Her teeth the night with darkness dyes,

Rest here, distrest by poverty no more, She's starr'd with pimples o'er;

Find bere that calm thou gav'st so oft before; Her tongue like nimble lightning plies,

Sleep undisturb'd within this peaceful shrive, And can with thunder roar.

Tillangels wake thee with a note like thine.
But some Zelinda, while I sing,
Denies my Lyce shines;

EPITAPHIUM IN THOMAM HAN. And all the pens of Cupid's wing

MER, BARONETTUM. Attack my gentle lines.

HONORABILIS admodum Thomas Hanmer Yet, spite of fair Zelinda's eye,

And all her bards express,
My Lyce makes as good a sky,

Wilhelmi Hanmer armigeri, è Peregrinâ Henrici

North And I but flatter less,

De Mildenball in com Suffolciæ Baronetti so

sore et hærede,


Johannis Hanmer de Hanmer Baronetti LEV'ET,

Hæres patruclis [cessit, A PRACTISER IN PHYSIC.

Antiquo gentis suæ et titulo et patrimonio suc

Duas uxores fortitus est; Condemx'd to hope's-delusive mine,

Alteram Isabellam, bonore à patre derivato, de As on we toil from day to day,

Arlington comitissam, By sudden blasts, or slow decline,

Deindè celsissimi principis ducis de Grafton viOur social comforts drop away.

duam dotariam : Well try'd through many a varying year, Alteram Elizabetham Thomæ Poulkes de Barton See Levet to the grare descend,

in com. Suff. armigeri Officious, innocent, sincere,

Filiam et hæredem. Of ev'ry friendless name the friend.

Inter humanitates studia feliciter enutritus,

Omnes liberaliuin artium disciplinas avidè arYet still he fills affectiou's eye,

ripuit, Obscurely wise, and coarsely kind;

Quas morum suavitate haud leviter ornavit. Nor, letter'd Arrogance, deny

Postquam excessit ex ephebis, Thy praise to merit unrefiu’d.

Continuò inter populares suos famâ eminens, When fainting nature call'd for aid,

Et comitatûssui legatis ad Parliamentum missus, And hov'ring death prepar'd the blow, Ad ardua regoj negotia per annos prope triginta His vig'rous remedy display'd

se accinxit : The pow'r of art without the show.

Cumque apud illos amplissimorum virorum

ordines In misery's darkest cavern known,

Solent nihil temerè effutire, His useful care was ever nigh,

Sed probè perpensa dissertè expromere, Where hopeless anguish pour'd his groan,

Orator gravis et pressus; And lonely want retir'd to die.

Non minus integritatis quam eloquentiæ laudo No summons mock'd by chill delay,

commendatus, No petty gain disdain'd by pride,

Æquè omnium, utcunque inter se alioqui dissi. The modest wants of ev'ry day

dentium, The toil of ev'ry day supply'd.

Aures atque animos attraxit. His virtues walk'd thejr narrow round,

Annoque demum M DCC.XIII, regnante Annå, Nor made a pause, nor left a void;

Felicissima florentissimæque memoriæ regina, And sure th' Eternal Master found

Ad Prolocutoris cathedram The single talent well einployd,

Communi Senatûs universi voce designatus est :

Quod munus, The busy day—the peaceful night,

Cum nullo tempore non difficile, Unfelt, uncounted, glided by ;

Tum illo certè, negotiis His frame was firm-his powers were bright, Et variis et lubricis et implicatis difficillimum, Though now his eightieth year was night.

Cum dignitate sustinuit. Then with no fiery throbbing pain,

Honores alios, et omnia quæ sibi in lucrum ceNo cold gradations of decay,

derent munera, Death broke at once the vital chain,

Sedulò detrectavit, And freed his soul the nearest way.

Ut rei totus inserviret publicæ;

Justi rectique tenax,

Et fide in patriam incorruptâ notus. EPITAPH ON CLAUDE PHILLIPS, Ubi omnibus, quæ virum civemque bonum de

cent, officiis satisfecisset, AN ITINERANT MUSICIAN'. Phillips ! whose touch harmonious could re- as Johnson's in a memorandum of his hand-writ

ing, and were probably written at her request. The pangs of guilty pow'r, and hapless love,

Phillips was a travelling fidler up and down

Wales, and was greatly celebrated for his peri These lines are among Mrs. Williams' formance. Miscellanies : they are nevertheless recognised 2 At Hanmer church in Flintshire.



