time I procured them, there were comparatively few stamp collectors, and certainly no one had then thought of making counterfeits.

Some of the imperfections signalised proving to me, however, all the interest my reviewer attaches to my publication, I most sincerely thank him for the same. But those imperfections (which I must confess to) were caused by the confidence I had in my engraver, whose work was generally of irreproachable execution. I am willing to bear any justly-merited reproach.

The extreme care taken by your correspondent in comparing the engravings with authentic impressions, has only succeeded in detecting the omission of the almostimperceptible dotting on the Bale stamps; and I would ask if he thinks any engraver capable of producing two impressions of unmistakeable identity. He cannot bu agree with me that it would be an impossibility. Nothing, then, proves that I have reproduced a counterfeit instead of an authentic stamp, since there must of necessity be always some difference.

Your correspondent also assigns me a talent I unfortunately do not possess, that of being able to copy stamps myself; if I had that ability, I should certainly not have committed the two mistakes in the inscriptions to which he alludes.

To hint a belief that such wholesale forgeries of stamps have never existed but in imagination, would be a slur on the ability of this acute critic. The want of rarity of the Buenos Ayres stamps will easily prove the nonnecessity of employing a forgery in their case; the mistake in spelling the inscription as Ruends, only taking place in consequence of a worn specimen having been sent the engraver, who took the B for an R, and the o for a d.

Mr. Pemberton remarks seven stamps being described (rather vaguely) in my work on the Falsification of Postage Stamps. If that gentleman would be good enough to give me the particulars of the stamps alluded to I should be much pleased, as, albeit author of the work in question, I own, in all humility, that I do not recollect noticing any stamps in particular, My astonishment was so great on reading this remark of his that, distrusting my memory, I wished to verify the fact by consulting a specimen, and not succeeding with one, I examined a number with equal want of success. At last, I found a fictitious Geneva stamp, but so entirely differing from the authentic ones (which are quite common), that Mr. Pemberton could never have paid me the ill compli. ment of fancying I could have made use of such a sorry imitation. It would, indeed, be droll were it to turn out that I described all these stamps, quite unconsciously, from individuals that Mr. Pemberton alone possesses !"

To conclude, I would take advantage of the opportunity to thank most gratefully those parties who have been good enough to entrust me with stamps I did not myself possess, for the continuation of my Postage Siamp Illustrations ; and I venture to trust that the possessors of the Van Diemen's Land tenpenny; the yellow 1 c. of the Confederate States; the Corrientes 1 real ; the British Guiana 4 cents, red; and any Dutch Guiana, will be kind enough to lend them for the purpose of completing thu fifteenth and probably the last number of my publication.

I am, Sir, yours obediently,

J. B. MOENS. [Mons, Moens' insufficient knowledge of the English language, compelling him to rely on an imperfect translation of our own and Mr. Pemberton's critiques, has caused a misinterpretation of some passages, as will be readily perceived.- ED.)

To the Editor of the “ STAMP COLLECTOR'S MAGAZINB,'

SIR,_In the March number of your Magazine, I see mentioned, as a stamp not noticed in Mount Brown's Catalogue, a Canada Packet Postage, 12 c., blue;' this, I suppose, is a stamp like the common 124 c. in all respects except in colour; I should like to know whether any of your readers have seen a 121 c. of this colour that has passed the post.

I have a 'maculate' 121-0. Canada, blue, and also a 12 c., half of which is blue and half green. It is a very simple thing to change the colour of the 121 c. from green to blue, and I should like to know whether there is any proof of stamps having been printed of the latter colour.

I have no doubt that the colours of many stamps may be capable of being changed in this marked manner; though I should not advise any one with a budding taste for forgery to try experiments with any of his stamps, unless he be at least well grounded in practical dyeing : for he will probably find that most of the chemical reagents he may try, will either dissolve the colour off the stamps he puts in them, or gradually bleach them,-either of which results, if the stamps are of any value, is unsatisfactory.

I am in possession of a 20-c. Tuscan, issue of 1852, it is like the others of the same issue, but of a slate-grey colour; I do not find it mentioned in any catalogue; can you inform me if it is genuine, or whether it is probably made from the blue stamp: it has passed the post.

