The Last Days of Pompeii, 1. kötet

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xi. oldal - of complete accuracy even in matters of outward costume, much less in the more important points of language and manners. But the same motive which prevents my writing the dialogue of the piece in Anglo-Saxon, or in Norman-French [in Latin or in Greek], and which prohibits my sending forth this
xi. oldal - (1st edition), appears to me at least as applicable to a writer who draws from classical as to one who borrows from feudal antiquity. Let me avail myself of the words I refer to, and humbly and reverently appropriate them for the moment: " It is true that I neither can, nor do pretend, to the observation [observance
xi. oldal - of parchment, fastened to a cylinder, and adorned with a boss], prevents my attempting to confine myself within the limits of the period to which my story is laid. It is necessary, for exciting interest of any kind, that the subject assumed should
196. oldal - Wreathe then the roses, wreathe, The BEAUTIFUL still is ours; While the stream shall flow and the sky shall glow, The BEAUTIFUL still is ours! Whatever is fair, or soft, or bright, In the lap of day or the arms of night, Whispers our soul of Greece — of Greece, And hushes our care with a voice of
46. oldal - dreams, and like the Cyprian sculptor, I have breathed life into my own imaginings." Longer, perhaps, had been the enamoured soliloquy of Glaucus, but at that moment a shadow darkened the threshold of the chamber, and a young female, still half a child in years, broke upon his solitude. She was
25. oldal - It was a most infamous law, that which forbade us to send our own slaves to the wild beasts. Not to let us do what we like with our own, that's what I call an infringement on property itself." "Not so in the good old days of the Republic,
84. oldal - Learn from the waves that ever kiss the shore, And the winds nestling on the heaving sea. " All teaches love ! " — The sweet voice, like a dream, Melted in light; yet still the airs above, The waving sedges, and the whispering stream, And the green forest rustling,
26. oldal - he had exhausted all the others: yet had he some talent, and an excellent heart — as far as it went. "I know its face, by Pollux! " cried Pansa. "It is an Ambracian kid! Ho ! [snapping his fingers, a usual signal to the slaves] we must prepare a new libation in honor to the newcomer.
16. oldal - An austere reply, but scarcely a wise one. Pleasure delights in contrasts; it is from dissipation that we learn to enjoy solitude, and from solitude dissipation." " So think the young philosophers of the Garden," replied the Egyptian; " they mistake lassitude for meditation, and imagine that, because they are sated with others, they know the delight of
143. oldal - nobles; and this enabled him to gratify to the utmost the passions which had no outlet in business or ambition. Travelling from clime to clime, and beholding still Rome everywhere, he increased both his hatred of society and his passion for pleasure. He was in a vast prison, which, however, he could

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