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TAE paper on the Influence of the Fine Arts has been received. The author mus! be aware that it is difficult, if not impossible, to produce any original ideas on a subject so exhausted. Style alone can, therefore, procure such a paper a place in our pages.

Dr Forbes's letter has been put into our hands. It is quite waspish. When he does us the honour again to address us, we beg that the learned gentleman will keep his temper, and write with moderation and good manners. We can assure him no offence was intended to be given him: and we should suppose his literary reputation is not quite so ambiguous as to be injured even by a more flagrant misnomer than that with which be so bitterly charges us.

We thank A. for his able communication ; but, as he will perceive, we had previously taken up the subject.

The Prayer of W. D.'s Petition is granted, and his highly respectable communications are in retentis. We only beg him to dream no • Dreams ;" these are now the stalest things in the creation. We wish to hear from him often, as we are satisfied he has the right stuff in him.

Is V. V. serious, or in jest ? Does he recollect Dean Swift's opinion of Young's Satires ? The office of that humblest of all drudges and pioneers, “ the Slender Clerk," is already consecrated.

What does our Portobello correspondent mean by the Nota bene at the end of a recent communication ? We beg him or her to be more explicit.

The " Letter from the Sabbath Day” is very creditable to the religious and moral feel. ings and principles of its author. From the general tone of our Magazine, however, he must perceive that his paper is calculated to appear with more effect in the Christian Observer, or Evangelical Magazine, than in our promiscuous pages.

Like many idle people, Plebeius has given himself a great deal of trouble to little purpose. The relative position of Glasgow and Edinburgh is only to be ascertained by accurate observation of the latitude of both places. The difference of latitude, if any, determines which is more northerly. Plebeius may, therefore, save himself the trouble of running to the top of every hill on the road, and of sending us the reports of “ intelli. gent Guards of Coaches."

The Paper of Physicus is under consideration.
A Monody on the Prospect of Death has been received.

The Account of No. VIII. of Chalmers's Christian and Civic Economy of Great Towns is necessarily postponed till our next publication ; as also Notices of Hum. boldt's Personal Varrative, Vol. V. Sir Robert Kerr Porter's Travels in Georgia, and Lyon's Account of Africa. The press of matter for this Number has been so great, that we have found it necessary to extend considerably the quantity of letter-press.

We decline inserting the Communication of an Ex-Commissioner of Police. With regard to City-Politics we wish to stand on decidedly neutral ground. It could afford our readers no pleasure to witness an individual, however blameable, hunted to the last extremity, merely for the pleasure of the sport, and after every good purpose had been already attained. Once for all, we take the liberty to say, that we can insert nothing which animadverts on public characters and public institutions, without being previously put in possession of the names of the authors. Let this serve as a sufficient notice to several of our correspondents, whose papers we decline particularizing:

We thank Q. Q. S. for his laboriou3 Antiquarian article on “ Coronation Pomp." He must be aware, however, that it is now too late, for before it had passed into the hands of the majority of our readers, every newspaper would be filled with lengthy and minute accounts of the splendid pageant itself. The Reflections on the Death of the Ex-Emperor Napoleon must also be consigned to the shelf for a similar reason. We entertain a mortal abhorrence of common-places, and don't just like to follow in the wake of all the newspapers in the United Kingdom.

We think Tom Wildfire had better attend to the concerns of his “ hopefu' family," and especially look after the affairs of his sister Madge, as we have no occasion for his valuable services. We don't buy blarney and flash at twenty guineas a-sheet.

In conclusion, we implore our friends to study brevity: we receive articles every day which would be too long for the Edinburgh or Quarterly Review.



Mildew-Destructive Marine Worm

-New Barometer-Literature-Wa-

ter Velocipede— New Chemical Ap-,

paratus — Paper-making - Surgical

Case - New Musical Instrument

Remedy for Swelled Cattle-Medical

Case, &c. &c. &c.


Works Preparing for Publication www.67

Monthly List of New Publications.com 69


Foreign Intelligence mennaroson ..73

Parliamentary Intelligence ancorocco... 76

British Chronicle

wood .80

Appointments, Promotions, &C. racow....85

Meteorological Table


Agricultural Report

Commercial Report



Obituary.—Dr Stuart of Luss ............91

Births, Marriages, and Deaths ........92


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The Correspondents of the EDINBURGH MAGAZINE AND LITERARY MISCELLANY are respectfully requested to transmit their Communications for the Editor to ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and COMPANY, Edinburgh, or LongMan and COMPANY, J.ondon; to whom also orders for the Work should be particularly addressed.

Printed by George Ramsay and Co.

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