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PRICES CURRENT.-August 11, 1821.

LEITH. GLASGON. LIVERPOOL. London. Tea, Bohea, per lb.

2 34 2 4 Congou,

2 8 3 0 Souchong,

4 2 4 4 SOGAR, Musc. cwt.

B. P. Dry Brown, 575. 6056 66 55 58 54 56 Mid. Good, & Fine Mid. 70 80 GO 71 59 0759 72 Fine and very fine, 80 80

69 79 70 77 Brazil, Brown,


27 22 27 White,

33 48 35 46 Refined, Double Loaves, 130 145

120 126 Powder ditto, 106 110

87 100 Single ditto,

100 104 Small Lumps,


81 100 Large ditto,

88 92 Crushed Lumps, 44 56 Molasses, British 23

22 24 28

21 6 COFFEE, Jamaica, Ord. good, and fine ord. 105

108 109 118 105 116 90 103 Fine and very fine,

130 125 138 Dutek, Triage & very ord.


115 Ord. good, & fine ord. 120 135

120 St Domingo, 122 126


110 PIMENTO (in Bond), Ib. 7

72 73 SPIRITS Jam. Rum 160.P. 28 2d 2 4 1 1 2 0 9 1 11 18 3 3 Brandy,

3 0 36 Geneva, 1 10 2 0

18 19 Aqua,

6 0

67 Wines, Clar. Ist Gr. hhd. 45 55

30 0 60 0 Portugal Red, pipe, 30 46

450 52 0 Spanish White, butt. . 84 55

300 60 0 Teneriffe, pipe, Medeira, 55 65

28 45 LOGWOOD, Jamaica, ton, £7

7 7 7 15 8 0 6 0 8 5 6 10 70 Honduras, 8

8 5 8 10 6 10 70 Campeachy, 8

8 15 90 FUSTIC, Jamaica,


8 6 10 7 0 6 6 7 0 7 0 80 Cuba,


8 5 8 10 7 15 8 10 10 0 10 6 LXDIGO, Caraccas fine, lb. 78 6d 10 6 7 6 8 6 8 090 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot, 1 6 18 Ditto Oak,

30 3 4 Honduras Mahogany,

14 18 2 1 8 0 10 11 011 10 Tar, American, brl.


16 0 18 Tallow, Rus. Yel. Candle, 49

49 50 48 Home melted, cwt. 52 HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton,

47 Petersburgh Clean, 39

46 10 Flag, Riga TA. & Dr. Ra. 55

52 Dutch, 50 90

42 46 Irish,

41 46 MATS, Archangel,

75 80
BRISTLES, Peters. Firsts, 13 10 14
ASHES, Petersburgh Pearl, 40
Montreal ditto, cwt. 41 46 38 40

40 40 41
36 37 31

33 33 6 42 43 OIL, Whale, tun, £25 26 25

22 10 23 Cod, 84 (p.brl.) — 22 23

22 Tobacco, Virg. fine, lb. 64 7 64

54 0 8 06
5 5) 31



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2) 0 3 0 24 0 3 COTToxs, Bowed Georgia,

0 9 0 111 0 90 114 0 9 0 11 Sea Island, fine,

| 8 2 0 1 5 1 8 1 2 0 Demerara & Berbice,

10 1 2 0 101 1 1 011 011 Pernambuceo,

1) 1 2 I 011 1910 1 2 Maranham,

1 1 I 0 I 04 11 11?


Course of Exchange, London, August 10.-Amsterdam, 12 : 17. Ditto, at sight, 12 : 14. Rotterdam, 12 : 18. Antwerp, 12 : 9. Hamburgh, 38 : 2. Altona, 38 : 3. Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 60. Bourdeaux, 25 : 90.

Frankfort . on the Maine, 168. Madrid, 36. Cadiz, 36. Gibraltar, 301. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 43. Lisbon, 50. Oporto, 50. - Rio Janeiro, 49. Dublin, 9 per cent. Cork, 9 per cent.

Prices of Bullion per 0..-Portuguese gold in coin, L. 3: 17 : 105. Foreign gold in bars, L. 3:17: 104. New doubloons, L. 3 : 13 :6. New dollars, L. 0:4: 10. Silver in bars, L, 0 : 4:1).

