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CLASS 100.-Minerals, ores, etc. Metallic and non-metallic minerals, exclusive of coal and

oil. Collections of minerals systematically arranged, collections of ores and associated

minerals ; geological collections.
Class 101.- Mineral combustibles. Coal, anthracite, semi-bituminous and bituminous, coal

waste and pressed coal ; albertite, asphalt, and asphaltic limestone , bitumen, mineral tar,

crude petroleum.
Class 102.—Building stones, marbles, slates, etc. Rough, hewa, suwn, or polished, for build

ings, bridges, walls, or other constructions, or for interior decoration, or for furniture,

Marble-white, black, or coloured-used in building, decoration, statuary, monuments,

or furniture, in blocks or slabe not manufactured,
Class 103.—Lime, cement, and hydraulic cement, raw and burned, accompanied by specimena

of the crude rock or material used, also artificial stone, concrete, beton,

Specimens of lime mortar and mixtures, with illustrations of the processes of mixing, eta,
Hydraulic and other cement.
Beton mixtures and results, with illustrations of the procesuit,
Artificial stone for building purposes, building blocks, crnicer, eve,
Artificial stone mixturer, for pavements, walls, or ceilings,

Plasters, masties, etc.
CLASS 104.--Clays, kaolin, silez, and other materials for the manufuture of poreclan, fuma,

and of glass, bricks, terrestta and tiles, and fire brick. Badratowy * Bw Bmw

furnaces, kanistone, sestre, etc., and retracury furun materiale.
Class 105.-Grapbáte, erude and refined for polishing purpm#; fu lubrating, akuntyyny,

photograpby, peseile, et
Class 106-Lithograpie ses, bower, wheterose, gume, printing and pollabong

materials, sand quartz, gurnut, erude paz, demand, undu, ekry in the rock en

pulverize, and in turn ins and puder,
Class 101-Mneral water, artan ve wave, stural brista, malink asid alkating site

262ns at solutions Mineral Seriting abetenes, PPEA, paromyciate 4 hits, series,
abels, supruiíses, ca. 1 manufacturei

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Cl. 102.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 100, 101, 103.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 101.

CI 102.

CI. 101, 259.

Model of most recent Example of Blast Fur- ! with specimens illustrating the excellence of
nace, with Wrightson's Hydraulic Charging slate as a raw material.

Apparatus, and Whitwell's Patent Hot Blast Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873 (Diploma of
Stoves and Ovens. Whitwell's Patent Open Merit); Puris, 1875 (Bronze Medal).
Stoves for Warming and Ventilating Rooms,

Great North of Scotland Granito
Schools, Halls, Hospitals, Asylums, Railway
Stations. Five examples.

Company (Limited), The, Granite Quarriers

and Polishers, Peterhead, Scotland. MonuE.xhibitor, Lyons, 1872 (Silver Medal);

mental Pedestal and Vase in polished Red Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit); London,


1874 (Certificate of Merit).

Lindley, Robert Charles, Quarryman,
West Cumberland Iron and Steel Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Specimens of
Co. (Limited). See Cl. 111.

stones from the Mansfield Quarries. (9)

Bessbrook Granito Works, Flynn,
Wigan Coal and Iron Company

Thomas M. H., Manager, Bessbrook, Ireland.
(Limited), Coal and Ironmasters, Wigan,

Irish Granites, Blue and Grey, polished and fine
Lancashire, England. Cannel Coal for the

axed, in Headstones, Monuments, &c., and in
production of Gas of high illuminating

polished Columns and Pilasters for building power, Gas Coal for the production of Gas.


Pig Iron (Ilæmatite, Foundry, and Forge). (2)
Exhibitors, London, 1862, for Cannel Coal

Shearer, Smith, & Co., Granite Mer-
(Prize Medal).

chants and Quarry Owners, and Granite

Polishers, Dalbeattie Granite Quarries, Scotland,
Dudgeon, Arthur, Engineer, 22, Great

and 21, Great George Street, Westminster,
George Street, Westininster, London, S.W.,

London, S.W. Specimens of Scotch Polished
and 163, Great Brunswick Street, Dublin.

