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181. oldal - Sir, my consent shall more acquit you herein to God than all the world can do besides. To a willing man there is no injury done...
136. oldal - Thus, and enamour'd, were in him the same. But his was not the love of living dame, Nor of the dead who rise upon our dreams, But of ideal beauty, which became In him existence, and o'erflowing teems Along his burning page, distemper'd though it seems.
180. oldal - The archbishop of York was at hand ; who, to his argument of conscience, told him, ' that there was a private and a public conscience ; that his public conscience as a king might not only dispense with, but oblige him to do that which was against his private conscience as a man : and that the question was not, whether he should save the earl of Strafford, but...
198. oldal - True, I talk of dreams ; Which are the children of an idle brain, Begot of nothing but vain fantasy, Which is as thin of substance as the air, And more inconstant than the wind, who wooes Even now the frozen bosom of the north, And, being anger'd, puffs away from thence, Turning his face to the dew-dropping south.
83. oldal - Man, starting from his couch, shall sleep no more! The day is broke, which never more shall close! Above, around, beneath, amazement all! Terror and glory join'd in their extremes! Our God in grandeur, and Our world on fire!
42. oldal - ""domesticated with them ; but young, and modest, and unused to the company of strangers, she felt the +embarrassment common to young ladies, when attempting to speak a foreign language. And we could not talk to her on common themes. Our lips were sealed, of course, upon the subject which had brought us to her house. We could not sound for her the praises of her gallant father.
180. oldal - ... conscience as a King might not only dispense with, but oblige him to do, that which was against his private conscience as a man : and that the question was not, whether he should save the Earl of Strafford, but whether he should perish with him : that the conscience of a King to preserve his kingdom, the conscience of a husband to preserve his wife, the conscience of a father to preserve his children (all...
230. oldal - Mid the dim twilight of the laurel grove, Too fair to worship, too divine to love. Yet on that form in wild delirious trance With more than rev'rence gazed the Maid of France. Day after day the love-sick dreamer stood With him alone, nor thought it solitude ; To cherish grief, her last, her dearest care, Her one fond hope — to perish of despair.
32. oldal - The royal troops could not oppose them ; they fled at the appearance of the gallant avengers of innocence. But the King, wretched man! could not fly from himself -, the cries of his grand-children still echoed in his ears, and the bleeding image of their unfortunate mother was still before his eyes.
133. oldal - To PREVENT THE SMOKING OF A LAMP. — Soak the wick in strong vinegar, and dry it well before you use it; it will then burn both sweet ar.d pleasant, and give much satisfaction for the trifling trouble in preparing it. 1284. DR. RIRT DAVIES

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