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.-Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6. Cork or Dublin, 10s. 6d.-Belfast, 10s. 6d.-Hamburgh, 10s. Od.-Madeira, 15s. Od.Jamaica, 30s.Greenland out and home, 6 gs. to 10 gs. Weekty Prices of the Public Funds, from July 18 to August 8, 1821.

July 18. July 24. Aug. 1. Aug. 8.

761 750



Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,
3 per cent. consols,
3; per cent. do. .........romaan
4 per cent. do.............
5 per cent. navy annuities, roape ora....
India Stock,

232 230
772 764 75
76 751

Exchequer bills, 2d.
Consols for account, mansar
French 5 per cents. common marcross-

86 95% 95 94 95 1083 108 109

231 57 59 p. 55 57 p. 59 60

4 6 p. 789 76]

76 85 f. 80 c.86 f. 25 c.85 f. 90 cl

57 P 4P

5 35 p.


ALPHABETICAL List of EngLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

June and 20th July 1821 ; extracted from the London Gazette. Acaster, T. Beale, Yorkshire, publican

Jordan, P. Whitechapel, druggist Adeane, H. Hertford, shoemaker

Knight, w. G. Batcombe, Somerset, money seriAinsworth, T. H. Halliwell, Lancaster, calicoprinter

Lammin, T. East Bridgford, Nottinghamshire, Astley, G. Wem, Salop, farmer

maltster Banks, W. and Co. Binningham, dealers

Lee, W. Old City Chambers, wine merchant Bardsley, J. jun. Manchester, cotton spinner Longbottom, T. Keighley, York, machine maker Barnet, T. Birmingham, merchant

Macmullen, W. G. & Co. Hertford, grocers Barnwell, J. Leamington Priors, carpenter

Macneil, W. Charles-street, Middlesex Hospital, Barton, H. Paul's Cray, Kent

coachmaker Bennett, J. Marsham, Norfolk, miller

Malton and Wilson, Greville-street, Hatton GarDetts, J. T. Aldgate, tea-dealer

den Cann, W. Oakhampton, ironmonger

Marr, R. C. Rathbone Place, linen-draper
Cardwell, C. H. and Smith, J. Wath upon Dearne, Mather, E. Oxford, grocer
York, flax-spinners

Metcall, c. Bedale, fax-dresser
Cazzer, J. Maker, Cornwall, innkeeper

Medd, T. Staple Inn Buildings, Holborn, draper Clough, J. and R. late of Leadenhall-street, linen Mitchell, F. New Malton, corn merchant drapers

Mitchel, J. Milk-street, warehouseman Coates, H. Bradfield, Essex, farmer

Moseley, H. New Road, St George's in the East, Consitt, R. and Co. Hull, merchants

glass ware

se keeper Coombes, J. Lower Shadwell, cooper

Nibblett, C. Guildford, money scrivener Cooper, W. Beeston, Leeds, victualler

Offer, J. Bathwick, near Bath, slater Cotterell, J. Worcester, timber-merchant

Peacock, J. Bawtry, York, victualler Cox, R. A. jun, and Co. Little Britain, bankers Peake, W. Sloane Square, linen-draper Dalton, J. Bury, Suffolk, surgeon

Penfold, W. Leadenhall-street, horse-dealer Draper, W. Maldon, Essex, watchmaker

Perfect, G. jun. West Malling, surgeon Dyson, E. Well-street, Jermyn-street, dealer Phelps, W. Camomile-street, Bishopsgate-street, Edwards, J. Gough Square

carpenter Essex, W. Paddington, wharfinger

Pilkington, R. Mile End Road, baker Farley, T. Ratcliffe Highway, linen-draper

Playfair, T. New Bond-street, trunk-maker Fca, J. Hull, broker

Purchas, R, W. and Tredwen, R, Chepstow, Figes, T. and Co. Romsey, Hants, brewers

ship-builders Forsdick, J. Euston Square, Pancras, builder Rainey, R. Spilsby, tanner Goodluck, W. R. Burton Crescent, Middlesex, Rist, C. Cornhill, auctioneer broker