I possess also the following stamps :-1-anna Indian, red-brown; ld. English, brown or blue; 40-c. French, brown; 40-c. ditto, yellow; 1-c. ditto, dark grey or lavender; 20-c. Belgian, blue-grey ; 10-c. Duteh, magenta. The colours of all of which would entitle them to be considered as varieties, if they were genuine.

The above results of a few experiments of mine, will show how careful we must be in admitting any varieties in colour of stamps whose genuineness we consider proved by the accuracy of the engraving.

I am, Sir, yours obediently,


To the Editor of the 'STAMP COLLECTOR'S MAGAZINE.'

SIR, I perceive that in your May number, the “Diligencia' stamps are said to belong to the Argentine Confederation. This is a mistake, for I have all the three, and they are all stamped with the Monte Video postmark, by whose government they were issued.

Let me take this opportunity of informing your readers that upwards of two thousand four hundred designs were sent in to Government (in 1839) for the proposed envelopes and labels, so that collectors must not imagine those so carefully described by Dr. Gray to be all there are ! The above fact was told me by the highest possible authority. I remain, Sir, yours obediently,


To the Editor of the 'STAMP COLLECTOR'S MAGAZINE.'

SIR,-May I be permitted to ask Messrs. Pemberton & Lewes, through the medium of your Magazine, for the proof of their statement, that no 10-c. Post Cantonal stamps have ever been issued at Geneva,-as I have direct proof that such stamps have been in circulation ? I am curious to learn how two gentlemen, supposed to be so well versed in all matters relating to postage stamps, can have made such an egregious mistake.

Trusting that Messrs. L. & P. will give proofs in support of their assertion, and assuring you that mine shall be forthcoming at the proper time,

I remain, yours truly,

WILLIAM FREDERIC COOKE. 6, Buckland Terrace, Dover.

printed in two colours, and the twenty-four cents of the later issue is also of two colours.

F. C. RICHARDSON, of New York.-You say, 'op good authority,' that the Inter. Rev. American stamps are not for postage, but are all for bills, receipts, bank cheques, &c. Will you kindly inform the ignorant why some of them are marked, 'Express,' and enlighten us by the description of an express bill or receipt ?

BEGINNER.-All the individuals of the later issue of the United States have the letters U. S. in the lower corners.

BACHELOR OF ARTS. -The Ireland Private Office,' spaces in Lallier's Album, have ever been a mystery unsolvable by ourselves or any one else.

OCEANICUS.-We shall be glad to see the Barbadian stamps you mention, if you can forward them. We have never met with any answering the description.-The difference of the paper will readily distinguish proofs, such as Whym per's, from essays. -The latter term is never applied to any but those on Government approval, which would exclude the Ocean Postage stamp.

C. B. J.-There are numerous travesties of the Mulready envelope, such as you describe. They would not pass the post without an adhesive.- The second envelope you mention was one of the emanations of the advocates of an Ocean penny postage.--Your 60 kr. is an Austrian bill or receipt stamp.

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T. A. ARNOLD.-We have seen a genuine black onepenny New Zealand since our last.-Thanks for the correction, if correct.

DELTA, Paris.-Living in Paris, you can easily form your own judgment with regard to who are the best dealers.

H. E. W., Sandicroft. - The ocean postage, as we have said before, has never been used except with a current postage stamp appended to the envelope on which it was printed. We do not like to set any value on stamps, as those rare at one time are comparatively common at another.

G. V. C., Cambridge.- A list of most of the publications on stamps may be seen in Dr. Gray's manual.- We have never seen a tenpenny English without threads. This, as well as the one shilling, green, were issued both as adhesives and envelopes.—The 8-sk. Norway, yellow, must be one of the chemical family, mentioned by our correspondent in the present number.-The portraits on the government stamps of the United States are those of Washington, Penn, Franklyn, and Lincoln.—The old franks are rather difficult to procure, as numbers of individuals have formed collections of them, but they may be often met with both from private friends and at curiosity shops.- We do not know of any dealer in postage stamps at Cambridge, but should there be a demand for them there, the supply will soon follow.

H. G. S., Manchester.- Unused British stamps cannot be sold without a license, and our own colonials may, perhaps, be in the same category. Our revenue officers cannot claim jurisdiction over the sale of foreign postage stamps.