Paulatim se à publicis consiliis in otium recipiens,
Inter literarum amcpilates,

Calm conscience, then, his former life survey'd Inter ante-actæ vitæ haud insuaves recordationes, Till Nature call'd him to the gen'ral doom,

And recollected toils endear'd the shade,
Inter amicorum convictus et amplexus,
Huuorificè copsenuit;

And virtue's sorrow dignified his tomb.
Et bonis omnibus, quibus charissimus vixit,

Desideratissimus obiit.
Hic, juxta cineres avi, sus condi voluit, et

Gulielmus Bunbury Bttus vepos et bæres.

BRIGA'T Stella, form'd for universal reign,

Too well you know to keep the slaves you gain ; PARAPHRASE OF THE ABOVE

When in your eyes resistless lightnings play, EPITAPH.

Aw'd into love our conquer'd hearts obey,

And yield reluctant to despotic sway:

But when your music soothes the raging pain, Thou who surrey'st these walls with curious We bless the tyrant, and we hug the chain.

We bid propitious Heav'n prolong your reign, eye,

When old Timotheus struck the vocal string, Pause at the tomb where Hanmer's ashes lie;

Ambition's fury fir'd the Grecian king: His various worth through varied life attend,

Unbounded projects lab’ring in his mind, And learn his virtues while thou mourn'st bis end.

He pants for room in one poor world confin'd.

Thus wak'd to rage, by music's dreadful pow'r, His force of genius burn'd in early youth, With thirst of knowledge, and with love of Had Stella's gentle touches mov'd the lyre,

He bids the sword destroy, the flame devour. truth;

Soon had the monarcb felt a nobler fire; His learning, join'd with exch endearing art,

No more delighted with destructive war, Charm'd ev'ry ear, and gain'd on ev'ry heart.

Ambitious only now to please the fair; Thus early wise, thi' endanger'd realm to aid,

Resign'd his thirst of empire to her charms, His country call'd him from ihe studious shade;

dud found a thousand worlds in Stella's arms.
In life's first bloom his public toils began,
At once commenc'd the senator and man.
In business dextrous, weighty in debate,

Thrice ten long years he labour'd for the state ;
In ev'ry speech persuasive wisdom flow'd,

In ev'ry act refulgent viriue glow'd :

Verses 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 11.
Suspended faction ceas'd froin rage and strife,
To hear his eloquence, and praise his life.

“ GO TO TAE ANT TROU SLUGGARD.” Resistless merii tix'd the senate's choice, Turn on the prudent ant thy heedful eyes, Who haild him speaker with united voice. Observe ber Jabours, sluggard, and be wise : Ulustrious age! low bright thy glories shone, No stern conimand, no munitory voice, When Hanmer filled the chair-and Anne the Prescribes her duties, or directs her choice; throue!

Yet, timely provident, she bastes away, Then when dark arts obscur'd each fierce de-To snatch the blessings of the plenteous day; bate,

When fruitful summer loads the teeming plain, When mutual frauds perplex'd the maze of state, She crops the harvest, and she stores the grain. The moderator firmly mild appeard

How long shall sloth usurp tby useless hours, Bebeld with love with veneration heard. Underve thy vigour, and enchain thy pow'rs; This task perform'd-he sought no gainful While artful shades thy downy coucb enclose, post,

And soft solicitation courts repose ?
Nor wish'd to glitter at his country's cost; Amidst the drowsy charms of dull delight,
Strict on the right he fix'd his stedfast eye, Year chases year with unremitted flight,
With temperate zeal and wise anxiety:

Till want now following, fraudulent and slow,
Nor e'er from virtue's paths was lur'd aside, Shall spring to seize thee like an ambush'd foe.
To pluck the flow'rs of pleasure, or of pride.
ller gifts despis'd, corruptiun blush'd and fied, 1 These lines, which have been communicated
And fame pursu'd him where conviction led. by Dr. Turton, son to Mrs. Turton, the lady to

Age calfd, at length, his active mind to rest, whom they are addressed by her maiden name With honour sated, and with cares opprest; of Hickman, must have been written at least as To letter'd ease retir'd, and honest unirth, early as the year 1734, as that was che year of To rural grandeur and domestic worth :

her marriage : at how much earlier a period of Delighted still to please mankind, or mend, Dr. Johnson's life they may have been written, is The patriot's fire yet sparkled in the friend.

not known.

