from 1814 to 1820 inclusive, arranged ac. railing along both sides of it, which has
cording to their number, (from the official just been completed.
sumimary at the Home Office) :-

13.-Dreadful Accident.-A dreadful Murder and Murderous Offences, as and melancholy accident happened to Mr

stabbing, attempting to poison, &c. 161 Hadland, who kept a shop in Petter Lane, Forgery

11] Holborn, London, for the making of Burglary


sausages. As he was feeding the steam enRobbery from the Person

107 gine, used for chopping the meat, his apron Sheep-stealing and Horse-stealing 53 caught by accident to one of the cogs of Rape, &c.

28 the machine, which drew him in; and beLarceny in a Dwelling House, &c.

25 fore the engine could be stopped he got Arson

19 entangled in the wheels, and was crushed Sodomy

15 to pieces ; he had his arms, legs, and High 'Treason

8 thighs broken, and his flesh shockingly Housebreaking in the Day

5 mangled. In this dreadful state he lived Piracy

4 until Thursday morning, when death put
Stealing Bank Notes from Letters 4 a period to his misery.
Cattle-stealing and Killing Catile 4 14.-Attempt to Assassinate General

2 Eadon.- This morning the most intense Sacrilege

interest was excited at the west end of the

town, (London,) in consequence of a horrid

659 and blood-thirsty attempt upon the life of Of which about a sixth were executed Major-General Eadon, at his residence in for forgery and uttering. The annual Berkeley Square, by a man named William average is about 94 persons executed. Padmore, of respectable appearance, who,

4.-High Court of Justiciary.Duncan ander pretence of communicating some pri. Hunter pleaded Guilty to a charge of vate business to the General, sought an inhousebreaking and theft, and was senten- terview, and with a butcher's knife stabbed ced to seven years' transportation. Peter him in several parts of the body, by which Alexander, a young boy, was found Guilty, his life is placed in the most imminent danafter a trial of some length, and sentenced ger. The prisoner was taken into custody to be transported for life. Ann Sommer. immediately after the act, and conveyed to ville from Dunbar, accused of child mur- Marlborough-street Office. On being callder and concealment of pregnancy, was ed upon for his defence, he said, “ i have next put to the bar. The prisoner plead. had cause for what I have done. I know the ed Not Guilty, but the proceedings were dreadful situation in which I stand in constopped before any evidence was adduced, sequence of it; but my determination was by Mr Maclean stating that the Public fixed, and my mind made up to abide the reProsecutor's name was not affixed to the sult. I must decline, for the present, saylist of witnesses, an objection which was ing more."- Mr Conant said, the evidence sustained by the Court, and the prisoner was conclusive of a premeditated intention on was thereupon liberated, the Court first the part of the prisoner, (who had been a expressing its high displeasure that the servant to the General in India,) to commit ends of justice should be defeated by the the crime of murder, and he was accordingly omission, and directing that a precognition committed to Newgate. It appeared upon into the circumstances should take place. a subsequent examination, that Padmore

9.-Union Canal. We are glad to ob- had been a servant to General Eadon ; and serve the forward state of this undertaking, had harboured a rooted malice towards and hope to be enabled to announce its him, on account of some imaginary injury completion in a much shorter time than he had received from him. The General is was anticipated. On Wednesday the recovering. ground for the basin was marked off, and Coronation. At a Privy Council held on Thursday several workmen were em- on Saturday the 9th, a proclamation was ployed in clearing away the trees and agreed to, announcing the coronation of bushes to form this new harbour. Its si. his Majesty to take place at Westminster, tuation is at the south end and on the west on Thursday, the 19th of July. side of the Lothian Road, and will occupy Execution. Yesterday James Gordon in width nearly the whole of the space be- was executed at Dumfries, for the murder twixt the Fountain Bridge and Tobago of John Elliott, a poor pedlar boy, in a Street roads at that place. The stupendous lonely place in Eskdalemuir.