CESTRIUM.-Your twopenny English, with no letters at any corner, must be an essay.-We have seen several of tho penny envelopes perfectly colourless, and believe they were struck off to try the stamp.-The figure on the left side the Bahama id. will do as well for a shell as anything else.

SUBSCRIBER.— The Canton Berne stamp (which we engrave) is, we

16 ON TO are informed, for bills or deeds; but the peculiar way of stamping it gives it the appearance of a used postage stamp.

TIMBROMANIAQUE, Dublin. - A tabular list of postage stamps and their countries published this month, would be incomplete the next, owing

PAPPEN 10 to the continued new issues,

PLYMOUTH Post.-There never was a penny blue English adhesive adopted. Lallier most probably had seen one of the blue penny essays.The use of the Baden Land Post has been previously explained.-Your French stamp is one of those used by confectioners to denote the prices of their wares.- We shall be glad of a description of the Java stamp.

Jos. YOUNG.–There have been but two issues of the United States labels, but the five cents was each time

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GRAMS. Containing spaces arranged for 1200 varieties. Neatly bound, with pocket, flap, and elastic band. Roan, 2/; post free, 2/1: morocco or russia, 3/6 ; post free, 3/8: morocco or russia gilt, 1 ; post free, 1/2. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, 13, George Street, Bath.


LIER. Illustrated with Maps and Diagrams, and containing a full description of British, colonial, and Foreign Stamps, with compartments arranged for the reception of each. Imperial oblong 8vo., cloth, clasp, 7/6; post free, 8/2. Bound in half-morocco, elasp, 101 : post free, 10/10. Bound in whole morocco, two clasps, gilt edges, 12/6; post free, 13/4.

For the benefit of Collectors, Mr. JUSTIN LALLIER has just issu d an admirable Album, which will be in extensive demand as soon as its existence is known. It contains a description of every known variety of timbre poate, so that a partially obliterated stamp may easily be recognis d ; and on the page opposite the description are spaces for mounting the stamps described, so that any Colleetor may, at a glance, see all his deficiencies.-The Bookseller,

T DOBLE, 4, Upper Brook Street, Falmouth, Dealer 1 . in Foreign Postage Stamps, &c. Agents wanted. Price List for two stamps.


77. Woodville Terrace, Breek Road. Liverpool, sends his new Midsummer List for two stamps. Note :Bahamas, British Guiana, Bar badoes, Modena, Confederate States, Sweden, Mauritius, &e., at lowest prices, Portugal, Set of 5, 2/6; Russian 10 kop., 4d. each; Antigua, 3d. each: English id. black, unused, td. each; Saxony, old issue, od. each, &c., &e.

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& Co., 18, Hanover Street, Glasgow, still continue to give an unused stamp with their Monthly List. Sent on receipt of stampeddirected envelope.

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Fenchurch Street, London, E.C., has just issued his June Price List, and will send the same, and one of his private Envelope Stamps, free, to any address, on receipt of two penny postage stamps. Extract from Price List :-Turkish, 41, Set of 4; Greek, 4). Set of 7; Ionian Islands, 1/, Set of 3; French Colonies, 1 c., 1d.: 6 c. and 10 c., 6d. each; and 10 e., ad., or 2/ the four. All the above are unused specimens. Canadian Stamps of every description. Several thousand old and rare Stamps on hand, at very low prices. All communications requiring a reply (except ing orders over 2,6), must contain a stamped-directed envelope for that purpose. All the German States Stamps at about cost price. N.B.-Hong Kong, 2 cent, at 6d. cach, clean,

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MOUNT BROWN, 124, Cheapside, London, has on

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receive & List of Foreign Stamps at very low prices, from A. BENSON, Throston Street, Hartlepool. Also, Addresses from Abroad, for 18 stamps, which will enable you to procure stamps free of commission,

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200 STAMPS for ONE SHILLING.--To be Raffled,

on 1st July, a fine Collection of Stamps, containing over 300 specimens, neatly mounted in a book. Also, on 15th July, a Collection of 100, mounted in a handsome book, ornamented with the arms of the various countries. Tickets for either Collection, only 1/ each. Send stamped envelope to STAMP & Co., 6, Ruperra Street, Newport, Mon.

