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A LBCMS, ls. 1d.. post free. II. WHITTAKER, 1 Winchester Terrace, Regent Roal, Salford.

SELLING OFF. FURTHER REDUCTION!!-Mr. D GEORGE PRIOR, of 18, Fenchurch Street London, E.C., will, this month (August), send his new Price List (with a very rare Continental Stamp, only a few weeks in eireulation, gratis), post free, on receipt of trzo stamp; and he feels sure that the great reduction in price (most stanps being at only half their original cost) nust elicit an order from esery purchaser of his List. Estraet from List, all clean specimensSandwich Islands, 5c., td.,; local American, 1/ per dozen, Assorted, Confederate States, choice speciinens, 2d. cach; Ilong Kong. 2 c., 3d. ; New Brunswick, 1 c. (Engine), 21.; Greek, 1 and 2 lept., 1d. each ; Turkish, 3,6 the set of 4; French Colonies, 1 c., and 5 c., 2d. erch; 10 e., 3d. ; 10 e., id.; or the set of 4. Used specimens : - Pony Express, 6d, each; old Denmark, Fire R.B.S., Id.; Old Norway, 4 sk., blue, 3d. ; Canada, 5 c. (Beaver), 1d. each.


GRAMS. Containing spaces arranged for 1200 varieties. Neatly bound, with pocket. lap, anil elastic band. Roan, 2/: post free, 2/1: morocco or russia, 3/6; post free, 3/8: morocco) or russia gilt, 41 : post free, 1/2. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, 13, George Street, Bath,

IF THIS SHOULD MEET the EYE of any one who

wants a good and cheap Album, let him send 13 stamps to H. WurTAKER, Winchester Terrace, Regent Road, Salford, Manchester.

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T., Post Office, Weymouth, begs to inform his . numerous friends and customers that he continues to send out all kinds of Stamps for approval, on receipt of postage and list of requireinents. All orders executed per return of post. Stamps bought or exchanged.


1 LIER. Illustrated with Maps and Diagrams, and containing a full description of British, Colonial, and Foreign Stamps, with compartmenis arranged for the reception of each. Imperial oblong 8vo., cloth, clasp, 7/6: post free, x2, Bound in half-mordeco, elasp, 10/: post free, 1910. Bound in whole morocco, two clasps, gilt edges, 12/6; post free, 134. Boumd in best moroeco relief, two clasps, 21/; post frer, 21/10. Handsonely bound in bext morocco relief, two large clasps, 254 ; post free, 2310.

For the benefit of Collectors, Mr. JUSTIN LALLIER has just issued an admirable Albuin, which will be in extensiv. demand as soon as its exIstenee is known. It contains a description of every known variety of Libre poste, so that a partially obliterated stamp may easily be recogDiard; a'id on tbe page opposite the deser ption are spac's for mounting the stampa described, so that any Collector may, at a glance, see all his deficiencies. -The Bookerller.

Bath: STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, 13, George Street,


ALBUM.Containing a complete Table of all the Postage Stamps issued by each Country, State, or City, with spaces arranged for their reception. The whole in a neat and portable forin, with flap and elastie band, and a pocket for surplus stamps, Roan, 2/; post free, 21; mordeco or russia, 3/6; post tree, 3/8: morocco or russia gilt, 1/; post free, 1/2. STAFFORD SMITIL & SMITH, 13, George Street, Bath,

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S DAVIS, 18, Granby Street, Leicester, in returning ►). thanks to the numerous gentlemen who have honoured him with thrir patrunage, bus to state that he has just received a large and valuable assortent of rare and obsolete Stamps, from whieh he will send a selection for approval, to any address, on application. All orders will receive prompt attention.

DUY of the IMPORTER.-R. PEGG, Importer of

D Foreign Stamps, and cheapest Dealer in the world, has now a most extensive stock of rare and unused Stamps. Having imported them himself, will sell at much lower prices than any other Dealer. A selection sent on receipt of stamp. Agents wanted. 11, Holles Street, Dublin,

CHEAP.--A COLLECTION of 250 STAMPS to be U sold to the highest bidder. Apply to E, HIE, Dunstable.

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Troenty Foreign Stamps for Sinunce. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S SIXPENNY

PACKET of STAMPS. Containing 20 varieties of Foreign and Colonial Postage Stamps, all in good condition, many being unobliterated. Post free, 7d.

The Cheapest Packet of Unolliterated Stamps. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-SHILLING D PACKET of FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing one dozen varieties; all unobliterated. Post free, 1/1.


