an interest which cannot but be increased by the bridge, co. Stafford. At Bristol, Wm. Rickard, unfortunate situation in which their majestics Ejz. collector of the falt duties, to Mrs. Jauc.find themselves at present.

At Slindon, Sufix, captain Slade, of the 10!h reg. “ It is the king's moit ardcnt will, that the dragons, to Miss Dawon, of Dubin-Jour Sea feardeclares in the note of the count de Stadion phenjar, Ejq. 1o Miss Moiesworth, bork of ker. and the price of Critelcicala, may not be realiz- Jington-palace.--Rev. Robert Hardy, M. s. of ed; but if whappily the event should prove Emanuel-college, Cambridge, vi ar of Strugtet, otherwise, his m jesty will not fail to take the rector of Eali Mardin, Surfer, and chiplain to the most effect', il me fures to prevent the persons pince of Wales, 10 Miss Sophia Atua Hesward, guilty or fu atuecious a crime from finding an of Chelsea college.' afylum in the states of bis majesty. The king feels i pleatui, in giving to princes, so closely united by the ties of blood to their most chris

DE A T H S. tian' majeities, this assurance, which his majeity segards only as the immediate and neceflary con AT Kingfi3n, in Jamaica, liputerani- eised fequences of the principles and sentiments which Gardner, of the 2012 regiment of light drahave always directed his conduct.

igoons. ----At his lodgings, in Gloucefier, Mr. Lindles, (Signed)

of York, a distingrihed performer on the vidlin, but

ORENVILLE. more eminently known by the performances of the At White/all,

three fons. The jccord son, who is not 16 years Septemi er 21st, 1792.

of age, is reckoned among the fire performers dalk

violincello in Europe. Wiley', co. Hereford, BIRT S.

and parish of Presteigne, aged 70, Thomas Legi,

El7 a aillant relation of she Dartmouth farby. AT the Granga, Hands, the lady s Henry He had iived in a rofi retired fituarion, and the

Drummo::d, F/7. jun. M. P. á daughter. 192 hermit-like marrii, for many years, with it At Narcy, ir. Lorroin, sie leidy of John Stuart, filter, who died a few suonths ago. At Betteriet, Eq. of silanbath, a for. The iady of Thomas Berks, in his Soth year, Ferdinando Collins, F.hp. Habirgron, F7. of Rotiley-temple, co

. Leicester, a many years an!ogifirail for that counts:-* fon and her. -Mrs. Sraith, wife of Mr. Sraitinin Leith, copt. Thomas Miller, late of <ol Tarleen's banker, in Meind n--case-ftreet, a son. At his regiment of light drägooris.At Edinburgủ, Mrs. boue, in Picadilly, the lady of George Grant, Margaret Campbell, redet of Thomas Fiac", EA; Eja. a da:rghier.

of sicher, niece ro the first duke of firgyle, por

cousin to the grcal John duke of Argyle and GrectMARRIAGE S. wih, and to the three fuccellive aukes. She was

Sister-in-law and first coufin to the late countesAT Parl-piace, in Scotland, fir Alexarder davager of Buse, and very neering related to the

Campbell, bart.ro Miss Cheape, only daugh- roble families of Buccleuch, Lubian, C. and ter of the late James Cheape, lję:-)Vill am grancimet her ro the lady of fir Ricard Perrost, Ear.e Welby, Eja jur. of Carleton-nuc, county bart. Notwiths, anding her age (90) fie reteired Nottingham, to Wiijs Spry, of Great Corberland- her fenfes to the lafl.-A Redruti, in Cerminal, direct, only daughter of ihe late Win. Spry', Ej7. aged 101, Mrs. Jóri Harringtor. She was orig :governor of Barbadoes. - James Bradshaw, Łja. Olly of Ireland, had resided at Redruth about 40 io Miss Harriet Firhugh, bork of Portland-place. years, and retained her under fiarding to the lat, -Ai Edinburgh, George Cairnero's, agent jor the 'bur lost her fight about 5 years previous ro her dto curci, to Mrs. Morries, of Briery-hill-on cenzieLandale Sande land, Ijq. many gears esde Hilijams, Esq. barriffór of ile Temple, to "1111s heir of the customs for the port of Newcastle upen Clerko, daughter of Claries Chrke, tjq. of Ford- Tyne.

Do Μ Ε S TI C' Ι Ν Τ Ε Ι Ι Ι G Ε Ν C E,


DUBLIN, Oftober 6, 1792.

