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O Full Moon, 4th day, 11h. 4m., morning, W.

Last Quarter, 11th day, 8h. 4m., evening, E.
New Moon, 19th day, 10h. 52m., evening, W.
> First Quarter, 27th day, 3h. 28m., morning, W.
Full Sea,D's D

Day of



Day of

Day of



Length Day's

Rises. Sets. of Days. Decre.

h. m.h. m. h. m. h. m. m.

305 1|Sa. 6 344 53 10 19 4 57|16|11|


Morn Even Place.



h. m. h. m.



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24 31

44 31

5 4 30

64 30

74 29

84 29

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311 7 Fr. 6 414 46 10
312 8 Sa. 6 43 4 45 10
313 9 S.6 444 44 10
314 10 M. 6 454 43 9
315 11 Tu. 6 464 42
316 12 W. 6 484 41
317 13 Th. 6 494 40
318 14 Fr. 6 504 39
319 15 Sa. 6 514 38
320 16 S.6 534 37
321 17 M. 6 544 36
322 18 Tu. 6 55 4 35
323 19 W. 6 56 4 34
324 20 Th. 6 584 34
325 21 Fr. 6 594 33
326 22 Sa. 7 0 4 32
327 23 S.7 14 32
328 24 M. 7
329 25 Tu. 7
330 26 W. 7
331 27 Th. 7
332 28 Fr. 7
333 29 Sa. 7

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33 h'rt

9 58

4 54


42 h'rt



5 43

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Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

1 Sa. All Saints Day.

Length of night 13h.|


2 E 21st S. af. Tr. in Peri. 3 Mo.

6 Th. 7 Fr.

Farmer's Calendar.

Now is the time to harvest the

swedes, and to snug up and get O. 4th. State Election in Mass. ing gained by letting cattle run ready for winter. There is noth4 Tu. 5th. Cecl. invis. at Boston. over the mowing lots so late in 5 W. Very high tides. Fine the fall. They do more harm Rev. E. P. Lovejoy, editor of an anti-than all the good they get. Grass slavery paper, killed in a riot at Alton, needs the shelter of the fall growth Illinois, 1837. weather against the hard frosts of winter. 8 Sa.ru. high. gr. hel. lat. S. If it is fed close, it will have a 9 E 220 S. af. T. 9 gr.hel.lat.N hard chance, and the next year's gr. elong. E.HC. crop will be a great deal less. for the Late fall feeding hurts the land, 14th. Richter, celebrated German wri- and kills out the grass roots. Better use fodder corn, pump14th. 6 C. season. kins, round turnips, anything to 14 Fr. Cin Apo. Very low tides. save the best mowing lots, even 15 Sa. 16th. & in Peri. Grows if you have to draw a little on 16 E 230 Sunday after Trinity. top-dressing of compost will pay the winter stores of hay. A good 17 Mo. 69 C. colder, better than to feed the ground 18 Tu. 17th. Lord Erskine, celebrated English bare. Top-dressing shields the lawyer, died, 1823.

10 Mo.
11 Tu. St. Martin.

12 W. 13 Th.

ter, died, 1825.

19 W. O eclipsed, invis. in U. S. grass roots. Hard feeding leaves

20 Th. 6 h. stat. with
21 Fr. High tides. 6.
22 Sa. St. Cecilia. runs low.

them exposed. Don't the buildings need a little fixing? A shingle here and another there will often keep out the rains and the

23 E 24th Sunday after Trinity, cold. A coat of paint would do

24 Mo. 6 h C. ¿¿C.

25 Tu.

26 W. 27 Th.

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28 Fr. Low tides.
29 Sa. Cin Per. 30th. 6

signs them good, perhaps. And there are the tools that need mending. of snow Get a little time to read and study. A well-stored mind is the or rain. first step to a happy and useful life. Knowledge is power, and a Oinf. well-read man ought to be able

to find within himself resources

30 E 1st Su. in Advent. St. Andrew. of enjoyment, and an increased

capacity to benefit mankind.


DECEMBER, Twelfth Month.

Astronomical Calculations.

Days. d. m. Days. Id. m. Days. d. m. Days. Id. m. Days. Id.

12 19 23


26 25 23 24

O's Declination.



7 22 42 13 23

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22 20





23 22

22 28 11 123

4 17

23 24

22 35 12 23

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16 20 23

27 27 23 19



27 26 23 22


23 12

23 27 28 23 16 23 26

23 25 24 23 25 30 23 8

Full Moon, 3d day, 11h. 36m., evening, E.
Last Quarter, 11th day, 5h. 10m., evening, W.
New Moon, 19th day, 2h. 5m., evening, W.

> First Quarter, 26th day, 11h. 20m., morning, W.

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DECEMBER hath 31 days.


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What thanks, O God, to Thee are due,
That Thou didst plant our fathers here;
And watch and guard them as they grew
A vineyard to the Planter dear.

Aspects, Holidays, Events,
Weather, &c.

S United States Con-)
gress meets.

