tween high-water and low-water marks. This had been contested by the Government, and an action had been brought against the Corporation. The Act embodies an agreement, by which the Corporation withdraws its claims, agrees to pay 5,000l., and the suit is to be discontinued. The Act then proceeds to vest the said soil in the Corporation, subject to the condition that an account shall be kept in respect of all leases, rents, &c., derived in any shape from appropriations of any sort of the aforesaid soil, the account to be made up annually to the end of December, and to be presented on or before the succeeding 1st of March. Of the sums so received, one-third is to be paid over to the use of her Majesty, and the remaining two-thirds to be strictly applied to the improvement of the river. Twelve conservators are to be appointed to carry this Act into effect; the Lord Mayor is to be one of the conservators, two other of such conservators to be aldermen of the said city, four others to be members of the common council, one other to be the deputy master of the Trinity House for the time being, three to be appointed by Government, and one by the Trinity House Corporation. The office of conservator is to be held for five years only, but each one is eligible for re-election or re-appointment, if otherwise duly qualified. Five are to be a quorum. They are empowered to erect jetties, piers, docks, or wharves; and may give license, on payment, for the erection of such by individuals; they may regulate tolls, but that for steamboats using piers is to be 6d. for each time of using any such; and they are also empowered to borrow a sum or sums, never exceeding 100,000%., for the purposes of the Act, to be charged on the two-thirds of the receipts vested in the Corporation. The total number of clauses is 181, and the Act came into operation on September 29, 1857.


[The following List contains the Titles of the Public Acts of the Session, not included in the foregoing Abstracts.]

1. For the amendment of the Cinque Ports Act.

2. To settle an Annuity on her Royal Highness the Princess Royal. 4. To apply the sum of 8,000,000 out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the year 1857.

5. To continue the Act for extending for a limited time the provision for Abatement of Income Tax in respect of Insurance on Lives.

6. To alter the Constitution and amend the Procedure of the Court of Exchequer Chamber in Ireland.

7. To revive and amend certain Acts relating to the Collection of County Cess in Ireland; and also to provide for the appointment, in certain cases, of Collectors to levy the Charges and Expenses of additional Constabulary appointed under the Act 19 and 20 Vict. cap. 36.

8. To amend the Act 17 and 18 Vict. cap. 11, with a view to the Abolition of Ministers' Money in Ireland.

9. To confirm certain Provisional Orders made under an Act of 15 Vict, to facilitate Arrangements for the Relief of Turnpike Trusts.

10. To amend the Charter of Incorporation granted to the borough of Hanley, in the county of Stafford.

11. To amend The Militia (Ireland) Act, 1854.

12 To carry into effect a Convention between her Majesty and the King of Denmark [for abolishing the Sound Dues].

13. To facilitate the procuring of Sites for Workhouses.

15. To amend the Act of the 6 and 7 Wm. IV. cap. 116, for consolidating and amending the Laws relating to the Presentment of Public Money by Grand Juries in Ireland.

16. To discontinue the Toll on the Turnpike Roads now existing in Ireland, and to provide for the Maintenance of such Roads as public Roads, and for the Discharge of the Debts due thereon, and for other purposes relating thereto.


17. To amend the Act of the 11 and 12 Vict., cap. 72, so far as relates to the distribution of the Constabulary Force in Ireland.

18. To regulate Procedure in the Bill Chamber in Scotland.

19. To remove Doubts as to the Law of Bankruptcy and Real Securities in Scotland.

21. To suspend the making of Lists and the Ballots for the Militia. 22. To apply the Public Health Act, 1848, to the parish of Aldershot, and to constitute a Local Board of Health therein.

23. To authorise the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland to sell Mill Sites and Water Power, notwithstanding Final Award, in any Drainage or Navigation District.

24. To continue certain Turnpike Acts in Great Britain.

25. To continue the powers of the Commissioners under an Act of the 17 and 18 Vict., concerning the University of Oxford and the Col lege of St. Mary, Winchester, and further to amend the said Act.

26. To provide for the Registration of Long Leases in Scotland, and Assignations thereof.

27. To amend the Acts relating to the Caledonian and Crinan Canals, and to make further Provision for the Accommodation of the Traffic.

