hence above 30,000 families become by at least 100,000 individuals regularly, and these means more or less literary, at an in- another 100,000 occasionally. dividual expence, varying from half a There exist likewise an infinite number guines to two guineas per annum. of minor reading institutions, formed by

The first book society appears to have sects and parties, to effect various purposes been formed at Leicester about the year of zealots in church and state. 1740; and among its members were the Besides these institutions, whose objects late Dr Pulteney, the Rev. Mr Aikin, (fa- are books and the use of the press, above ther of Dr A. and Mrs Barbauld,) and 150 societies exist in Great Britain, proother persons who have subsequently ac- vided with apparatus for Philosophical and quired celebrity. The plan spread from Chemical experiments. that centre of the kingdom till it has been The Societies in England are nearly in generally adopted.

the proportion of 10. in Scotland 4, in IreThe first permanent library was the old land 2, and in Wales 1,—the population library at Birmingham, which had once in millions being respectively at 11, 3, 6, the honour to rank Dr Priestley and Mr and 2. Watt among its members, and was insti- Africa.- Mr Campbell, the missionary, tuted about the year 1776.

whose former Travels into South Africa Besides, there also exist in every parish are before the public, has lately returned and hamlet of the empire, Newspaper So. after another journey equally interesting. cieties, in which seven, eight, or nine per- He penetrated 800 miles from Cape Town, sons, club their sixpence, or even a penny, a greater distance than any other traveller a-week, to take in and circulate from one whose good fortune it has been to return, to the other, a London, and one, two, or and considerably beyond Latakoo. He three, provincial papers. Of these there has discovered several new and large towns. are not less than 5000 scattered through The population of some of those amount the empire, serving with mental food at to 10,000 or 12,000 persons ; the people least 50,000 families.

friendly and docile, possessing much skill Circulating Libraries are a species of in the manufacture of pottery, in smelting reading societies, but not under the direc- of iron, and other useful arts, besides so intion of subscribers. It is computed that telligent as to know the value of, and wish there are in the united kingdom at least for the introduction of better informed ar1500 of them, supported on an average by tizans. They have likewise desired mis70 subscribers, and supplying with books sionaries to be sent to them,



and accompanied by biographical and criMR O'Connor's long expected transla- tical accounts of their lives and writings, tion of the ancient Chronicles of Ullad, extracted from the most distinguished writ. prefaced by an ample dissertation on the ers on the literary history of Italy; under Phænician language, in which the chro- the direction of William Roscoe, Esq. au. nicles are written, is about to be put to thor of the Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, press. The earliest of these chronicles are and of the Life of Leo X., &c. It will be anterior to the age of Moses, and give the printed in 48 parts, octavo ; each to averhistory of the tribe of Iber, its migrations age 400 pages, and 12 to be delivered in from Asia to Spain and Ireland, and the the year. It will be ornamented with at political events of the monarchy, from the least eight portraits of those eminent auyear 2000 to 15 before Christ. A work of thors, of whom authentic likenesses can be greater originality, curiosity, and we will obtained. add, of more unequivocal authenticity, was Those papers which have appeared in perhaps never submitted to the world. the London Monthly Magazine under the The MSS. from which Mr O'Connor signature of “ Common Sense,” on Philomakes his translation are about 700 years sophical subjects, are printing separately, old, and will be exhibited in London, at and will soon appear in a collected volume, the time the work is published, for the sa- under the title of Essays on the Proximate tisfaction of the curious.

Causes of the Materiel of the Universe. Proposals have been circulated by Mr They have undergone revision and enlargeValpy for publishing by subscription, a ment, and will be illustrated by engravcollection from the works of the most cele- ings. brated poets of Italy, from the end of the Mr Lowe, author of the statistical ar.. twelfth to the beginning of the nineteenth ticles on England and France, in the Supcentury; arranged in chronological order, plement to the Encyclopædia Britannica,

is preparing for press a volume on the si. Messrs Rivington, as preparing for publi. tuation and prospects of this country, in cation. The first volume, commencing regard to Agriculture, Trade, and Finan. with the reign of George IV. will be pubces.

lished in the course of this year. Early next month will be published a In addition to Mr Busby's new and inTreatise on the Game of Chess, including teresting work on the American Penitenthe Games of the Anonymous Modonese tiaries, mentioned in our last number, he and the Traité des Amateurs ; and contain. is on the point of publishing a detailed ing many remarkable situations, original architectural print of the magnificent susas well as selected, by John Cochrane, Esq. pended wooden bridge over the Delaware, in 8vo, illustrated by numerous diagrams in the high road between New York and and an engraved frontispiece.