2 In Mrs. Williams's. Miscellanies, but now "This Paraphrase is inserted in Mrs. Wil-printed from the original in Dr. Johnson's own liams's Miscellanies. The Latin is here said to hand-writing. be written by Dr. Freind. Of the person whose memory it celebrates, a copious account may be seen in the Appendix to the Supplement to the Biographia Britannica.

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Think not yet my service hard,

Joyless task without reward ;

Smiling at my master's gates,
The snow, dissolv'd, no more is seen,

Freedom my returu awaits ; The fields and woods, behold! are green;

But the lib'ral grant in vain The changing year renews the plain,

Temp:s me to be wild again.

Can a prudent dore decline The rivers know their banks again ;

Blissful bondage such as mine? The sprightly nymph and naked grace

Over bills avid fields to roam, The mazs dance together trace;

Fortune's guest without a home;
The changing year's successive plan

Under leares to hide one's head,
Proclaims mortality to man;
Rough winter's blasts to spring give way,

Slightly shelter'd, coarsely fed:
Spring yields to summer's sov'reign ray;

Now my better lot bestows Then summer sinks in autumn's reign,

Sweet repast, and soft repose ; And winter chills the world again;

Now the gen'rous bowl I sip Her losses suon the Moon supplies,

As it leaves Anacreon's lip: But wretched man, when once he lies

Void of care, and free from dread, Where Priam and his sous are laid,

From his fingers snatch his bread;

Then, with luscious plenty gay, Is nonght but ashes and a shade.

Round his chamber dance and play ; Who knows if Jove, who counts our score,

Or from wine, as courage springs, Will toss us in a morning more?

O'er his face extend my wings; What with your friend you nobly share

And when feast and frolic tire, At least you rescue from your heir.

Drop asleep upon his lyre, Not you, Torquatus, boast of Rome,

This is all, be quick and go,
When Minos once has fix'd your doom,

More than all thou canst not know;
Or eloquence, or splendid birth,
Or virtue, shall restore to Earth,

Let me now my pioions ply.

I ltave chatter'd like a pye.
Hippolytus, unjustly slain.
Diana calls to life in vain;
Nor can the might of Theseus rend

The chains of Hell that hold his friend.
Nov. 1784.



WHERESO E'ER I turn my view,

All is strange, yet nothing new ;

Endless labour all along,

Endless labour to be wrong;
Had this fair figure which this frame displays, Phrase that time hath Aung away,
Adorn'd in Roman time the brightest days, Uncouth words in disarray,
In every dome in every sacred place,

Trick'd in antique ruff aud bunnet,
Her statue would have breath'd an added grace, Ode, and elegy, and sonnet.
And on its basis would bave been enroll'd,
“ This is Minerva, cast in virtue's mould.”


The following Translations, Parodies, and Bur-
lesque verses, most of thern extempore, are

Err shall they not, who resolute explore
taken from Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson publish- Times gloomy backward with judicious eyes;
ed by Mrs. Piozzi.

And, scanning right the practices of yore,

Shall deen our boar progenitors unwise.

They to the dome where smoke with curling play

Announc'd the dinner to the regions round,
LOVELY courier of the sky,

Summon'd the singer blythe, and harper gay,
Whence and wbither dost thou fly?

And aided wine with dulcet-streaming sound.
Scatt'ring, as thy pinions play,

The better use of notes, or sweet or shrill;
Liquid fragrance all the way:

By quiv'ring string or modulated wind;
Is it business? is it love?

Trumpet or lyre-to their harsh bosoms chill,
Tell me, tell me, genite dove.

Admissiou ne'er had sought, or could not find.
Soft Anacreon's vout I bear,
Vows to Myrtale the fair;

Oh! send them to the sulley mansions dun,
Grac'd with all that charms the heart,

Her baleful eyes where Sorrow rolls around;
Blushing nature, smiling art.

Where gloom-enamour'd Mischief loves to dwell,
Venus, courted by an ode,

And Murder, all blood-boller'd, schemes the

On the bard ber dove bestow'd :
Vested with a master's right,

When cates luxuriant pile the spacious dish,
Now Anacreon rules my flight;

And purple nec'ar glads the festive hour,
His the letters that you see,

The guest, without a want, without a wish,
Weighty charge, consiga'd to me:

Can yield no room to music's soothing pow'r.

