The following is the Calendar for the Session 1906-1907. It is issued subject to any necessary alterations :



JANUARY, 1907.


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3 S

MCantor Lecture II. 2
W Ordinary Meeting

8 F

S 10 S II M M Cantor Lecture II. 3 12

Tu 13 W Ordinary Meeting 14 Th Indian Section 15

F 16

S 17 18 M 19 Tv Applied Art Section

W Ordinary Meeting

F 23 S

13 Tu 14 W

14 M

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1 Tu

2 W Juvenile Lecture I.
M Cantor Lecture I. 3

3 TH
Tu Colonial Section

5 W Ordinary Meeting


7 M
8 S

TU 9 S

9 W Juvenile Lecture II. 10 M Cantor Lecture I. 4

11 Tu

12 W Ordinary Meeting 12
13 Th Indian Section 13
14 F


TU! Colonial Section 16

16 W Ordinary Meeting 17 M Cantor Lecture 1. 5 17

18 Tv Applied Art Section 18 F
19 W Ordinary Meeting 19 S




w Ordinary Meeting 24

TH Indian Section 25 Tu ChristMAS DAY

25 F ;
Bank Holiday

26 S

28 F

28 M Cantor Lecture II. I 29

29 Tu Applied Art Section 30

30 W Ordinary Meeting 31 M




20 21 22


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16) F
17 S
18 8
19 M Cantor Lecture I. i
20 TU
21 W First Ordinary
22 TW

23 F
24 S
25 S
25 M Cantor Lecture 1. 2
27 Tu
28 w Ordinary Meeting
29 TH
30 F

24 M


26 W

M Cantor Lecture III. I

W Ordinary Meeting 28 TH

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M Bank Holiday

W Ordinary Meeting 2 S



Tu Indian Section 38



F 4M Cantor Lecture III. 2 ΤΗ 5 To Colonial Section W Ordinary Meeting

M 7 TH .

Tu 8 F


Ś w Ordinary Meeting



ΤΗ to S 10 W Ordinary Meeting

F 11 Cantor Lecture III. 311 ΤΗ 12 TO

F 13 W Ordinary Meeting 13



M 14 TH Indian Section 14




M Cantor Lecture IV,115 W Ordinary Meeting 16 S 16 Τυ


ΤΗ 17 8

W Ordinary Meeting 17

18 TH

18 S 19' Tv Applied Art Section 19 F

WHIT SUNDAY 20 W Ordinary Meeting



M Bank Holiday 21 TH



TU 22 F 22 M Cantor Lecture IV.2 22

W 23 S

Tu Colonial Section 23

24 S
24 W Ordinary Meeting 24

F I 23 TU 26 F

26 27 S, 28TH 28' S

28 Tu Applied Art Section 291 F GOOD FRIDAY 29: M Cantor Lecture IV.3, 29 W Ordinary Meeting 20 S

30 Tu Applied Art Section 30 Th Indian Section 31 S EASTER SUNDAY



I 2 3

M 4


6 ΤΗ

8' S


Тн 14



18 Tu


ΤΗ 21 F 22

S 23

M 25 Tu

Annual General 26 W




19 8


25 TH

27 M

The Cantor Lectures will commence at Eight o'clock.
The Ordinary Meetings will commence at Eight o'clock.

The Meetings of the Indian Section and the Colonial Section will commence at Halfpast Four o'clock.

The Meetings of the Applied Art Section will commence at Half-past Four or Eight o'clock.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at Four o'clock.
The Juvenile Lectures will be given at Five o'clock.




Wednesday, November 21st, 1906 ; SIR The Council of the Society having elected

STEWART COLVIN BAYLEY, K.C.S.I., C.I.E., H.M. the King of Norway an Honorary Royal

Chairman of the Council, in the chair.
Member, H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, as
President of the Society, graciously communi-

The following members were proposed for

election as members of the Society :cated to King Haakon the fact of his election, and has now received from His Majesty the

Adams, Miss Katharine, Eadburgha Bindery, following letter of acceptance :

Broadway R.S.O., Worcestershire.

