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Great is the calm, for everywhere And as the moisture which the thirsty The wind is settling down :

earth The smoke goes upright in the air, Sucks from the sea to fill her empty From every tower and town.


From out her womb at last doth take a What pleasure, then, to walk and see,


And runs a lymph along the grassy Along a river clear, The perfect form of every tree

plains : Within the deep appear :

Long doth she stay, as loth to leave the

land The bells and circles on the waves,

From whose soft side the first did issue From leaping of the trout;

make; The salmon from their creels and caves

She tastes all places, turns to every hand, Come gliding in and out.

Her flowery banks unwilling to for

sake. O sure it were a seemly thing, While all is still and calm,

Yet Nature so her streams doth lead and The praise of God to play and sing,

carry, With trumpet and with shalm!

As that her course doth make no final

stay, All laborers draw home at even,

Till she herself unto the Ocean marry, And can to others say,

Within whose watery bosom first she Thanks to the gracious God of heaven, lay. Who sent this summer day.”

Even so the soul, which in this earthly

mould The spirit of God doth secretly in


Because at first she doth the earth beSIR JOHN DAVIES.


Aud only this material world she views. (1570 - 1626.]

At first her mother Earth she holdeth THE SOUL.


And doth embrace the world, and AGAIN, how can she but immortal be,

worldly things. When with the motions of both will She flies close by the ground and hovers and wit

here, She still aspireth to eternity,

And mounts not up with her celestial And never rests till she attain to it?

wings: Water in conduit-pipes can rise no higher Yet under heaven she cannot light on Than the well-head from whence it first aught doth spring :

That with her heavenly nature doth Then, since to eternal God she doth as agree; pire,

She cannot rest, she cannot fix her She cannot be but an eternal thing.


She cannot in this world contented be. “ All moving things to other things do

For who did ever yet, in honor, wealth, of the same kind, which shows their Or pleasure of the sense, contentment nature such";

find ? So earth falls down, and fire doth mount Who ever ceased to wish when he had above,

wealth? Till both their proper elements do Or having wisdom was not vexed in touch.



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