He was an aqueduct bridge at Slateford, which, with Irishman, of the Roman Catholic profesits cast iron sheathing, attracted so many sion, and would admit of pone but the visitors last summer, was some time since priest to visit him. flooded; this in some degree dissolved the 22. Saint Paul's Cathedral. At charm its singular appearance gave it, but length the Herculean, and almost incrediit has since acquired in elegance what it ble task, of taking down the cross and lost in peculiarity, by the erection of the ball, from the top of the cathedral steeple

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of St Paul's, (London,) has been accom- subsequently tried and convicted in Ireland plished, without the loss of life or limb. of a transportable offence.

While in jail The cross was taken to pieces some days there, he was recognized by a clergyman ago, and easily removed ; but to displace as answering the description of the mur. the ball appeared a matter of much derer of the Dumfries jailor ; and being greater labour and difficulty.-It was built identified by a constable from Dumfries, of multiplied sheets of copper, strongly was brought to this country for trial. The fastened with immense copper bolts, rivete evidence against him was entirely circumted on each side ; and there was but one stantial; but was such as induced the jury division, consequently it was taken down to bring in a verdict of guilty art and part in halves, each half measuring six feet in of the murder, and the prisoner was sendiameter! The materials were much cor- tenced to be executed at Edinburgh on the roded, and must have soon given way un- 18th of July. Haggart is a native of der the immense weight.Wednesday Edinburgh ; and only about 19 years of afternoon, the 20th instant, the ball was age. He seems, however, to be old in taken down by the workmen of Mr Walk- crime, and heard the sentence pronounced er, founder in Harp-Alley, Fleet-Market, without apparent emotion. and rolled along the street in Ludgate- Dreadful Accident.-On Sunday afterHill, in the presence of thousands of spec. noon, the 16th instant, a most melancholy tators, to his warehouse, where a new ball and distressing accident took place at Sun. and cross is making upon an improved derland Bridge, between Durham and principle. In the meanwhile, the scaffold. Rusheyford. As the mail coach from ing will remain, and some other necessary hence to London was turning the corner repairs will take place.

of the bridge, it was unfortunately overTravelling by Steam.-A gentleman turned against the battlement, when Mr left Belfast on Thurday the 14th, reached Donaldson, a cattle dealer near Perth, and Glasgow same evening, embarked Mr Whitaker, an architect, two outside board the Tourist at Newhaven on Friday passengers, were thrown over the bridge, morning, and arrived at Aberdeen at nine and falling upon a weir or buttress, a depth o'clock that night. Had such an event of many feet, Mr Donaldson was killed been predicted 50 years ago, it would have upon the spot, and Mr Whitaker so much been nearly as easy to make people be- hurt that he died at ten o'clock the same lieve that this journey would have been ac- evening. Mr Chater, attorney of Newcomplished by means of a balloon. castle, who was sitting on the seat with the

27.- Constitutional Association.-Seve. driver, happily escaped unhurt. The ral prosecutions have been recently com. guard, driver, and three inside passengers, menced in London, at the instance of a so- also escaped without injury. Mr Whitaker ciety, going by this title, which states its has, we understand, left a wife and seven object to be the suppression of seditious children to lament his loss. A coroner's and treasonable publications ; and which, jury sat on the bodies, and brought in a it is said, consists of a great pumber of in- verdict of “ Manslaughter, caused by fudividuals of high rank among the nobility, riously driving, against James Auld, the and in the church and state. This associa- coachman,” and made a nominal deodand tion has been several times brought under upon the coach and horse. Auld was im. the notice of Parliament, and an attempt mediately apprehended and taken to jail to has been made by Mr Parkins, late Sheriff await his trial at the assizes, but he has of London, to prove its illegality. For since been admitted to bail. this purpose he applied to the Lord Mayor Action of Dumages.- In the Edinburgh for a warrant to apprehend the secretary Jury Court on the 25th instant, a case was and treasurer, founding his application up- tried which excited very considerable inon an act passed in 1793, for suppressing

