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Theology. Stanley's Jewish Church, 439. Colenso on Romans, 441. MA-

han on Colenso, 443. Bunsen's Bibelwerk, 445. — Philosophy and Sci-
ence. Herbert Spencer's System of Philosophy, 445. Huxley on Spe-
cies, 447. Renan on Language, 448. Marsh on the English Language,
448. - History and Politics. Savonarola, 451. Rebellion Record, 454.
Pamphlets on the Present War, 455. Junkin's Political Fallacies, 456.
Cochin on Slavery, 456. Census of 1860, 457. Fisher's Trial of the
Constitution, 458. Fisher on Representation, 461.

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** The postage on the E.caminer for a year, when prepaid, is twenty-one
cents. Single numbers seven cents each.



JANUARY, 1863.




By M. AUGUSTIN COCHIN. Translated by Miss Mary L. Booth, translator of M. GASPARIN'S

WORKS ON AMERICA. At this moment, when public attention is directed to the important question of EMANCIPATION, and eager inquiries are made for Facts as to the RESULTS — financial, political, and social — of the system in those countries where it has been tried, this book of M. Cochin's is PECULIARLY OPPORTUNE. Based entirely on official reports, its statements, which comprehend every form of the question, are fully reliable.

M. Cochin has had great advantages for research among both public and private documents; and has devoted his life to the subject on which his forthcoming volume treats. He recently received the order of knighthood from the Pope, in acknowledgment of the ability displayed in this book; to which also was recently awarded the first prize of three thousand francs by the French Academy.

The publication in this country has been eagerly anticipated, and its appearance warmly welcomed.

The Press abounds with commendatory notices, among which are the following:

"It is by far the most elaborate work ever written on the subject, and cannot fail to be welcomed in the present crisis." Home Journal.

“Precisely what is wanted at this time.” — Syracuse Standard. “The publication of such a work at this crisis in the great American struggle is a most fortunate event.” – New Covenant, Chicago, Ill.

“ The book is as sound morally as it is useful historically. ..... We cannot too warmly recommend this volume to all readers." Boston Traveller.

"A very important work." - Buffalo Express.

"No one can examine the work without seeing that it embodies the results of patient labor and very thorough and wide-reaching investigation.” Hartford Courant.

“We cannot forbear an earnest expression of the hope that it will find its way into the hands of every national legislator, - both Senators and Representatives. - and indeed of every person whose influence is to be felt in the moulding of our country's legis lation in the important crisis connected with slavery that in all probability is close at hand.” – New York Commercial Advertiser.

“It is a book worthy of study." - Zion's Herald.

« The statements here gathered will command the attention of the Christian philanthropist, and will furnish material for reflection and discussion.” – New York Observer.

“It ought to be, and will be, widely read.” – Norfolk Co. Journal.

“We hail with great pleasure the advent of this book.” — Trumpet and Christian Freeman. "A book which every thoughtful American will desire to read.” - Portland Press.

"Every statesman, philosopher, politician, student of history, and well-wisher of his country should ponder the lessons which this work teaches." — Salem Register.

" The book is especially timely, and should be studied by all.” – Congregationalist.

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12mo. pp. 500. $1.50. This work contains five hundred and thirty-three articles, over five hundred of which are descriptions of the occupations in which women are or may be engaged; the effect of each on the health; the rate of wages paid for those carried on in the United States; a comparison in the price of male and female labor of the same kind; the length of time required to learn the business fully, and the time required to learn the part done by women; whether women are paid while learning; the qualifications needed ; the prospect of future employment in each branch; and much other valuable information of like character. In addition are articles on unusual employments in England, France, the United States, and other countries; minor employments in the United States, England, and France.

“ Unlike most books that have been prepared for the purpose of extending the sphere of woman, Miss Penny's volume is of a thoroughly practical character. ..... The information is also well arranged; and the whole book is one of the many proofs that could be quoted of the ability of woman to engage with success in those pursuits which are supposed to be peculiarly the province of man.” — Boston Traveller.

Rov. 0. B. Frothingham's New Book for the Young. STORIES FROM THE LIPS OF THE TEACHER.


Being the PARABLES OF JESUS, told with that fulness of detail of time, place, habits, dress, and scenery, which serves to place them before children (and adults hardly less) with vividness and force. The various lessons designed to be imparted by the Parables are educed with great beauty and simplicity and directness; making the volume one of the most variously attractive and useful that can be offered an intelligent child, or read in the family circle.

