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Warsaw, September 1, 1792.

caused the pretended intelligence to be in several

gazcites. At present however, every thing is UR situation is not so disagrecable as it has changed, and Mame and confufion have succeeded

been represented in forcign countries. His to extravagant joy. majetty by acceding to the contederation of Tar The French troops are not only far from being gowitz has satisfied the empress of Russia, and reduced, but those of Austria and Pruilia hive it is not doubted, that this condescention in the been obliged to eat the Aesh of their horses. The king will dispose that princess to leave existing duke of Brunswick has formally declared to the some of the principal articles of the form of go- prince of Conde, that the glory of the Prussian arins vernment agreed on the 34 of May last year. has been exposed, and that the king wa. dilposci

M. Malachowski, the grand chancellor of the to make known, and to publish in every court of crown, as well as several Senators and ministers of Europe, that he had been deceived by the emigrants ftate, have set out for Brefow, in order to dif- rcfpecting the sentiments of the major part of the charge there on the 8th of this month the func- French nation. tions of their offices at the two confederations Paris, Sept. 21.), Yesterday, at four o'clock united.

in the afternoon, the national convention met in Luxembourg, Sept. 16.) On the 14th in the the palace of the Thuilleries. There were near 400 morning, a major of the Pruffian army ordered deputies asembled, and of these 271 verified their M. La Fayetce, who was in bed, to hold himself powers. In consequence of which they proceeded in readiness to let out in a carriage for the place of according to the decree to constitute and declare his destination. A like order was delivered at the themselves to be the convention nationale, which same time to his three companions, M. Alexandre was accordingly done. They then proceeded to Lameth, Latour Maubourg, and Beureau de Puzy, elect a president, and M. Petion was almost unaas well as to M. Jarry, who set fire to Courtray. nimoully named their first president. It was then The four latt, it is said, are to be imprisoned in resolved to name a deput cion, to repair to the the citadel of Wesel, in the Dutchy of Cleves ; legislative assembly, and to announce to them while M. La Fayette will be conducted to the that the convention was organized. This will fortress of Spandau in Brandenbourg.

either take place to-day or to-morrow ;. upon 19.) M. La Fayette, when he arrived at Treves which the legislature will break up, and the the day after his departure from this place, was convention will move from the palace, and take lodged in an apartment of the seminary very poorly poliëllion of the hall in the Manege. furnished, and in which there was nothing to lic The important question which it was expected upon but an old wooden chair. Much affected at wouli hive occupied a coniderable portion of time, seeing himself so badly acommodated, M. La namely, the fate of royalty in France, was setFayette complained to the Prullian officer who tled almost as soon as the convention met. attended him, and oblerved, that his situation was They made a decrce whịch abolishes royalty for going to be very disagreeable. The ofñcer turning ever in France, and are to constitute themfelves his back with much indifference, repried, “the into a republic. situation of your king is much worse."

The commons of Paris appointed commissioners Ratifoun, Sept. 26.] It is beyond a doubt that to announce to the king the decree of the conthe Diet will accede to the demand of the emperor, vention which abolishes royalty. and that the German empire, as a body, will A feet is fitting out t Brest for the Mediterdeclare war against France. Some restrictions, ranean. It is composed of the following ships under however, will be made.

the command of admiral Latouche :Le Lan. The emperor demanded that the diet would guedoc, of 80 guns ; L'Enteptenent, 74; Le deliberate Immediately upon the points which Venager, 74; L'Orion 74; and Le Vigilante 18 were the object of the imperial decree, and yet it gues. The cap of liberiy is attached to all their is remarkable that the commitial ministers wished main top gallant-mart heads.--This fquadron is for a delay of four weeks. The emperor likewise intended to prevent the Ruffians from entering required triple of the contingency, but the diet the Mediterranean ; it is to be assisted by a divia seems disposed to grant him only the contingency, fion from Toulon. and one half more. It is evident that the army of The young prince de Ligny, who was lately the empirc, whatever it may be, cannot be ready killed in an action with the French, is the officer before next spring; and at that period many whole gallantry was fo much the subject of discourse difficulties may arise respecting the manner ani) at the storming of Ismail, in the late campaign means of putting it in motion.