It was an action of damages in secret societies. This morning the Lord which the Rev. Andrew Scott, Roman CaMayor gave his decision, after hearing tholic Clergyman in Glasgow, was pursuer, counsel for and against the information ; and Mr William M'Gavin, merchant in when he finally determined that there not Glasgow, Mr William Sym, clerk of the being sufficient evidence to support it, it Glasgow Town Hospital, and Messrs Anshould therefore be dismissed.

drew and James Duncan, printers in GlasJusticiary Court. On the 25th, David gow, were defenders. The circumstances Lunan and David Duncan, from Perth, out of which the case arose, originated in pleaded guilty of housebreaking and theft, an anonymous correspondence begun in the and were sentenced to transportation for Glasgozó Chronicle, and continued in a

weekly pamphlet published at Glasgow, Trial for Murder.-David Haggart was called The Protestant, which was latterly tried on the 11th instant, for the inurder of replied to by a paper on the part of the the Dumfries turnkey on the 10th of Octo- Catholics, published in London under the ber last, on which occasion the prisoner title of the Catholic Vindicator, both exescaped, and under another name had been tensively circulated in the city of Glasgow





and other parts of the west of Scotland. the pannel defended. Blows followed, de. The defender Mr M‘Gavin avowed himself ceased striking first; when Wood seized his the author of The Protestant, but the rack-pin, and knocked him down. The pursuer Mr Scott denied having ever con stroke was fatal. The Jury found Wood tributed to, or having any concern with, Guilty, and he was sentenced to two months' The Catholic Vindicator. The principal imprisonment, issue for the jury to try was, whether the de. William Robertson, James M‘Lachlan, fendant M'Gavin had falsely and malicious- and John Lawson, all young lads, were ly represented the pursuer as having im. next put to the bar, accused of housebreak. properly extorted money from the poor of ing and theft, perpetrated by means of the Catholic persuasion, for the purpose of breaking a pane of glass in the shop window erecting the Catholic Chapel in Clyde Street, of James O'Donnell, jeweller in West Glasgow, to the damage and injury of the Register Street, Edinburgh, and abstractsaid pursuer ? The jury, after a long trial, ing a silver watch therefrom; the prisoners which lasted from ten in the morning of were also charged with being habit and rethe 25th to 4 o'clock next morning, found pute thieves. Robertson and M‘Lachlan for the pursuer, damages, L. 100. We pleaded Not Guilty ; Lawson pleaded Guil. urderstand this case has excited a very ty of the whole, and declared the others lively interest in Glasgow and other towns knew nothing of it. They were all found in the west ; and that subscriptions have Guilty, and the Court, in consideration of been entered into in these places to relieve the youth of the prisoners, sentenced Ro. Mr M'Gavin of the fine.

bertson and M•Lachlan to be transported

for life ; and Lawson, whose candid conJusticiary Court, July 2.—This day fession their Lordships gave him the bethe Court proceeded to the trial of Daniel nefit of, to be transported for fourteen years. Aitchison, accused of stealing a gold watch, The last prisoner was the actual perpetra. chain, and seals, from the person of a gen. tleman, on the streets of this city, about 8 William Cumming, for reset of theft, o'clock of an evening in the month of No was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment vember last, and of being habit and repute in Bridewell. a common thief. The pannel pleaded Not 13.-Alexander Brown and Hall Dick, Guilty ; and after the examination of seve two young lads, pleaded Guilty of having, ral witnesses, the Jury returned a verdict on the 5th of May last, assaulted Archibald finding him Guilty of the crime libelled; Taylor, servant to Alex. Kedslie, tacksman and he was transported beyond seas for 14 of Bonnington Mills, upon Leith Walk, years. The Court next proceeded with the and after giving him several severe blows on trial of Michael M‘Callum, indicted for the head with their fists, robbed him of a stealing a passenger's luggage from the pair of spectacles and fourpence halfpenny Waterloo Coach, between Edinburgh and of money.. Dick also acknowledged being Glasgow, and along therewith a bank re habit and repute a thief. They were sen. ceipt, for L. 1200 sterling. The pannel tenced to transportation beyond seas.pleaded Not Guilty, and after a tedious Dick for life, and Brown for 14 yesrs. trial the Jury found him Guilty. He was Samuel Warren, from Glasgow, was sentenced to transportation for 14 years. afterwards found Guilty of reset of theft

