most laborious research into the real mean. for more than forty-six years, he was an ing of many difficult passages of the anci- ornament and a conscientious minister, and ent Hebrew, and to extensive correspon will long remain embalmed in the memodence with literary men when doubts oc- ries of the virtuous and the good. In pri. curred. His labours in this good work vate life, he was a pattern of meekness, are well known to the public, and particu- hospitality, and kindness. larly to the Church of Scotland, of whicks,



à son.

& son.

17. At Little Mill, near Montrose, the March 16. At Kingston, Jamaica, the lady of Colonel Renny, late of the 15th lady of the Hon. Wm. Shand, a son. foot, a daughter.

April 21. At St Petersburgh, Sultana 18. Mrs Bethune of Blebo, a daughter. Katte-Gherry, a daughter.

19. At Edinburgh, Mrs Burn Murdoch May 12. At Balbegno, the lady of Cap- of Gartincaber, a son. tain Robert Ramsay, a daughter.

20. In Great Wellington Street, London, 23. At Aix, the lady of James Skene, the lady of Major Younghusband, Royal Esq. of Rubieslaw, a daughter.

regiment of Artillery, a son. 25. Át Boyle, Mrs Colonel Farquhar. At Manar, Mrs Gordon, a daughter. son, a daughter.

21. At South Castle Street, Edinburgh, 27. At Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Mrs the lady of G. Macpherson Grant, Esq. of Murray of Murrayshall, a son.

Ballindalloch and Invereshie, M. P. a 29. At Boulogne, the lady of the late daughter. Captain Coll Macdougall, 42d foot, a At Edinburgh, Mrs Robertson, 75, daughter.

Great King Street, a daughter. June 2. At Camberwell, Surrey, Mrs 22. At York, the lady of LieutenantDudgeon, a daughter.

Colonel Gordon, of the 5th dragoon guards, 3. At Lady Seaforth's, Inveresk House, near Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Stewart 23. At Bonjedward House, Mrs Jerdon, Mackenzie of Seaforth, a son.

At Maitland Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Fordyce of Ayton, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. At the manse of Kinghorn, Mrs Pa- April 26. At Prospect House, Fareham, terson, a daughter.

George Macneal of Ugadale, Esq. to Miss 4. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Loring, only daughter of the late Captain Miller of Glenlee, a son.

John Loring, Royal Navy. 5. At Maize Hill, Greenwich, the lady May 23. At Chichester, Patrick Robert. of Captain Forbes Macbean, Royal Artil- son, Esq. of Trinfour, Perthshire, to Miss lery, a son.

Eliza Walond, eldest daughter of William The lady of William Moir, Esq. a Walond, Esq. son.

24. At St James's Church, London, Mr 7. At Crosscount, the lady of Captain G. A. Brown, late of the East India Com. Stewart, a son and heir.

pany's service, to Mary, eldest daughter si 8. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lockhart of George Raggett, Esq. St James's Street. Castle Hill, a son.

28. At St George's, Hanover Square, - At Ballinaby, Mrs Campbell, a son. London, Thomas Baldock, Esq. to Char.

10. At Callender, Mrs Macgregor of lotte, youngest daughter of the late Lieut.Glengyle, a son.

Colonel Robert Ross, of the Royal Ma. At Dunmore, Mrs Campbell of Dun- rines. more, a daughter.

29. At Bothwell Castle, Robert DouMrs Ivory, Prince's Street, Edin- glas, Esq. of Strathendry, Captain in the burgh, a son.

7th hussars, to the Hon. Mary Sydney 12. At Norton, Mrs Pearson of Myre- Douglas, youngest daughter of Lord Doucairnie, a daughter.

glas. 13. The Hon. Mrs Thomas Erskine, a 30. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Wm. Wil. daughter, which did not lang survive. kinson, A. M. of St Paul's Chapel, to 14. The lady of James Cathcart, Esq. a Margaret, seeond daughter of the deceased

John Annand of Belmont, Esq. At Kindeace House, the lady of - Captain James Murray, of his MaCharles Robertson, Esq. a son.

jesty's ship Valorous, to Rachel, daughter At Sundrum, Mrs Hamilton of Sun- of Benjamin Tucker, Esq. Surveyor-Genedrum, a son.

ral of the Duchy of Cornwall.