against the Turks. Leyden, Ost. 5.) Four or five days past, great

Whatever may be asserted to the contrary, tie joy prevailed among the partizans or the court at princess Lamballe's perfon experienced no indignity the Hague, on a report Ipread by the imperial previous to her execution; che indecent outrages minister himself, that the whole French army, that were committed, were after her head was commanded by M. Dumourier, had not only been fevered from her body. She was executed the furrounded by the combined army, but had even initint she palled the imall low gate that led to her been obliged to lay down their arms. Hovever prison, and had oriy timc to exclaim” Mon improbable it might be that 70,000 men thould Dieu ! je suis perdre !” She come eagerly forward, thus fuffer themelves to be enclosed, it was cre- thinking that the court party were come to rescue dited on the faith of the imperial miniiter, who her; the executioner scized ber by the hair, which Hib. Mag. O&. 1792.



remarkably fine, as the stooped forward, and her chosen for places of observation, and the princi. head was instantly struck off.

pal camp will be at Clicky. He thinks 54,cca Gencrai Kellermar's Camp, 25.] Since the men will be necessary, and has demanded 20,000 affair of the 20th nothing has passed between the tents. two armies. They are always in fight, of each M. Santerre informed the council general, other. That of the enemy has advanced upon that 4000 men were to encanp as last Monday, our left, by which means they occupy, the two and would be every day joined by large dexiroutes of Chalons, and Rheims, and have blocked ments-He complained, that the greatest part of up both these com.nunications. They ravage all the workmen, after receiving money in advance, the neighbouring villages, but they will foon die had absconded. Of twelve thousand only two thue of hunger--for the pealants have carried off all fand remained. The duty of the guards at tite their cattle.

Temple, he thought was ill done, and the works At present there is a verbal suspension of hof- there proceeded fowly, though they confund tilities. Some Pruffian otheers have been to dine much money. with generals Kellerman and Dumourier. M. Wir having been declared against the king of Hayman an emigrant officer, at present a major Sardinia, Official accounts have arrived of the general in the service of Pruffia, was among that moit unparalleled succets of our armies in his dr. number. There have been fome private confe- minions, under the command of general Montes. rences, but they have produced nothing. The quicu. proposal presented by the Prussians are, that the Chamberry, Montmelian, and Bellegarde hare king should be re-established. You need not doubt been taken. Peace, according to every appezhow thefe were received.

ance, will be refwcd before the end of the vet. Yesterday the king of Pruflia's first aid-de-camp Oit. 2.] When intelligence was brought to dined with general Dumourier, (his name is Man- Geneva that the French had entered Savor, the Atein) when the nation, and the health of the country was immediately declared to be in dela. king of Pruffia, were given as toasts.

The citizens were thrown into great contentie; A conference was just going to be held, when and the council resolved, by a majority of foo intelligence arrived that royalty had been aboii- ajuntt 700, that an auxiliary body of 1600 Den shed in France by a decree of the national con tl.ould be requestes from the Helvetic casions for vention. When this was communicated to the their defence. The city of Geneva is pretty well aid-ue-camp tears started in his, eyes, and he re- fortified; but the country is defen.celeis not turned to his camp.

France. When he departed the bulletin of the convention of Saturday the 22d inít. was given to him,

National Convention. which he has no doubt thewn to his master.

All that I can say is that the l'ruffians are in Wednefelay, 07. 3.] The following *** a deplorable situation the affair of the 20th hath from the conmiilionero, sent to the camp of C'zze Mewn that the soldiers of liberty are superior to lons, was reid: those of d: 1pots.