9.- Robert Charlton was put to the bar, from a young boy, whom he had tempted to accused of having, in company with others, steal for him. This was an aggravated case, discharged loaded fire arms, with the intent and the Court ordained that he should be to commit murder, at three boys on the transported for 14 years, and that, previous Gilmerton-road. The Jury, after an hour's to his being sent off, he should be sent deliberation on the evidence, returned a back to Glasgow, and from thence, on a verdict against the pannel, of being art and market day, be brought forth to the pubpart in the said crime; and the Court sen lic, with a label on his back, declaring his tenced him to seven years' transportation. crime to be reset of theft from young per.

12.Francis Wood, carrier between sons; and in this manner be led through Edinburgh and Moffat, was placed at the the streets, followed by the common exebar, charged with culpable homicide, in cutioner. having, on the evening of the 14th of John Douglas and Mathew Adie were February, repeatedly struck William Steele, then put to the bar, accused of attacking gardener in Pennycuik, with a rack-stick, James Kirk, residing in Leith, in open day, to the bereavement of his life, on the road on the 12th of May last, on the road lead. from Edinburgh to that place; to which ing from Jock’s Lodge toll to the Abbey charge the pannel pleaded Not Guilty. It Hill, and robbing him of two shillings of appeared from the evidence, that the parties copper money, and a basket of eggs, which had accidentally met on the road, near Pen. he was carrying. The jury, by a plurality nycuick, when some words ensued between of voices, found them both guilty ; but on them, the deceased casting some reflections the verdict being recorded, Lord Meadow. on the people of Dumfries-shire, whom bank observed that there was an anomaly

in the manner of preparing it, which he cess, under pretence of taking lodgings. thought it his duty to advert to, as worthy The pannel pleaded Guilty to the 6th and of the consideration of the Court. The 8th charges in the indictment; and a jury law, in reference to proceedings in this having been chosen, he adhered to his Court, required, that where the Jury were plea, and was found Guilty, in terms of his unanimous, they should give in their ver. own confession, and sentenced to seven dict viva voce ; but where any difference of years' transportation. opinion occurred, they were directed to TUE QUEEN.-Her Majesty having give in a written verdict. Now, the verdict written to Lord' Liverpool, claiming her just delivered was partly written and partly right to participate in the approaching printed. He was not at present prepared Coronation ; and afterwards requested that to say that this was an illegal verdict; but her Counsel might be heard before the he thought the circumstance required the Privy Council in support of her claim, his consideration of the Court, and he should Majesty was graciously pleased to grant therefore move that judgment in this case the latter request as a matter of favour. should be deferred until the matter should Accordingly, on Thursday the 5th instant, be discussed by the whole Bench. In this the Privy Council met for the purpose of opinion the other Judges concurred, and, hearing Mr Brougham and Mr Denman in after some conversation between the Judges support of her Majesty's claim. These and Counsel on both sides, the diet was gentlemen closed their arguments, which continued against the prisoners till the first were chiefly confined to the usage, on Monday after the 12th November next, Friday, and on Saturday the Attorney and and they were remitted to prison. The Solicitor Generals were heard in bar of the anomaly in this case seemed to have claim. Mr Brougham having replied, the arisen from the Jury making use of a Council adjourned till Tuesday the 10th, printed form, furnished by the Clerk of the when they gave their decision, finding that Court, for the purpose of guiding them in Queens Consort have no legal right to dedrawing up their verdict ; and upon which mand the ceremony of being crowned ; they had made several erasures, and in and, therefore, that her present Majesty's serted words in writing, to fit it to the case claim, as legal right to be crowned at the of the pannels.