Two men of the name of Michael Connor and Robert Chambers, servants of Wm. Reynell

, of S Mr. C:vendih Brzdhaw, attended by Dominick-ftreet, Era; who were found guilty of

his groom, was riding to town on the low robbing him in his absence, of a large quantity of road from Leixlip, their horses took fright, nearly outs, were accordingly, pursuant to their fentence, opposite the bleach green, at a Jackals, th it was led behind a car through the lane and firect where very improperly left yr:zing on the road, spancelled they committed the orience. The inhabitants of with a chain : Thro the darkness of the night, that part of the town cannot but liment, notwithand the clink of the chain, together with the strange standing the exemplary senience which was prom motions of the confined ass, the hories became un nourced with the utnioit juftice against such ofgovernable, and plunged with their riders into the fenders, in order to deter the like practice of theit Liffey. Mr. Bradthaw, with grcat difficulty, 'in fervants who are entruited with the care of their efcaped, but his fervant, who has been lamented muters subitance, that the executioner did not

person of much ditercticn and fidelity in his perform his duty as he should have done, by inflittit, unfortunat:iy perished.

ing on the culprits a moderate chattin nient, but by

mistaken lenity relazed the arm of justice so as to last feloniously embezzled a letter sent by post from burlesque the sentence.

Ballybay, in the county of Monaghan, containing A large smuggling lugger, a few days since, a bill of excha

rawn by Jamys Hogs on Wilcame up with the tender belonging to the Pigmy cocks and job aclps, in favour of Willium Gilcutter, half channel over, which they obliged to lespie, for 381. and a bill of exchange draw i by come along-side of her, by firing a nine-pound Clibborn and for, 3. Alloway and Boake, for shot through her maintail.

351. gs. which later was e struited to the care of She compelled the tender to remain in that situ. sud Walsh, and directed to Thomas Whelan, meration until two frigates hove in light, when the chant, in Anderfon's court Dublin.-Thoms shrew into her an anker of geneva, and a small Wallh (the father) was in licted for receiving and cheit of tea, and then withing them a pleasant uttering the lid bills, knowing them to be voyage, the smuggler hoisted his 'large luggs, stolen, and forging the name of Thomas Watson and stood clofe by the wind.

on laid bills. 9.] A robbery was committed in Great Ship James Clarke depored on the 2d of April he street, by the flowing new, and we cannot help gave his servant, Patrick Ward, a letter to put saying, clean device: a fellow in the garb of a into the post-office of Ballybay, directed to Thomas lamplighter, with all the necesary implements of Whelan, merchant, Anderson's-court, Dublin, that profession, set up his ladder opposite a gen le- containing bills and bank notes to the amount of man's houfe in the above neighbourhood, and 5701. 15. 3d. that the bills 'laid in the indictment entered on the business of trimming the lamp, were part of them, and that they were not ensecundum artem; witching, however, an unob- dorsed with the name of Thomas Watson when he served momen", he feized, while the furnily were fint them. engaged at table, an oportunity of getting into Patrick Ward (wore bis having put the above one of the dining-room windows, and packing up mentioned letter into the post-ofiice of Ballybay a quantity of plate, &c. to a conuderable amount, on the 2d of April last, and that it was sealed, effecting his escape, leaving the ladder behind Richard Thorpe swore that the prisoner, him. The regular prof Tor having shortly after Thomas Willh, came into his brother's thop in made his appearance, had scarcely entered on his Capel-itreet, on the 6th of April last, and puroperations before the depredation were discovered, chased woollen goods to the amount of 5l. 18s. and he was instanily seized as the supposed delin- and tendered in payment a bill drawn by Clibquent; but is having been proved by fome of born and Son, on Alloway and Boake, for 351. gs. the neighbours that another had preceded him, he - The prisoner got the balance, ani cndorics oa · was discharged on their testimony, and thorobber the bill the name of Thomas Watson. as yet remains undctcéted.

