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Conder's Wages or the Whip, an Essay on the Comparative Cost and Productive-
ness of Free and Slave Labour .... ..... 544

Correspondence 182. 266

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of Scripture . 509

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J. Allport '.123

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— Dissertation upon the Principles and Arrangement of a Harmony of

the Gospels ti.

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Heath's Boot of Beauty for 1833 . 88

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Hints on the necessity of a change of principle in our Legislation, for the efficient

Protection of Society from Crime 468

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Literary Intelligence

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Works recently published . .... 96. 187. 272. 360. 452. 548

Year of Liberation, The, a Journal of the Defence of Hamburgh against the

French in 1813 54

E are not entirely responsible for the delay in noticing this

erudite and valuable performance, which, though it has/or

so long a time passed the press, will probably be new to the

greater part of our readers. The volumes issue from the Univer-

sity press; much to the honour of the learned Delegates, to

whose readiness in undertaking the publication the Author ac-

knowledges his obligations. But, notwithstanding the high aus-

pices under which they appear, we cannot learn that they have

hitherto obtained the share of attention from the public, to which

they are intrinsically entitled; owing, perhaps, to their not having

been made known by the usual expedients adopted by London


The " Harmonia Evangelica" and the three volumes of Pre-

liminary Dissertations, compose one connected work. In the
former, the evangelical history is distributed into five parts, com-
prising as many chronological divisions: these are subdivided
into sections, the text of the Evangelists being arranged in two or
more parallel columns. The Dissertations are fifty in number,
to which are added some supplementary disquisitions and notes,
in eight appendices. Of the object and purpose of these disser-
tations, which form a connected series, we shall first give an ac-
count, taken from the Author's own synopsis.

The first volume comprises thirteen principal Dissertatior

Vol. ix. — N.s. B

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