ensuing ceremony, cannot be well foundJohn Robieson was then put to the bar, ed." This decision has been communicataccused of eight different acts of theft, by ed to the Queen, who declares, notwithmeans of opening lock-fast places, commit standing, her determination of being preted in various houses in Edinburgh, Leith, sent at the ceremony. and vicinity, in which he had procured ac


1. CIVIL. July 4. Dr Andrew Duncan, junior, appointed by the Provost, Magistrates, and Council, to be Professor of Materia Medica in the University of Edinburgh.

II. ECCLESIASTICAL. June 12. The King presented the Rev. Thomas Fraser to the Church and Parish of Inverness,

15. Rev, Dr John Lee of St Andrews, to the Parish of Canongate, Edinburgh, on the presentation of the Crown.

28. The Congregation of the Low Meeting House in Berwick made choice of Mr James Henderson, preacher, to be their pastor.

- Rev. Mr Marshall, formerly assistant to the Mr Rev. Molleson of Montrose, was ordained to his charge at Swallow Street Chapel, London.


Colds. G. Ens, and Lt. H. Murray, fm. h. p. Ens.

and Lt. vice Douglas, dead 31st May: 2 F. Ens. Lyster, Lt, vice Jenkins, Quá. Maste

14th June. J. R. Crawford, Ens.

do. Lt. Jenkins, Qua. Mast. vice Jones, dead

do. Hon. C. D. Blayney, Ens. vice Gamble, dead

7th do. 5 Ens. Fry, Lt. vice Johnson, dead

do. C. Coote, Ens.

do. 6

Lt. Crawford, Capt by purch. vice Lodder, ret.

17th May, Ens. Griffiths, Lieut. by purch. Ens, and Adj. Downie, rank of Lieut.

18th do. H. Foley, Ens.

17th do. 11 Ens. Peck, Lieut. vice Cameron, dead

24th do Ens. Moore, fm. h. p. Ens. do. 33

Lt. Pode, Capt. by purch, vice Gore. ret.

17th do. Ens. Lowe, Lieut.

do. Gent. Cadet J. Paterson, fm. R. Mil, Coll. Ens.

do. Ens. Gibson, fm. h. p.57 F. vice Pigott39 F.

14th June, 37 Hon. A. C. J. Browme, Ens, vice Tay. lor, dead

do. 39 Ens. Pigott, fm. 3jJF. Ens. vice Balfour, h. p. 57 F.

do. 43 Ens. Estcourt, fm. 44 F. Ens. vice

Sharpe, h. p. 1 Vet. Bn. 7th do. Bt. Maj. Guthrie, Maj. by purch. vice

Lt. Col. Gregory, ret. S1st May

III. MILITARY. Brevet Capt. W. B. Hulme, 1 F. to be Major in the Army

23d Dec. 1817. 7 Dr. G. Paym. Perry, fı, h. p. 25 Dr. Paym.

vice Jennings, h. p. 25th June 1821. 4 Dr. Capt. Walton, Maj. by purch. vice Lt.

Col. Hugonin, ret. 31st May.
Lieut. Kirby, Capt. by purch. do.
Comet Grant, Lieut. by purch. do.
C. Agnew, Cornet by purch.
Lieut. Sneyd, fm. 8 Dr. Lieut. vice
Gibbs, h. p. 8 Dr. (rec. diff.)

14th June.


p. 73 F.

pui, dead


31st May.

Lt. O'Neill, Capt. by purch. 31st May. Lieut. Moore, fm. 15 F. with Lieut. Irwin, h.p.
Capt. Kitson, fm. 2 Ceyl. R. Capt. vice 83 F.