Sadler, T. Aston near Birmingham, dealer Golding, H. Lower Thames-street, wine-merchant Salmon, R. H. Alfred Place, Bedford Square, Grav, J. Bishopsgate-street-within, silversmith

horse-dealer Griffiths, G. Grantham, tinber merchant

Sedlow, W. Manchester, flour-dealer
Hardwick, S. Birmingham, builder

Spence J. Yarm, groeer
Hawley, G. High-street, Shadwell, checsemonger Siray, M. Rotherham, linen-draper
Hepworth, J. Leeds, cloth dresser

Sullivan, P. Stewart-street, Old Artillery Ground, Iliggs, W. Strand, hatter

silk manufacturer Hill, J. Dover, saddler

Thompson, T. Langbourne Buildings, Fenchurch Hilton, J. St Martin's Le Grand, saddler

street, timber merchant llumphreys E. Swansea, victualler

Tyerman, J. Bristol, liaberdasher

Walsh, J. Barbican, victualler

Wilson, H. Crispin-street, Spital Fields, victualWebb, H. Rochdale, woolstapler

ler Webster, R. and W. Bishop Wearmouth, mer. Yarnold, P. City Garden Row, St Luke's, tailor chants

Yarrow, U. Chiswell-street, shopkeeper Walling. G. B. Basinghall-street, woollen draper Youden, J. Dover, spirit merchant Whitehouse, T. West Bromwich, miner

Young, J. Ware, Herts, tailor Whitesmith, w. Old Fish-street, grocer


July 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

linen-drapers ; by George Montgomeric, mer

chant, Dumfries Adam, William, and Co. Bellfield, bleachers Dick, John, Edinburgh, bookseller; by Alexander Archer, John, Edinburgh, merchant

Macredie, bookseller there Barkly, Hands and William, Kirkcudbright and Duncan, James, Dundee, merchant; by J, OgilWigtonshires, cattle-dealers

vic and Sons, writers there Blackley, Thomas and Adam, Edinburgh, fleshers Gourlay, Oliver, Craigrothie, cattle-dealer ; by Cochran, Archibald, of Ashkirk, merchant in J. Thomson, senior, writer in Cupar-f'ife. Fisherrow

Miller, James, Glasgow, merchant ; by R. AitChirrey, John and Co. Glasgow, merchant tailors ken, banker there Cumming, Peter, Glasgow, shoemaker

Petrie, James, junior, Aberdeen, merchant; by Currynghame, R. D. Leith, ship-builder

William Clark, merchant there Dow and Fenwick, Perth, merchants

Pettigrew, John, Glasgow, merchant; by John Gardner, John, Glasgow, coach-proprietor

Leadbetter, merchant there Harley, Duncan Forbes, Glasgow, vinegar manu · Robertson, William, Inverness, merchant ; by facturer, &e.

the trustee there Robertson, John, Glasgow, merchant and agent Ross, Alexander, Glasgow, clothier ; by the trusRoss, Hugh, Glasgow, merchant

tee there Scott, Robert, Glasgow, shoemaker

Steel, William, Glasgow, merchant;. by James Stecle, Robert, Glasgow, spirit-dealer

M'Ewen, merchant there Taylor, Robert and Son, Glasgow, spirit-dealers White, Thomas, Edinburgh, merchant; by W. Young, William, Glasgow, coal-merchant, &c.

Scott. accountant there Watt, John and Co. Glasgow, spirit-dealers Whyte, Alexander, Dundee, candle-maker, &c. ; Watt, Thomas and Co. Glasgow, merchants

by George Duncan, merchant there Weir, Duncan, East Camp, near Mid-Calder, Wright, Malcolm, Paisley, merchant ; by George lime-burner

Smellie, merchant there

Wright, Francis, Edinburgh, jeweller; hy Robert

Burns, banker there. Chambers, David and Co. Lockerbic, woollen and




10. At Warriston Crescent, Edinburgh, June 17. At Pisa, in Italy, the Right Mrs Barclay, a daughter. Hon. Lady Blantyre, a daughter.

