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Brookes, Mr. on the white serum 130 Clough's, Dr. case of twins 29
Budding, new method of


of embryulcia 387
Burns, Mr. on suppuration of the li- Colman, Mr. oa glanders and farcy

Calculas, new species of

254 Colour, extraordinary instance of
Calmucks, on the Koumiss of the 251 change of

Calomel in dysentery, on

21 Conquest's, Mr. case of malformation
- in obstinate vomiting, effic of the genital organs

cacy of

308 Cookson, Dr. on premature puberty
Caloric, agency of

Cancer, corrections in a case of 32 Cophosis, case of

queries on

117 Copland, Mr, on the muriatic acid 446
fulgens described
411 Corpulence, remarks on

Carditis, case of

396 Correspondents, notices to 288
Cartmell in Lancashire, medicinal Crocodile, a remarkable fossil

spring at

84 Cullen, Mr. on white serum 300
Cases- of fever, 2; dysentery, 7; Cystic oxyde, on

tape-worm, 23; change of colour, Davies, Mr. on obstinate vomiting 308
24; vicarious menstruation, ibid. Davy, Mr. on the chemical relations,
strangulated hernia, 28; of twins, &c.

29; of eating cherries, 31; copious his Bakerian lecture

hleeding, ilid. obliterated iliac ar on' meteoric stones

tery, 35; fatal effects of white lead, Dcering, Mr. on white lead
60; affection of the bowels, 61; bite Devonshire, account of exotics in 248
of a cat, 61; elephantiasis, 84; Diseases of troops, on the . 13
scarlatina anginosa, 102; prema

in London, reports of 82,
ture puberty, 117; white serum of

178, 283, 369, 543
the blood, 152, 300; suppuration

of Mexico, on the 239
of the liver, 164; tumours in the Division of medical practice 391
head, 166; tape worm, 167; gout, Dixon, Dr. on the bite of a cat 61
170; rupture of the gall bladder, Dogs, on the sense of

185 ; epidemic puerperal fever, 193; account of the dissection of two
fractured vertebræ, 201; bæmor-

rhage, 225; morbid enlargement of Domeier's, Dr. account of Malta 64
the clitoris, 236; child born with- Dropsy, use of tobacco in

out eyes, 277; derangement in a

remarkable case of . 234
fætus, 279; of sarcocele, 294 ; fun- Dublin, state of the college of sur-
gus hæmatodes, 303; obstinate vo geons at
miting, 308; singular case of cwins, Dysentery, cases of
311; use of the vapour bath, 319,

in a long voyage, account
of aneurism, 356; of embryulcia,
387; small pox, 390; of carditis; Eagland's, Mr. truss for exomphalos
396 ; of enlarged lower extremity,

400; malformation of the genital Eclipse of the sun, on an

organs, 441; of gonorrhæa, 445; Earle, Mr. on the aneurismal needle
of fungus hæmatodes, 448; of præ-

ternatural anus, 449; of repletion,

his aplanation
his explanation

475; of periodical spasm, 477 ; of Eau medicinale, efficacy of 11
amaurosis, 510.

inquiries concerning
Castor oil, its use in dysentery 22 the

Cat, case of the bite of a

- observations on 184
Catarrh, prevalence of 82,

- fatal effects of 207
Ceylon, vaccination in

Edinburgh Journal, account of 357,441
Charcoal, cxperiments with 457

report of vaccine institution
Cherries, fatal effects of eating 31 at

Child, one born without eyes 277

meetings of the Royal So-
Child-bed, proportion of deaths in 213 ciety of

181, 369
Chorea, on the treatment of 208 Edmonstone, Dr. on hooping cough
Christie, Mr, on vaccination 460

Clarke's, Dr. account of the Calmucks Eggs, experiments on

251 Egypt, on the sarcocele of 289
Clitoris, morbid enlargement of the 236 Electricity, account of lectures on 880

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Elephantiasis, case of

84 Gall bladder, rupture of the 105

description of the 427 Galvanic piles, on the powers of lif-
Embryulcia, case of
387 ferent

Epilepsy, remedy for 167, 456 Gamboyc, analysis of

Essex practitioner, on twin cases 485 Genital organs, malfui mation of the
Euphorbium, analysis of