Bt. Maj. Jessop, h. p. 60F. Ist June. Douglas, fm. 45 F. with Lieut. Minter, he
Ens. Wilson, Lieut. by purch.

31st May.

Winterbottom, fm. 62 F. with Lieut.
H. D. Carr, Ens. by purch. do. Snodgrass, h. p.
Ens, Shaw, fm. 60 F. Ens. vice Est-

M'Iver, fm. 70 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. court, 43 F.

7th June. Thorp, h. p. 77 F. 48 Lieut. Fennell, fm. 53 F. Lieut. Robi

Green, fm. 85 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. son, cancelled

17th May.. Monckton, h. p. 22 Dr. 49 Serj. Maj. Brew, Qua. Mast. vice Har Cornet De Lisle, fm. 4 Dr. G. with Cornet Fagg,


19 Dr. 51 Bt. Maj. Campbell, Maj. by purch. vice Bulkeley, fm. 7 Dr. G. with Cornet GreenThwaites, ret.

do. land, 4 Dr. Lieut, Flamauck, Capt. do.


Ensign Bayly fm. 19 F. with Ensign Cheney, 20
Ens. Hamilton, Lieut. do. do.
J. Murray, Ensign

do, do.

Macdonnell, fm. 35 F. with Ensign Morta52 Lieut. Monins, Adj. vice Winterbottom, shed, h. p. 32 F.


Whitney, fm. 62 F. rec. diff. with Ensiga Cosby, fm. 77 F. Lt. vice Smith, Jones, h. p. 43 F. h. p. Rifle Brig.

24th do. Paym. Moulson, fm. 35 F. with Capt. Newton, Winterbottom, fm. h. p. Paym. h. p. 4 W. I. R.

vice Clarke, cashiered 31st do. Surg. Fisher, fm. 6 F. with Surg. Harrison, hp 53

Bristow, from h. p. 68 F. Lieut. 104 F. vice Fennell, 48 F.

17th do. 60 Ens. Gilchrist, fm. I Vet, Bn. Ens. vice Resignations and Retirements. Shaw, 44 F.

7th June. 70 Lieut. Landon, Capt, vice Bt. Maj.

Lt. Col. Hugonin, 4 Dr.
Howard, dead

Gregory, 44 F.
Ens. Gaston, Lieut.


M'Bean, 78 F.
K. A. Mackenzie, Ens.


Major Thwaites, 51 F. 77 Lieut. Douglas, fm. h. p. Rifle Brig.

Capt. Lodder, 6 F.
Lieut. vice Cosby, 52 F.

24th do.

Gore, 33 F. 78 Capt. Bethune, Maj. by purch. vice Bt.

Paymaster Lacy, Shropshire Mil.
Lt. Col. Macbean, ret. 11th June.

Adjutant Capt. Benneti, King's Co. Mil.
Lieut. Pennycuick, Capt. do. do.

Capt, Goodwin, Sligo Mil.
Ene. Sinclair, Lieut. do. do.

Butler, Wicklow Mil.
J. Morritt, Ens.

do, do, 79 Surg. Peacocke, fm, 3 Vet. Bn. Surg.

Appointment cancelled. vice Miller, b. p.

24th May.

Lieut. Robison, 18 F.
91 As. Surg. O'Donel, fm. 4 Vet. Bn. As.
Surg. vice M‘Lachlan, h. p. 4 V. Bn.

7th June.
Colon. Corps at the Mauritius.

Col. Graham, h. p. Cape Corps,
2d Lieut. J. A. Campbell, from h. p. Lt. Col. Campbell, 2 Vet. Bn. Dublin
Bourbon R. 2d Lieut. vice C. Camp-

19th June 1821. bell

Lt. Col. Paumier, h. p. 108 F. 2d Ceyl. R. Capt. Goldicutt, fm. h. p. Major Johnson, 35 F. Antigua

2d May 60 F. Capt. více Kitson, 44 F.