The Lady of Andrew Spottiswoode, 19. At Woodside, Mrs Richardson, a Esq. Bedford Square, London, a daugh

ter. 21. Lady Dunbar of Boath, a son. 14. At Fraserfield, Mrs Forbes, a son. 22. At Paris, Lady Buchan, a son. 16. At Stranraer, the Lady of Major

24. At Deal, the Lady of Captain M‘Cul. General M.Nair, C. B. a daughter. loch, R. N. a daughter.

17. At Glenkindy, the Lady of Sir 26. At Mormond House, Mrs Gordon Alexander Leith, K. C. B. a daughter. of Cairnbulg, a son.

19. At Newbattle Abbey, the Mar27. At Putney, the Lady of John Pa- chioness of Lothian, a daughter. terson, Esq. Captain of the Hon. East In At Castleton, Argyleshire, the Lady dia Company's ship Repulse, a son. of Neil M‘Lachlan, Esq. a daughter.

28. At his house in Marlborough Square, In Lower Grosvenor Street, London, Brompton, Mrs Mackenzie, Lady of Tho the Right Hon. Lady Catherine Whyte mas Mackenzie, Esq. a son.

- Melville, a son and heir. July 2. At Portsmouth, the Right Hon. 20. At No. 46, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Lady Greenock, a daughter.

the Lady of Michael Riddell, Esq. a son. 6. At Rosebank, the Lady of Ken. 28. At Pinkie House, the Lady of Sir Deth M‘Leay, Esq. of Newmore, a son. John Hope of Craighall, Baronet, a daugh.

7. At Millfield Hill, Mrs Grey, a daugh- ter. ter.

Mrs Irvine, Northumberland Street, At Stenton Manse, Mrs Balfour a daughter. Graham, a son.

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Lately. At Paris, the Lady of Earl 8. At Chester, the Lady of Lieutenant Poulett, a son. Colonel Tyron, 88th regiment, a son.

- Mrs Horsburgh of Lochmalony, a son.

9. In Privy Gardens, London, Lady June 26. At Montrose, Captain William Frederick Bentinck, a son.

Hunter, of the Hon. East India Company's


naval service, to Miss Knox, eldest daugh.

DEATHS. ter of Andrew Knox, Esq.

Extract from the Colombo Gazette.-Died 28. At Bath, John Maxwell Logan, Esq. at Colombo, on the 7th February, Alex. of Fingalton, in the county of Renfrew, ander Cadell

, Esq. a senior servant on his to Mrs Cathcart, widow of the late Hugh Majesty's Ceylon civil establishment, who Cathcart, Esq.

had held for many years the situations of July 3. Wm. Macdovall, Esq. Advo, Civil and Military Paymaster-General of cate, to Miss Elizabeth Christian Dundas, this colony, and Deputy Paymaster-Genethird daughter of Mr James Dundas, of ral to the King's forces. The long and un. Ochtertyre, clexk to the signet.

interrupted residence of twenty

years in At Aberdeen, John Harding Wal. Ceylon, during which time he filled some ker, Esq.. M. D. late Surgeon of the 73d of the most important offices under this Go. Highland regiment, to Charlotte, eldest vernment, nad so impaired his constity. daughter of Alexander Duncan, Esq. tion, that Mr Cadell was forced, at the

Colonel Hugh Baillie, of Mortimer commencement of this month, to resign his Street, Cavendish Square, London, to office, with the view of returning to his na. Mary, youngest daughter and co-heiress tive country, on leave of absencelide of the late Thomas Smith, Esq. of Castleton aware that the symptoms which induced Hall, county of Lancaster,

him to form this resolution proceeded from At Ealing Church, Spencer Perce- causes that were so speedily to bring about val, Esq.son of the late Right Hon. Spencer his dissolution. His disease, the liver Perceval, to Anna Eliza, youngest daugh- complaint, began to assume an alarming ter of the late General Macleod of Macleod. appearance on the 3d instant, and very

8. At Fairlay, George Taylor, Esq. soon afterwards it was ascertained that of Dublin, to Anna, daughter of George there was but little hope of his recovery. Thomson, Esq. of Fairlay.