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Time his hours should never drive
V'er the bounds of thirty-five.
High to soar and deep to dive,
Nature gives at thirty-five.
Ladies, stock and tend your hive,
Trifle not at thirty five;
For, howe'er we boast and strive,
Life declines froin thirty-five.
He that ever hopes to thrive
Must begin by thirty-five;
And all who wisely wish to wive
Must louk on Thrale at thirty-five.

Call the Betsies, Kates and Jennies,

All the names that banish care;
Lavish of your grandsire's guincas,

Show the spirit of an heir.
All that prey on vice and folly

Joy to see their quarry fly:
There the gamester, light and jolly,

There the lender, grave and sty.
Wealth, my lad, was made to wander,

Let it wander as it will ;
Call the jockey, call the pander,

Bid them come and take their fill.
When the bonny blade carouses,

Pockets full, and spirits high-
What are acres? what are houses?

Only dirt, or wet or dry.
Should the guardian friend or mother

Tell the woes of wilful waste:
Scorn their council, scorn their pother,

You can hang or drown at last.



WEAR the gown and wear the hat,

Snatch thy pleasures while they last;
Hadst thou nine lives, like a cat,

Soon those nine lives would be past.

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Deh se piacermi vuoi.

Ex alieno ingenio poeta, ex suo tantum versifi.

Scalig. Foet.
WOULD you hope to gain my heart,

Tourire concentum, Solymæx tollite nymphæ
Bid your teasing doubts depart;
He, who blindly trusts, will find

Nil mortale loquor; cælum mihi carminis alta
Faith from ev'ry gen’rous mind :

Materies; poscunt gravjus cælestia plectrum.
He, who still expects deceit,

Muscosi fontes, sylvestria tecta, valete,
Only teaches how to cheat.

Aonidesque Deæ, et mendacis somnia Pindi:
Tu, mihi, qui Aaminâ movisti pectora sancti

Sidereâ Isaiæ, dignos accende furores!

Immatura calens rapitur per secula vates

Sic orsus-Qualis rerum mibi nascitur ordo!
OF A SPEECH OF AQUILLIO IN THE ADRIANO Virgo! virgo parit! felix radicibus arbor

Jessæis surgit, mulcentesque æthera flores
Tu che in Corte inuechiasti.

Cælestes lambunt animæ, ramisque columba,

Nuncia sacra Dei, plaudentibus insidet alis.
GROwn old in courts, thou surely art not one Nectareos rores, alimentaque mitia cælum
Who keeps the rigid rules of antient honour; Præbeat, et tacite fæcundos irriget inibres.
Weil skill'd to southe a foe with looks of kindness, Huc, fædat quos lepra, urit quos febris, adeste,
To sink the fatal precipice before him,

Dia salutares spirant medicamina rami;
And then lainent his fall with seeming friendship: Hic requies fessis; non sacra sævit in umbra
Open to all, true only to thyself, (praise, Vis Boreæ gelida, ant rapidi violentia solis.
Thou know'st those arts which blast with envious Irrita vanescent prisca vestigia fraudis
Which aggravate a fault with feign'd excuses, Justitiæque manus pretio intemerata bilavcem
And drive discountenanc'd virtue from the throne; Attollet reducis; bellis prætendet olivas
That leave the blame of rigour to the prince, Compositis pax alma suas, terrasque revisens
And of his ev'ry gift usurp the merit:

Sedatas niveo virtus lucebit amictu :
That hide in seeming zeal a wicked purpose Volvantur celeres anni! lux purpuret ortum
And only build upon another's ruin,

Expectata diu! paturæ claustra refringens,
Nascere, magne puer! tibi primas, ecce, corollas

Deproperat tellus, fundit tibi munera, quicquid

Carpit Arabs, hortis quicquid frondescit Eois.
Long-expected one-and-twenty,

Altius, en! Lebanon gaudentia culmina tollit,
Ling'ring year, at length is flown:
Pride and pleasure, pomp and plenty,

This translation has been severely criticised by
Great *** ****, are now your own.

Dr. Warton, in his edition of Pope, vol. i. p. 105,

Svo. 1797. It certajuly contains some expres. Loosen'd from the minor's tether,

sions that are not classical. Let it be remeinbered, Free to mortgage or to sell. Wild as wind, and light as feather,

however, that it was a college-exercise, perform

ed with great rapidity, and was at first praised Bid the sons of thrift farewell.

beyond all suspicion of defectC.

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