Court, Milton Street, London, E.C. Foreign Portage Stamps Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. The largest stock of Foreign Postave Stamps, and the cheapest Dealers in the trade. Their Price List for August now ready, describing form, colour, value, date of issue, &c., of 1000 varieties. This is the cheapest and most comprehensive yet published. Sent, post free, on receipt of a stamped envelope. Correspondence in English, French, or German languages.

Important to those about to Colloct. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S FIVE-SHILLING

PACKET of FOREIGN POSTAGE STAMPS, Containing 100 varieties of Foreign Stamps, all in good condition, many being unobliterated. Post free, 5/1.

To Collectors of Unobliteruted Postage Stamps. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S TWO-AND-SIX

PENNY PACKET of UXOBLITERATED POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing 20 varieties of Colonial and Foreign Stamps, all umused. Post free, 2/7.


PACKET of LOCAL AMERICAN POSTAGE STAMPS. Containing 20 varieties Post frue, 5/1.

Magnificent Collection of Postage Stamps. UTAFFORD SMITH & SMITH have for Sale a D magnificent Collection of British, Colonial, and Foreign Posta Stamps. Comprising nearly 1200 varieties. All beautiful specimens, and neatly arranged in a handsomely-bound morocco Album Price fifty guineas. Carriage free to any part of the world.

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Now ready. Fourth edition, rerised, augmented, and corrected. CATALOGUE of POSTAGE STAMPS,-BRITISH,

COLONIAL, and FOREIGN. By Mount Brown. Containing an accurate description of the form, colour, date of issue, and value, of 1700 varieties. Price 1/; post free, 1/1. Bound in morocco leather, and interleaved for Collectors, 2/ post free, 2/2. Address, Mr. BROWN, care of Mr. Passmore. Bookseller. 124, Cheapside, London. *. Priced List of unused and rare stamps, post free, 3d.


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Nou Ready, Beautifully printed in Colours. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S NEW and COM

PLETE SET of POSTAGE-STAMP ALBUM TITLES. Comprising upwards of 130 Titles, geographically arranged by Dr. J. E. GRAY, F.R.S. F.L.S., F.Z.S., &c., of the British Museum. Price 1/6; post free, 17. Specimen sheet post free for two stamps.

To Foreign Stamp and Crest Collectors. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S MONTHLY CIRD CULAR for August will be sent gratis and post free to any address on application.

New Packet for Crest Collectors. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S SIXPENNY D PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &e. Containing 20 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours. Post free, 7d.

Arms, Crests, de, for Albums. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-SHILLING D PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &e. Comprising upwards of 50 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours. Post free, 1/1.

Nou Ready. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH'S ONE-AND-SIXD PENNY PACKET of ARMS, CRESTS, MONOGRAMS, &c. Containing 100 varieties. Relief stamped in Colours. Post free, 17.

Cheap Crests for Collectors. STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH have on sale a large

Assortment of Arms, Crests, Monograms, &c., beautifully stamped in Colours, with Names. Price 3d. per sheet; postage, ld. extra.


Foreign Stamp-sellers to

13, George Street, Bath.

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This Magazine will be forwarded regularly every month, to any part of the world, on receipt of the annuil subscription of Four Shillings; which may be remitted in unised postage stamps current in the country thence the order is receiced.

Stafford Smith & Smith, 13, George Street, Bath, England.

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Ce Magasin-ci sera transmis tous les mois, à toutes les parties du monde, en envoyant aux Messieurs Smith la souscription annuelle (5 franca), CA timbres-poate neufs du pays d'vient l'ordre.

Stafford Smith & Smith, 13, George Street, Bath, England.

NOTICE.-All prerchasers of the STAMP COLLECTOR'S MAGAZINE are entitled to receive with the May and succeeding numbers an unobliterated Foreign or Coloniul Postage Stamp.

London : Published by E. MARLBOROUGH & Co., 4, Ave Maria Lane, E.C.

and STAFFORD SMITH & SMITH, Foreign Stamp and Crest Depot, 13, George Street, Bath, to whose care all Communications for the Editor are to be addressed.





Lorenzo had not yet sunk so low as to level A TALE OF A POSTAGE STAMP .....

himself to an equality with the villain to MEMOIRS OF A NOVA SCOTIAN POSTAGE STAMP 120 whose wiles he was gradually succumbing. NEW USE FOR POSTAGE STAMPS ...