Exomphalos, description of a truss for Glanders, on inoculating 281

310. Glans penis, on too small a perfuraa
Exotics in Devonshire, on 248 tion of the

EXPERIMENTS-On the organs of ab- Glass, method of giving a red colour

sorption, 45; on the chemical rela to
tions, 83; on scammony, 156; on Glasgow, state of vaccination at 458
reddening litmus, 160 ; on metallic Golding's, Mr. case of parturition 205
oxydes, 180; on meat, 252; on the Gonorrhæa, cases of

blood of diabetic patients, 278; on Good, Mr. on medical technology 56
vital heat, ibid. ; on electrical, 280; Goodwin, Mr, on tape worm 23
on the red colour of the blood, 281; Gourlay, Dr. on the climate of Ma-
on James's powder, 316, on gam- deira
-boge, &c. 320; on pus, 326; on Gout, on the French medicine for the
the thoracic duct, 361 ; on zeolite,

114, 183, 184, 207
ibid. ; on vegetable poisons, ibid. ; efficacy of the humulus in 169
on zuthine gas, 362; galvanic, on savine in

ibid. ; on muriatic acid, 446 ; on Grasslands, new mode of improving 54
plants, 452; on potass, 456; on Greenland, description of new mine-
charcoal, 457.

rals from

Extremity, enlarged lower 400 Grimstone, Mr. on tetanus 359
Eye, on the morbid sensibility of the Gums, analysis of resinous 156, 320

Hamilton, Dr. on the Walcheren fe-
on the treatment of blear 85 ver
diseases of the


- Mr. on scarlatina 101, 406
Eyes, case of a child born without 277 Hare lip, on the

Faber's strychnomania, account of 385 Harrison, Dr. on eating cherries 31
Falconer, Dr. on mercurial prepara-

- on the proposed plan of 109,

216, 402, 492
Farrell, Dr. on ophthalmia 522 Harrold's, Mr. case of fractured ver-
Farcy, observation on the 281 tebræ,

Faulkner, Dr. on foreign hospitals 348 Hawkins, Mr. ou exotics

Ferriar, Dr. on hooping cough 115 Heat, on the naturc of vital
Fever, report on the Walcheren 1 Hectic fever, on.

on hectic

78 Hepatitis, ill effects of calomel in 69
S on an epidemic puerperal 193 Hernia, use of ether in strangulated
Finsbury Dispensary, address to the

459 Hewson, William, memoirs of 59
Fishes, on the poison of

398 Hill's, Mr. surgical remarks 487
on the luminous properties of Home, Mr. on the thuracic duct 361

409 Hooping cough, on arsenical solution
Fisher, Mr. on stramonium 66 in

Fætus, singular malformation of a 279 - plan for diminishing
Fogo, Mr. on twin cases 480 the

Foote, Mr. on imperfect perforation Horse-flesh eaten in Norway 283
of the glans penis

41 Horses, treatment of pulmonary con-
- reply to
118 plaints in

Fossil remains, observations on 97 Hospitals, on the establishment of 348
Fothergill's, Dr. A. case of tic doulou- e at Berne described 407

167 Humboldt, on the diseases of Mexico
Fraxinella, on perspiration of 5:30

. 239
France, state of vaccination in 181 Hufeland Mr. on savine 544

-- improvement of medical sci- Humphries, Mr. on a disease of the
ence in

454 eye
Freakc, Mr. on humulus , 169 Humulus in gout, efficacy of 169
Fungus hæmatodes, on

303 Hunter, Jubn, on the venereal dis.
van case of 448 ease


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Hunter, Dr. W. on the practice of the Theory ard Practice of Medi-

387 cine, ibid. Mr. Taunton on-Ana-
Hydroccle, on the acute

351 tomy and Surgery, 461. At Guy's
- on the spurious 353 hospital, 462. M. Stevenson on the
Hydropbobia, case resembling 61 Eye and Ear, ibid. Dr. Adams on

- observations on 235 Medicine, 547. Mr. Thompson on
Hydrophthalmia, observations on 163 Botany, ibid. Mr. Brande on Che-
Hydropic complaints, treatment of 6 mistry, ibid. Dr. Tuthill on Physic,
Iceland, account of the hot springs of ibid. Dr. Merriman on Midwifery,

181, 362 ibid. Drs. Hooperant Agar on Phy
mineralogy of

362 . sic, ibid. Dr. Haighton on Mid-
Iliac artery, case of obliterated 35 wifery, ibid. Mr. Brookes on Ana-
India, fall of a meteoric stone in 457 tomy, ibid.
Indians, on the American

243 Leipsic fair, number of books at 283
- remarkable superstition of 125 Lepra Arabum, case of
Infection from inoculated small pox Lewis's, Mr. case of morbid enlarge-
490 ment of the clitoris

