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WHEN boasting Gage was hurry'd o'er
To dye his sword in British gore,

And plead the Senate's right,
Wise Chatham, with indignant smile,
Harrangu'd in this prophetick style,
Illum'd by freedom's light.

" Your pfumed corps though Percy cheers
And far-fam'd British grenadiers,

Renown'd for martial skill;
Yet Albion's heroes bite the plain,
Her Chiefs round gallant Howe are flain,

And fallow Bunker's hill,

Some tuneful bard who pants for fame,
Shall consecrate one deathless name,

And future ages tell,
For Spartan valour here renown'd
Where laurels shade the sacred ground,

Heroic Warren fell,



Erewhile a Howe indignant rose,
Against his country's, freedom's foes;

Those glorious days are past :
A coward's orders to perform,
Lo, yon sea-Alva* rides the storm,

And drives the furious blast.


Though darkness all the horizon shroud,
And from the east


Menace destruction round;
Yet Franklin, vers'd in nature's laws,
From her dire womb the lightning draws,

And brings it to the ground.


Around him Sydneys, Hampdens throng;
His ardent philofophick tongue,

Can Roman zeal inspire ;
The Amphyctyon Council, hand in hand,
Like the immortal Theban band,

Catch his electrick fire.

• Lord Howe.

VII. Can

Can fleets or troops such spirits tame,
Although they view their cities flame,

And defolate their coast?
*Midft diftant wilds they'll find a home,
Far as the untam’d Indians roam,
And freedom's luxury boaste *

*Midst the Snow-storm + yon hero $ fhinca
Pierces your barrier,---breaks your lines,

With splendour marks his days; He falls,—the soldier,--patriot, --sage! His name illumes th' historick

page, Crown'd with immortal praise

*"We can retire beyond the reach of your navy, and without any tensible diminution of the necessaries of life, enjoy a luxury, which from that period you will want; the luxury of being free."

The Address of tbe swelve United Provinces to the Inhabitant; of Great Britain.

+ When every thing was prepared, the General waited the o;) portunity of a Snow-storm to carry his design into execution being obliged to take a circuit, the signal for the aitack was given, and the garrison alarmed before he reached the place ; however, presling on, he forced the firft barrier, and was just opening to atSempt the second, when he was unfortunately killed.”

Congress Account of the A&ion, Debrer's Remembrancer.

General Montgomery. Vol. II.


LX. Brighten


Brighten the chain, the wampum tie,
Those painted chiefs raise war's fell cry;

And hail the festive hour;
The Congress binds the savage ráce,
As Heaven's own æther rules through space,

Arm'd with attraction's power,


Canadians fcorn your vile behest, *
Indignant pafsions fire each breast,

And freedom's banner waves ;
Whole years they felt her flame divine ;
Its cheering light can they resign,

And fink again to flaves ?


No more will kings court Britain's smiles,
No longer dread this Queen of Isles,

No more her virtues charın :
See her pursue the ignoble strife,
By the dire Indian's scalping knife,

And by the Bravo's arm.


XII. Vain

Vain France, and Spain's vindictive power,
Exulting wait the auspicious hour

To spread war's dire alarms;
-No more our fleet's triumphant ride;
This ifle of bliss with all her pride,
May feel the Bourbon arms.

America, with just disdain,
Will break degenerate Britain's chain,

And gloriously aspire ;
I see new Lockes and Camdens rise,
Whilst other Newton's read the skies,
And Miltons wake the lyre.

Behold her blazing flag unfurld,
To awe and rule the western world,

And teach presumptuous kings,
Though lull'd by fervile flattery's dream,
The people are alone fupreme,
From whom dominion springs.

Heaven's choicest gifts enrich her plain,
The red'ning orange, swelling grain,

Her genial suris refine ;
For her the filken infects toil,
The olive teems with floods of oil,
And glows the purple vine.

XVI. Her

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