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cost of burial on those who took the deceased's property, and where there was no property the pauper was buried by the state. The Roman law was enforced against extravagance in "funeral performances," which it is the object of burial societies, in the interest of undertakers, to promote at a time when parsimony is usually most incumbent. B. T. J.



Index to "The Times" Newspaper, 1867. Autumnal Quarter, Oct. 1 to Dec. 31.

Index to "The Times" Newspaper, 1868. Winter Quarter, January 1 to March 31. (Palmer.)

It may confidently be asserted that no one ever had occasion to turn over a file of the Leading Journal, without regretting that that daily register of the world's sayings and doings was not rendered more readily available for reference and use by an Index. Mr. Samuel Palmer, the well-known dealer in old books of Catherine Street, sharing the opinion of Lord Macaulay, that "The only true history of a country is to be found in its newspapers" -an aphorism which he quotes in his title-pagehas devoted himself to the compilation of an Index to The Times. It is issued in Quarterly Parts; and from the two which have been already issued, we are enabled to pronounce it carefully done: useful to all who may want to refer to the columns for political, parliamentary, or legal information; births, marriages, or deaths; and, in short, indispensable to every library where The Times is filed, and still more so where it is not.

Saint Patrick: Apostle of Ireland in the Third Century. The Story of his Mission by Pope Clementine in A.D. 431, and of his Connexion with the Church of Rome, proved to be a mere Fiction. With an Appendix containing his Confession and Epistle to Coroticus, translated into English. By R. Steele Nicholson, M.A., T.C.D. (J. Russell Smith.)

The view which Mr. Nicholson takes of St. Patrick's connexion with Ireland is shown by his title-page. The book is not a Life of St. Patrick, but an argument to prove that St. Patrick commenced his labours as a Christian missionary in Ireland nearly two centuries before the year 432, the date usually, but as Mr. Nicholson asserts, incorrectly assigned to that event. The subject is an interesting and important one, in many respects: it has a bearing even upon the great political question of the day, and we commend those who are interested in it to examine Mr. Nicholson's little volume.

Horace. The text revised by J. E. Yonge, Assistant Master, Eton. (Longman.)

The favourable reception given to Mr. Yonge's recent octavo edition of Horace has led to the production of the present volume, which for purity of text, the novel feature of side references, and beauty of typography, deserves the attention of all scholars who are looking out for a pretty pocket edition of Horace.

POLITICAL PAPERS OF THE REIGN OF GEORGE III. -Messrs. Sotheby & Wilkinson will sell on Saturday the 11th of July, a remarkable Collection of Historical Papers, including much confidential Correspondence of George III. with the Duke of Leeds; many important Letters by the most eminent men of the time, and the "original rough drafts with various alterations and unpublished passages in the Autograph of the Duke of

Leeds; of the Letters of Lucrus, which by many believed to be from the pen of JUNIUS. These are papers referred to by Mr. Bohn in the preface to the volume of his edition of Lowndes; and of course it identity of LUCIUS with JUNIUS could be establishe but there is much in such if-would settle the vexed literary question of the present century-and p Junius to have been the Duke of Leeds, whose name believe, has never before been inserted in the lis claimants to that doubtful honour.


Particulars of Price, &c., of the following Books, to be sent dir to the gentlemen by whom they are required, whose names and dresses are given for that purpose:

BIBLES. Folio and 8vo, 1775 to 1779.

4to, 1553.

TESTAMENT. 1552. Any early Bibles and Testaments.
Catalogues of Booksellers, when issued.

TO THE UNITED STATES. 1783 or 1784, or then about. By R. Cha
pion; but may not have the author's name.
concerning Emigration. London, 1787. 8vo. By R. Champion;
any edition and any work by R. Champion.

Wanted by Mr. Francis Fry, Cotham, Bristol.

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A. (A.) on Boddice, 433




Bloody, a revolting epithet, 42
Brasses, bronze, &c., analysed, 52
Bummers, 467

Cheerfulness at certain hours, 536
Cincindela of Pliny, 61
Composition of bell-metal, 446
Fillip on the forehead, 470
Greyhound, its derivation, 61
Homeric Society, 398

Horses, shot for broken-winded, 468

Land measures, 424

Latten and brass, 103, 424

Lych gates, 390, 497

Moscow great bell, 497
Oneyers, 469

Organ accompaniment to solo singers, 366
"Rolling stone gathers no moss," 396
Rudee: bere, &c., 396