Inflammatory diseases, on, 546 Liver, case of suppuration of the 164
insects, on the larvæ of : 447 Liverpool, progress of vaccination at
Intermittents, on the treatment of 4

Ipecacuanha in dysentery, use of 22 London, transactions of the Medical
Ireland, Dr. on fungus hæmatodes 303 Society of

56, 161
Jalap in dysentery, use of 22 -- reports of diseases in 22, 178,
James's powder, analysis of 315

283, 369, 548
James J. his antipathy to tobacco 121 Luminous animals, observations on
Jenkins, Jeremiah, remarks on a pam-

phlet by

392 Lyall, Mr. on staphyloma pellucidum
Jones's, Mr. case of twins 311 conicum

- remarks on 386 on fraxinella
Kentish, Dr. on the vapour bath 317 Lyons, prize question of the society
Kenworthy's, Mr. case of vicarious of

• menstruation

25 Macartney, Mr on vital heat 278
Knight's, Mr. method of budding 253 - on luminous animals 409,
-- remarks on the radicles of


452 Mackenzie, Sir George, his account of
Koumiss of the Calmucks, on the 251 Iceland

181, 362
Lafource, M. on amaurosis 510 Madeira, description of the island of 425
Lancashire, medicinal spring in 84 Magnenus on tobacco
Lands, new mode of improving grass Magnesia, its use in dysentery 29

54 Majendie, Dr. on the organs of ab-
Langstaff, Mr. on laminous animals sorption

416 Malta, on the climate of
on gonorrhæa
445 Mammoth, account of the

Larrey, M. on the sarcocele of Egypt Mastiç, description of

289 Meat, alteration produced by air and
Larvæ of insects, on the
447 water on,

Leadbeater's, Mr. case of spasm 477 Medical Society of London, transac-

Shute on tions of the
tions of the

56, 161
Anatomy, &c. 90. Dr. Buxton on

proceedings of

the Practice of Medicine, ibid. Mr.

and philosophical intelli-
Taunton on Anatomy, &c. ibid. Mr. gence 88, 180, 277, 361, 452, 543
Brookes on Anatomy, &c. ibid. Dr.

publications, catalogue of
Adams on the Institutes and Prac-

91, 187, 369
tice of Medicine, 91. Mr. Steven-

technology, observations on
son on the eye and ear, 96. At St.

Thomas's and Guy's hospitals, 186.

practice, on the division of
Dr. Watt on the Theory and Prac-

tice of Medicine, 185. Drs. Hooper Medusa pellucens, description of the
and Agar on Physic, Chemistry, and

the Materia Medica, ibid. Mr. Sin. Menstruation, case of vicarious 24
ger on Electricity, 280. Dr. Clough Mercury, process for making the mu-
on Midwifery, 368. Dr. Reid on riate of


Mercury, on the fulminating powder Plumbi acetas, its efficacy in epilepsy

Mercurial preparations, on the indis- Poisons, on vegetable

criminate use of

on fish

Merriman, Dr. on an excision of the Pole's, Dr. meteorological statements

Meteorological tables and reports 95, Potass, incrystallizability of 456
142, 191, 287, 465, 553

on preparing the acetate of 518
Meteoric stones, fall of 283, 457, 545 Powders, on fulminating 457
Mexico, on the diseases of 239 Practice, on the division of medical
Milk, an ardent spirit distilled from

250 Prize awarded by the college of Sur-
Moon, on the influence of the 85 geons

Montpellier, prize questions at 455 given by the French government
Muriatic acid, lithontriptic power of

446 Psorophthalmy, description of 74
Muscular motion, on

180 Puberty, case of premature 117
National Institute, proceedings of the Puerperal fever, on an epidemic 193
362 Pupil, on the artificial

Naturalist's monthly report 189, 285, Pus, observations and experiments on
372, 463, 551

Navy, on improving the medical de Quarrier, Mr, on fish poison 398
partment of the
442 Queries on cancer

Neander on the efficacy of tobacco 231 Questions, prize

454, 5
Needles, on the invention of aneuris. Radicles of plants, on the 452

32, 238 Raleigh, Sir Walter, anecdotes of 121
Nicotiana, various species of 120 Ramsden, Mr. reply to
Nipples, on sore
445 - explanation of

Nomenclature of the Pharmacopæia,

apology to

on the


on diseases of the testicle
Norris, Mr. 'on tumours


175, 265, 350
Norway, horse-flesh eaten in 283 Registers, observations on meteorolo-
Oil, substitute for Florence

gical :
Olibanum, description of

160 Remittents, observations on
Ophthalmia, two varieties of 357 Repletion, case of

-- Dr. Farrell on 522 Resins, on reddening litmus by 156
Ornithology, account of the British - analysis of gum . 320

