Queen Hynde: A Poem, in Six Books

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825 - 443 oldal

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362. oldal - O'er fancy's region that reign'st supreme ; Thou lovely Queen of beauty most bright, And of everlasting new delight, Of foible, of freak, of gambol and glee, Of all that pleases, And all that...
364. oldal - And the dawning's mild and pallid hue, From thy valleys beyond the land of the dew, The realm of a thousand gilded domes, The richest region that fancy roams! I have sought for thee in the blue hare-bell, And deep in the foxglove's silken...
51. oldal - Slept on the cold stone all the night : And then, as if for error gross, He caused them bind him to the cross, Unclothe his back, and, man by man, To lash him till the red blood ran, But then — or yet in after time, No one could ever learn his crime ; Each keen inquiry proved in vain, Though all supposed he dream'd of Wene.
53. oldal - I've changed my timid tone, And sing to please myself alone ; And thou wilt read, when, well I wot, I care not whether you do or not. Yes, I11 be querulous or boon, Flow with the tide, change with the moon ; For what am I, or what art thou, Or what the cloud and radiant bow, Or what are waters, winds, and seas, But elemental energies ? The sea must flow, the cloud descend, The thunder burst, the rainbow bend, Not when they would, but when they can...
40. oldal - Low bow'd the imp with seemly grace, And humbly shew'd to acquiesce ; But mischief on that lip did lie, And sly dissemblage in the eye. Scarce had her mistress ceased to speak, When form'd the dimple on her cheek, And her keen glance did well bewray Who next should fall the jackall's prey. Saint Oran, woe be to the time She mark'd thy purity sublime ! Oh ! never was her heart so fain — 'Twas a new fund for Wicked Wene.
38. oldal - In two long piles—a lane between, Where pass the maidens and their queen, Up to the sacred altar stone, Where good Columba stands alone. There was one maiden of the train Known by the name of Wicked Wene; A lovely thing, of slender make, Who mischief wrought for mischief's sake; And never was her heart so pleased As when a man she vex'd or teased.
365. oldal - Yet neither in field, nor in flowery heath, In heaven above, nor in earth beneath, In star, nor in moon, nor in .midnight wind, His elvish Queen could her minstrel find. But now I have found thee, thou vagrant thing, Though where I neither dare say nor sing ; For it was in a home, so passing fair, That an angel of light might have...
442. oldal - After the victim was slain, the body was burnt, or suspended in a sacred grove near the temple ; part of the blood was sprinkled upon the people, part upon the sacred grove. With the same they also bedewed the images of the gods, the altars, the benches and walls of the temple, both within and without, thus completing their work.
112. oldal - The ruins grey of early time, Where, frowning o'er the foamy flood, The mighty halls of Selma stood. And mark a valley stretching wide, Inwall'd by cliffs on either side, By curving shore, where billows broke, And triple wall, from rock to rock; Low in that strait, from bay to bay, The ancient Beregonium lay.
365. oldal - And looked to a twinkling star for thee, That nightly mounted the orient sheen, Streaming in purple and glowing in green; And thought, as I eyed its changing sphere, My Fairy Queen might sojourn there. Then would I sigh and turn me around, And lay my ear to the hollow ground, To the little air-springs of central birth, That bring low murmurs out of the earth; And there would I listen, in breathless way. Till I heard the worm creep through the clay, And the little blackamoor pioneer...

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