Philadelphia a structure far surpassing Speedily will be published in 8vo, Es the famous bridge of Schauffhausen. says on the Formation and Publication of Mr A. Maxwell, the author of Plurality Opinions, and on other subjects.

of Worlds, or Letters, Notes, and Memor. In the press, the Triple Aim; or the anda, philosophical and critical, in reply Improvement of Leisure, Friendship, and to the Rev. Dr Chalmers; is preparing for Intellect, attempted in epistolary correspon- the prees, a translation from the Latin, of dence.

Conamen recuperandi Notitiam PrincipioSpeedily will be published, a plea for rum Veteris et Veræ Philosophiæ, &c., by the Nazarenes, in a letter to the British A. S. Catcott, LL. B.—or an attempt to Reviewer ; by Servetus.

recover the principles of the ancient or true It is intended in future, for the conve- philosophy, collected from the sacred writ. nience of country subscribers, to publishings, and lately explained by the eminent the Monthly Journal of Voyages and Tra. John Hutchinson, Esq. with a new preface vels, on the 1st day of the nionth, with the and many additional notes, and illustrated other journals and magazines, instead of by plates, which clearly elucidate the differ. the fifteenth, as heretofore. The number ent phenomena, connected with the annual to appear on the first of July will contain and diurnal motions of the earth. an original account of Captain Parry's late The Rev. Robert Hall has in the press voyage.

a new edition of his Apology for the Free. On the 1st of July 1821 will be pub. dom of the Press, with some additions. lished No. I. of Zoological Researches in Mr Moffat, author of Christina's Rethe Island of Java, &c. with figures of na venge, or the Fate of Monaldeschi, is pretive quadrupeds and birds ; by Thomas paring for publication a poem, entitled The Horsfield, M. D. F. L. S. The work will Village Church Yard. be comprised in eight numbers, royal 4to. Mr Dunn is preparing for the press a

The publishers of Moses' Etchings from new edition of the dramatic composition of Ketch's Outlines to the Faustus of Goethe, Gambold, entitled the Martyrdom of Igna. induced by the extraordinary demand for tius ; it will be accompanied by a long those very spirited illustrations, which has prefatory dissertation in the way of comalready occasioned the slight analysis that accompanied ihem to be out of print, are preparing a translation of a considerable

EDINBURGH. portion of that wild and singular play into GREEK GRADUS.—Printing at the EdinEnglish blank verse. A brief abstract of burgh University Press, “ LEXICON GRÆthe several scenes will unite those transla

co Poeticum," or a New Greek Proso. tions, and form a connected story; it not diac Lexicon, in which the leading or pri. being deemed advisable to translate the mary signification of the words is given in whole for reasons which every reader of Latin, the doubtful vowels carefully mark. Goethe will readily admit. The work will ed, and the authorities subjoined in an exform an octavo volume, and will be pub. tract from some of the poets, together with lished in the course of next month.

synonyms, epithets, and phrases, arranged Shortly will be published, a reprint of after the manner of the Latin Gradus. that very rare and curious little manual, Extract of a letter from the late Dr Arthur Warwick's Spare Minules; or Re Neilson to the publishers :--"Your letter solved Meditations and Premeditated Re enclosed also copies of the specimen of the solutions. It will be on super-royal 16mo. new Prosodiac Lexicon. I think the title, with fac-similes of the singular emblemati. • Lexicon Græco-Poeticum, preferable to cal frontispieces, and the explanatory poems that of “Gradus ad Parnassum,' (which of Francis Quarles and George Withers. is the name of a book already well known.)

A novel is in the press, to be called The I have no doubt at all but the gentleman Soldier's Child, or Virtue Triumphant; by who composes the work is fully master of Charlotte Caroline Richardson, author of his subject. I think the composer of the Harvest, a poem ; also of Isaac and Re- specimen improves on Maltby by marking becca, and other poems.

the quantities of the doubtful vowels in the A new Annual Register is announced by synonynıs,” &c.


The literary world will soon be gratified tor General of the Army Medical Departo with the publication of the late Dr Mur. ment; by John Thomson, M. D. F. R. S. E. ray's Enquiries into the Origin and Pro. Surgeon to the Forces, Professor of Mili. gress of the European Languages; to tary Surgery in the University of Edin. which will be prefixed, a very interesting burgh. Memoir of his Life, written by himself, Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, with Letters, &c. &c. The whole will be Local, and Characteristic, to which are comprised in 2 vo!s. 8vo.

added, Practical Details for the information Historical Sketch of the Opinions enter- of Emigrants of every class, and some retained by Medical Men respecting the va- collections of the United States of America ; rieties and the secondary occurrence of by John Howison, Esq. Small-Pox; with Observations on the Na. An Abridgınent of the Edinburgh Gature and Extent of the Security afforded by zetteer, in one thick volume 8vo, double Vaccination against attacks of that disease, columns. in a Letter to Sir James M.Grigor, Direc





Saul, a Tragedy ; translated from the No. 1. of the Architectural Antiquities Italian of Alfieri ; and Jephtha's Daughof Rome, containing the Triumphal Arch ter, a Scripural Drama ; by a Lady. 58. of Titus displayed in two Views and eight outline plates with letter-press, im. A View of the Elementary Principles of perial folio, L. I; Ils. 6d.

