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Is the Author of " Edina" asleep ? Si dormis, expergiscere.
We can assure Thespis,”

” that we agree with him entirely in the opinion he expresses of Mr Abbot's acting, which displays at once the gentleman and the man of taste ; and also of Mr Calcraft's Pierre, which was, in our opinion, not much less than a failure. At the same time, we would not wage war with people who think differently. Thespis's philippic against a late theatrical critique in the Scotsman ought, in fairness, to have been sent to the Editor of that paper. Suum cuique.

We have been favoured with a leng letter, containing a mild, yet picquant criticism of our last Number : we are just deliberating whether we should not astonish our readers with this sweet morceau, indicative at once of the gentleman and the “ Projected History" writer. Verbum Vespa !

Our review of Miladi's Italy in our last has brought about our ears all those worthy individuals who talk so doggedly about “ principles," and yet bogle at an exposure of the most flagrant literary crimes. “ An Hibernian” cannot suppose that we mean to take a bull by the horn. “ Veritas's” expostulation is “ a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." He knows more about cabbage than criticism. The letter of is Scotus" is filled with those common-places, which brainless politicians, like himself, are eternally ringing changes on. We can assure each, and all of these cavalieri serventi, that we did not empty our green bag of one hundredth part of its contents, which we had treasured up against Miladi. We shall not return to the subject, however. Her book is dead already. Requiescat.

The “ Lawyer of C-Sy” is clever, pungent, and personal. We dare not insert it. Our ingenious Correspondent must know what happens to him who handles pitch. The

poem “ On the long Drought” is too dry for us; and in the epitaph on Bona. parte there is literally nothing. Pope did not always write good epitaphs; and we doubt if even that great master could

have written one worthy of the Wonderful Exile, who now sleeps soundly, in a desart isle, beside the willows of a lonely fountain. We challenge Lord Byron himself to produce any thing finer than the stanzas (from the French) in our present Number, entitled “ NAPOLEON.”

The conjectures of our Correspondent , as to the meaning of the words To Moyanca Tv 'Epronaixocarbos, in Aristotle's Poetics, are profound and ingenious. These words have puzzled all the commentators and critics. « Desperant de hoc loco omnes," says Heinsius : “ Neque ego tentandum puto QUICQUID CORRIGERE EST NEFAS.”

We promised in our last a notice of Sir R. Kerr Porter's travels, but we opine that the friend to whose hands we entrusted the ponderous tome of the wandering and pictorial knight has “ ta'en the hint," and set out himself on a journey to Caucasus. If this be the real case, his morning slumbers will not, for sometime to come, be disturbed with the ominous reveillée,-—“ more copy wanted.”.

We have reserved the admirable paper on the Character and Writings of Tacitus" to grace our September number, and we entreat our able and learned Correspondent to proceed in filling up the outline which he has so happily sketched.

“Old Mulberry on Quotations” is in retentis. By his“ private" note, we perceive that he labours under a mistake, which will be corrected presently. We would only say to him, in the words of his friend Horace,

" Sæpè stylum vertas, iterum quæ digna legi sint

Scripturus ; neque te, ut miretur turba, labores,

Conlentus paucis lectoribus." The review of “ Davy's Account of Ceylon," although in types, must stand over till next number.

The paper on “ The Queen" is, alas ! too late : She has now gone to her own place, and her repose is no longer to be disturbed by the janglings of faction, or the cruelties and annoyances of persecutors.“ After life's fitful fever she sleeps well.” It is peculiar to that narrow and noiseless dormitory to which she has been consigned, that “ the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest." Every friend to humanity must, however, mourn that her funeral obsequies have been attended by the shedding of blood. A dreadful responsibility rests somewhere.






The Scots Magazine.

AUGUST 1821.


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The Correspondents of the EDINBURGH MAGAZINE AXD LITERARY MISCELLANY are respectfully requested to transmit their Communications for the Editor to ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and Courany, Edinburgh, or LongMan and COMPANY, London; to whom also orders for the York should be particularly addressed.

Printed by George Ramsay and Co.





AUGUST 1821.

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL, ANTIQUARIAN, every species of subject and execuAND PICTURESQUE TOUR IN FRANCE tion, make the eyes sparkle and the AND GERMANY.

heart dance, as the paper-cutter per

forms its office of severing the crackThese are, in every sense of the ling leaves. word, very extraordinary volumes : We have often, indeed, thought, extraordinary, both from the quantity that it was the very luxury and quinand quality of the matter which they tessence of a well-regulated literary contain, and not less so from the num- taste, to sit down (having paid for our ber, variety, and brilliance of the cop- copy) to a book banquet of the deper-plate embellishments by which scription of that now before us. At they are adorned. We know not, in- one moment we are at Rouen ; at anodeed, if they may not be considered ther at Caen ; now we are at Paris ; as a banquet, rich even to cloyness; afterwards at Strasbourg ; bere at but as people affect to despise in pub- Stuttgart; there at Vienna; while lic what they privately relish and en- these several places are absolutely joy, we rather suspect that many who brought before our eyes, by the exhave cried out against turtle and veni- quisite fidelity and spirit of the pencil son on “ high days and holidays," do of the artist who accompanied the not, in fact, make a point of acquaint- reverend tourist. And then for the ing their friends, on a private card of subject matter, or the quoi dire! invitation, that the second course will Sometimes we are gossipping with the " consist of a haunch of venison and cunaille ;-(with a few of whom, by kidney beans.”

the bye, we could have well dispensSo be it with the course of intellece ed,) at other times, we are holding tual viands spread out before us : discourse with country folks, philosoand we roundly assert, at the com- phers, lettered gentlemen, curés, conmencement of our critical carving, jurors, monks, and abbots. Now, we that these dishes are as inviting, from are in a dank crypt of some halftheir garnishing, as dishes of this de- mouldering cathedral; at another scription can possibly be. Cream- time, upon the summit of a castle or coloured paper, hot-pressed to the tower, gazing at meandering rivers, very turn," a large, round, and legi- fertile meadows, and wooded heights: ble type, sustained by a whole pha- Anon, we are pacing “ the studious lanx of notes, in a more modest form cloister's pale," or are seated on oaken of letter ; a finely proportioned mar- benches, in front of folios and quargin, assuming almost the saucy air of tos, and beneath the stained-glass of large paper; and embellishments of “storied windows," which cast

dim religious light.” The works of past By the Rev. Thomas Frognall Dib- ages are arrayed in interminable rank din, F. R. S. S. A. In 3 vols. super royal and file before the author's eager eye ; ero. 1821.

and he pounccs upon this volume, or


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