hospital.

Comparative Anatomy.-R. E. Grant, M.D. Bengal.-Medical College,

Materia Medica.-(vacant.) Canada.-University of M'Gill College, Medicine and Clinical Medicine.-W. H. Montreal,

Walshe, M.D.

Obstetric Medicine.-E. W. Murphy, M.D. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, LONDON. Practical Chemistry. – A. W. Williamson,

Ph. D. President.-The Rt. Hon. Lord Brougham. Surgery and Clinical Surgery.--James M. Vice-President - Earl Fortescue.

Treasurer.—John Taylor, F.R.S.


Head Master.-T. H. Key, A.M.
The President, *the Vice-President, *the

Treasurer, George Bishop, John E. Blunt, KING'S COLLEGE, LONDON. James Booth, *Dr. Boott, Chas. Crompton, *Hon, R. Denman, Edw. W. Field,

Patroness.—THE QUEEN. * Baron de Goldsmid, F. H. Goldsmid,

Visitor,-TAE LORD ARCHBISIIOP or Geo. Grote, Robt. Hutton, John R. Mills,

CANTERBURY. J. W. Mylne, *J. Lewis Prevost, *H. c. Official Governors.—The Lord Chancellor, Robinson, Edward Romilly, Sir John Ro. the Archbishop of York, the Bishop milly, M.P., Rt. Hon. Sir E. Ryan, Right

of London, the Lord Chief Justice of Hon. Edward Strutt, Henry Warburton,

the Queen's Bench, the Secretary of State *John Wood (Chairman of Committee).

for the Home Department, the Speaker Auditors.—Martin Thackeray, T. F. Gib of the House of Commons, the Lord son, J. Waley, J. Watson.

Mayor of London, the Dean of St. Paul's,

the Dean of Westminster. Note:--The Asterisks denote the Committee of Life Governors. –The Duke of Rutland,

Secretary.-Charles C. Atkinson.

the Duke of Wellington, the Marquess

of Bristol, Earl Brownlow, Earl Howe, SENATE.

Lord Bexley, the Marquess of CholmonPresident.--Earl Fortescue.

deley, the Lord Radstock. Vice-Presidents. - H. C. Robinson, Baron

The Council. The Governors and Treade Goldsmid.

surer, the Earl of Dartmouth, the Earl FACULTY OF ARTS AND LAWS.

of Ripon, the Bishops of Winchester and

Lichfield, the Earl of Ellesmere, the Earl English Language and Literature.-A. J. of Harrowby, Sir L. Shadwell (Vice-Chan. Scott (Dean).

cellor of England), Sir Benj. Collins Ancient and Modern History.--Edward S. Brodie, Bt., Hon. Mr. Justice Coleridge, Creasy, A.M.

Wm. Cotton, Right. Hon. W. E. Glad Architecture. Thomas L. Donaldson.

stone, M.P., J. H. Green, George Frere, Botany.--John Lindley, Ph. D.

Right Hon. Henry Hobhouse, the Ven. Chemistry. Thomas Graham.

Archdeacon Harrison, Sir Robt. Harry Civil Engineering.-Harman Lewis, A.M. Inglis, Bart., M.P., Hon. Mr. Justice Comparative Grammar.

Thomas Hewitt Patteson, H. Pownall, Sir Geo. Thomas Key, A.M.

Staunton, Bart. M.P., the Rev. J. Endel.

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