Addis, Frederick Henry, Assoc. M.Inst.C.E., B.B. Windsor Castle,

and C.I. Railway, Mhow, Central India. November 15, 1906. Akimoto, Viscount, 6 Kita Koga-cho, Surugadai, SIR.-In reply to your Royal Highness's letter, Tokyo, Japan. dated November, 1906, I beg to assure you that I Araki, Professor Kwampo, 3 Nishimachi, Shitaya, shall have great pleasure in being enrolled an Tokyo, Japan. Honorary Royal Member of the Society of Arts. Armstrong, Miss Carı, R.M.S., 76, Longridge-road

I much value the compliment thus paid to me, and mansion, Earl's-court, S.W. I shall be proud in being associated with an Insti Asano, Soichiro, 18, Kitashinbori-cho, Nihonbashitution so old and so distinguished, and over which ku, Tokyo, Japan. your Royal Highness now presides.

Baillie, Mrs. A. H. Murray, 94, Eaton-place, S.W. I have the honour to be, Sir,

Baxter, Walter Stephen, 38, Mayflower.road, ClapYour Royal Highness's most

ham, S.W. faithful servant,

Beatson, E. B., Vicarsgrange, Eastbourne. (Signed) HAAKON R. Bebianno, Domingos Alves, care of Mark Sutton, To His Royal Highness

1300, Rua Barão de Mesquita, Andarahy Grande, The Prince of Wales, K.G.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, South America.
Beech, Ernest William, 32, Lincoln-road, Peter-


Bisset, William Molteno, Colonial Mutual-buildings, CANTOR LECTURES.

Adderley-street, Cape Town, South Africa.

Blount, Lady E. A. M., F.R S.L., 73, West-street, On Monday evening, 19th inst., Mr. A. D.

Brighton. HALL, M.A., Director of the Lawes Agricul

Bonner, Albert Edward, 18, Holland-street, Ken. tural Trust, delivered the first lecture of his

sington, W. course on “ Artificial Fertilisers : their Nature

Bonnor, John H. M., 10, Trafalgar Studios, Manand Functions."

resa-road, Chelsea, S.W. The lectures will be published in the Journal Boright, Sherman H., Forbes Reef, Swazieland, during the Christmas recess.

South Africa.
Box, Eliab, 287-289, Broadway, Bexley-heath,


Brown, Miss Charlotte, 115, Gloucester-road, S.W. INDIA RUBBER.

Buck, James Henry Edward, A.M.I. Mech. E., P.O.

Box 1,049, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. The Cantor Lectures of Sir Daniel Morris,

Buckton, William Woodyer, B.A., 72, VictoriaK.C.M.G., on the “ Plants yielding Com

street, S.W., and Royal Societies' Club, St. mercial India Rubber ” (1898), which have

James's-street, S.W. long been out of print, have now been re Bultitude, Henry Frank, 18, Philip-road, Peckhamprinted, and are on sale at the price of two shillings each. The pamphlet can be obtained Campbell, Richardson, Dunedin, Woodlands-street, on application to the Secretary, Society of Cheetham-hill, Manchester. Arts, John-street, Adelphi, London, W.C. Carter, Major Evan E., C.M.G., M.V.O., Stanhope

Lines, Aldershot.
Cartlidge, S. J., 9, Netherton-grove, Chelsea, S.W.

Chambers, James S., Kutais, Trans-Caucasus, and

5, Ionkovskafa, St. Petersburgh, Russia. For the convenience of members wishing

Chapin, Robert Williams, 28, Bishopsgate-street to bind their volumes of the Journal, cloth

Within, E.C. covers will be supplied, post free, for is. 6d. Choles, Major Frederick John, Ordnance Officer, Natal each, on application to the Secretary.