1 Mo. in Perih. {U
2 Tu. Length of night 14h. 43m.
3W.Hohenlinden, 1800; Moreau defeats the


4 Th. Very high tides. 5 Fr. runs high.

6 Sa. St. Nicholas.


Farmer's Calendar.

Ir is a bad plan to go into the winter without a sharp look after the wood-pile. A plenty of dry and well-seasoned wood is a good A thing on a cold day. You don't north-east save anything by trying to get snow storm along from hand to mouth, and you don't save anything by try

7 E 20 Sunday in Advent. ing to burn green wood. All

8 Mo. 6 H C.

may now stock ought to be well bedded, 9 Tu. Father Mathew, the Apostle of Temper- kept clean, carded every day at

10 W.

2ance, died, 1856.



be this season of the year, and fed

11 Th. in Apo. gr. hel. lat. N. by the clock. Cattle are crea12 Fr. Very low tides. 13 Sa. 14th. Washington died, 1799. 14 E 3d Sunday in Advent. 15 Mo.

16 Tu. Great fire in New York, 1835.

17 W. 6 C:

18 Th.69 C. {Shortest

19 Fr.



landed, 1620.

tures of habit. An animal like the cow or ox, fully fed, will chew the cud, if left quiet to itself, for six hours, when all the rough food taken into the stomach will be ground over. You see it isn't best to feed too often.

Adopt a fixed system as to time, and then stick to it. The round

gr. elong. W. (21st. Pilgrims turnips come in well now, and 20 Sa. Cr.l. 21st. Very hi.tides. if you haven't any, begin on the swedes. The mangolds will be 21 E 4th Su. in Adv. St. Thomas. growing better till March, and they keep well till spring. Feed

22 Mo. 21st. Oent. v. WINTER BEGINS.

mand of army,

Bible commentaries,d.,'70.

23 Tu. 6.Washington resigned com-roots once a day just after the 24 W. in Per. Rev. A. Barnes, author of cows have eaten up a full feed25 Th. CHRISTMAS DAY. Cold. ing of hay. Study the wants of animals. Deal gently with them. 26 Fr. St. Stephen. Low tides. It does no good to strike them 27 Sa. St. John Evangelist. C. or treat them harshly. It teaches 28 E 1st Su. af. Chr. Holy Innocents. them to fear and hate you. Bet29 Mo. Clear and pleasant. ter make friends of them, for it 30 Tu. Marshal Prim died at Madrid, of wounds is better to rule by love than fear. I would'nt fail to join the 31 W. A storm is brewing. Farmers' Club.

inflicted by assassins, 1870.

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(Corrected 1872.)

SUPREME COURT.-At Washington, to commence on the first Monday in December, annually.

The Supreme Court of the United States consists of one Chief and eight Associate Justices. There are nine judicial circuits, and to each of these is assigned one of the justices. By a law passed in 1869, there are also nine Circuit Judges, each of whom is to reside in his Circuit. The Circuits and Justices are as follows:

First Circuit (Maine, N. H., Mass., R. I.), Nathan Clifford, of Portland, Me., Asso. Justice. Second (Vt., Conn., N. Y.), Samuel Nelson, of Cooperstown, N. Y., As. J. Third (Penn., N. J., Del), Wm. Strong, of Philadelphia, Pa., As. J. Fourth (Md., Va., W. Va., N. C., S. C.), Salmon P. Chase, of Cincinnati, O., Chief Justice. Fifth (Geo., Fla., Ala., Miss., La.. Tex.), Joseph P. Bradley, of Newark, N. J.. As. J. Sixth (Ohio, Mich., Ken., Tenn.), Noah H. Swayne, of Columbus, O., As. J. Seventh (Ind., Ill., Wis.). David Davis, of Bloomington, Ill., As. J. Eighth (Min., Iowa, Mo., Kan., Ark., Neb.), Samuel F. Miller, of Keokuk, Iowa, As. J. Ninth (Cal., Oregon, Nev.), Stephen J. Field, of San Francisco, Cal., As. J.; Clerk, D. W. Middleton, Washington, D. C.

UNITED STATES CIRCUIT COURTS IN In MAINE - at Portland, 1st Tues. in Feb. THE FIRST AND SECOND EASTERN CIR- and Dee.; at Bath, 1st Tues. in Sept.; CUITS. IN MAINE-at Portland, 23d at Bangor, 4th Tues. in June. In NEW Apr. and 23d Sept. In N. HAMPSHIRE - HAMPSHIRE at Portsmouth, 3d Tues. at Portsmouth, May 8, and at Exeter, Oct. in March and Sept.; at Exeter, 3d Tues. 8. In MASSACHUSETTS at Boston, May in June and Dec. In MASSACHUSETTS — 15 and Oct. 15. In CONNECTICUT at N. at Boston, 3d Tues. in Mar., 4th Tues. Haven, 4th Tues. in Apr., and at Hartford, in June, 2d Tues. in Sept., and 1st Tues. 3d Tues. in Sept. In RHODE ISLAND-at in Dec. In CONNECTICUT - at Hartford, Providence, June 15, and Nov. 15. In 4th Tues. in May and Nov.; at N. Haven, VERMONT-at Windsor, 4th Tu. in July, at Rutland Oct. 3d., and at Burlington, 4th Tues. in Feb.