Granite from their Quarries at Dalbeattie.
Peat fuel manufactured by the Irish Peat Fuel

Also specimens of axed and pick-dressed
Company. “ Dudgeon's Process.” Paper pulp

Granite for Buildings, Docks, Lighthouses, &c.,
manufactured from peat.


and specimens of Street Paving Blocks. (11)

Hunter, James, Polished Granite Manu-
Dixon, Frederick, Consulting Chemist,

facturer, 209, King Street, Aberdeen, Scotland.
20, Charterhouse Square, London, E.C. Pa-

Red polished granite Monument. (12) tent fuel.

(4) Exhibitor, London, 1862, under the Firm of

Robertson and Hunter.
Penrose and Richards, Merchants,
Swansea, South Wales. Coke Fuel. (5)

Cwmorthin Slate Company, The

(Limited), Slate Quarry Proprietors (Joseph F.
Marriott, Elizabeth. See Cl. 513, 517. Sims), 4, Cloak Lane, Queen Street, London,

E.C., and Portmadoc, North Wales. Roofing
Macdonald, Alexander, Field, & CO., slates.

Workers in Polished Granites (Red, Blue, Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit).
Grey, and Brown) for all varieties of monu-
mental, architectural, and other purposes.

Campbell, Hugh, & Son, Newry Gra

nite Polishing Works, Moor Quarries, Newry. Aberdeen Granite Works, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Polished Granite.

A polished red granite monument, 21 feet high
4 feet square at base, 8 tons weight. (6) Grays Chalk Quarrios Company,

Exhibitors, London, 1851, 1862 (Medals) ; The (Limited), Chalk Flint and Loam Mer-
Paris, 1855 (Medal), 1867 (Three Medals). chants, Brick and Tile Makers, Lime Burners,

Whiting and Paris White Manufacturers,
Pen-yr-Orsedd Slate Quarry Co. (Li- 90, Lower Thames Street, London, E.C.
mited), Carnarvon, North Wales. Roofing (Works) Grays, Essex. Chalk, Whiting, Kiln-
slates, slate slabs, cisterns of slate, ridges for dried Chalk, Gilders' Whiting, Flint. (15)
roofs, billiard slaba. Slate in the condition of Exhibitors, London, 1874 (First Class
slab partly manufactured and of roofing slates ; Bronze Medal).

C1. 102.

Ci. 101.

Cl. 101.

Cl. 102.

Cl. 101.

Cl. 102.

CI. 102.

C1, 103,


Cl. 102.

Cl, 103.

CL. 103.

Cl. 103.

Wouldham Cement Co., Portland Cement Manufacturers, and Grey Stone Lime Burners, Offices, 10A, King's Arms Yard, Moorgate Street, London, E.C.; Works, Wouldham-on-the-Medway, Kent, England. Speci. mens of Portland cement and its ingredients in different stages of manufacture. Concrete blocks and other objects made therefrom.

(16) Erhibitors, Moscow, 1872 (Grand Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Medal for Merit); London, 1874 (Exhibitors Medal); Paris Maritime E.xhibition, 1875 (Diploma of Honour).

Cl. 103.

CI. 103.

Cl. 104.

Cl. 104.

Patent Selenitic Cement Co. (Limited), 21), Millbank Street, Westminster, London, S.W. Licensors for Improved Method of Preparing Lime for Mortar, for Plastering and Brickwork, and also for Concrete in lieu of Portland Cement.

(17) Exhibitors, London, 1874 (Bronze Medal).

Hollick & Co., Manufacturers of Portland Cement. Greenwich, London. Portland Cement.

(20) Francis & Co., Cement, Whiting, and Plaster of Paris Manufacturers. Offices Vauxhall, London. Works, Cliffe Creek, Rochester. Depôts, Liverpool and Goole. Specimens of Portland, Roman, Medina, and Parian Cement; also of Cement Concrete as used for Building Foundations, Stabling, Paving, and Railway Arches. Samples of Parian Scagliola and decorated Parian. (21)

Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal).
Busse, G., & Co., See Cl. 224.

Pike, William Joseph, Clay Merchant. Wareham, Dorsetshire. Raw materials. (22)

Harrison, George King (late Perrens and Harrison), Stourbridge Clay Proprietor Fire Brick and Gas Retort Manufacturer, The Lye and Brettell Lane Fire Clay Mines, and Brick Works, Stourbridge, England. Specimens of Stourbridge fire-clays as raised from the mine, and piece of same after having been subjected to intense heat, showing the small amount of contraction, the portion burnt fitting that unburnt.

