(Corrected at the Boston Post-Office, Sept. 1871.)

Domestic Letters. The rate of postage on all domestic letters not exceeding one half oz. is 3 cts.; and for each half oz., or fraction thereof, of additional weight, an additional rate of 3 cts., to be in all cases prepaid by postage stamps. DROP or LOCAL LETTERS, 2 cts. per half oz., at offices where free delivery by carrier is established; at other offices 1 ct., prepaid by stamps. IRREGULAR MATTER.-Letter rates are to be charged on irregular matter, part writing and part print, except that publishers may send and receive proof-sheets, and advise patrons, by writing on publications, when their subscription is up, at printed matter rates. On unclassified matter, where no specific rate is set down, letter postage is charged. Letters not finding owners at the office named, must be forwarded, when the place is known, free. CIRCULARS. — One, two, or three circulars in an unsealed envelope, 2 cts.

Foreign Letters (except to England and Ireland) should indicate on the outside the route by which they are to be sent, as the difference by various routes is great. The rate given is for oz. or under, unless otherwise stated. A star (*) against the rate denotes that prepayment is optional, except for registered letters; where there is no star the postage must be prepaid. Great Britain and Ireland, *6c. France, including Algeria, via England, *4c.; by direct steamer, 10c. Belgium, *10c.; via Bremen and Hamburg, *11c. Holland, *10c. Portugal, via England, oz. or less, 16c.; oz. of less, 28c. Spain, not exceeding oz., 16c.; over and under oz., 28c.; over and under 1, 32c.; over and under i oz., 44c. Italy, via N. Ger. Un. direct, *10c.; via N. Ger. Un. elosed mail, via England, *11c.; closed mail, *10c. Prussia, Austria, and German States, via N. Ger. Un. direct, *6c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, *7c.; via. Stettin, *6c. Switzerland, via N. Ger. Un, direct, *11c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, *12c.; closed mail, *10c. Norway, via N. Ger. Un. direct, prepaid, 11e., unpaid, *14c.; via N. Ger. Un, closed mail, via England, prepaid, 12c., unpaid, *15c. Denmark, via N. Ger. Un. direet, prepaid, 9c., unpaid, *12c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, prepaid, 10c., unpaid, *13c. Sweden, via N. Ger. Un. direct, prepaid, 10c., unpaid, *12c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, prepaid, 11c., unpaid, *13c. Russia, via N. Ger. Un. direct, prepaid, 11c., unpaid, *1fc.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, prepaid, 12c., unpaid, *15c. Greece, via N. Ger. Un. direct, *14c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, *15c.; via England, *200. Constantinople, via N. Ger. Un. direct, *11c.; via N. Ger. Un. closed mail, via England, *12c.; via England, not more than 4 oz., 16c., not more than oz., 28c. Canada, including New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island, 6c., if prepaid; 10c., if not prepaid. Newfoundland, 10c., (15c. if over 3000 miles). Cuba, Bermuda, Mexico, Panama, Aspinwall, 10c. Brazil, by American packet, 15c.; via England, 28c. Sandwich Islands, 6c. East Indies, by British mail via Southampton, 22c.; British mail via Marseilles, 30c.; via San Francisco, *10c. Australia, British mail, via Southampton, 16c.; British mail via Marseilles, 24c.; via San Francisco, 10c. China, via San Francisco, 10c.; do., British mail, via Southampton, 28c.; via Marseilles, 36c.

Newspapers, Magazines, &c. - Newspaper, or second-class postage, 8, for papers not over four ounces each, per quarter, once a week, 5 cts.; twice, 10 cts.; three times, 15 cts.; six times, 30 cts.; seven times, 35 cts.; paid quarterly or yearly in advance, either at the mailing office, or office of delivery. Publishers of weekly newspapers may send to actual subscribers one copy only, within their county, free. On newspapers and periodicals issued less often than once a week, one cent for four ounces to actual subscribers. Publishers must be notified when papers are not taken out for one month, which notice may be sent free. BILLS AND RECEIPTS for subscriptions may be enclosed in papers, and go free; any other written enclosure imposes letter postage. Publishers may exchange papers and periodicals, one copy only, free, not exceeding sixteen ounces in weight.

Books-Not over 4 oz. in weight, 4 cts.; between 4 and 8 oz., 8 cts.; between 8 and 12 oz., 12 cts.; &c., up to 4 lbs., prepaid.

Miscellaneous — Including pamphlets, occasional publications, transient newspapers, handbills and posters, book manuscripts and proof-sheets, whether eorrected or not, maps, prints, engravings, sheet music, blanks, flexible patterns, cards, paper, envelopes, photographs, seeds, cuttings, bulbs, roots, and scions, pack ages not over 4 oz. in weight, 2 cents; over 4 oz. and not over 8 oz., 4 cts.; over 8 oz. and not over 12 oz., 6 cts.; over 12 oz. and not over 16 oz., 8 cts., and so on, up to 4 lbs. weight, all prepaid. All matter not above specified is charged at letter postage.

Money Orders - For any amount not exceeding $50 on one order, are issued in the principal offices, on payment of the following lees; Orders not exceeding $20, 10 cts.; over $20 and not exceeding $30, 15 cts.; over $30 and not exceeding $10, 20 cts.; over $10 and not exceeding $50, 25 cts. Three orders of $50 each may be issued the same day. Foreign Money Orders, for Great Britain and the continent, are issued at rates and amounts varying with the different countries for which they are issued. The maximum to England is £10 sterling. Fee 25c. for each $10,



Publishers and Booksellers,

Manufacturers and Fobbers of







Eclipse Initial Stationery.

In neat wooden boxes, Backgammon Board form, including set of Checkers.

Eclipse Stationery Packet.

Similar box, embracing PAPER, ENVELOPES, PENHOLDER,

Eclipse Series of New Games.

In elegant boxes. No games issued for years equal these in interest.


No. 2. TWELVE MONTHS; a Round Game.

No. 3. DOMESTIC COOKERY; Game of the Young Housekeepers.

No. 4. VENDUE; Game of the Auctioneer.



For Children.

Eclipse Backgammon Boards.

Blue and Gold edition, with CHECKERS, DICE-CUP, and
DICE, complete.

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