Education, founded on the Study of the ASTRONOMY.

Nature of Man; by J. G. Spurzheim, Elements of Astronomy : containing an M.D. 12mo. 7s. 6d. boards. accurate and compendious description of The Imperial School Atlas : containing the general Phenomena of the Heavens, maps of the Empires, Kingdoms, and States &c; by A. Picquot. 12mo. 7s. 6d. bound. of the World ; to which are added the

The Excursions of a Spirit ; with a sur- most useful maps of Ancient Geography, Fey of the Planetary World, a Vision ; &c. &c. ; by James Miller, M.D. 4to. with four illustrative plates, 12mo. 5s. L. 1, 5s. half-bound. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

The Rebellious School Girl; a Tale ; Richard Baynes's Catalogue of Books for by Mary Hughes. 18mo. 2s. half-bound. 1821-22 of near 9000 Articles ; contain. Pleasing and Instructive Stories for ing many rare and curious in DivinityYoung Children. 18mo. Is. 6d. halfSermons, MSS., History, Mathematics, bound. Black-letter books, &c. &c. 3s.

The Automatical Camera Obscura ; exClarke's Bibliotheca Legum ; or a com- hibiting scenes from Nature ; by Thomas plete Catalogue of the Common and Sta- Towne. 18mo. 3s. half-bound. tute Law Books of the United Kingdom, An Introduction to Latin Construing, with an account of their Dates and Pri- or Easy and Progressive Lessons for Readces. 9s.

ing ; by J. Bosworth. 12mo. 3s. 6d. BIOGRAPHY.

Latin Construing, or Easy and ProgresOliver Cromwell and his Times; by sive Lessons from Classical Authors; by J. Thomas Cromwell. 8vo. 14s. bds.

Bosworth, Vicar of Little Horwood, Bucks. A Short Account of the Life of the Right 12mo. 3s. 6d. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, K.B. ; by A. Dun- A slight Sketch of an Easy Method of can, M.D. 8vo. Is. 6d. sewed.

Teaching Languages ; by Lieut. Colonel Memoirs of Queens, illustrious and ce- A. W. Light, 25th regiment of foot. 8vo. lebrated ; by Mary Hays, Author of Fe- Is. 6d. male Biography, &c. 8vo. with portraits. National Education Assisted by Indus

try ; by Anne Elizabeth Lovell. 2s. Memoirs of Count Borunlarki ; contain- An Improved Grammar of the English ing a sketch of his Travels, with an ac- Language. In which the Genius of the count of his reception at the different English Tongue is especially attended to, Courts of Europe, &c. &c. Portrait, 8vo. and all imitations of the Greek and Latin 12s.

Grammars discarded ; by William GreatA Biographical Dictionary of the Wor, bead Lewis. 3s. 6d. bds. thies of Treland, from the earliest period The Student's Pocket Dictionary of Lito the present ; by Richard Ryan; 2 vols. terary and Scientific Words. 45. 6d. 8vo, 30%.


12s. bds.


MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Letters on the Scenery of Wales; in A Treatise on Cataract ; by P. C. De cluding a Series of Subjects for the Pen la Garde. 8vo. 8s. boards. cil, and Instructions to Pedestrian Tou Practical Observations on the Use of the rists; by the Rev. R. H. Newell. Embel Cubebs, or Java Pepper, in the Cure of lished with numerous plates, royal 8vo. the Gonorrhwa; with Cases ; by Henry 15s. boards.

Jeffreys, Esq. Surgeon. 35. Sixteen Engravings from Real Scenes, Vol. 111. of the Transactions of the Assupposed to be described in the Novels and sociation of Fellows and Licentiates of the Tales of the Author of Waverley, &c. 12mo. King's and Queen's College of Physicians 10s.-8vo. 16s.

in Ireland. 14s. boards. No. XXX. of the Cabinet of Arts. Four Essays on Hypochondriasis, and other plates, 3s.

Nervous Affections; by John Reid, M.D. No. LXV. of the Repository of Arts. Six 8vo. plates, 4s.