Toby jug, 160

Yew trees in churchyards, 427


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Greek motto, 604

Kirke (General), 254
Mansion House, London, 606

Robinson (Bishop), events in his life, 436

Solar eclipse of 1521, 594

Stanley's Westminster Abbey, errors, 293
"To lead my apes," 235

Werden (Jolin), circa 1669, 270
Aërography, 578

Africa, North, dialects, 123, 235, 256, 351
Agave dasylirioides, Mexico, 412, 466, 520
Aggas's Map of London, 1560, 20, 60
Agnew (D. C. A.) on Lord Galway's letters, 29
Aguto (Giovanni), MS. correspondence, 364
Alexander, "Alliterative Romances," 47, 159
Alexander VII, pope, juvenile poems, 298
Alfred (King), remains at Hyde Abbey, 555, 615;
phrase in his "Testament," 221, 304
Alford, co. Lincoln, its registers, 546
All-Hallow-e'en superstition, 361, 496
All-Hallows', Thames Street, altar lights, 146, 619
Alpha on Drama at Hereford, 141

Garrick (David), biography, 98
Siddons (Mrs.), early performance, 99

Anonymous Works:-

Alpha (1) on I, ego, pronunciation, 29
Alphabet bells, 349

Alphonso, king of Spain, 430

Arms, the law of, 153, 258; quarterings by marriage,
460, 521, 570, 617


Altar erected to the Tyrian Hercules, 459, 522
Alton, its disreputable fame, 277, 464
Ambassadors, Christian, to the Sublime Porte, 245, Army, the British, its origin, 187; its red uniform, 437,
349; roses worn by, 76
Ambergrise in early cookery 194, 327, 424
Ameliorate, its derivate, 604
American episcopate, 30, 84, 230
American Notes and Queries, 114
American private libraries, 265, 399
Andover, its M.P.8, 1700-1725, 511
Andrewes (Bp. Lancelot), bequests, 42
Andromache on "No love lost," 158
Angelus bell, 368

Anglo-Scotus on Queen Bleareye's tomb, 486
Degrees of consanguinity, 111
Douglas rings: the Douglas heart, 562
Mar (The Robber Earl of), 471
Roger (Sir William), knt., 458
Wales, the first prince, 478
Animal comedians, 453
Anne (Queen), coronation medal, 342, 472
Annunciation, picture of, 195

[blocks in formation]

Architecture of German towns, 29

Arisaig, its lake dwelling, 576

Aristotle and Gulliver, 51

Antiquaries' Society, requirements of candidates, 307;
Hand Catalogue, 44

Antiquities, spurious, 242, 339

Apostles, enblems and eves of the twelve, 436, 539
Apsley family, 579

Archer (John), epitaph at Selby abbey, 578
Architects, Institute of, collection of works, 44

Arnold (F. H.), on Hotspur's burial-place, 76
Pole (Cardinal), date of his death, 111
Packenham family, 147

Arria's saying, "Pæte, non dolet,' 459

Art Catalogue, 116

Arthur (King) and the Knights of the Round Table,
427; "La Morte d'Arthure," fragment of, 122, 210
Articles of Inquiry, 270

Articles of the Church of England, 146, 211, 305, 468
Articles of war, 74, 226

Artisans and machinery, exportation formerly forbidden,


Arundell (Capt. Paul), prolific family, 169

A. (S.), on Hollington, co. Sussex, 483
Ash tree, 170, 225, 282, 392

Ashley (Sir Anthony), monument, 156, 228, 329, 398,


Askew (Anne), her "Examination," 121
Atherton (Capt.), temp. Charles I., 27
Atkinson (G. C.), on the Gulf stream,
Aubrey (W. H. S.), on early English Bibles, 220
Proclamation of Henry VIII., 242


Austin (T.), jun., on a supposed Americanism, 546
Dickey Sam, 546

Austria, distich on, 533, 593; style of the Emperor, 486
Auto de Fé, frequently mis-spelt, 243, 351
A. (W. E. A.), on society of bibliographers, 26

"An Argument, or Debate in Law," 416
Anonymous works, 459

"Jachin and Boaz," 295

Lucia, author of Cagliostro's Life, 578
Schrupffer, the charlatan, 580

Axon (W. E. A.), on anonymous works, 32, 161, 554,


"Eliza Rivers," 351

"Heliondé," its author, 514
"Jachin and Boaz," 537
Lancashire song, 517

Manchester poets, 254

"Memoirs of Madame Du Barri," 412

[blocks in formation]

Ballad literature, foreign, 292, 551
Ballad Society projected, 428, 480

Bancroft (Abp. Richard) and the Lambeth Library, 9
Bands worn by clergymen and barristers, 284
Bandusia, the fountain of, 336, 412, 417, 493, 557
Bane, a provincialism, 259, 376

Banffshire glossary of words, 91
Bangally, the capital of Bengal, 508
Bangs (Capt. Jonathan), noticed, 433, 520
Bank of England: the Rest, 416
Banks (Cuddy) and his morrice hobby-horse, 56
Bannockourn, poem on the battle of, 173
Baptismal scriptural names,
Baptista, a landscape painter, 314
Barckley (C. W.) on Bloody Bridge, 282
Bawburgh spoons, 342