Militia, Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa.

rye, S.E.

Chor, Taotai C. L., Imperial Railways of North

China, Tientsin, China. Clemens, Benjamin, 23, Fitzroy-square, W. Collingwood, John James, Clovelly, Cecil - road,

Upton Manor, E. Cooper, J. Paul, The Elms, Castle Bromwich,

Warwickshire. Corkett, Frederic Thomas, 3, Redcliffe.gardens,

Ilford, Essex. Crocker, Ernest George, A.M.I.Mech.E., H.M.

Naval Establishment, Rosyth, Fife, N.B. Croll, James, Olaa Sugar Company, Limited, Olaa,

Hawaii. Cross, Reginald Thomas Green, A.M.I.Mech.E.,

Khoreel Tea Estate, Daloo P.O., Cachar, India. Damania, Lieut.-Colonel P. J., Northbrook Society,

185, Piccadilly, W. Davidson, Rev. William, The Manse, Chryston, by

Glasgow. Daries, James Bright, Northern Nigeria Enclave,

Burutu, Southern Nigeria, West Africa. Divecha, Ramchundra Nursey, A.M.I.Mech.E.,

Sugar-lane, Kaloopur Post, Ahmedabad, India. Dixon, G. E., M.D., Heathfield, Chislehurst, Kent. Dressler, Conrad, White-cottage, Marlow, Bucks. Dyce, James S., Barberton, Transvaal, South Africa. Eddy, Sidney Arthur, Carn Brea-house, Observatory,

Cape Town, South Africa. Emanuel, Frank L., 67, Ladbroke-grove, Kensing

ton, W. Etti, Captain Charles, M.A., The European Eastern

Asia Trader Association, Limited, West India House, 98, Leadenhall-street, E.C. Fisher, Henry Herbert, Calle Zapiola 2,075 Bel

grano, Buenos Aires, Argentine Republic. Fitton, Hedley, A.R.E., Stile-house, Haslemere,

Surrey. Flockbart, William, F.R.I.B.A., 180, New Bond

street, W. Foley, J. E., Imperial Railways of North China,

Tientsin, China. Foster, Richard, M.A., J.P., D.L., Lanwithan,

Lost withiel, Cornwall. Frankel, Alfred, Dunedin-house, Basinghall-avenue,

E.C. Fulton, Hon. Frederick John, K.C., Kamloops,

British Columbia, Canada. Garfield, Sergyei, “ Ussuri Life " Office, Vladivostock,

Siberia. Gascoine, Edmund, Sir W. G. Armstrong, Whitworth and Co., Limited, 32, Great Peter-street, Westminster, S.W. George, William Carlisle, Ecole Khédiviale d'Arts

et Metiers, Cairo, Egypt. Glosb, Dr. Jogesh Chandra, L.M.S., L.C.P.S., College of Physicians and Surgeons, 3, Wellesleystreet, Calcutta, India. Gollin, Alfred, 561, Bourke-street, Melbourne, Vic

toria, Australia. Gowen, Rev. Herbert H., Trinity Parish Church,

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Greenwell, Allan,


Assoc.M.Inst.C.E., 30-31, Furnival-street, Holborn, E.C. Hannon, Patrick Joseph Henry, Department of

A griculture, Capetown, South Africa. Hartness, John A., Jones and Lamson Machine

Company, 97, Queen Victoria-street, E.C. Hartrick, Archibald Standish, 8, Wentworth Studios,

Manresa-road, Chelsea, S.W. Hatton, Major-General Villiers, C.B., 34, Charles

street, Berkeley-square, W. Hodson, Arthur J., Lodore, Southborough-road,

Chelmsford. Hope, Charles E., Messrs. Hope, Graveley and Co.,

322, Cambie-street, Vancouver, British Columbia,

Canada. How, William, 19, Calverley-park, Tunbridge Wells,

Kent. Inouyé, K., 54, Ichiban-cho Kojimachi, Tokyo,

Japan. Johnson, Hon. F. E. R., Monrovia, Liberia, West

Africa. Jones, George Edward, 25, Lexham-gardens, S.W. Jones, William Henry Matthews, The Town-ball,

