Firm on the rolling deck he stood,
Unmoved, beheld the breaking flood,

With blackening storms combined. “ Virtue,” he cry'd, “ will force its way ; “ The wind may for a while delay,

“ Not alter our design.


“ The men whom selfish hopes inflame, " Or vanity allures to fame,

“May be to fears betray'd ; “But here a church for succour flies, “ Insulted law expiring lies,

And loudly calls for ald.

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Yes, Britons, yes, with ardent zeal, I come, the wounded heart to heal,

“ The wounding hand to bind : “ See tools of arbitrary sway, “And priests, like locusts, scout away

- Before the western wind,


« Law shall again her voice resume ; “ Religion, clear'd from clouds of Rome,

“ With brighter rays advance. “ The British fleet shall rule the deep, “ The British youth, as roused from sleep,

« Strike terror into France.


or Nor shall these promises of fate “ Be limited to my short date ;

- When I from cares withdraw, “ Still shall the British sceptre stand, 6. Still flourish in a female hand,

“ And to mankind give law.

ix. ." She shall domestick foes unite, “ Monarchs beneath her flags shall fight,

“ Whole armies drag her chain : “ She shall lost Italy restore. . “ Shall make th' Imperial Eagle soar,

.“ And give a king to Spain.

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“ But know, these promises are given, “ These great rewards impartial heaven

“Does on these terms decree; « That strictly punishing men's faults, “ You let their consciences and thoughts

“ Rest absolutely free.

X1. « Let no false politicks confine “ In narrow bounds, your vast design

“ To make mankind unite; “ Nor think it a sufficient cause “ To punish men by penal laws,

“ For not believing right.


“Rome, whose blind zeal destroys mankind; “ Rome's sons shall your compassion find,

« Who ne'er compassion knew. “ By nobler actions theirs condemn : “ For what has been reproach'd in them,

“ Can ne'er be praised in you.


« These subjects suit not with the lyre; “ Muse! to what height dost thou aspire,

« Pretending to rehearse • The thoughts of gods, and godlike kings ? “ Cease, cease to lessen lofty things

“ By mean ignoble verse.


Westminster, 1635–1710.

An actor of unequalled excellence in the best age of En

glish acting, and a man of real goodness.

Chaucer's Characters.

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**T'was when the fields imbibe the vernal showers,

And Venus paints her month with early flowers ;
When Sol, diffusing genial warmth around,
Unbinds the frozen bosom of the ground;
When gentle Zephyr with refreshing breath
Revived each grain that in the womb of earth
All winter slept ; and th' all enlivening sun,
Thro’ the bright ram had half his progress run ;
When birds on every bough renew their songs,
And Philomel her evening note prolongs; .
Then nature smiles ; then Devotees engage,
Thro' the wide world to roam on pilgrimage.


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