A Syndesmological Chart, or a Table of The Martial Achievements of Great the Ligaments of the Human Skeleton ; Britain and her Allies, during the most by J. Dickinson, M.D. Is. memorable period of Modern History.

MINERALOGY. Elephant 4to. embellished with 5l engray A Manuel of Mineralogy; containing ings coloured in imitation of the drawings, an account of Simple Minerals, and also a L. 13, 13s. half bound, red backs and cur. description and arrangement of Mounners, or on large paper, 1.. 27, 6s.

tain Rocks; by Robert Jameson. 8vo. 15s. The Naval Achievements of Great Bri. boards. tain and her Allies, during the most me

MISCELLANITS. morable period of Modern History Ele Farewell Letters to a Few Friends in phant 4to. with 51 engravings coloured in Britain and America, on returning to Benimitation of the drawings. L. 13, 13s. gal in 1821 ; by William Ward of Seramhalf-bound, blue backs and corners, or pore. 12mo. 6s. boads. L. 27, 6s. on large paper.

Culinary Chemistry ; exhibiting the Sci. Part 11. of Physiognomical Portraits ; entific Principles of Cookery; with Concontaining Biographical Notices in Eng cise Instructions for Preparing Good and lish and French, and 10 Portraits printed Wholesome Pickles, Vinegar, Conserves, on French paper. Imperial 8vo. L. l, Is, Fruit, Jellies, Marmalades, &c. &c. ; by

The Sportsman's Repository, compris Frederick Accum. With plates, 12mo. ing 40 highly finished Engravings, repre, 9s. 68. boards. senting a complete Series of the Horse and Remarkable Providences; or the MerDog in all their varieties ; executed in the cies of God Exemplified, in many Extraline manner, by J. Scott, from original ordinary Instances of Men, Women, and paintings ; accompanied with an Histori Children, being almost Miraculously Precal description of the different Species, served from Premature Death. Collected with Anecdotes, &c. 4to. L. 3, 3s. and Arranged by Joseph Taylor. 12mo. HISTORY.

Os. 6d. Simond de Sismondi Histoire des Fran. Annals of the Parish; or the Chroni. cais, première Livraison, comprenant cles of Dalmailing, during the Ministry of L'Histoire Nationale du quatrième jusq'ua the Rev. Micah Balwhidder : written by dixième siecle, sous les Merovingiens et himself. 12mo. 8s. boards. les Carlovingiens. 3 vols, 8vo. L. 1, 10s. The Personal Narrative of a Private boards.

Soldier, who served in the 420 HighlandA Memoir of the Operations of the Bri. ers for 12 years during the late War. f. c. tish Army in India, during the Mahratta 8vo. 6s. boards. War; by Lieut.-Colonel Valentine Black The National Monument of Royal Virer, 4to. L. 4, 14s. Od. boards.

tue, or Tours to Claremont, Windsor, and

Kensington, just after the Demise of the Practical Instructions for Suffering the Royal Inhabitants ; with plates. most usual Common Recoveries at the Bar 6d. of the Court of Common Pleas at West A Treatise on Geodetic Operations, on minster ; containing the forms of the Do. County Surveying, Land Surveying and cuments, the Rules of Court, and Decided Levelling ; by Isaac Robson. Plates, 8vo. Cases ; by Samuel Gibbs. 8vo. 6s. boards.

18s. A Summary of the Law of Lien ; with A Dialogue in the Shades between Wm. an Appendix of Cases; by Basil Montagu, Caxton, a Modern Bibliomaniac, and Wm. Esq. 8vo. 12s. boards.

Wynben, &c. &c. 2s. 6d. An Exposition of the Privileges of the St George and St Denys, a Dialogue; City of London, in regard to the Claims by Hugh Melrose. 8vo. 5s. 6d. of Non-Freeman to Deal by Wbolesale An Account of the Coronation of the within its Jurisdiction ; by George Norton, Kings of England : with a description of Esq. Barrister at Law. 28. 6d.

the Dresses, Crowns, &c. also the Prayers,



Oaths, Oblations, &c. used on the occasion.


Statement of the Question of ParliaThe Tradesman, Merchant, and Ac. mentary Reform, with a reply to the Obcountant's Assistant; by David Booth. 8vo. jections of the Edinburgh Review. 8vo. 3s. 9sboards.