« Sairt - Merchou!!, 07. 2. There is a division subfitting between the Prus “ The enemy are retiring as fast as they call, dians, the Austrins, and the emigrants--the latter bu: they are harra: ed in their retreat. During tay are despited by the two former. The day before orys they have loft more than 400 men, who has yelerday our challeurs took three of them- been taken potwners, together with a number of They threw themselves on their knees, and in wiggons loade? with psovilions of every kinda vain requested to be set at liberty. Several letters The roai belind them is ftrowed with dead by a were found upon then which thewed their crimi- dies. The canıp, which they have quitted, reden ural intentions and a great number of Louis, which bles a burying-ground : above three hundred the captors divided among them.

horfes, halt Caten, were found in it. The pia Wehem the enemy in on all sides, and in a few liners and deferters all agree that they have days their fituation will be ftill more diftrening. this life men fick in cach company: the foi ani Our fentinels converse with theirs, and offer them were oiten fix or seven days without tatting dress soup wnich they devour. The decree inviting “ Dumourier's army is in the best ander mail them to detert, and promiling them an establish- be. All officers and foluiers are adida:ei vb

Euippe has suffered much, but an excess of atro

ef Bienne."

thought it our duty, after a consultation with the Engrants, when quitting this country, which

finished a campaign which will form an epoch in commons of Paris. Each of the royal person.ges the annals of France.

is to be kept in a feparate apartment. They are "One will be scarcely able to believe, that he neither to have pens, pencils, ink, nor paper ; and dared to retreat with 17,000 men from an army to prevent them from holding correspondence by of 80,c00 ; to take such a portion as enabled him figns, with any persons without, the windows of w top their progress, effect a junction with the, their priions are to be coloured. Herbert, the different bodies which came to his altistance, and commissioner of the commons at the Temple, placing himself directiy between the Prussian thus informs the Jacobics of the manner of his army, enc mped at Liron and la Lune, opposite executing the above arre. " When," says he, she latter, and be a check by the camp at Bienne, “I informed Louis of the resulution of the which he took poffeffion of, upon 20,000 Heffans, common, he was Aruck with attonishment. encamped at Clermont. By continually harafling « Leave me where I am!" laid the unhappy me

enemy, and intercepting their convoys, he has king: “ i find myself very will at present.' been able to detain them in the most barren pirt The queen and med ame Elizabeth wept bitterly on of France, and to oblige them at length to retire their féparating. But, obferves Herberg, that did thamefully from the country, with an army dimi not prevent us from putting the decree in executisiihed one third by disease, and the prisoners they 0. Loiis took their hands in his, and luid, have lost. We are going to set out for the c.mp

“ Let us resign ourselves." When he entered his own apartment, he seemed at first content

with it; but when he saw the iron grate and the Another from the fame.

sky-lights, he frid lie was too warm, and did got

wish to remain there any longer. The women, 3) “We set out from St. Menchouild, at fuch is the language of Herbert, folicited perTuo o'clock in the morning, in order to proceed to

inillion to converte with the children at least. Suippe, where general Kellerman's army was en This requeit was granted them; but on condition Camped. On the ground lately abandoned by the they do not converse by signs, or in any fufpected enigrants and the Prussians, we found a considerable manner, number of horses which they had left dead on

The wall of the Temple will foon be finihed; the spot. The inhabitants of the country even

before it will be a ditch of twelve feer deep, so that olluted us, that the ditches, in which they buried the guards can hold out for twenty-four hours, in their dead, were likewise covered with the car. case of an attack. cafes of horses. When we arrived at the village

General Custine, with an army of 20,000 men, of Somme-Tourtu, it exhibited a molt hideous is penetrating into the heart of Germany ; by the pedacie of devastation, pillage, and destruction lart accounts from him, he has taken the cities A great number of the inhabitants were dispersed of Spires and Wurms, with an immense quantity throughout the neighbouring villages, whither of provitions, ammunition, fores of every kind; they had gone in quest of bread: and others, fill and considerable sums of money bt?inging to the under great consternation from the presence of the royal treasury. cmigrants, scarcely thought of procuring the neWe fent for the mayor,

Letter from the Mirfier 7':r. and from an account which he gave to us, we

Par'i, 07. 15.