As in a dangerous crisis would one readily STAMPS NEWLY ISSUED, OR FIRST DESCRIBED 123

condescend to wield the most ignoble weaADDENDA TO MOUNT BROWN'S CATALOGUE OF

pon in self-defence, but reject the same with POSTAGE STAMPS ....

124 WILLIAM MULREADY, R.A. ............

125 disdain were time or opportunity allowed AN AMERICAN TRICK ......

126 for choice; so was the semi-demented lover MOURNING STAMPS .........

led recklessly to avail himself of the advice REVIEWS OF POSTAL PUBLICATIONS ......


and assistance of his vile associate. CORRESPONDENCE ..... ..... ANSWERS TU CORRESPONDENTS .. .................. 128

Filippo, perceiving the repugnance of the other to his amicable advances, and that

he was considered merely as a tool to be disA TALE OF A POSTAGE STAMP.

carded as soon as used, with a muttered DOZE THE SECOND.-PART II.

curse, and inward vow that some of this THE TEMPTER TRIUMPHS.

squeamish pride should be knocked out * The tempter gains the day

before he had done with him, contented himAlas, the power of sin !

self for the present with the sarcastic The guardian spirit sadly fits away,

remark, that he fancied the scanty light he And demons enter in !'

had been able to cast upon his excellency's "“Spoken like a man! Help yourself, and | birth, had made him imagine himself not far the devil will help you," was the profane from princely rank. parody of the ruffian on the well-known 6“Well, well,”--quailing under the flashFrench proverb. He made a step forward ing glance of Lorenzo's eye--“ let's work with the apparent intention of favouring his together without quarrelling. I suppose I companion with a hug of approval; but may approach your lordship near enough to there was a something in the artist's eye speak low, as I do not choose the particulars which repelled the distasteful familiarity of our plot to reach the ears of that young No. 8. Sept. 1, 1863. Price Fourpence.] [Registered for Transmission Abroad.

brat, and he had better take himself off to to so unprincipled a fraud-the note of denial, his corner; not that, if I thought him likely which had so powerful an effect, was subto betray us, I should at all scruple to wring stituted for one of assent in the envelope his neck."

wherein I was lying ready for transmission. ‘Poor Carlo, though confident of his own "You have already heard the consequences personal immunity from his uncle's brutality of our reception, and are now capacitated in the presence of his protecting friend, un | for following up the incidents of my tale. desirous of becoming himself the object of a "Ascoltarmi dunque,” said Lorenzo, “I quarrel between them, lost no time in again will take part in your villany so far and no retreating to his distant pallet out of ear- | farther. Gorge yourself as you will with shot. Filippo, thereupon, proceeded with plunder, I will assist you in the enterprise; the minuter details of the plan whereto he but I take nothing for myself but the jewhad been soliciting the young man's acqui elled certificate of my birth. I bear away escence.'

no property of the good old man's but his With your permission, here inter granddaughter-my own idolised Adine." rupted the Savoy Cross, I will now take (“So far and no farther!”—How oft has up and connect the threads of the narrative. the deluded victim of temptation uttered I conclude the audience is aware that "the these fatal words! The votary of sin is stamp," as your catship unceremoniously comparable to one standing with slippery termed me, has re-appeared on the scene, | footing on a glittering, polished slope-graand is prepared to resume office.

