The Gallery of Portraits: with Memoirs ...

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C. Knight, 1833

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43. oldal - Let not our veneration for Milton forbid us to look with some degree of merriment on great promises and small performance, on the man who hastens home, because his countrymen are contending for their liberty, and, when he reaches the scene of action, vapours away his patriotism in a private boarding-school.
24. oldal - I pray you, Master Lieutenant, see me safe up and, for my coming down, let me shift for myself.
12. oldal - To this he replied, he was so well assured of the strength of his light-house, that he should only wish to be there in the greatest storm that ever blew under the face of the heavens, that he might see what effect it would have upon the building.
49. oldal - Thus much I should perhaps have said, though I were sure I should have spoken only to trees and stones; and had none to cry to but, with the prophet,
39. oldal - But soon, ah soon rebellion will commence, If music meanly borrows aid from sense: Strong in new arms, lo! giant Handel stands, Like bold Briareus, with a hundred hands; To stir, to rouse, to shake the soul he comes, And Jove's own thunders follow Mars's drums. Arrest him, Empress; or you sleep no more'— She heard, and drove him to th
24. oldal - I find His Grace my very good lord indeed, and I believe he doth as singularly favour me as any subject within this Realm; howbeit, son Roper, I may tell thee I have no cause to be proud thereof, for if my head would win him a castle in France (for then there was war between us), it should not fail to go.
58. oldal - This will he the fame of Watt with future generations ; and it is sufficient for his race and his country. But to those to whom he more immediately belonged, who lived in his society and enjoyed his conversation, it is not, perhaps, the character in which he will be most frequently recalled — most deeply lamented — or even most highly admired. Independently of his great attainments in mechanics, Mr Watt was an extraordinary, and in many respects a wonderful man.
163. oldal - I firmly believe that there is a tract of land near the Pole, T 3 which is the source of most of the ice which is spread over this vast southern ocean. I also think it probable that it extends farthest to the north, opposite the Southern Atlantic and Indian Oceans, because ice was always found by us farther to the north in these oceans than any where else.
24. oldal - ... by many probable arguments proving that for them to make answer was neither expedient nor agreeable With the ancient liberty of the house ; in conclusion for himself showed that though they had all with their voices trusted him, yet except every one of them could put into his one head all their several wits, he alone in so weighty a matter was unmeet to make his grace answer.
12. oldal - I was left much to myself when a child, and put upon no particular plan of study, and that I enjoyed much idleness at Mr. Coryton's school. I perhaps owe to these circumstances the little talents that I have, and their peculiar application. What I am I have made myself; I say this without vanity, and in pure simplicity of heart !" And we dare say that Davy was right.

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