I opporhuge 300 rations of bread, which were defined for the copy of dispreches I have received from genehunt neceffary

. The fame Tocanacie presented of the recovering of Verdun. Th. commention La-Chapeile, and many otherswhich we vinted the pacific difpofition shewn by the Profiun genea

ral Kalckreuth, in a confere.ce which general ey had ravaged, po foned the water, by actually


LE BRUN. ujuet fully proves that they consider themselves berfes. [Loud murmurs. Their whole Summons fent hy General

D:71:n to the Commandine of t/c Pruffian Troops a: Verdun.

cellaries of life.

justly profcribed from th

avoid a close fiege, which will otherwise be com- successes to announce to you. The national conmenced this day. I fend this to you by lieutenant vention will doubtless hear with satisfaction, that colonel Chenetz, my aid-de-camp, whom I have the people are peaceable on the approach of out oidered to bring back your amwer,

armies, and confide in those sentiments of huma(Signed)

nity which unite us to all oppressed citizens. DILLON. The following are extracts from these letters i

The French, to the number of 15,000 men, Answer by the Pruffian General Coubire. having appeared at Darmstadt, 3000 men who

Verdun, 08. 11. were in garrison then fell back upon Francfort, I am ordered by the king to inform you, in an which they quitted on the 5th inftant, to retire fwer to your fummons, that to-morrow morning the to Gielen. The magiftrates sent a deputation to 12th current, you will be put in poffeßion of the the French army, to assure them that they would gate of Secours, which faali te occupied joinly by find at Francfort none but friends. the troops of the king and the French troops ; At Cotlentz, the elector being informed on the that Verdun shall be completely evacuated on the 5th, that the French were only twelve leagues 14th ; and that the sick who are in a condition to distant from that city, endeavoured to fly : the be removed, shall follow in carriages of the coun- citizens, however, cut the traces of his carriage, try, which shall be paid for. On these articles I but permitted him to retire to his country ist am authorised to agree to a capitulation, &c. at Kerlick, which is at the distance of a quarzt

of a league from the city. In the night time be Letter from the Minister at War. escaped and pursued his way to Bonn. The noties

Paris, 08. 13. and priests wished to follow his example, but the Citizen president, I have received letters from citizens took poffefiion of the gates of the different towns in Germany, which give me reason city, and would not suffer any one to go ont to hope that general Cuftine will soon have new


Hyll, August 15, 1792.

three people employed in his works; they des

fired him to get up and go home, which he reBOUT midnight, two'fishermen being fured. Upon this they determined to play bim a employed near the Spurn, one of them, a trick, and poured some coal oil upon his works

, called Sanuel Sallies, having both his hands en- This somehow took fire. The man got up, and gaged in drawing the net, caught the head of a at his departure shook hands with one of them, and foal, which was endeavouring to escape through, wished him a good night; he went away towards the mesh of the net, between his teeth (a practice his own house, and the three inen left him, and very common among fishermen.) The foal inaking took a different road towards their own dwelling an effort, sprung into the man's throat, who The poor man did not proceed far, before be! being thereby rendered incapable of calling out to again laid himself down, near a ditch, where he his companion, went toward him, and made him was found in the morning, alive indeed, but fpeche sensible by figns, of his melancholy situation. His less, and expired in a very short time atcer

. comrade instantly laid hold of the film's tail, but jury fat on the body, and brought in their vendet not being able to extract the body, the man was mannaughter. His body was much scorched by . fuffocated soon after he reached the boat. It was oil, but his cloaths uninjured. judged proper, for the jurinuation of the other

Edinburgh, Sept. 8.) A pinnre-bout 4* fishermen, to ascertain his death ; therefore, pre · Leith, with four young gentlemen of the place vious to the jury's fitting over the body, the gullet and three seamen, went to Inchkeith, 0? was opened in presence of the coroner, when the pleasure-party : when, owing to the fool-hard we's soal (the dimension of which were eight inches of the foamen. who ishonch repeatedly requested

on board his Majesty's armed vessel Bounty, for quence of an alarm of fire, at Mr. Furning's, running away with the ship, and deserting his Ma- near Hackney, when a young gentleman, a, jekty's Tervice, againft Joseph Coleman, Charles visitor, in forcing himself out of a window into Norman, Tho. Mackintosh, Peter Haywood, the yard, was torn so violently by a dog, that ljuz Morris, John Milward, Wm. Musprat,' his life is despaired of. The fire, which had caught Thomas Birkett, Thomas Ellison, and Michael to the curtains in one of the chambers, was Byra.