Terence Maguire, jeweller, in Parliament. A. numerous meeting of the citizens of street, depored that the prisoner, Thomas Walth, Dublin assembled at the Royal Exchange, in the purchased a giver watch from him on the 6th of Ouzle Galley Chamber, pursuant co an invitation April last, price four guineas, that the prisoner from the right honourable the lord mayor, to tendered him in payment a billdrawn by James Hogs take into consideration a subscription for the relief on Wilcocks and John Phelps, for 38! Witneis of a number of non-juring prieits from France, not having change, applied to his neighbour Mr. who had taken refuge in England, on account of Dillon. Walth wint with him, and purchased a ! their political principles.

suit of clothes. Mr. Dillon gave the difference The lord mayor informed the meeting that tire of the bill, deducting for the watch and cloth.-ardvertisement which he had caused to be inserted The prisoner endorled the bill Thomas Watson. in the papers, was at the request of some respect. The prosecution being closed, lord Clonmell able citizens, to promote a ch rity; but as he charged the jury, who after being out four bours did not, nos would, unless called upuri, assume and a half, brought in their verdict-guilty.. the chur, he life to the company the arrangermet 25.] Mr. G. J. Browne moved an arrest of of the manner in which it would be proper to judgment on behalf of Thomas Styles Walsh, and conduct the business.

Thomas Walth, who were capitally convicted, the It being however observed by an eminent citizen former for taking bills of exchange out of letters prefent, that the butinels intended involved, under entrudei to his care to deliver, and the latter for the garb of charity, a political question, it would rece ving and uttering the time, knowing them be better not to enter upon it there, but get rid to be stulen ; and for forging an endorsement on of ic by an adjournment, he was answered, that the Grid bills. The ground on which Mr. Browne no adjournment could take place until the chair mule his motion wis, that by the commillion or was taken.

Oyer and Terminer, and general jail delivery, A motion was made that the lord mayor do which puff the gre t leal of this kingdom the tilt the chair.

firit you of the print kiny, the coinmillioners On the question being put by Mr. heriff in the di commiffioa na ned, one of whom is Povle, it was negatived will only about hali a orly lion -t prekent (the fecretary of state) were dozen dilining voices.

only cr went to try offences created by ftaThe meeting wis taieture at an end, ang tutes then eriting; ac! be contended; that as the company difperied.

vitence of 147. ich he prisoners were found guilty 23.] At the coinmillion of Oyer and Terminer, was createj a telury by a statute which pinted cims on the trial on Thurmas Sivles Wain and fibisyent to be present commilion of Over Thomas War, the lunaij father. The formir and Terminer, they could 7 be legally convi&t. was employed in the Putover, a letter carrier, ed of online winowart adjuurned i Tuesdav. and was indices fo. having cha: 6 choi grad



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lady of Robert Poxver, of Ballynile, 17.-ys), BIRTH S. Kennedy, of Whitestown, c1. Waterford, Eją


Ennis, Michael Finucane, F/7. M. D.-Atkin The , , co

Co. Galway, of a son and heir.--At London's land) in the 74th year of his age, the right her derry, the right honourable lady Mary Stewari, of Thomas Charles Leigh, lord vijcort Tracy, ? a daughter.-min Dominick-ftreet, the lady of Wm. Rathcool, in the kingdom of Ireland.-I. Bijhof Kellet, Fj?. of a caughter. -At Leixlp, . Dub- freet, fincerely lamented, Benjamin Hunt, Fjg las lir, the lady of the honourable Richard Cavendi?, captain in kis majesty's 5th regiment of drages of a daughter.-In Great Britain-street, the lady guards. At the seat of lord Clifford, co. Tyres of Edward Reilly, of Cuilentra, co. Cavan, Eja Miss Ambrofia Hewiti, second daughter of the kn! of a jon.

William Williams Hewitt, brother in lord viscozze

Lifford.-In Angletea-ftreet, yam's Lege, E4:1 M ARRI AGES. one of the sheriff's peers of the city of Dublin.-

Stumble Philips, of Mount - Philips, 10. Tij perary, WILLIAM NEWENIAM, Esq. El Mall.co.co. Cork, Pallifer Wheeler, El fecord jon of fir Edward Newenkam, to

captain in the 35th regiment of f.!.- Near Balle Miss Barbara Green, with a fortune of 10,000 that place. In the parifh of Templepatrick

, Android

rahinch, the ret. John Sturgeoni, Jenier matter of A Waterford, Pierce Power of Seafield; Ela Montgomery, a farmer'; what is remarkable of to Miss Jenarna Sweetman, of the co. Wexford. -Nicholas Wilde, of Dolphin's- Barn, Ejg. 10

man is, that upwards of 70 years before his deather Miss Maguire, of the Batikelor's-walk.-Harloe

he never had an hour's sicknejs, ror even an kead-arki Iravin, of Seaviezv, co. Sligo, Esq, 10 Miss Mary haufted, and he went off in a gradual decline, fed

