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70. oldal - Ah, there was a woman !" simply makes us uncomfortably jealous ; we feel like exclaiming, with a certain asperity, that there are as good fish in the sea as ever were caught.
154. oldal - Letters concerning goods or merchandise sent by common known carriers to be delivered with the goods which such letters concern without hire or reward or other profit or advantage for receiving or delivering such letters. But nothing herein contained shall authorise any person to make a collection of such excepted letters for the purpose of sending them in the manner hereby authorised.
97. oldal - English sq.m., with a pop. (according to the most recent estimate) of 482,422, or 67 to the sq. mile. The northern frontier is formed by a portion of the great Cordillera chain, and parallel to this range, and between it and the Pacific sea-board, runs another range of mountains along the whole length of the country, breaking it up into an inland valley, and a long, low, rich belt along the coast. This central range is highly volcanic in character, and has 16 volcanic peaks, ranging in height from...
45. oldal - The cause of the Emperor was the cause of the nation, and ought to receive the approbation of every lover of the country." Navarro, a young but powerful member from Matto Grosso, followed in a violent and denunciatory speech, in which he stigmatized the Eegent, and all his acts, in the most opprobrious language. While in the heat of his harangue, he suddenly exclaimed, "Viva a maioridade de sua Majestade...
169. oldal - The identical spot where the fatal stake was usually placed in Smithfield has been sufficiently identified. For a long time a square piece of pavement, composed of stones of a dark colour, a few paces in front of the entrance gate of the church of Bartholomew the Great traditionally marked the locality. In the year 1849, during the progress of certain excavations, the pavement was removed, and beneath it, at the distance of about three feet, were found a number of rough stones and a •quantity of...
139. oldal - ... sacrificing a single life. The bill for the abolition of certain local exemptions from taxation enabled me to avail myself of a liberal concession made, in anticipation, by the Emperor of the French, whereby several taxes were removed which pressed heavily upon British shipping. I have concluded a postal convention with the United States of America, whereby the rate of postage between the two countries will be diminished by one-half, and further arrangements are in progress for increasing the...
89. oldal - The addition of the serpent suspended beneath the imperial eagle is very interesting; for, although it seems never to have been noticed, the serpent, no doubt, was borne in commemoration of the annexation of the principality of Milan to the empire by Otho III. in 996, when he took the town and proclaimed himself King of Lombardie.
46. oldal - I'm only what I ought to be: The sceptre is a weighty trust, A great responsibility; And he who rules with faithful hand, With depth of thought and breadth of range, The sacred laws should understand, But must not, at his pleasure, change. The chair of justice is the throne: Who takes it bows to higher laws; The public good, and not his own, Demands his care in every cause.
145. oldal - Well, I waited there three days, and began to think that nobody ever would come. At last the clerk whispered to me,
143. oldal - Co., and they were issued to stamp-vendors and Government officials much as they are in England, and every police officer and native district collector of land revenues, customs, etc., was ordered to receive, and forward with his own official papers to his immediate official superior, all letters bearing one of these mysterious stamps of the British Government, or rather of the Great Company.

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