30. At Barking, John Campbell, Esq. to 19. At Berwick, by the Rev. Joseph Louisa, daughter of John Shuttleworth, Barnes, William Waring Hay, Esq. W. €. Esq. of Aldborough Hall, Ilford, Essex. to Miss Jane Frances Gregson of Black

June 1. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Chas. burn.
Watson of Burntisland, to Isabella, eldest
daughter of the late Robert Boog, Esq.
Dundas Street.

1820. Nov. 7. At Madras, aged 42, - At Chesters, Donald Horne, Esq. Lieutenant-Colonel Sutherland M.Douall, W. S. to Miss Jane Ogilvie, daughter of (youngest son of the late John M‘Douall, Thomas Eliot Ogilvie, Esq. of Chesters. Esq. brother of the late Earl of Dumfries,)

2. At the Earl of Coventry's, in Picca of the Honourable East India Company's dilly, Sir Roger Gresley, Bart. to the Right native infantry, on the Madras EstablishHon. Lady Sophia Catherine Coventry. ment, and British Resident at the Court of

4. At Swinton Hill, Edward Russell Travancore. Bell, sugar refiner in Glasgow, to Sarah, 30. At Cawnpore, Captain John Cruicksecond daughter of William Bell, Esq. shank, 24th regiment native infantry, by Swinton Hin.

the accidenal discharge of a pistol, whilst 6. At Hawthorn Brae, Wester Dud. drawing the charge. dingston, Thomas M. Fogo, M. D. late

At Bombay, Joseph William Surgeon of the Royal Artillery, to Anne, Cumine, Esq. of the Honourable East eldest daughter of James Scott, Esq. mer India Company's Medical Service, second chant in Leith.

son of Archibald Cumine, Esq. of Auchry. 10. At Murlingden, near Brechin, the 1821. Feb. 7. At Colombo, Alexander Rev. Robert Smith of Dreghorn, to Miss Cadell, Esq. Paymaster-Gencral at CeyMary Moleson, daughter of Thomas Mole- lon. son, Esq. late Provost of Brechin.

March 17. At Wynberg, Cape of Good 11. At Edinburgh, Dr William Cumin, Hope, Colonel John Graham of Fintry, physician, Glasgow, to Ann Johnston, late of the Cape Regiment, Commandant Foungest daughter of the deceased William of Simon's Town. Ker, Esq. of Kerfield.

April 6. At Fellowshiphall, in St 12. At 22, Dublin Street, Edinburgh, David's, Jamaica, Margaret Darby, a free Robert Montgomery, Esq. of Craighouse, black woman, at the advanced age of 130 to Jane, eldest daughter of the late John

She retained all her faculties to Haldane, Esq.

the last moment. 13. Át Kilmichael, Inverlussa, Mr May 2. At Dumfine, parish of Luss, James Reid, of the Exchequer, to Miss Patrick M'Auslan, in the 105th year of Elizabeth Campbell, second daughter of his

age. the Rev. Mr Dugald Campbell of Auch 3. At Florence, James Wentworth Mur. nellan.

ray, Esq. in the 25th year of his age. 14. At Edinburgh, Mr Joseph Gibson, 11. The Hon. Mrs Maule of Panmure, merchant, Leith, to Wilhelmina, daughter at Jenny Mount, near Belfast. Distinof the Rev. William Innes, Edinburgh. guished for every Christian grace, her loss

At Glasgow, Mr Francis Garden will long be severely felt, and deeply laMitchell, merchant, Edinburgh, to Mar- mented by all who knew her. Her benegaret, eldest daughter of Archd. Warden, ficence was founded on piety, it extended Esq.

not merely to the temporal wants, but to - At St George's, Hanover Square, Lon- the immortal souls of the poor and destide, the Lady Catherine Harris, daughter tute; by her books and her conversation to the late Earl of Malmesbury, to Lieut.. she studied to profit them. Colonel Bell, Deputy Quarter-Master-Ge- benevolent and religious society, both at neral at the Cape of Good Hope.