Chester. Keely, Royal R., City Engineer, Edmonton, Alberta,

Canada. Keen, Percy, 3 Queen's-mansions, Victoria-street,

S.W. Kimura, Professor Shunkichi, Ph.D., Naval Ordnance

Depôt, Yokosuka, Sami, Japan. King, Henry Douglas, 52, Queensborough-terrace,

W. Kitchin, Vernon Parry, B.A., The Priory, Watford,

Herts. Lal, Hira, 25, Mott's.lane, Calcutta, India. Lavan, Lloyd Thomas, L.D.S., 12, Old Burlington.

street, W. Lawrie, Peter Stanley, Koe Guan Co., 63 Beach

street, Penang, Straits Settlements. Le Mesurier. James, The United Asbestos Oriental

Agency Limited, Singapore, Straits Settle

ments. Lesher, Artbur Lawrence, Messrs. Lesber, Whitman

and Co., Broadway, corner of Bond-street, New

York, U.S.A. Lindsay, James G., City Engineer, Guelph, Ontario,

Canada. Low Kim Pong, 86, Market-street, Singapore,

Straits Settlements. Lynch, Captain C. W. D., care of London and

Westminster Bank, St. James's-square, S.W., and Kasempa, North Western Rhodesia, South

Africa. McClean, John Robinson, Rusthall-house, Tunbridge

Wells. Kent. McDiarmid, James, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Mackay, Francis Duncan, Messrs. Leighton and

Mackay, 544, Bartholome Mitre, Buenos Aires,

Argentine Republic.
Mackintosh, Mrs. E. R., 79, Lancaster-gate, W.
McNaughton, John L., Rosemount, Buckie, N.B.

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MacWatt, Major Robert, Charles, M.B., B.Sc.,

I.M.S., care of Messrs. King, King and Co.,

Bombay, India. Mallins, Charles William, 5, Strathmore-road,

Newsham-park, Liverpool. Marks, Arnold J., 17, Lansdowne-place, Hove,

Sussex, and 54 and 55, London-wall, E.C. Maud, Captain William Hartley, Norton-manor, near

Taunton, Somerset, and 57, Eaton-square, S.W. Merrall, Charles Eddington, 20, Grove-lane, Den

mark-hill, S.E. Miles, Laurence, Rose - bank, Strawberry - vale,

Twickenham, Middlesex. Millar, Rev. Ernest, M.A., Mengo, Uganda, East

Africa, and Heathdown, Hampstead-heath, N.W. Millett, Charles Walter, Abbotsford, Hampton-wick,

Middlesex. Milner, George H., 15, Limes-grove, Lewisham, S.E. Minihane, E. J., 5, Castelnau-row, Barnes, S.W. Mitchell, Felix, 81, Burg-street, Cape Town, South

Africa. Mocatta, Owen, 31, Cumberland-place, Hyde-park,

W., and Leyfield, Datchet, Berks. Moore, Lieutenant A. Usborne, R.N., HM.S.

“Queen,” care of General Post-office, E.C. Mulla, Yusuf I., 28th Street, Rangoon, Burma. Murphy, Edward Robert, Sports Club, 8, St.

