No. 4214


An Hour with Thomas Hardy


The Venerable Dean of English Letters Chats of Modern Times and Follies
with the Vivacity of Youth


White Women in the Australian Tropics


A New Generation of Colonial Dames Explodes Mollycoddle Theories

An Impressionist in Spain


A Popular Dramatic Critic on Spanish Life and Art

The Exploits of Pukitsulik


A Noted Danish Explorer Retells a Folk-story Heard in the Greenland Igloos

Life, Letters, and the Arts


Paderewski in England A Bouquet for the Amateur Scientist The

Leopard-Men-Caricaturing a PremierMaking Money Fly- A New

Letter by Beethoven - Invisible Light - A Wreck in the Sahara-

Pronouncing Pepys

Books Abroad


Fighting the World The Portrait of Zélide - Manuel d'histoire de
Paris The Menace of Colour A Man Who Walked Alone: Letters
from W. H. Hudson to Edward Garnett Books Mentioned


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Because he had no illusions either about In a weary and jealous world it is a great his own country or about ours, Captain relief to turn now and then to Spain for reMizuno Hironori was placed on the retired freshment. To judge from Victor Auburtin's list of the Mikado's Navy. The idea of a account, it is the only place left where the war between two nations so far


that decencies of life are still preserved. There they can find no safe place to fight in and is no telephoning - not even letter-writing. no good cause to fight for appeals to his When you want to communicate with a soOriental sense of humor, and he counsels cial equal, you send a special messenger his seafaring friends against getting all around with what you have to say. And worked up over our manœuvres in the Pa- free? Madrid is as aristocratic as Louis cific next summer. The scheme seems to be XIV, Toledo as mediæval as Henry to conduct vast operations against an im- Adams, and Barcelona as modern as George aginary foe and to secure the physical as F. Babbitt. One country with three such well as the moral support of Australia. The cities is not to be sniffed at. Japanese have not been invited to the party,

but if they have set their hearts on being
alarmed by something, Freda Sternberg's Two eminent Englishmen - Lord Ray-
piece on “White Women in the Tropics' leigh, the man who weighed the atmosphere
will help keep them awake nights. She has and found argon in it, and Thomas Hardy,
found large, healthy Nordic families crop- the man who weighed the Universe and
ping up all over Australia — which ought found it wanting are dissected in this
to mean that there will be less excuse than issue. As far as the layman is concerned,
ever for letting the Japanese in.

we do perhaps need a ghost to rise from the
grave to tell us of Lord Rayleigh's great-

ness, but Sir Oliver Lodge resists the tempFrance is another nation that will be in

tation and confines himself to earthly matfor sleepless nights one of these days.

ters. Frédéric Lefèvre, the Hardy interlocuLudovic Naudeau continues his astounding tor, found himself listening to a really great report on what has been happening over

man talking on the dearth of really great across the Rhine for the past five or six men and the evil effects of the war. In years, and there is no getting around it

spite of his eighty-five years, Mr. Hardy he startles you. The alleged police force has not yet come around to Dr. Frank that swelled to martial proportions on ac- Crane's way of looking at things — which count of the Bolshevist scare, at one time

is too bad when you stop to think what a numbered 20,000 officers and noncoms to talented writer he is. 8500 privates. The army itself -- or the Reichswehr, as we experts call it — shows a salary-list of 35,000 sergeants, 40,000 cor- “The Exploits of Pukitsulik'- you porals, and 20,000 privates. The implica- don't say it, you sneeze it — make good tion is that in both cases the supply of pri- hot-weather reading. Pukitsulik was an vates was constantly changed, each bunch Eskimo who lived in a hole, trapped foxes, having been trained to perfection in record and said 'Hm' no matter what happened. time. Meanwhile economic organization One day he got a blue fox, and when he is being more highly developed, records of tried to sell its skin to some traders they all men available for military service are strung him up to the yardarm of their ship being assembled, and the National Anthem and started shooting at him. Space and has not been changed from ‘Die Wacht am tact forbid our revealing the dénouement of Rhein' to 'I Did n't Raise My Boy to Be this stirring tale of adventure, love (there is a Soldier.'

a girl in it), and frozen feet.

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