An Inquiry into those Principles reThe Life of a Boy; by the Author of specting the Nature of Demand, and the the Panorama of Youth. 2 vols. 12mo. 14s. necessity of Consumption lately advocated The Sisters. 4 vols. post 8vo. L. 1, 8s. by Mr Malthus, from which it is conclud

The Hermit's Cave, or the Fugitive's ed that Taxation, and the maintenance of Retreat ; : Romance ; by Zara Went. unproductive consumers, can be conducive worth. 4 vols. 12mo. L. 1.

to the progress of Wealth. 4s. The Privateer, a Tale. 2 vols. foolscap Brief Consideration on the present state 8vo.

of the Police of the Metropolis, with a few Heraline ; or Opposite Proceedings ; by suggestions towards its improvement; by Letitia Matilda Hawkins. 4 vols. 8vo. L. B. Allen, one of the Magistrates of L1, 12s.

Union Hall. 2s. 6d. old Wives Tales; or the History of Hints for Radical Reform, on Principles the Cricket Family and Barnaby Byas. of Equity ; by Amor Patriæ. 8vo. 2s.6d. 12mo. 3s.

A View of the Causes, Tendency, and Fidelia ; or the Prevalence of Fashion. Events of the late Revolution in Portugal. 12mo. 5s.6d. boards.

2s. 6d. Rank and Fashion ; or the Mazes of The Principles and Doctrine of AssurLife; by Mr Freer. 3 vols. 12mo.

ances, Annuities, and Contingent ReverORIENTAL HISTORY.

sions, stated and explained ; by W. MorA Chronological Retrospect; or, Me- gan, Esq. F. R. S. 8vo. 12s. bds. moirs of the principal events in Mahome

THEOLOGY. dan History, from the Death of the Ara- The Book of Enoch the Prophet, an bian Legislator, to the Accession of Em- Apocryphal production, supposed to have peror Akbor, and the establishment of the been lost for ages, but discovered at the Moghul Empire in Hindostaum, from the close of the last century in Abyssinia, now Original Persian Authorities; by Major first translated from an Ethiopic MS. in David Price, of the East India Company's the Bodleian Library ; by Richard LawService. 3 vols. 4to. L. 7, 17s.6d.

rence, LL. D. 8vo. 9s. bds. XATURAL HISTORY.

The Old Testament, arranged on the A Selection of the Correspondence of basis of Lightfoot's Chronicle, in Histori. Linnæus and other Naturalists, from Ori. cal and Chronological order, in such manginal MSS; by Sir J. E. Smith, M. D. ner, that the Books, Chapters, Psalms, F.R.S. President of the Linnæan Society. Prophecies, &c. may be read as one con2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 10s.

nected history, in the words of the authorPOETRY.

ized translation ; by the Rev. George The Lord of the Desert ; Sketches of Townsend, M. A. of Trinity College, CamScenery, Foreign and Domestic; Odes; bridge. 2 vols. 8vo. L. 1, 16s. and other Poems; by David Carey, Esq. A Country Parson's first offering to his 1. c. 8vo. 78. 6d.

Mother Church ; in nine Pastoral Sermons. Cleone, and other Poems; by Oscar, 12mo. 3s. bds. author of Zayda. f. c. 8vo. 6s. 68. boards. An Exposition of the Lord's Prayer, for

The Garden of Florence; and other Po- the Edification of Youth, intended as a seems; by John Hamilton. f. c. 8vo. 75. quel to a series of Theological Tracts; by boards.

Mrs Hake. 18mo. Is. 60. bds. Lays on Land; by Ismael Fitzadam. Nine Discourses on Important Subjects, 1. c. 8vo. 7s. boards.

delivered in St Mark's Church, Liverpool ; Childhood ; a Poem; by Rev. C. T. S. by the Rev. W. Morton. 8vo. 6s. 6d. Hornby, M.A. 58. 6d.

bds. The Maniac; or, the Fall of Reason ; Metrical Version of the Collects, for with an Engraving from Westall. 3s. 6d. every Sunday in the year ; by the Rev. The Deluge ; a Poem. 3s. 6d.

C. H. Beatson, M. A. 12mo. 48. bds. The Old English Squire ; a Poem in Cottage Conversations, or Good Advice ten cantos, 8vo; embellished with 24 to the Poor; by the Rev. Joseph Jones, humorous prints, coloured. L. l, lls. 6d. M. A. 12mo. 2s. 6d. bds. boards.

Prayers for the Use of Families, compilChristina's Revenge ; or, the Fate ofed from the Book of Common Prayer ; by Monaldeschi; with other Poems; by J. the same.

12mo. 9d. sewed. M. Moffat. f. c. 7s. Cd.

Truth needs no Apology ; by a Layman. All Our Glories; an Epic Poem, in 8vo. is. sewed. two parts, with a Lithographic Fly Leaf The Spirit of Prophecy. 8vo. Is. Gd. to Lord Byron, 8vo. 65.


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