From the 8d, Mr Cadell lingered till the 10. At Aberdona, Clackmannanshire, morning of the 7th intant,

when he exJohn Kirkpatrick, Esq. advocate, to Jane, pired. The remains of this upright and only daughter of John Glas, Esq. Stirling. meritorious servant of the Crown were con.

John Sinclair, Esq. of Barroch, to veyed to the grave with the wilitary hoMargaret, youngest daughter of the late nours due to his rank, as Deputy PayJolin Learmonth, Esq.

master-General to the King's forces, attend. 12. At Springbank, near Port-Glas- ed by his Excellency the Lieutenant-Gogow, Andrew Scott, Esq. of Larchgrove, vernor, the Honourable the Judges of the to Miss Celia King, daughter of the late Supreme Court, the members of Council, Daniel King, Esq. of Tobago.

the civil servants of Government, the most 13. At Edinburgh, Carlyle Bell, Esq. respectable merchants in Colombo, and a W. S. to Miss Cunningham, eldest daugh. very large concourse of the burgher and ter of Charles Cunningham, Esq. W. S. native population of this place.

At Enville, Hugh Montgomery Feb. 7. At Konnigale, Ceylon, of the Campbell, Esq. to Miss Hale, of the Hole jungle fever, Captain Alexander Maebean, lies, Staffordshire.

of the 2d Ceylon regiment. 16. At Durham, Robert Rattray, Esq. 18. At Huacho, in Peru, the infant W. S. to Dorothea, daughter of the late daughter of Lord and Lady Cochrane. John Dagnia, Esq.

May 13. At New York, the Rev. David 17. At St George's, Hanover Square, Williamson, aged 58 years, a native of London, Captain Hyde Parker, R. N. to Fifeshire, Scotland, and for upwards of 30 Caroline, second daughter of the late Sir years pastor of the Associate Congregation, Frederick Eyan.

Whitehaven, England. At Greenock, James Playfair, Esq. 16. At Plymouth, in consequence of merchant in Glasgow, to Jane, second fatigue which he underwent in Spain and daughter of John Spiers, Esq. M. D. phy. Portugal, during the late war, and of sician in Greenock.

which he never thoroughly recovered, Lieut. 22. At St George's Chapel, Edinburgh, Cosmo Cameron, of the Ilth regiment, Captain J. Robertson, 14th regiment, to youngest son of George Cameron of Letter. Kathrine Steele, daughter of the late finlay; the third son he has now lost in his George Grey, Esq. of Tullywbandland. Majesty's service.

23. At Portobello, Mr H. J. Baird, to 17, in Campbell county, Virginia, aged Margaret, only daughter of Henry M‘Kay, 121, Mr Charles Layne, senior. He was Esq. late merchant, Glasgow.

born in Albemarle, near Buckingham 24. At Howard Place, Alexander Pater county, in the year 1700. He has left a son, Esq. of Smithfield, to Agnes, fourth widow, aged 110 years, and a numerous daughter of the late Thomas Wallace, Esq. and respectable family down to the third of Stockbridge, Ayrshire.

and fourth generation. Mr Layne was a 25. At Balcarras, James Head, Esq. of subject of four British Sovereigns, and a the Hon, the East India Company's ser- citizen of the United States for nearly 48 vico, to Cecilia, third daughter of the Hon. ycars. Until within a few years, he enjoy. Robert Lindsay of Balcarras.

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ed alt bis faculties, with vigorous bodily deal impaired, he still continued to exert health.

himself in the discharge of his duty. He June 3 At Florence, James Wentworth was beloved by all the practitioners at his Murray, Esq.

bar. In his whole conduet and deport8. At Kingston, in Jamaica, John Na« ment, indeed, he always bore a candid, pier, second son of Macvey Napier, manly, and independent character; and W. S.

As such his, remembrance will be long 9. On board bis Majesty's ship Rosario, and fondly cherished. on her passage to England, Mr Richard 27. At Erriboll, parish of Dutrness, Allan Cowan, Purser of that ship.

Captain Alexander Clarke. 17. At Chelsea, Captain Dancau Mac- At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Smith, bean, late 7th royal veteran battalion, in widow of Thomas Smith, Esq. one of the the 53d year of his age.