(23) Exhibitors, London, 1862; Paris, 1867 (Ilon. Mention).

Dunn, Robert, & Co., Clay Merchants Oak Villa, St. Austell, Cornwall.

“ China clay,” in its raw material; also samples, for potting, bleaching, paper manufacturing, and other purposes.

(24) Oakey, John, & Sons, Emery and Black Lead Manufacturers, Wellington Mills, West minster Bridge Road, S.E.

Crude emery tone grain emery ; flour emery prepared for the uses of machinists,


[blocks in formation]

Cl. 104.

CI. 103,



Lavers, Alfred Hamilton, Cement Merchant, Nine Elms, London. Portland Cement; Test Blocks, &c.; Roman, Keene's, and Parian Cements; Plaster of Paris ; Whiting. Testing Machine to show strength of Cement. (19)

Exhibitor, Vienna, 1873 (Diploma of Merit); London, 1874 (Medal).

Class 110.–Precious metals.
Class 111.-Iron and steel in the pig, ingot, and bar, plates and sheets, with specimens of

slags, fluxes, residues, and products of working.
Class 112.-Copper in ingots, bars, and rolled, with specimens illustrating its various stages

of production.
Class 113.-Lead, zinc, antimony, and other metals, the result of extractive processes.
Class 114.-Alloys used as materials, brass, nickel, silver, solder, etc.

Cl. 110,


Cl. 111, 103.

Cl. 111.

Johnson, Matthey, & Co., Metallurgists, near Stourport. Black Plates, Button Iron,
78, Hatton Garden, London, E.C. Articles in Sheet Iron, Tin Plates, Tinned Sheets, Terne
platinum, chiefly for chemical purposes ;
also Plates.

rare and precious metals.

(30) Exhibitors, Vienna, 1873 (Diploma of Exhibitors, London. 1851, 1862 ; Dublin,

Merit). 1865 ; Paris, 1867 (highest awards in each

Smith, Frederick, & Co., Wire Manu- C1. 111. class); Amsterdam, 1869; Vienna, 1873 (Medal

facturers, Caledonia Works, Halifax, Yorkfor Progress in two classes).

shire. Rope wire, rigging wire, telegraph

wire, card wire, reed wire, and bonnet wire; Governor and Company of Copper

samples of iron in its various stages of manuMiners in England, The, Manufacturers

facture into card wire for dressing wool and of Copper, Tin Plates, and Iron, Cwm Avon

cotton, and also superior class of charcoal wire Works, Taibach, Glamorganshire, S. Wales,

for colliery ropes, ships' rigging, reed wire, and 27, Martin's Lane, Cannon Street, London,

bonnet wire, and covered wire for stems of E.C. Tin and Terne Plates, ECC, Cwm Avon

artificial flowers, weaving wire, &c. (34) Charcoal. TB and BI brands.


Exhibitors, London, 1862 ; Paris, 1867 ;
Exhibitors, Paris, 1855 (Silver Medal);

Moscow, 1872; Vienna, 1873. (Medals.)
London, 1862 (Bronze Medal); Paris (Ma-
ritime Exhibition), 1875 (Silver Medal).

Brown, John, & Co.(Limited), Iron, Steel,

C1. 111. and Spring Manufacturers, Atlas Steel and Houghton, William Dickson, trading

Iron Works, Sheffield. Armour plates. Naval as Houghton, W.D., Steel Wire Manufac

engineering. In MACHINERY HALL. (35)
turer, Friars' Green Mill, Warrington. Patent Exhibitors, Vienna (Diploma of Honour).
Steel Music wire for pianoforte and other pur-
poses; Patent Steel Rope wire for Colliery, Cammell, Charles, & Co. (Limited), Cl. 111.
Mining, and Agricultural purposes; for Tow- Steel and Iron Manufacturers, Cyclops Steel
ing Hawsers, and for Tramways, Bridges, and Iron Works, Sheffield. Rolled Iron
and other purposes requiring great strength Armour Plate or Plates. IN MACHINERY
and toughness combined. Round Steel wire HALL.

for watch and clock purposes; for Sewing
Machine purposes; Steel wire for Drills and

Siemens, Charles William, Civil En- Cl. 111,
other tools; for Needles. Square and flat,
gineer, 12, Queen Anne's Gate, London, S.W.