dually, but surely, the feet slide down; and When the letter of Lorenzo to the when the guardian spirit does not cast Marchese, containing the application for the asperities in the path in the shape of sickbracelet to which he considered himself ness, poverty, or other trouble--thus affordentitled, was delivered him, the old noble- ing opportunity of redeeming pause in the man might not have been disinclined to downward course, and means of secure footaccede to such request ;--the more so, as ing for a painful and arduous re-ascent-too the tardy statement of Filippo, embodied in surely will the fond, self-beguiling sophist the missive, tallied with his own long since | sink to utter ruin, and find, alas! too late, pre-conceived suppositions. The gentle | no mortal dares to say, “so far and no Adine-.--whom her grandfather, fully con- farther.” tiding in her maidenly discretion, did not "“Cospetto, my fine fetlow, we can settle scruple to make a confidant of his half all that afterwards; only pass your word to formed intention—thereupon handed me over me and my comrades not to betray us. to him to be added to the enclosure; and Why, man alive, what do you start at ? the rich jewel would have accompanied me Did you fancy you and I could manage such to the hands of its rightful owner-and oh! | a dangerous enterprise by our own unaided How much crime and misery would have exertions ? The business will call for the bien escaped !-had not the malicious Ber- | services of many stout hearts and strong cardo, apprised of the state of affairs by arms; but I want one clear head and brave means of which you shall be fully cognizant hand to manage and execute all the details in due course, intruded his inischievous pre- of as gloricus a chance of making one's forsence in time to suppress the benevolent tune as ever poor fellow schemed. Ebbene, intention of the Marquis. By allusions to if you are too proud to join us, my young the more than suspected evil associations of prince-of beggars--- " added the wretch, Filippo, and inuendos of the probability of for he was beginning to lose temper, “we its being a plausible plot concocted between must e'en manage to do without you ---part the gamester and the foundling for the pur the treasure fairly, cast lots for the ladypose of possessing themselves of so valuable a the foul fiend seize you,” roared the ruffian, prize--notwithstanding the mild but earnest as they lay on the ground in deadly strugpleading of Adine, who affirmed her disbelief gle, “take that;” and one home daggerof the likelihood of Lorenzo's being a party thrust would have ensured Lorenzo's exemption from many a more bitter pang, had tinued, but with change of machinery. The not young Carlo sprung forward-his love actors in the scenes depicted by the postage for his protector counteracting the terror of stamp seemed presented to my vision. The his uncle--and, seizing the uplifted arm with city of Florence appeared as a map before more than a child's force--the excitement me. I saw the roué Filippo quit the apartlending additional strength-averted the ment of the artist, and lounge up the Via fatal stroke. Lorenzo thus gained oppor dei Bardi. •Corazzio, Filippo, soliloquised tunity of disengaging himself from the he, crossing the Ponte alle Grazie, 'well hast death-grip. “I am indeed mad," mur thou contrived. Thy machinations seem mured the wretched youth, “to equalise now in a fair road for success. But successmyself with such a wretch. Leave me.” ful or not, Italy will be too hot to hold thee;

** Leave you! By San Nicolo, no such thou must be off to London. Thy last trip fool as that: for you to peach on us to the there was a lucky hit, and many a young Marquis ? But there is not much fear of gull didst thou famously bleed there.' that: you will hardly present yourself at his | Avoiding the Piazza Santa Croce, he doors again; it is not likely any letter in turned to the left, and passing the Torcicoda your handwriting would be opened ; and proceeded through a labyrinth of narrow you ought to be raging still with the smart streets, or rather alleys, towards the old town of your last appearance there."

in the Cerchio Primo. He stopped at the * These cruel taunts might have issued in door of a low casino in a dark street not far another scuffle; but the very violence of from the Via delle Cipolle, and looking careemotion unnerved the wretched and excited fully round to see if any curious observer Lorenzo, and he sank almost powerless on were tracking him--for he well knew that in a seat.

the eyes of the police authorities he was "" Come, come, man,” said his evil something more than a suspect-on finding adviser, “ keep your fury for its legitimate the coast clear he entered. destination : give the old Marquis such a 'Pablo,' said he to a blackguard-looking grip as you did me but now, and he will one-eyed waiter, who, by the way, had to never trouble you again.”

thank him for the loss in a drunken brawl, 6" Fiend,” gasped the youth,“ dost think has any one been wanting me ? I would hurt a hair of his head, or of any. Si, Signor ; a cavaliere in a cloak and thing belonging to her?"

slouched hat has been waiting in the small 6" Of course not," sneered Filippo, “not cabinet a clock hour.' even her respectable cousin ?" The tempter “Mille perdone, I am desolated to have well knew the right chord to strike.

kept your eccellenza waiting,' was his cring""The vile Bernardo! Ah! ten thousand ing apology to the worthy who was smoking curses light on him! His hated name suf and sulking in the inner room. fices to turn the scale. I hesitate no longer. •Maledetto, pel nome del diavolo, how Friend or enemy-. be you what you may long you have kept me in this infernal den! give me means to wreak my vengeance on Here have I been kicking my heels in a him, to deprive him of his coveted prize, and fume of impatience at the loss of so much do with me how you will : I am yours for

time.' ever." ;

That young scoundrel--may the fiend DOZE THE THIRD.

take him-gave me such trouble to persuade

him to join in the plot. Per San Nicolo, THE CASINO.

had I not luckily bethought myself of introThe roué and the gamester-behold a worthy pair ! ducing your eccellenza's name, I might have When Greek meets wily Greek, then comes the tug been with him yet. Mille diavoli, it is but of war.'

one more score to the long list of grudges I With an uneasy start, a second time I have against him; and your eccellenza likes awoke, but soon dropped off anew to dream him about as well as I do.' land. The visionary train of thought con "Curse him,' was the ready response of

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