James's-square, S.W. Nishizawa, Kimio, Dayeh Iron Mine Department,

Hupeh, China. Oberg, Gustaf Leonhard, Shanghai Mutual Tele

phone Company Limited, Shanghai, China, O'Neil, Rodolph Stuart, 29, Bergholt-crescent,

Amhurst-park, Stamford-bill, N. Owen, Captain Roger Carmichael Robert, C.M.G.,

Sudan Agency, War Office, Cairo, Egypt, and

Naval and Military Club, Piccadilly, W. Owens, Felix I. A., A.M.I.E.E., 68-70, Wood

street, Liverpool. Penning, Sydney Heathcote, 94, Griffin-road, Plum

stead, S.E. Petter, Ernest Willoughby, M.I. Mech.E.,

I, Hillside-mansions, Highgate, N. Phené, John Samuel, LL.D., F.S.A., 32, Oakley

street, Chealsea, S.W. Philipson-Stow, Robert, Blackdown-house, Fern

hurst, Sussex. Pibel, William Henry, Tue Roses, Salway-hill,

Woodford-green, Essex. Plimmer, Mrs. Bertha Helena, 3, Hall-road, N.W. Plummer, J. H., care of Canadian Bank of Com

merce, 60, Lombard-street, E.C., and Toronto,

Canada. Porter, Colonel Geoffrey Morehead, R.E., H.M.

Mint, Calcutta, India. Redwood, Bernard Boverton, B.A., 34, Crediton

road, South Hampstead, N.W. Richardson, David Lester, 60, Allison-road, Hornsey,

N. Robertson, John, 54, St. James's-street, Piccadilly,


Roote, Gilbert J., 1260, O'Farrell-street, San Fran

cisco, California, U.S.A. Roselieb, George, 9, Grafton-square, Clapham, S.W. Rosenkrantz, Baron Arild, 18, Clareville - grore,

Onslow-gardens, S.W. Rous, Bartholomew, 53, Madeley-road, Faling, W. Sait, Hajee Ismail, Bangalore, India. Sawtell, William Arthur, 39, Deauville-road, Clap

ham-park, S.W. Seymour, L. N., D.D.S., L.D.S., 27, Grosvenor

street, W. Sbozaburo, Kubara, Nichome Nakanoshima, Osaka,

Japan. Smith, Eric S. A., Messrs. Boulton and Paul, Limited,

Norwich, Smith, George R., M.L.A., Thetford Mines, Quebec,

Canada. Smith, T. L., 346, Camden-road, N. Stevens, Wm. Henry Pern, 34, Ashburn-place, S.W. Stuart, James, Assam Bengal Railway Company,

Limited, Chittagong, India. Tabor, Francis Samuel, District Judge, Rai Bareli,

Oudh, India. Taylor, Arthur Williamson, Edmonton, Alberta,

Canada. Tildesley, F. J., General Post Office, Johannesburg,

Transvaal, South Africa. Twentyman, Harold E., M.I.Mech.E., Stoneham

lodge, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton. Vaidya, Jain, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur, Rajputana, India. Van Boeschoten, J. G., Reserve Investment

buildings (P.O. Box 611), Pretoria, Transvaal,

South Africa. Vereker, Lieutenant Henry Gosset, R.N., Coloony,

Craneswater-avenue, Southsea, Hants. Vernon, William, Wybome.gate, Birkdale, South

port, Lancs. Vidyabhusan, Pundit Gauridatta Misra, Gauhati,

Assam, India. Vogel, Dr. J. Ph., Superintendent, Archeological

Survey, Lahore, India. Walker, Robert Lea, 15, Park-crescent, Southport,

Lancs. Wehner, Anthony Stephen, Bath-house, 57, Holborn

viaduct, E.C. Whitworth, G. Clifford, Crowhurst, College-road,

Upper Norwood, S.E. Wilkinson, Andrew George, 73, Dudley-gardens,

West Ealing, W. Wong Man Poh, 19, Market-street, Singapore,

Straits Settlements. Wood, David William, 4, St. Andrew's-mansions,

Clapton, N.E. Woodhouse, Richard, Bonegate - hall, Brighouse,

Yorks. Wright, Thomas George, 3, Purton-road, Bristol. Wrightson, Miss Lucy G., Ockenden, Cuckfield,

Young, Mrs. H. E., care of Dr. H. E. Young,

M.P.P., Parliament-buildings, Victoria, British
Columbia, and Atlin, British Columbia, Canada.