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To every

Edinburgh, where she resided latterly, 18. At Inchree, Major Hugh Stewart, and also at Brechin Castle, where she reFäth regiment, to Ann, second daughter sided before she came there, she was a reof the Rev. Mr M-Coll.

gular contributor, and that, whether their 19. At Peebles, the Rev. Benjamin object was the relief of ignorance and Mardon, M. A. minister of Union Chapel, wretchedness at home, or of idolatry and Glasgow, to Miss Isabella Cairns, dangh- superstition abroad. She lived to God, ter of Mr Cairns, writer, Peebles.

devoted to his service, and aiming a pro-
At Burgh Lodge, Thomas Gifford, moting his glory. As she lived to the
Esq. late of the Hon. East India Com- Lord, so she died full of faith.
pany's service, to Jessie, only daughter of 15. At Lisnagregan, near Randalstown,
the late John Scott, Esq. of Milbie. in the 119th year of her age, Prudence

At the Manse of Ardhill, Alexander Hare. She retained the use of her facul.
Allan Mackenzie, Esq. second son of ties to the last.
Alexander Mackenzie, Esq. of Hilton, to At Camberwell, Surrey, in full pos-
Charlotte, daughter of the Rev. Dr Alex- session of all her faculties, Elizabeth Hors-
ender Downie, late minister of Lochalsh. er, widow, aged 105 years, 56 of which


she had been maintained in the work. Mr John Robertson, late merchant in Glashouse.

gow. 16. At Bodnod, Denbighshire, John 29. At Portland Place, London, Lord Forbes, Esq. of Bodnod, formerly Captain Sheffield, in the 6th year of his age. His in the 40th regiment of foot.

Lordship is succeeded in his titles and es21. At Hallam, near Sheffield, Mr Wm. tates by his son, George Augustus Frederic Woodhouse, aged 95, sixty-six of which Charles Holroyd, Viscount Pevensey. he was a steady member of the Wesleyan Francis James Douglas, Esq. Lieut. Methodist Society. He carried straw to Coldstream Guards, second son of the late the King's troops on Doncaster Moor, dur. George Douglas af Cavers, Esq. ing the Rebellion of 1745. He beheld, as 30. The Hon. Morton Eden, brother to his descendants, 13 children, 75 grand- Lord Auckland, in the 27th year of his children, 80 great-grandchildren; in all age. 168. The united ages of three old per 31. At Aberdeen, Miss Ann Caroline sons, who attended his funeral, amounted Brands, eldest daughter of the deceased to 240.

James Brands, Esq. of Ferryhill. At Manse of Insch, the Rev. George Mrs Mary Lion Dennistoun, wife of Daun, in the 71st year of his age, and 31st John Alston, Esq. of Westertown. of his ministry.

At Hutchensontown, Glasgow, John 22. Mr Patrick Dallaway, ironmonger, Buchanan, Esq. late of Ladrichmore. Edinburgh

June 1. At Perth, Alex. Greig, sen. At Houghton-le-Spring, Michael Pa- manufacturer. trick Russell, youngest son of Patrick Rus - At his house in Spring Garden, Lonsell, Esq. W. S.

don, the Right Hon. the Earl of Stair. 24. At the Manse of Luss, the Rev. He was the sixth Earl, and succeeded his Dr John Stuart, minister of that parish. father, John, in 1789. His Lordship's

At Elgin, Patrick Duff, Esq. Town titles were, Earl and Viscount of Stair, VisClerk.

count Dalrymple, Baron of Newliston, At his house, West George Street, Glenluce, and Stranraer, and a Baronet. Glasgow, Mr George Buchanan.

His Lordship dying without issue, is sucThe Rev. Mr Brownlie, minister ceeded by his nephew, J. W. H. Dal. of the second Associate congregation, Fal- rymple, now Earl of Stair. kirk.

