The Christian Examiner.

THE EXAMINER is published on the first of January, March, May, July, September, and November, by the Proprietor, at Walker, Wise, & Co.'s Bookstore, 245 Washington Street, Boston, in numbers of at least 156 octavo pages each, at four dollars a year, payable in advance.

The Examiner will be sent, by mail, to any part of the United States, free of postage, on the remittance of a year's subscription in advance.

Clergymen and others obtaining four subscribers, and remitting payment for one year in advance, shall receive a fifth copy gratis.


Those who order from Booksellers must look to them their numbers.

Hero Single numbers seventy-five cents each.

19 Volumes of the EXAMINER, neatly bound in cloth, will be given in exchange for numbers, at twenty-five cents a volume.

Na A few complete sets of the CHRISTIAN EXAMINER, from the commencement of the work to the present time, can be obtained on application to the Proprietor.

1er Notwithstanding the greatly increased cost of paper and printing, there will be no advance in the price of the Examiner to regular subscribers.

In connection with this announcement, the Proprietor solicits the aid of the friends of the Examiner in extending its circulation.

This appeal is made from other than personal considerations, and addressed to those who believe the Examiner fills a place that should not be vacated, and exerts an influence that ought not to cease.

The Examiner is now nearly forty years old. Early winning, it has always maintained, a foremost place among the class of journals to which it belongs. In the hands of its present conductors it has lost nothing of its high character for scholarship, literary ability, and independence. Will not those who are ready to acknowledge its worth, exert themselves to obtain for it additional support ?

If every such person would add one name to its list, he can have the satisfaction of knowing that he has contributed to the stability of the Examiner, and enlarged the sphere of its usefulness.

D A liberal commission will be given for every new prepaid subscription.



Advertisements of a suitable character inserted in the Advertiseron liberal terms.

Boston, Jan. 1, 1863.

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