Published in square 16mo. 75 cents. Second Edition, with ENTIRELY NEW and superior Frontispiece and Vignettes (eleven) on wood, by ANDREW, in his best style.

This volume has been received by young and old with the strongest expressions of delight. Its exquisite word-pictures of Eastern life, its tenderness, its pathos, its charming descriptions and helpful lessons, all combine to render it by far the best collection of “ Bible Stories" ever published. The new illustrations will greatly enhance the value of the book.

"Mr. Frothingbam has given to this work the inexpressible charm of his own vivid imagination and affluent and graphic style, in rendering these most beautiful and deep apologues of the Divine Master, and attempting to make the New Testament a more living book to the young people of this day." — Salem Register.

" The Parables are so retold as to absorb the attention of the reader, and to fasten upon the mind what the writer believes to have been the moral impression which the Saviour meant to convey. It is in style and thought a superior book, and will interest alike young and old." — Zion's Herald (Methodist).

“ We are charmed with the book, so will all be, both young and old." -N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.


A Series of Pleasant and Instructive Books for the Young,


(sister of the lamented General) now publishing.

Vols. I. and II. — St. Petersburgh, Boston and Vicinity -- now ready.

Both profusely illustrated, bound in the most attractive style, at 75 cts. each.

Vol. III., PEKIN, will be issued in the Spring.

The subjoined notice from the Boston Transcript expresses the universal sentiment concerning these books:

** THE SPECTACLE Series,' with Miss Lander for the author, and Walker, Wise, & Co. for the publishers, two volumes of which have been issued, is sure to be coveted by children as soon as they become acquainted with it. It is to deal with the cities of the world, and the information it is to contain is largely the result of the personal visits of the author or some of her friends to the places described. "Boston' and · St. Petersburg' have already been pictured in the letter-press and plentiful illustrations. These are to be followed by similar pleasant accounts of other noted capitals, making a branch of civil geography easy and fascinating to the young."



Being the complement of the


Will be published with the least possible delay, by


245 Washington Street, Boston. 117 Washington Street, Boston, 1863.

CROSBY AND NICHOLS’S Quarterly List of New Publications.


stored according to the first editions. With Introductions, Notes (original and selected), and a Life of the Poet, by the Rev. HENRY N. Hudson, A. M. 11 vols.

16mo. Cloth. Steel portrait. This is the favorite edition of Shakespeare. The volume is of the most convenient size, the type large, the paper fine and beautifully printed. Of the value of this edition the Boston Recorder says :

Hudson's edition of Shakespeare, in eleven handsome 16mo volumes, is, in our judgment, the best complete edition to be found in any market, English or American. The text is carefully restored according to the first editions, there is an appreciative and discriminating introduction to each play, and a Life,- one of the most extensive and the best we have ever seen of the great author. There is also a valuable historical sketch of the drama before the time of Shakespeare.

“We have called attention to the prince of dramatists and to Hudson's edition, not so much for the benefit of the publishers, as that we might commend the works of the greatest uninspired writer that ever lived - for such we regard William Shakespeare - to young scholars, and to the reading public. In these days of many books, readers and buyers need to be select in their choice of authors. It is important that they spend their time and money, not at random, but wisely and judiciously, and it seems to us that every considerable collection of books should contain a good - and why not the best ? - edition of Shakespeare. In regard to the high merits of Hudson's edition, there is a singular unanimity of opinion among critics and appreciating scholars."

Price, handsomely bound in cloth, one dollar per vol. In half calf or morocco, two dollars per volume.


“Elements of Character.” 16mo. Price, $ 1.00. CONTENTS. — The Dawning Day. — Faith Work and Love Work. -- Elm Seeds. Weeds. — Squirrels. - Birds and other Things. — The Sowing of Seed. – About Seeds. - The Changing Seasons. - Autumn Leaves. – The Uses of Gardening. - The Household Garden. - Home Virtues. — Parental Duty. - Simple Pleasures. — Filial and Parental Love. — Disappointments. — Drought. — Insects and Worms. - The Power and Use of Circumstance.

CHANNING'S SELF-CULTURE. LECTURES on the Elevation of the Laboring Portion of the Community.

By Rev. WILLIAM ELLERY CHANNING, D. D. With a Portrait and a Biographical

Sketch. 16mo. Price, 75 cents. A new and enlarged edition of one of the most valuable of Dr. Channing's Writings.

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