STAMP & Co., 6, Ruperra Street, Mon., Wholesale

and Retail Postage Stamp Dealers. A large lot of unused Sweden 3 ore, new Spanish, Cuba, United States envelopes, used St. Vincent id., to be sold cheap. Send stamped envelope for List. Agents for French and Bavarian Dealers.

MIVEN AWAY!!! Mr. FRANK E. MILLAR, of U 166, Queen's Road, Dalston, London, N.E., begs to inform his friends that his Monthly Price List for June is now ready, price, post free, two stamps; and that with every List he will give, gratis, one of his private English Postage Stampa which is now in use. Sample, from Price List, all clean copies : French Colonies, 1 c., 10.; 5 e., 6; 10 e., d., and 40 e., Ad. or 2, the four; Greek, 4, Set of 7; Turkish, 4. Set of 4; Hong Kong, 2 e., d.; Ionian lelands, 1/, Set of 3; Confederate States, from 60. each; Local Ameriean, from 1d. each. All communications (excepting orders over 2/6) requiring a reply, must contain a stamp for that purpose. Address in full to Mr. FRANK E. MILLAR, as above. N.B.-All the German States Stamps at nearly cost price.

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ROBERT MELDRUM, 229, Sauchiehall Street, Glas

I gow, will send his List of 800 different Stamps for one stamp. R. M. wishes to correspond with persons on the Continent, he having large numbers of British Colonial Stamps to change.

TO COLLECTORS.–To be disposed of, a Collection

1 of 1030 different varieties of Stamps. It will be sold very cheap, as the Advertiser is going abroad. Offers, &c., concerning it to be made to F. P. KELLYS, Post Omce, Vigo Street, Regent Street, London, where a large variety of Stamps are always on view, at very reasonable prices.

TAMES GRANT, 29, West George Street, Glasgow,

will send his Price List, consisting of 800 different Postage Stamps, all very cheap, on receipt of stamped envelope.

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STAMPS ! C. TAW, 57, Joy Street, Belfast, has a

large stock of Stamps on hand, and is willing to sell at the lowest possible prices. Price Lists can be obtained by forwarding & stamp to above address. Along with every List a Foreign Stamp is sent free. Stamps sent on approbation.

ni A. M., 22, Upper Baker Street, Regents Park, U• London, N.w., will forward his printed Priced List on receipt of two stamps.


Street, Hyde Road, Ardwich, can supply Dealers and Collectors with every kind of Postage Stamps: the cheapest in the trade. Examples: Chili, 3, Spanish 2 reals, 2d. each ; old Brunswick, and 1, 2d. each; 1 cent American envelope, 3d, each, 2/3 per doz; French 1 and 2 c., 5d. per doz. ;) Hamburg, 10d. per doz.; Labeek, 10d. per doz.; Bergedorf, 10d. per doz.; 10 r. Brazil, 3d. each, 2/6 per doz., and others too numerous to mention. P.S.Stamps bought and sold on eommission, Stamps sent on inspection. Agents wanted on the Continent and here.


1, Hanover Court, Milton Street, London, E.C. Foreign Postage Stamps Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. The largest stoek of Foreign Postage Stamps, and the cheapest Dealers in the trade. N.B.-Unused Ionian Islands, ed. per Set of three. All other Stamps at equally low prices. Just published, the fourth edition of their Price Catalogue, describing form, colour, value, date of issue, &c., of 1000 varieties. This is the cheapest and most comprehensive yet published. Sent, post free, on receipt of a stamped envelope.


per Set of th edition of of 1000 va

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To Foreign Stamp and Crest Collectors. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S MONTHLY CIR

CULAR for June will be sent gratis and post free to any address on application.


PRICE CATALOGUE of many hundred varieties of British, Colonial, and Foreign Postage Stamps. Illustrated with Fac-simile Engra vings of Rare Stamps. Price td.; post free, öd.

Now Ready, Beautifully printed in Colours. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S NEW and COM

PLETE SET of POSTAGE-STAMP ALBUM TITLES. Comprising upwards of 130 Titles, geographically arranged by Dr. J. E. GRAY, F.R.S. F.L.S., 7.2.9., &c., of the British Museum. Price 1,6; post froe, 1:1. Specimen sheet post free for two stamps.

