Our heroes of the Crimea: biogr. sketches of our military officers

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Geo Routledge & Company, 1855 - 192 oldal

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8. oldal - Give a man this taste, and the means of gratifying it, and you can hardly fail of making him a happy man ; unless, indeed, you put into his hands a most perverse selection of books.
7. oldal - I up the even steep slope of the hill. On the right, and a little retired, was a powerful covered battery, armed with heavy guns, which flanked the whole of the right of the position. " Artillery, at the same time, was posted at the points that best commanded the passage of the river and its approaches generally. " On the slopes of these hills (forming a sort of table-land) were placed dense masses of the enemy's infantry, while on the heights above was his great reserve, the whole amounting, it...
3. oldal - Including their Church and State, the Reorganization of the Inquisition, the Rise, Progress, and Consolidation of the Jesuits, and the means taken to effect the Counter-reformation in Germany, to revive Romanism in France, and to suppress Protestant Principles in the South of Europe. Translated from the last edition of the German by WALTER K. KELLY, of Trinity College, Dublin. " This translation of Ranke we consider to be very superior to any other in the English language.
7. oldal - ... at a salient pinnacle, where their right rested, and whence the descent to the plain was more gradual. The front was about two miles in extent. " Across the mouth of this great opening is a lower ridge, at different heights, varying from 60 to 150 feet, parallel to the river, and at distances from it of from 600 to 800 yards.
2. oldal - Prescott's works in point of style rank with the ablest English historians, and paragraphs may be found in which the grace and elegance of Addison are combined with Robertson's cadence and Gibbon's brilliancy.
8. oldal - ... a happy man, unless, indeed, you put into his hands a most perverse selection of books. You place him in contact with the best society in every period of history — with the wisest, the wittiest, with the tenderest, the bravest, and the purest characters that have adorned humanity. You make him a denizen of all nations — a contemporary of all ages. The world has been created for him.
157. oldal - The morning was extremely dark, with a drizzling rain, rendering it almost impossible to discover anything beyond the flash and smoke of artillery and heavy musketry fire. It, however, soon became evident that the enemy, under cover of a vast cloud of skirmishers, supported by dense columns of infantry, had advanced numerous batteries of large calibre to the high ground to the left and front of the 2nd Division, while powerful columns of infantry attacked with great vigour the brigade of Guards.
85. oldal - As the enemy withdrew from the ground which they had momentarily occupied, I directed the Cavalry, supported by the Fourth Division under Lieutenant-General Sir George Cathcart, to move forward and take advantage of any opportunity to regain the heights...
8. oldal - On approaching to near the fire of the guns, which soon became extremely formidable, the two leading divisions deployed into line and advanced to attack the front, and the supporting divisions followed the movement. Hardly had this taken place when the village of...
10. oldal - I do not go beyond the truth in declaring that they merit the highest commendation. " In the ardour of attack they forgot all they had endured, and displayed that high courage, that gallant spirit, for which the British soldier is ever distinguished ; and under the heaviest fire they maintained the same determination to conquer as they had exhibited before they went into action.

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