A memoir of ... Sydney Smith. With a selection from his letters, ed. by mrs. [S.] Austin, 2. kötet

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418. oldal - Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound; If chance, with nymph-like step, fair virgin pass What pleasing seem'd, for her now pleases more; She most, and in her look sums all delight...
418. oldal - As one who, long in populous city pent, Where houses thick and sewers annoy the air, Forth issuing on a summer's morn to breathe Among the pleasant villages and farms Adjoin'd, from each thing met conceives delight ; The smell of grain, or tedded grass, or kine, Or dairy, each rural sight, each rural sound...
294. oldal - The new Beer Bill has begun its operations. Everybody is drunk. Those who are not singing are sprawling. The sovereign people are in a beastly state.
443. oldal - Still I can preach a little ; and I wish you had witnessed, the other day, at St. Paul's, my incredible boldness in attacking the Puseyites. I told them that they made the Christian religion a religion of postures and ceremonies, of circumflexions and genuflexions, of garments and vestures, of ostentation and parade ; that they took up tithe of mint and cummin, and neglected the weightier matters of the law, — justice, mercy, and the duties of life ; and so forth.
208. oldal - Of all ingenious instruments of despotism," said Sydney Smith, "I most commend a popular assembly where the majority are paid and hired, and a few bold and able men, by their brave speeches, make the people believe they are free."— Mem.
230. oldal - ... raising fleets and armies to make all men good and happy ? We have just done saving Europe, and I am afraid the consequence will be, that we shall cut each other's throats. No war, dear Lady Grey ! — no eloquence ; but apathy, selfishness, common sense, arithmetic ! I beseech you, secure Lord Grey's sword and pistols, as the housekeeper did Don Quixote's armour. If there is another war, life will not be worth having.
516. oldal - I dine with the rich in London, and physic the poor in the country; passing from the sauces of Dives to the sores of Lazarus. I am, upon the whole, a happy man; have found the world an enter-taining world, and am thankful to providence for the part allotted to me in it.
425. oldal - Correspondences are like small-clothes before the invention of suspenders ; it is impossible to keep them up.
485. oldal - I had eaten and drunk forty four-horse waggon-loads of meat and drink more than would have preserved me in life and health ! The value of this mass of nourishment I considered to be worth seven thousand pounds sterling. It occurred to me that I must, by my voracity, have starved to death fully a hundred persons. This is a frightful calculation, but irresistibly true...
271. oldal - I hate the insolence, persecution, and intolerance which so often pass under the name of religion, and (as you know) I have fought against them ; but I have an unaffected horror of irreligion and impiety ; and every principle of suspicion and fear would be excited in me by a man who professed himself an infidel.

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