happily extinguished, The evidence for the prosecution closed on Friday As a young man, named Thomas Forster, son of night, and the Court indulged the prisoners till an eminent gardener of Mickleton, in GloucesMonday to give in their defence, and this day took tershire, was walking in their own garden, he the whole into consideration, when they were pleased saw an adder; he laid hold of a garden-rake, to pass fentence of death on Haywood, Morris, and struck it; upon which, with a sudden spring, . Milward, Musprat, Birkett, and Ellison, the two ir fastened round his left arm, bit him upon the firit of whom the Court recommended to mercy. pit of the stomach, and then dropped off. The Coleman, Norman, Mackintosh, and Byrn, were place bitten began swelling immediately, with an acquitted and discharged.

uncommon degree of pain, which baffled every During the whole of this interesting trial, the effort of an experienced surgeon for the space of attorney general had attended tre court, whiclı has fix hours, when the young man died in the most frequently been visited by people of rank; among excruciating and tormenting pain. these may be reckoned lord Macartney, fir Nath The American honeysuckle, which bears fo Crofe, judge Alhurst, Mr. secretory Rose, &c. pretty a flower in most gardens in this kingdom,

On the part of the prisoners, Axon rahim, after its blossom clores, instead of going to leed, 5sq. formerly judge-advocate of Newfoundland, the pod ripens into very fine cotton, which it and now one of the justices for Westminster, ap- produces in abundance. --This is a circumstance pointed by the new police-bill, attended by a which, if not worthy the attention of the cotton counsel from Wef miniter-hall, and Stephen Bar- manufacturer, at least mcrits notice from the Ty, Esq. town clerks of this borough, acted as curious. folicitors, and did every thing for their unhappy In consequence of the supposed danger to which clients that humanity could dictate, or indefatiga- the lives of the royal family of France are exble induftry and abilities accomplish.

posed, the underligned ministers have presented Mr. Haywood is an accomplished youn? gentle. the following note to lord Grenville on the Tube min, genteelly connectei, with a furtune of ject. 30,cool, fullen to him fince he has been in confine “ The underligned envoys extraordinary and

ministers plenipotentiary to his imperial apostolic

majesty, and his majesty the king of the two LONDON, Etober 1, 1792. Sicilies, ia consequence of the ties of blood and

friendship wbich attach their sovereigns to the A MOST wonderful curiosity has rery lately king and queen of France, have the honour, co been sent to John Selwand, Esq. of Portman- address lord Grenville, to represent to him the square ; it is a hawk of a very large size, imminent dan, er which threatens the lives of Caught at the Cape of Good Hope: round its their most christian majesties, and their royal Deck is a gold collar, of curious workmanship, on · family, and the apprehenfions they have too much which have been discovered the following words : cause to entertain, that the atrocities which the " This goodlie hawke doth belong to his moft fictions in France practise against chefa august Excellente majestie James, king of Englande, personages, will not ceafe until the crime is A. D. 1610.”—Thc hawk Mill bctrays a degree completed. They are authorized to express the of vigour, and the only fymptom of old age dif- with of their respective courts, that his Britannic coverable, is a dimness of light, and a ch inge in, majesty, in the event of such a horrible atrempt, the colour of the feathers round the neck, from will not permit the residence, nor give any protecbrown to white.

tion or arilum to those persons who may be A packet arrived from Sierra Leone, which known to have participated in such a step. brings the most melancholy accounts from this (Signed) rew settlement. So dreadful à mortality has

COUNT STADION. prevailed, that upwards of two hundred white

PRINCE CASTELCICALA. persons have died since the last accounts were re Sept. 20th, 1792. ceived. Numbers of the blacks have all fallen

Lord Grenvile's Anfaver,


fcribere to the inclemency of the climate

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