320, 516. Click, and other shaped Steel wires. Steel

Specimens of Iron and Steel. Models of wire for general purposes. Brass Pinion wire

Furnaces adapted to Metallurgical operations, for gas and meter.


Glass melting, &c. Pyrometers. (37)
Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Medal); Lyons,

Exhibitor, London, 1862 (Prize Medal);
1872 (Gold and Silver Medals); Vienna, 1873; Paris, 1867 (Grand Prix); Moscow, 1872
(exhibited by mistake in French Department,

(Gold Medal); Vienna, 1873 (Hors Conand thereby disqualified to claim a medal).


Morowood, E., & Co., Tin and Terne C1. 111, Baldwin, E. P. & W., Iron Masters and Plate Manufacturers, South Wales Iron Works, 113, 512. Tin Plate Manufacturers, Wilden Works, Llanelly & Cambrian Tin and Terne Plate

Cl. 111,


Cl, 111.

C1. 111.

C1. 111.

C1. 111.

Works, Llanelly; Office, Coleridge House, Edge & Sons, Coalport Works Shifnal,
Swansea. Patent Tin and Terne Plates of all Shropshire. Wire Ropes and Chains for
sizes. New patent machines for manufac- Mining and Engineering Purposes. (43)
turing Tin and Terne Plate and galvanized Exhibitors, London, 1851 (Medal and Cer-
sheet Iron.

(38) tificate for Excellence of Workmanship).
Exhibitors under the firm of Morewood and
Rogers, London, 1851, 1862; Paris, 1867.

Asb & Lacy, Meriden Street, Birming-

ham, and Globe Works, Great Bridge Staf

fordshire. Galvanized, Tinned, Plain, and Cl. 111, Swansea Tin Plate Company, The, | Corrugated Iron Sheets, perforated Zinc and 113. Tin and Terne Plate Manufacturers, Swansea Metals, &c.

Tin Plate Works, Swansea. Tin and Terne

Jessop, William, de Sons (Limited),


Park and Brightside Works, Sheffield. Steel
CI. 111,
Nash, Henry, & Co., Merchants, 12 and

in Bars, Sheets, large and small Plates. (45) 113. 14, Tower Buildings North, Water Street, Hatton, Sons, & Co., Bradley Iron

Liverpool. Tin and Terne Plates, Black Plate, works, Bilston, Staffordshire, and Broad-
and “ Patent Continuous ” Roofing Terne water Ironworks, Kidderminster. Charcoal

(40) Sheet Iron and Charcoal Tinplates. (46)
Cl. 111.
Great Western Iron Co., Soudley

Warrington Wire Rope Works,
Newnham. Specimens of Pig Iron. (41) Limited, The, 32, Redcross Street, Liver-

pool, and Warrington. Wire Ropes for
CI. 111,
West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co.

Mines and Ships' Rigging, &c. ; Signal, Sash 100, 101, (Limited), Workington, Cumberland. Illus

and Picture Cord ; Fencing Strand, Plough 103. trations of the manufacture of Iron and Steel,

and very pliable Hoisting Ropes. (47)
The specimens include samples of Hematite
and other Ores, Coal, Coke, Limestone, Pig

Whitwell, Thomas, See Cl. 100, 222,

Iron, Spiegeleisen, Granulated Blast Furnace
Slag, Bessemer Steel in the Ingot. Steel

The Phosphor Bronze Company
Forgings, Steel Rails, and Rail Sections, Steel

(Limited), Phosphor Bronze Manufacturers
Boiler and Bridge Plates, Steel Railway and Founders, 139, Cannon Street, London,
Chairs (for India), &c. Also Samples illus-

E.C. ; Works, 115, Blackfriars Road, London, trating the Testing of Steel, and the Metal

S. Specimens of Phosphor Bronze, such as lurgy thereof.

(42) Tools, Locks, Keys, Tubes, Wire, Sheet, Steam Exhibitors, Paris, 1867 (Silver Medal).

Fittings, Parts of Machinery, &c. (48)

Cl. 111.

CI. 111.

Cl. 114, 264.

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