89, 285, 374 Rheumatism, on the treatment of 82
Oxyde, on the cystic

254 Rhubarb, on the red colour of 499
Oxygen, observations on

83 Rhododendron chrysanthum, observa-
Oxymuriatic gas, experiments on 84 tions on

Paris, prize questions of the Agricul- Ring, Mr, on the eau medicinale 207
tural Society at


- on topical remedies 497
Park, Mr. on vaccination 304 Ringwood cases, on the

Parturition, case of unusual 205 Royal Society, proceedings of the 83,
Peake's, Mr. case of præternatural

180, 277, 361, 452


-- Edinburgh' 181, 362
Pearson's, Dr. observations on pus 326 Rupture of the gall bladder, case of
Pepion, M. on urinary worms 544

Percy, Mr. on platina
509 Russel, Dr. on tobacco

Perforation of the glans penis, imper: Salter, Mr, on the improvement of
fection in the
41 grass lands,

Pharmacopeia, on the nomenclature Sanguinaria Canadensis, properties of
· of the London

Physicians, the college of, intention to Sarcocele of Egypt, on the 290
publish their statutes
84 Savine in gout, on

- restrictions in the practice Sauvages on the effects of stramonium

Placenta, on rcmoving the 387 Scammony, analysis of
Platina, ohservations on

509 Scarlatina, observations on 35, 101,406
Plants, on the radicles of 452

on the trcatment of 297, 299

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390 -

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Scirrhus testicle, on the

273. Twin case, on an extraordinary 29
Sclerocele, practical observations on Twins, remarkable case of 311

175 - on the practice in cases of 386
Sensation, theory of

467 Urethra, membranous fence of the 41
Sense, or the abuse of the organs of Urinary worms, on :

137 Uterus, case of excision of the 210
Serum, observations on white 150, 300 Vaccination at Edinburgh

Shearman, Dr. on white lead 60


Small pox hospital, report of the 365

in France, state of 181
on infection from inoculated

addresses on 278, 459
490 -
at Liverpool

subsequent to vaccination

- small pox subsequent to 390
at Glasgow

Smith's, Mr. theory of sensation 467 Vapour bath, on the

Smithson, Mr. on the zeolite 361 Vegetable poisons, on

Spasm, case of periodical. 477 Venereal disease, on the

Staphyloma, observations on 161, 359 Vertebræ, case of fractured 201
Stevenson, Mr. on a disease of the eye Vicarious menstruation, case of 24

67, 85 Vinegar, test for sophisticated 85
Stoek's, Dr. life of Beddoes 91, 172, Vitalis, Mr.'on potass

259, 342 Vomiting, case of obstinate: 308
Stramonium, observations on 377,509 Voyage, on diseases in a long 17
Stones, fall of meteoric 283, 457,545 Walcheren fever, report on the
Sugar in the serum of blood 277 Walden, Dr. on scarlatina

Surgery, suggestions for the improve- Walker, Mr, on the barometer 52, 149
ment of practical


Dr. on ophthalmia 357
- on the practice of 394 Ward, Mr. two engravings of 85
Swallows, on the migration of 88 Ware, Mr. on diseases of the eye 78,
Syphilis, on the origin of

Tenia, on ol. tereb. in E 546 Water, its effects on meat
Tape-worm, cure for the 23, 167 Watt, Mr. on the aneurismal needle
Taunton's Mr. case of obliterated iliac

35 Wernerian Natural History Society,
Terry, Dr. on-tænia i 546 meeting of the
Testicle, on morbid enlargement of Wilkinson, Mr. on the influence of
265, 350 the moon

Tetanus, case of

359 Wishart's, Mr. case of fungus hæma-
Tie douloureux, case of

167 todes
Tobacco, on the history and use of 120, Woollaston, Dr. on the cystic oxyde

- origin of the word

on sugar in the blood 277
Troops, on diseases of , 13 Worms, on urinary

Turpentine, its efficacy in tænia 167 Yellow fever, on the

Twin cases, on the management of Zeolite, description of the . 361

480, 485 Zoopbyte, description of a 41%

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Mr. TAUNTON's case of obliterated Iliac Artery
Mr. BROOKE's fossillized Remains of a Crocodile
Mr. Lewis's Morbid Enlargement of the Clitoris
Mr. EAGLAND's Truss for Exomphalos .
Dr. Andrews' case of enlarged lower Extremity

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