If the days happen on Sunday the Court comes in the Monday following. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTS.

4th Tues. in Feb. and Aug. In RHODE
ISLAND at Newport, 2d Tues. in May
and 3d Tues. in Oct.; at Providence, 1st
Tues. in Feb. and Aug. In VERMONT
Windsor, Mon. after 4th Tu. July; Rut-
land, Oct. 6th; Burlington, 4th Tues. Feb.

(Corrected 1872.)

Actions only.) Somerset Co., at Skowhegan, 3d Tu. Mar., Sept., and Dec. Waldo Co., at Belfast, 1st Tu. Jan., and 3d Tu. in Ap. and Oct. Washington Co., at Machias, 1st Tues. of Jan. and 1st Tues. of Oct.; and at Calais, 4th Tu. Ap. York Co., Saco, 1st Tu. Jan.; Alfred, 3d Tu. May, and 3d Tu. Sept.

SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. LAW | ver, last Tu. Feb. and 2d Tu. Sept. SagTERMS.- Augusta, 4th Tues. May. Port-adahoc Co., at Bath, 1st Tu. Ap. and 3d land, 3d Tu. July. Bangor, 3d Tu. June. Tu. Aug. and Dec. (Dec. term for Civil SUPREME JUDICIAL COURT. CIVIL AND CRIMINAL ACTIONS.-Androscoggin Co., Auburn, 3d Tu. Jan.,Ap.,and Sep. Aroostook Co., Houlton, last Tu. Feb., 3d Tu. Sep. Cumb. Co., Civil only, Portland, 2d Tu. Jan., Apr., and Oct. Franklin Co., at Farmington, 1st Tu. Mar.and 4th Tu.Sept. Hancock Co., at Ellsworth, 2d Tu.Ap. and Oct. Kennebec Co., at Augusta, 1st Tu. Mar., 1st Tu. Aug., 3d Tu. Oct. Knox Co., at Rockland, 2d Tu. Mar. and Dec., 3d Tu. Sept. Lincoln Co., at Wiscasset, 4th Tu. Ap., 4th Tu. Oct. Oxford Co., at Paris, 2d Tu. Mar., 3d Tu. Sept., and 1st Tu. Dec. Penobscot Co., at Bangor, Civil Actions, 1st Tues. Jan. and Apr., and 1st Tues. Oct.; Criminal Actions, 1st Tues. Feb. and 2d Tu. Aug. Piscataquis Co., at Do

THE SUPERIOR COURT FOR CUMBERLAND COUNTY has exclusive jurisdiction in civil actions from $20 to $500, and concurrent jurisdiction with S. J. Court in actions exceeding $500, and criminal jurisdiction in all actions. Court sits for trial of civil actions exclusively, 1st Tu. of Feb., Mar., Apr., Oct., Nov., and Dec.; and for civil and criminal cases, 1st Tues. of Jan., May, and September.

(Corrected 1872.)

SUPREME COURTS.- Middlebury, 1st COUNTY COURTS. Middlebury, 1st Mon. after 3d Tues, in Jan. Rutland, 1st Tues. in June, and 2d in Dec. Rutland, 2d Mon. after 4th Tues. Jan. Bennington Tues. in Mar. and Sept. Manchester, 1st and Manchester, alternately, 2d Tues. aftr Tues. in June, and Bennington, 1st Tues. 4th Tues. in Jan. Newfane, Mon. follow- in Dec. Newfane, 2d Tues. in April and ing 2d Tues. aft. 4th Tues. in Jan. Wood- Sept. Woodstock, 4th Tues. in May, and stock, 1st Thurs. aft. 4th Tu. next aft. 4th 1st in Dec. Chelsea, 1st Tu. in June, and Tu. in Jan. Chelsea, 6th Tu. aft. 4th Tu. 3d in Dec. Burlington, 1st Tues. in April, in Jan. Burlington, 1st Tu. in Jan. St. and 4th in Sept. St. Albans, 2d Tues. in Albans, 1st Mon. aft. 2d Tu.in Jan. North April and Sept. North Hero, last Tues. in Hero 1st Fri. aft. 3d Tues. in Jan. Hyde Feb. and Aug. Hyde Park, 4th Tues. in Park, 3d Tues. in Aug. Montpelier, 2d Tues. in Aug. Irasburg, 1st Thurs. next aft, 3d Tues. in Aug. St. Johnsbury, 1st Thurs. next aft. 4th Tues. in Aug. Guild

May, and 1st in Dec. Montpelier, 2d Tu. in Mar. and Sept. Irasburg, 1st Wed. after 1st Tues. in Sept. and 1st Tu. in Feb. St. Johnsbury, 1st Tues. in June and Dec.

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