Principal Clerks to the Bills. 18. Dr Hagae, Professor of Music in the 29. At Mold, at the advanced age of University of Cambridge.

85, Captain Jeremiah Martin. He had 19. At Dublin, Lieutenant-Colonel John served in the British army during the Campbell, of the 2d royal veteran bat- reigns of George II., III., and IV. comtalion.

prising a period of 69 years and upwards. At Gosport, in the 38th year of his At Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Dalage, Major W. Bennett, Royal Engineers. mahoy, St Andrew's Street.

20. At Cromarty, the Rev. Alexander 30. At Greenhaugh, Govan, Alexander, Maclead, minister of the Gaelic church eldest son of the late Alexander Wallace, there

Esq. of Aucbizvole. 22. At Broughty Ferry, Mrs Ann - James Hamilton, Esq. sen. of Mavis. Maxwell, relict of Captain Charles Bell, bank, in the 78th year of his age. Pitbladdo.

At Edinburgh, Mr James Stewart, 23. At Como, Mrs Oliphant of Condie. late merchant.

At Lausanne, in Switzerland, Mrs At Portobello, William Maxwell Kelso, the Lady of Arch. Kelso of Sau- Morison, Esq. Advocate. chrie, Esq. county of Ayr.

July 1. At Edinburgh, Miss Moore 2. At Edinburgh, Miss Ann Scott, Grant, youngest daughter of the late Rev. daughter of the Rev. Mr Scott, minister of James Grant, minister of Laggan. Stitchel.

- At Montrose, Mr Andrew Mearns, 25. At Springhin, Douglas, James Ha shipmaster, and for many years shoremilton, Esq.

master at that port, At Edinburgh, Elizabeth, eldest 2. At Perth, Mrs Jean Stewart, relict daughter of George Sandilands, Esq. of the deceased Lieutenant Robert

At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Graham, Menzies, of the late. Hoss-shire Highrelict of Ales. Bower, Esq. of Kincaldrun, landers. in the 83d year of her age.

3. At Kilbryde Castle, on the 21st ult. At Viewfield Cottage, near Inver. Susan Jane, the only daughter, and on this ness, John Noble, Esq. of the India date, Colin, the infant son of Sir AlexanHouse, London.

der Campbell, Bart. 26. At Edinburgh, Miss Jean MʻQueen, 4. At Perth, Mrs Ann Playfair, relict daughter of the late George M‘Queen, Esq. of the deceased Mr Thomas Myles, late Collector of Cess of the city of Edinburgh. merchant in Perth, aged 68.

At Forfar, after a few days illness, At Touch House, after a short illa Peter Paniken, Esq. Sheriff Substitute of ness, the Lady of Sir Henry Steuart, Bart. Forfarshire. He was in Court on the of Allanton. Tuesday preceding; and thus continued 5. At Canaan, William Wilson, Esq.W.S. in the discharge of the duties of his labo At Pathhead, Fife, Mr Henry rious and important office till within one Shand, of the Excise, at the advanced age week of his death. Mr Ranken held his of 85. office upwards of fifty years, his commis- 6. At Biggar, James Wyld, Esq. much sion being dated the 9th day of June 1771; regretted. and it reflects no small credit on his assia At Gloucester, Miss Helen Cok duity and integrity, that three successive quhoun, fifth daughter of the late Right Sheriff's Depute continued him in office Hon. Arch. Colquhoun, Lord Clerk Řewithout hesitation. At the time of his ori- gister of Scotland ginal appointment he was twenty-seven 8. At Havre de Grace, in France, Rear.' years old, and he died at the age of seventy- Admiral the Hon. Francis Farington Gardw seren. In private life Mr Ranken was ner, aged 49. wurteous, sociable, and mild; and, in his 9. At Stepends of Urr, in the 77th year publie capacity, he was equally assiduous, of his age, Joseph Gass, Esq. late Provost and inflexible in promoting the ends of of Dumfries. public justice. Even when, through the At London, William Douglas of decays of old age, his strength was a good Orchardton, Esq.

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