At Cherrybank, near Newhaven, Mrs At Hawick, Mr William Freeman, Elspeth Simpson, spouse of Alexander

Mitchell, Esq. 25. At Dundee, Miss Christian Sandie. At Bath, the Right Hon. John man; and, on Saturday the 26th ult. Mrs Campbell, Lord Cawdor, Baron Cawdor, Elizabeth Sandieman, relict of the late of Castlemartin, county of Pembroke. David Ramsay, merchant in Dundee ; At No. 4, Antigua Street, Edinboth daughters of the late David Sandie- burgh, Miss Helen Cunningham. man, also merchant in Dundee-the for. At Dumfries, Capt. Hugh Patrickmer aged 74, the latter 76 years.

son, of the 4th dragoons. At Dunfermline, Dr Stenhouse of At Newington, Edinburgh, Mrs Comely Park.

Janet Dickson, wife of the Rev. Dr Suddenly, in a fit of apoplexy, John M'Crie. Campbell, Esq. of Conduit Vale, Black. 2. At Glasgow, Mr John Cross, teacher heath.

of mathematics, Superintendent of the 26. At Park, Robert Govane, Esq. of Glasgow Observatory, and Member of the Drumquhassle, in the 72d year of his age. London Astronomical Society, &c.

- At Whitehouse, Isle of Man, Daniel Robert Innes, Esq. of Henley-uponM'Queen, Esq. of Netherwoodbank, late Thames, formerly of Gottenburgh. Collector of Cess for the city of Edin. 3. At Auchrossan, Argyleshire, Jane burgh.

Campbell, spouse of Andrew M'Farlane, 28. At Portsmouth, Lord F. Thynne, Esq. of Ormidale. late Midshipman of his Majesty's ship 4. At Stranraer, John Fergusson, Esq. Rochefort, son of the Marquis of Bathi.

In Edward Street, Portman Square, At his house, Brown Square, Edin. London, Sir George Douglas, Bart. of burgh, Mr Peter Lawson, seed mer- Springwoodpark, Roxburghshire, which chant.

county he had formerly represented in seMrs Hamilton of Mavis Bank. veral successive parliaments. 29. At Edinburgh, Mrs Erskine of Dun. At Stafford Street, Henrietta, wife of

At his house in St John's Street, Robert Boog, Esq. Canongate, Edinburgh, the Rev. Alexan At his house, No. 8, Broughton der Stewart, D. D. one of the ministers of Place, Edinburgh, James Jackson, Esq. Canongate, in the 57th year of his age, one of the Honourable Commissioners of and 35th of his ministry.

Excise for Scotland.
At Kelso, Mrs Jean Fair, widow of At Penzance, Cornwall, Miss Agnes

surgeon there.

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Colquhoun, eldest daughter of the late 12. At Glasgow, Thomas Arnot, Esq. Lord Clerk Register.

At Dunfermline, Mrs Anna Ged, 5. At Cullintra, James Maxwell, Esq. aged 93, the last of the ancient family of surgeon, formerly of the 27th regiment, Ged of Ged and Baldridge, and relict of and lately of the 10th royal veteran bat- Mr John Buntine. talion.

At Kirkaldy, after a short illness, - At Inglismaldie, the Hon. Alexander and in the prime of life, James Swayne, Keith, son of the late Earl of Kintore. Esq. writer there, and agent for the Fife

- At her son's house, North James's Banking Company. Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Knox 13. At Ivy Lodge, Alexander Dalyell, Beveridge, relict of Mr James Beveridge, Esq. aged 36. writer in Dunfermline, in the 83d year of 15. At Castlelacken, in the county of her age.

Mayo, in the 74th year of his age, the - At his house, Beverley Lodge, near Right Hon. James, Lord Baron Tyrawly. Colchester, Lachlan Robert Mackintosh, His death following so immediately that of Esq. of Dalmunzle, Perthshire, in the 60th the Marquis of Londonderry, causes a seyear of his age.

cond vacancy in the representative peerage 6. At Port Glasgow, Hugh Milliken, of Ireland. Esq. aged 83.