28. To amend the Laws relating to the Payment of the Land and Assessed Taxes and Property and Income Tax in Scotland.

29. To render valid certain Marriages in Christchurch, West Hartlepool, in the parish of Stranton, in the county of Durham.

30. For enabling the Commissioners of the Admiralty to purchase certain Lands in Chatham, and to stop up, divert, or alter certain Ways in the said Parish; and for other Purposes relating thereto.

31. To amend and explain the Inclosure Acts.

32. For the better Supply of Water for the Use of Vessels resorting to the Harbour of Refuge at Portland, and for enabling the Commissioners of the Admiralty to supply such Water; for vesting in the said Commissioners certain Lands belonging to her Majesty; and for other purposes relating thereto,

33. To regulate certain proceedings in relation to the Election of Representative Peers for Ireland.

34. To explain an Act for the Settlement of the Boundaries between the Provinces of Canada and New Brunswick.

36. To supply an omission in a Schedule to the Act to amend the Acts relating to County Courts.

38. To continue the General Board of Health.

39. To regulate the admission of Attorneys and Solicitors of Colonial Courts in her Majesty's Superior Courts of Law and Equity in England, in certain cases.

40. To continue and amend an Act of the 17 and 18 Vict. cap. 89, and also the Laws for the suppression and prevention of Illicit Distillation in Ireland; and to constitute the Constabulary Force officers of customs for certain purposes.

41. To revive and continue an Act to amend the laws relating to Loan Societies.

42. To amend the Burial Grounds (Scotland) Act, 1855.

43. To improve the administration of the Law so far as respects summary proceedings before Justices of the Peace.

44. To regulate the institution of Suits at the instance of the Crown and the Public Departments in the Courts of Scotland.

45. To make further provision for defining the Boundaries of certain denominations of Land in Ireland for public purposes.

46. To appoint_additional Commissioners for executing the Acts for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes.

47. To enable Ecclesiastical Persons in Ireland to grant building leases of glebe lands in certain cases.

50. To amend the Acts concerning Municipal Corporations in England.

51. To guarantee a Loan for the service of New Zealand.

52. For discharging claims of the New Zealand Company on the proceeds of sales of Waste Lands in New Zealand.

53. To amend the Act for granting a Representative Constitution to the Colony of New Zealand.

56. To regulate the distribution of business in the Court of Session in Scotland.

58. To amend the Act 17 and 18 Vict. for the valuation of lands in Scotland.

59. Concerning the Parochial Schoolmasters in Scotland.

63. To authorise the advance of money out of the Consolidated Fund to the Magistrates and Town Council of Dunbar, for the purpose of improving the Victoria Harbour of Dunbar.

64. For raising a sum of money for building and improving Stations of the Metropolitan Police, and to amend the Acts concerning the Metropolitan Police.

65. To defray the charge of the Pay, Clothing, and contingent and other Expenses of the Disembodied Militia in Great Britain and Ireland; to grant allowances in certain cases to Subaltern Officers, Adjutants, Paymasters, Quartermasters, Surgeons, Assistant Surgeons, and Surgeons' Mates of the Militia; and to authorise the employment of the Non-Commissioned Officers.

66. For punishing Mutiny and Desertion of Officers and Soldiers in the service of the East India Company, and for regulating in such service the payment of regimental debts and the distribution of the effects of Officers and Soldiers dying in the Service.

67. To extend the time for enabling the Commissioners of her Majesty's Works to complete improvements in Pimlico and in the neighbourhood of Buckingham Palace.

68. To enable the Lord Lieutenant to appoint Revising Barristers for the revision of Lists and Registry of Voters for the City of Dublin. [This Act merely gives power to the Lord Lieutenant to appoint two revising barristers instead of one.]

69. To apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund and the surplus of Ways and Means to the service of the Year 1857, and to appropriate the supplies granted in this Session of Parliament.

74. To continue the Act concerning the Management of Episcopal and Capitular Estates in England.

75. To confirm an Order in Council concerning the exercise of jurisdiction in matters arising within the Kingdom of Siam.