The CHAIRMAN delivered the following efficiency of the system, owing to the Govern

ment taking over the management. The ADDRESS.

Council asked by the Secretary of State for Our ancestors had some singular tastes. India to obtain information on behalf of the They loved to hear sermons. Mr. G. Russell, Indian Government on the processes of cleanin his latest book “Social Silhouettes,” speaks ing and husking rice in Europe. The Colonial of it as a “base passion of our fallen nature,” Office consult the Council on the subject of meat and accuses the clergy of pandering to instead preserving. A special deputation sent to the of opposing it; but though this is exagge Duke of Argyll to urge the appointment of a ration, you have only to read Pepys's Diary Minister of Agriculture for India, and that he to see how the writer, whose morality left should assist agricultural exhibitions in that somethihg to be desired, pursued sermons with country. Council invite the Prime Minister to no less earnestness than other and less reput facilitate the circulation by loan of art treasures. able pleasures. More than that, when they Council to bring pressure to bear on Governcould not get the professional thing, our ment to lighten the postage rate on printed ancestors went out of their way to listen to matter. While questions such as the above amateur imitations, and caused chairmen of occupied the attention of the Council, it was meetings, and presidents of societies, and not unreasonable that the Chairman should be other innocent persons to deliver “addresses" expected to propound the policy of the coming to them. I think and hope that public taste year. How or when this practice changed I is changing ; but we are a very conservative have not ascertained, but it seems as if the people, and it is because of these two facts (1) discussion of the Council's past and present that our ancestors liked sermons, and (2) that policy tended naturally to becoine little more we dislike change, that I, whose tastes do not than a resumé of the previous year's annual lie in that direction, have to deliver the usual report and a forecast of the papers for the annual address to you this evening. With ensuing year, and that consequently succesus, however, it is something more than a sive chairmen, most of whom have been matter of custom. There is a specific rule specialists in some particular line, have found which calls for it — the by-law being to the it more to the interest and advantage of their effect that the Chairman of the Council shall audience to discuss some interesting question deliver an address to the Society at its first connected with their own professional or perordinary meeting after his election declaratory sonal specialty, rather than to adhere to the of the policy which the Council proposes to strict letter of the by-law; to give, in fact, a icllow during his year of office. Accordingly, “paper,” rather than the annual address on I find that at one time the annual addresses, policy. after dealing with the losses sustained by the Now, for me the duty of following in the Society during the year through the death of footsteps of my distinguished predecessors is distinguished members, and giving a retrospect hard. The only subject on which I can claim of the subjects dealt with at the meetings of any special knowledge is that of India, and I the past year, would go on to touch on the should naturally have wished to take as the questions which were to be the subjects of subject of my address the arts, manufactures, papers during the ensuing session, or which and commerce of India, but I find that when the Chairman would like to have brought Major-General Sir Owen Tudor Burne was before the notice of the Council, with a view Chairman of the Council a few years ago he to the influence of the Society being brought took this as the theme of his discourse and to bear upon the Government and the Parlia went so fully into it as to leave nothing but ment. I may mention that, at the time I am gleanings ! Indeed he left not even gleanings. speaking of (thirty to forty years ago) this in He covered the whole field and that with a fluence was, or at least was supposed to be, reaping machine not a sickle. Goldsmith's considerable, and was certainly exerted more epitaph applies to him in both its clauses. directly by means of deputations and written Moreover in the subsequent years the Society communications to Ministers, and by questions has had very valuable papers on different aspects in the House, than is the case at the present of the subject from Mr. Tozer and Mr. O'Conor, day. For instance, I find in the proceedings and on looking into the question I found that I for one year (1869) the following instances : could only say over again what had been better A committee appointed to watch over the said before especially by my predecessor in the interests

of telegraphy and promote the chair, Major-General Sir Owen Tudor Burne.

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