At his father's house, Meet-hill, Mr 7. At the Earl of Mexborough's house, Stuart Hay, student in theology, aged 22, in Piccadilly, London, the Countess of youugest son of the Rev. James Hay, Mexborough.

Alyth. 8. At Banks of Troqueer, Robert Halli. 16. At his house, No. 10, St John's day, Esq. of Banks, aged 68.

Street, Edinburgh, Mr John Ballantyne, Ai Hawick, aged 86, Mrs Agnes bookseller to the King for Scotland. Hardie, relict of the deceased William At Bonhill, John Todd, sen. Esq. Moncrieff, late minister of Annan, and late of Levenfield. mother of the Rev. W. H. Moncrieff, pre- At Hermitage, Leith Links, Miss sent minister of Annan.

Eleanor Primrose, daughter of the deceased - Mrs Cunninghame, relict of the de- Sir Archibald Primrose of Dunipace, Bart. ceased John Cunninghame, Esq. of Port In Lendal, in York, Marion Christi. Glasgow.

na, wife of George Lloyd, Esq. of Hutton At Tain, Mrs Mackenzie Ross of Lodge, and daughter of Alexander MacAldie.

lean, Esq. of Coll. 9. At Alloa, James Lawrie, Esq. brewer. 17. At Greenock, in the 27th year of his

10. At his mother's house, at Southgate, age, Walter Ewing, Esq. M. D. Middlesex, in the 40th year of his age, 18. At Shawfield, Robert Cleghorn, Esq. Charles Pasley, Esq. late Major in the M. D. physician in Glasgow. Hon. East India Company's service, and In his 80th year, Dr James CarCharge d'Affaires at the Court of Persia. michael Smyth.

At Roseball, William Munro, gar- 19. At Craigie House, Mrs Campbell, dener there ever since 1747. As he was a wife of James Campbell, Esq. advocate. married man with a large family when he At Edinburgh, John Syme of Cartfirst came there, and had been employed more, Esq. writer to the signet. as a gardener elsewhere for several years, At Dunfermline, Helen Anderson his age at that time could scarcely be less Spence, daughter of Mr George Spence. than 30; and he must therefore have at. At Abingdon, after seven years paintained at least the age of 104. Yet in ful illness, Janet, third daughter of the spite of this extraordinary longevity, he re- late Gilbert Gordon, Esq. of Halbeaths, tained the full use of all his faculties, and Dumfries-shire, and wife of Mr West, surwas able to walk about till within a very geon, of Abingdon. short period before his death.

20. At his house in Fitzroy Square, - At West Wemyss, Fifeshire, Robert London, in the 78th year of his age, John Penning Barker, Esq. of Nantwich. Forbes, Esq. of New, in Strathdon, Aber

11. At his house in Newington, Edin. deenshire, and formerly of Bombay. burgh, Captain Robert Smart.

22. In North Richmond Street, Mr At his father's house, No. 20, George James Cunningham, merchant, EdinStreet, Charles Hope Stewart, aged 16 burgh. years.

At Edinburgh, after a long illness, 12. At Fife House, Whitehall, London, Rachel, daughter of the Rev. David Jar. the Right Hon, the Countess of Liverpool. dine, aged 14 years. Her ladyship was Theodosia Louisa, third 25. At the Manse of Dunscore, the Rev. daughter of Frederick Augustus Hervey, Cunningham Burnside. fourth Earl of Bristol, Bishop of Derby, At Edinburgh, Miss Jenny Broughand sister to the present Earl. Her lady- ton, aged 19, eldest daughter of Mr Charles ship was married in March 1795, and has Broughton, writer to the signet, Elder left no issue.