76. Further to continue for a limited time the exemption of certain Charities from the operation of the Charitable Trusts Acts.



AN ACCOUNT of the GROSS PUBLIC INCOME of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in the Year ended Dec. 31, 1856, and of the EXPENDITURE for the same period.

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Fractional sums are omitted in some instances.


Taxes (Land and Assessed)

Property Tax
Post Office.

Crown Lands (net)

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[ocr errors]

OTHER RECEIPTS. Produce of the Sale of Old Stores, and other extra


Money received from the East India Company
Imprest and other Moneys
Unclaimed Dividends received

[ocr errors]

Total Income

Excess of Expenditure over Income

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[ocr errors]
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Interest and Management of the Permanent Debt

Unclaimed Dividends paid

Terminable Annuities

[ocr errors]

Civil List
Annuities and Pensions

Salaries and Allowances

Diplomatic Salaries and Pensions
Courts of Justice

Miscellaneous Charges on the Consolidated Fund.



s. d. 23,618,374 18 3 18,073,777 13 2 7,268,271 18 4 3,105,026 0 11 16,028,421 10 2 2,869,152 5 10 284,857 1 6

Interest of Exchequer Bonds, 1854 and 1855
Interest of Exchequer Bills, Supply and Deficiency

72,218,988 1 11 10,104,412 13 0

£82,323,400 14 11

Army, including Ordnance


Vote of Credit (additional Expenses, War with Russia)

Miscellaneous Civil Services

Salaries, &c., of Revenue Departments.

Total Expenditure

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510,154 13 5 60,000 0 0 318,006 6 6 82,945 13 10

[blocks in formation]

24,749,824 19 8 16,013,995

1 5 300,000 0 0 6,652,143 3 8 4,210,364 16 9

.£ 82,323,400 14 11


THE REVENUE.-AN ABSTRACT of the GROSS PRODUCE of the REVENUE of the UNITED KINGDOM, in the undermentioned periods, ended September 30, 1857, compared with the corresponding periods of the preceding Year.



Quarters ended


Dec. 31, March 31, June 30,
5,707,101 5,540, 182 5,864,724 5,981,344 23,093,301 6,232,175 5,248,600 6,149,349 5,481,385 23,106,509
4,604,000 2,806.778 5,005,000 5,446,000 17,861,778 4,816,000 2,898,000 4,507,000 5,298,000 17,519,000
1,749,769 1,801,540 1,858,083 1,770,649 7,180,041 1,838,000 1,905,477 1,850,491 1,752,255 7,346,223
1,351,000 249,000 1,343,026 157,000 3,100,026 1,356,000 260,020 1,324,000 159,000 3,099,020
1,335,373 6,880,971 2,376,751 5,347,236 15,940,331 1,423,464 6,942,483 2,455,540 4,931,537 15,753,024
€47,000 760,152 716,000 645,000 2,768,152 748,000 777,000 675,000 780,000 2,930,000
85,000 67,000 64,000 67,857 233,857 86,000 67,000 64,000 60,654 277,654
345,317 298,502 320,419 156,343 1,120,581 195,842 425,569 256,382 269,438 1,147,231
Totals.......... 15,824,560 18,404,075 17,548,003 19,571,429 71,348,067 16,695,481 18,519, 149 17,281,762 18,682,269 71,178,661

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CROWN LANDS...........


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Sept. 30,


Sept. 30,

Quarters ended

Dec. 31, March 31, June 30, 1856. 1857. 1857.

Surplus Balance beyond the Charge of the Consolidated Fund, for the Quarter

ended June 30, 1857, viz. :-Ireland.

Income Received in the Quarter ended Sept. 30, 1837, as shown above...........
Received in the Quarter ended Sept. 30, 1857, in repayment of Advances........

Sept. 30,


Sept. 30,

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AN ACCOUNT showing the REVENUE and other RECEIPTS of the Quarter ended Sept. 30, 1857; the Application of the same, and the Charge of the Consolidated Fund for the said Quarter, together with the Surplus or Deficiency upon such Charge.




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