Goldsmith's Roman History

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Evert Duyckinck, 1810 - 275 oldal

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130. oldal - They would have it so." Upon entering the enemies' camp, every object presented fresh instances of the blind presumption and madness of his adversaries: on all sides were to be seen tents adorned with ivy, and branches of myrtle, couches covered with purple, and side-boards loaded with plate.
70. oldal - He received the message with as much amazement at their candour, as indignation at his physician's treachery. " Admirable Fabri'cius !" cried he, " it would be as easy to turn the sun from its course, as thee from the path of honour.
132. oldal - Having taken in Cornelia, he now continued his course, steering to the southeast, and stopping no longer than was necessary to take in provisions, at the ports that occurred in his passage. He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor. Ptolemy, who was as yet a minor, had not the government in his own hands, but he and his kingdom were under the direction of Photinus, an eunuch, and Theodotus, a master of the art of speaking.
129. oldal - At length, Caesar's men having taken breath, ran furiously upon the enemy, first discharging their javelins, and then drawing their swords.
250. oldal - However, his soldiers mutinying, as was now usual with them ; they followed him to his palace, pursuing him from apartment to apartment, till at last he was found concealed in a privy. Having dragged him...
260. oldal - ... approaching expedition : sensible of his own incapacity to succeed without Divine assistance, he employed his meditations upon the opinions that...
111. oldal - And now, perceiving it in vain to dissemble any longer, he resolved to enter into action immediately, before the troops of the republic were increased ; and accordingly he left Rome that very night with a small retinue, to make the best of his way towards Etruria.
134. oldal - permit me to share in this honour also ; among all the miseries of my exile, it will be my last sad comfort, that I have been able to assist at the funeral of my old commander, and touch the body of the bravest general that ever Rome produced.
146. oldal - However, all the conspirators were now alarmed, and enclosing him round, he received a second stab from an unknown hand in the breast, while Cassius wounded him in the face. He still defended himself with great vigour, rushing among them, and throwing down such as opposed him, till he saw Brutus among the conspirators, who, coming up, struck a dagger into his thigh. Caesar, from that moment, thought no more of defending himself; but looking upon this conspirator, cried out, "And you too, my son...
181. oldal - it was not by proxy that I served you at the battle of Actium.

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