July 3. At Thornyflat, Major Dugald Lately. On board the Duke of Kent Campbell, late of the 92d regiment, or packet, on his passage from Lisbon to Fal. Gordon Highlanders. Major Campbell mouth, the Right Hon. Lord Clifford. was born at Fort William in the year 1771. At Highbury Place, London, aged 69, His parents had a few free houses in that James Stuart, Esq. village, and lived there much respected by Lieut. Andrew Smith Shortt, of the Ilth all who knew them. His mother, we be- regiment, native infantry, aged 20 years, lieve, is still in existence. His father was son of Francis Shortt, Esq. of Courance, Cean-Tighe, or head of a small branch of who fell while gallan tly asserting the the Campbells, who, separating themselves, rights, not only of his country, but of bufrom some cause or other, from the present manity itself, against a body of Arabian tree, settled in Brae Lochaber, under the pirates, near Laskerrie, at the entrance of protection of Keppoch, a Macdonald Chief, the Persian Gulf. in the 13th of 15th century. To this At Stephen's Green, Dublin, in the chief they proved constant and faithful 88th year of his age, Mr William Gilallies, and united themselves on all emer. bert, late of Dame Street, bookseller. gencies. Hence, they often fought under Joseph Austin, Esq. aged 86, many his banner in favour of the Stuart family, years proprietor of the Chester and New. and were present, headed by the Major's castle theatres, &c. and the last remaining grandfather, at the battle of Culloden. actor mentioned in Churchill's Rosciad. How his father could think of binding him At Buenos Ayres, Archibald Primrose, an apprentice to a blacksmith we know not, aged 26 ; and on the 10th of July last, at but that, or indeed any such profession, Cape Henry, St Domingo, George, aged was but ill suited to the disposition of orie 24; and at the same place, on the 28th who inherited, in no ordinary degree, all January, Allan, aged 22, sons of the late the pride, spirit, and warlike qualities of Allan Fowlis, wood merchant, Glasgow. his ancestors. He had not, however, been At Hanover, A. Herschell, Esq. pell long at this ill chosen profession, when a known in the musical world as a profound prospect opened to his view more congeni- and elegant musician, and brother to Sir al to his feelings, and better suited to his W. Herschell, the celebrated astronomer. endowments; for the Duke of Gordon hay- At Fosterhill, in the parish of Kilmaring determined to raise a regiment, com- nock, Mrs Janet Fleming, relict of Mr posed of the sons of his own tenants, for Robert Nelson, at the very advanced age his son, the Marquis of Huntly, the in- of 93 years. About 12 months before ber Huence of that family had been very deser- death she got a nuwber of new teeth, ap. vedly such as induced that class of people parently as fresh as those of a child, and, to consider it a privilege to be thus admit- although at one period of her life she was ted into their favour ; it being understood obliged to wear glasses, yet for 10 years that their friends at home would, in consi- previous to her death she could read very deration of his favour, meet with every small print without them. protection and kindness-that many among

At Montrose, in the 78th year of his them should receive promotion and that age, Captain Robert Graham, late of the the rest (the emergency of the tiine being Excise, after a long illness. over) would be allowed to return to the At his seat, near Clonmell, in Ireland, bosom of their families, entitled to a pre- Sir Thomas Osborne, Bart. His son, only ference in lands, &c. in their native place. four years of age, succeeds to his titles and Campbell being amazingly handsome and estates. manly looking, and withal possessing a In London, after a short illness, Captain dignity of deportment, and buoyancy of William Hadden, of the 6th, or Enniskil. spirit, well calculated to place his figure len regiment of dragoons, eldest son of the in the most showy light, became, as might late Major-General Hadden, of the royal have been expected, an immediate object artillery. of attraction. His appearance, spirit, and

At her father's house, Granby Row, conduct, continuing to recommend him to Dublin, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John his colonel, the Marquis of Huntly, he Duncan, Esq. merchant; and at her resisoon received his ensigncy, and has ever dence in Beresford Street, Miss Elizabeth since been considered among the best offi- Duncan, daughter of the late William cers in the army. With the 92d regiment Duncan, Esq. Seldom has a more melanhe served successively in all their cam- choly scene been witnessed than the interpaigns, under his Royal Highness the ment of these two young ladies, cousins; Duke of York, Generals Abercromby, being consigned to the same grave at the Moore, and Wellington; and that, too, same moment, attended by a numerous with no ordinary reputation.

circle of friends and acquaintances.

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