Magnificent Collection of Postage Stamps. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH have for Sale a D magnificent Collection of British, Colonial, and Foreign Postage Stamps. Comprising nearly 1200 varieties. All beautiful specimens, and neatly arranged in & handsomely-bound morocco Album. Price Afty guineas. Carriage free to any part of the world.

The Cheapest Packet of Foreign Stamps. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-SHILLING D PACKET of FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing one dozen varieties; all unobliterated. Post free, 1/1,

Important to those about to Collect. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S FIVE-SHILLING D PACKET of FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing 50 varieties of Foreign Stamps, all in good condition, many being unobliterated. Post free, 5/1.

To Collectors of Unobliterated Postage Stampe. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S TWO-AND-SIXD PENNY PACKET of UNOBLITERATED POSTAGE STAMPS, Containing 20 varieties of Colonial and Foreign Stamps, all unused. Post free, 2/7.


PACKET of LOCAL AMERICAN POSTAGE STAMPS, Containing 20 varieties Post free, 5/1,


PENNY OREST ALBUM. Bound in cloth, and ruled in 800 divisions. Post free, 1/7.

New Packet for Crest Collectors. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S SIXPENNY

PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &e. Containing 20 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours. Post free, 7d.

Arms, Orests, &c., for Albums, CTAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-SHILLING

PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &cComprising upwards of 50 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours. Post free, ul.

Nou Ready. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-AND-SIXD PENNY PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &e. Containing 100 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours, Post free, 1/7.


Foreign Stamp-sellers to

13, George Street, Bath.

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ALBUM.--Containing a complete Table of all the Postage Stamps issued by each Country, State, or City, with spaces arranged for their reception. The whole in a neat and portable form, with flap and elastic band, and a pocket for surplus stamps. Roan, 2/ : post free, 2/1; morocco or russia, 36; post free, S/8; morocco or russia gilt, 1/; post free, 1/2. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, 13, George Street, Bath.


beautifully printed in Colours. A new and complete Set of upwards of 130 Titles for Stamp Albums. Geographically arranged by Dr. J. E. GRAY, F.R.F., F.L.S., F.Z.S., ETC., of the British Museum. Priee 1/6; post free, 1/7. London: E. MARLBOROUGH & Co., 4, Ave Maria Lane; Bath : STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, 13, George Street, and all Booksellers.

This Magazine will be forwarded regularly every month, to any part of the world, on receipt of the annual subscription of Four Shillings, which may be remitted in unused postage stamps current in the country whence the order is received.

Stafford Smith & Smith, 13, George Street, Bath, England,

Now Ready, New Edition, post 4to., Price Five Shillings. OPPEN'S POSTAGE-STAMP ALBUM, and CATA

LOGUE of BRITISH and FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing every information to guide the Collector, with a Full Account of all the Stamps of every Country. The Album, price 3/6, and Catalogue, price 2/6, can be had separately. London: B. BLAKE, 421, Strand.

Ce Magasin-ci se sera transmis tous les mois, à loutes les parties du monde, en envoyant aur Messieurs Smith la souscription annuelle (5 france), en timbres-poste neufs du pays d'où vient l'ordre.

Stafford Smith & Smith, 13, George Street, Bath, England.

Now ready. Fourth edition, revised, augmented, and corrected. CATALOGUE of POSTAGE STAMPS,--BRITISH,

COLONIAL, and FOREIGN. By Mount Brown. Containing an accurate description of the form, colour, date of issue, and value, of 1700 varieties. Price 1); post free, 1/1. Bound in morocco leather, and interleaved for Collectors, 2/ : post free, 2/2. Address, Mr. BROWN, care of Mr. Passmore, Bookseller, 124, Cheapside, London. Priced List of unused and rare stamps, post free, 3d,

NOTICE.-AN purchasers of the STAMP COLLECTOR'S MAGAZINE are entitled to receive trith the May and succeeding numbers an unobliterated Foreign or Colonial Postage Stamp.

London: Published by E. MARLBOROUGH & Co., 4, Ave Maria Lane, E.O.:

and STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, Foreign Stamp and Crest Depot, 13, George Street, Bath, to whose care all Communications for the Editor are to be addressed,

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