Bennett, Roy. Eng. Portsmouth 18th June

1st June. Capt. M.Pherson, late Insp. Gen. of Barracks in Miscellaneous.

North Brit. Edinburgh 1st Oct. 1820. Col, J. P. Lloyd, late of 10 F. Gov. of Browne, Invalids, Pinchbeck, near SpaldFishguard, (without pay,) vice Vaugh ing

2d June 1821. an, dead

31st May,

Hadden, h. p. 20 Dr. previously of 6 Dr.
Sir John Owen, Bt. M. P. Governor of

Milford Haven, (without pay,) vice

Gitterick, h. p. Staff Corps of Cav. Sligo
Lord Cawdor, dead 13th June,

8th May Major Bowles, Coldst. Gds. Dep. Adj. Considine, h. p. 60 F. previously of 13 Dr. Gen. Jamaica, with the Rank of Li.

Gordon, h. p. 6 w. 1. Ř. Aberdeen 16th do. Col, vice Freemantle, res. 24th do, Lieut. Douglas, Coldst. Gds.

29th do. R. J. Macdonald, fm, h. p. Apothecary

Marriott, 67 F. of wounds received at the to the Forces

escalade of the fort of Dwarka, in the pro

vince of Oka Mundel 25th Nov. 1820. Exchanges.

Cameron, 11 F. Plymouth Dock

16th May 1821. Lieut. Col. Meyrick, fm. 47 F. with Lt. Col. Cot.

Magee, Invalids, Walworth ton, 3 P.G.

13th May 1820. Bt. Lt. Col. Leggatt, fin. 36 F. with Maj, Browne, Coghlan, h. p. 36 F. London h. p. 101 F.

20th June 1821. Capt. Gamble, fm. 2 Dr. G. with Capt. Paget, 90 Carr, h. p. 55 F. France 20th Oct. 1820.

- Stretch, h. p. 67 F. Limerick Macbean, fm. 6 F. with Capt. Kirwan, h,

24th May 1821 p. 7F.

Gordon, h. p. 100 F. Aberdeen 14th Feb. Fraser, fm. 8 F. with Capt. Moriarty, h. Ensign Taylor, 37 F. Quebec 14th April p. 71 F.

Paymast. Patrickson, h. p. 1 Dr.
Gregory, fm. 16 F. with Capt. Trydell, 2

D. Campbell, Argyll Mil.
Ceylon Regt.

Maclin, Tyrone Mil. Boyle, fm. 12 F. with Capt. Ross, h. p. Adj. Lieut. Ferrall, h. p. Rifle Brig. previously of 7 F.

11th F. W. Madden, fm. 92 F. with Capt. M. Mad. Ensign Packer. h. p. 60 F. 230 Sept. 1820. den, h. p. 100 F.

Qua, Mast. Jones, 2 F. on passage from DemaraCarroli, fm. Ins. of Mil. in Ion. Isls. with ra to Barbadoes

15th April 1821. Capt. Macphail, hop

Wood, h. p. 9 Dr. Westport, Ireland Lieut. Quillinan, fm. 3 Dr. G. rec. diff. with

31st Oct. 1820. Lieut. Rolland, h. p. 22 Dr.

Orr, h. p. Mid. Lothian Fen. Cav. Leith Foster, fm, 14 Dr. with Lieut. Vandeleur,

17th May 18 Dr.

Brilland, Waterford Mil. Pattison, fın. 33 F. rec. diff. with Lieut, Surg. Edm. Taylor, Windsor Castle 18th April 1821. Mackay, h. p. 6 F.

Pritchard, Anglesea Mil. Jeboult, fm. 41 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Purv. Turnbull, h. p. Mid. Calder, North Brit. Crawford, h. p. Rifle Br..

6th Feb. Gardiner, fm. 41 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Hosp. Assist. Bingham, h. p.

31st May Simmons, h. p. Rifle Br.

Cocco, h. p. Messina Aug. 1820.

17th May.

26th Apr.


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