Some days before his decease nature began to be exe Bulteel, eldest daughter of Samuel Bulteel, Esq.- ingly without the smallesi pain.-Ai Ainlore, Al Bloomfield, David Foley, Ejq:10 Miss Carey, honourable William Cuffe, licutenant-roiemel of the daught r of Peter Carey, lase of Cork, E/7.-IH 18th light dragoons, brother is the right karsurabid Lordon, ihe right honcurable George lord Carbery, lord viscount Dejart

, and one of the repreferital.com to Mils Sujanna Wa:fon.- At Bredsworth-hall, in Doncaster, (England) the honourable Augustus

in parliament for the city of Kilkenny. -A Email Phipps, youngest brother to lord Mulgrave, r0wijs nagg, William Tros, aged 120 scars.-A Reth, Maria Theluljon, eldest daughter of Peter Thelusjon; mines, co. Dublin, Edmund Byrne, Eja: fermare Ejg.At Carion, captain Waters, to Miss Pope rine Brady, aged 106 years. She remembered me!

an eminent brewer.-Near Athlenie, Mrs. Cathay A Adare, Hopton Burler Scott, of Mount-Butirr, King's county, F/7.19 Miss Eliza Smith, and retained the ule of her faculties till a few da

the battle of hughrim and articles of Limerick daughter of the late Samuel Smith, of New-Garden, Efq;—Harry , Lindsay, of Abbey-firect, Esg

. previous to her death.- In the same terun, mi to Miss Jare Saridiman, daughter of the late Wm. Edsvard Bell, a principal with.ess in the cause

as a trooper 4 Sandeman, Fjq:- Clonmel, James Forbes, of Napfer and Sherborne, who served the city of Dublin, Eq. to Miss Eliza Waifosi, in the late German war, from the year 1760 let

year 1730 to 1947; are daugăier of Somon Watson, of Somerville

, ccunty peace

. His remans were interred with militar. Tipperary, Eq.-In Harcours-street, Henry Loftus honours. - In Belfast

, in the 105th year of his art Frizel, Fja: 20 M1i's Lennon, only daughter of Mr. Neil M Leod, an inhabitant of tha serta counsellor Leron.--4 Scajon-Park, c. Wicklow, wards of 90 years. Charles Frizel, of Castle-Kevin, in faid county, Eja. " Miss Mary Ball, daughter of Benjamin Ball, Fjq.--A Waterford, John Mortimer, Ejq. to Miss P R O MOTIONS Wright, daughter of Thomas Wright, Esq.At Porterton.-M:les M«Donnel, of Grange, Elg. 10 Miss Hughes, of Ballyderrin, co. Mayo.-In Para- land. --Celerel William Fawceti, eo be irlfr

Crado k, zo be quarser-master-general of In dile-roav, lieutenant Skerfton, of the 3,3d regiment, general of re ruting parties for regiments feras tv Mirs. Gore, relict of the late colonel Geri.-Tho. abroad. Lawrence Harman Harman, Efq.so the Reymurd Aisop, Esq. to Miss Sheru nton, fifter so Ribera Shirvinton, of Kilmire, King's county, Esq; heirs rale, by ihe name, Aile and title of barra

baron of the dingdom of Ireland, king and I -The Chevalier O'Gorman, to Mrs. Cutie.- Oxmant scum, in the county of Dutlin, with remain Dromcre, co. Clare, John M«Namaia, Fjg. io Miss M Mahin, daughter of Terence M.Maken,

der to fir Laurence Parlors, bartand his hors mala Fiq.---Edward Barry, of the co. Cork, Efq. to Miis Henry Hutton, ar:d Jacob Posle

, Flar:

-Alderman John Carleton, worn lord cares Dalton, daughter of vii haei Dalton, of iVoodpark, high periffs ; and Thomas Aili, El. lub-terit co. Clare, Ely.

the city of Dubln for the year eruing --Cher 1

Thor, 1jg. elested an aldermar of ite city of D: DE AT: H S.

lin, alderman Robert Smith, dercalcid.--Hes

Jackson, Fjq. cle&ted crier after, :* De'i N Co!db!cav-lare, Willian Paine, Fjg. for- fen, F]. junier moffer. Ceo pe Carleman, and Green through life, discharged these daties in an exemplary merchants for the ensuing year. Hercule:

or sudin characterije" the good citizen and un grife, bart. fiorno:e of his wisjefly's traff ki pi bed :redor, com'!!:40-d, Mis. Power, nourable griny council.

Charteren, je res pranis Dawidjon, Mij: LIEUTENANT-COLONEL gelen

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President of the
Catholic Committe

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