Holland House guns, 471
Naval songs, 19


Barclay (John), Argenis," &c., 56
Bard plaakes, 245

Barker (L. I.) on Agave Dasyliriodes, 520
Barlow (Joel), "The Columbiad," 387
Barnacle, the Ship, a strange animal, 265
Bar-Point on Anserine wisdom, 234

Collided, a new word, 293

Friday an unlucky day, 254
Toby jug, 494

Barrett (E.) on "Plea for Liberty of Conscience," 594
"Bartholomew Faire, or Variety of Fancies," 499
Bartlett (R. E.) on etymology of Pershore, 30
Barton (Thomas), D.D., noticed, 66

Baston (Robert), English Latin poet, 173
Batelle family, 365

Bates (A. H.) on Johnny Peep, 515
Bates (Wm.) on Barclay's "Argenis," &c., 56

Buck's tragedy, "The Italians," 420
Butler's "Hudibras," annotated, 167
Chronology, MS. treatise on, 54
Forrester's poem, " To my Nose," 403
French retreat from Moscow, 545
"Funeral of the Mass," 447

Guess, a supposed Americanism, 592
Habilitie, 401

Hogarth's geometrical plates, 217

Homeric traditions: "The Cyclic Poems," 83
Kilkhampton abbey, 467

Medical tracts, notes from, 362

Marino's "Slaughter of the Innocents," 125
Nichols's " Biographical Anecdotes of Hogarth,"


Oxenden family arms and motto, 206
Paine (Tom), fate of his bones, 201
Party signifying an individual, 87
Pegge's "Anecdotes of the English Language," 82
Philomathus, " Musa Juveniles," 298
"Recueil de Diverses Poesies," author, 219
Robinson (John) and Wm. Mavor, 558
Stitchlet, a modern word, 426
Thud and Sugh, 275

Voltaire's English letter, 293; bones, 501
Wedding ring, 592

Wolwarde, examples of its use, 425

Bath, lines on, 412

Bat ersea enamels, 341, 375

Battle of the Forty, 150

Bauhinia, the name of the shrub, 603

Bawburgh spoons, a bequest, 342
Baxter (Richard), works, 355
Bayeux tapestry, 266, 401

Bayly (W. J.) on siege of Blarney castle, 220
B. (C. T.) on "The Rupert of Debate," 409
B. (C. W.) on W. M. Thackeray's portrait, 16
B. (D.) on teetotalism, 612

Beale (J.) on the Beamish family, 434
Discovery of an old medal, 483
South family monument, 605
Stevenson family name, 603
Three words of a sort, 605
Beamish family name, 434, 565
Bean-seeding, 361

Beauharnais (Viscomte de), caricatures, 73
Beauty unfortunate, 38

Becket (Thomas à), his chasuble, 604
Beckford (Wm.) of Fonthill, his arms, 99
Beckington (Thomas), Bishop of Bath and Wells, 171


Bede (Cuthbert) on bean-seeding, 361

Charles II.'s flight from Worcester, 549
Crisp (Charles), the actor, 206
Earliest bird in the morning, 551
Fictitious names, 407
Fonts other than stone, 305
Hour-glasses in pulpits, 306
Lane family, 350, 593
Pictures rapidly executed, 402
Robinson Crusoe, 320
Shakspeare's pronunciation, 243
Smothering lunatics, 411
Suthering, a provincialism, 314
"Very not well," the saying, 365
Weather saying, 551

Bedell (Bp. Wm.), portrait, 294
Bedford (Duke of), drowned, 219
"Beehive," a musical farce, 184

Beisly (Dr. S.) on derivation of horse-chestnut, 208
Minnow and whitebait, 222

"Sing old Rose," &c., 235

Belcher (T. W.), M.D., on the nonjurors, 459
Suborders in the Anglican church, 31

Bell cow of Brigstock, 365

Bell literature, 249, 354

Bell metal, its composition, 388, 446, 497

Bell ringer's epitaph, 387

Bells, alphabet, 349; the Angelus, 368; of St. Connel

Keel, 412; sanctus, 489, 543

"Ben Bolt," authorship of the song, 508

Benet (Maister), "Christmasse Game," 455, 531
Benione, assa, a herb, 235, 398
Bentley (George) on The Irish Whiskey Drinker,"
Maximilian (Emperor), "Recollections of my Life,"


Bentley (Richard) on penmanship at St. Paul's school,


Beranger (J. P. de), passage in a poem, 146, 206
Berber language, 123, 256, 351

Bernard (Abbatia), “ Prognostication of the marriage of,
Henry, King of Navarre," 98

Beyerlinck (Laurence), biography and works, 45, 138,


Bible, early editions of the English, 220, 442; Latin
A.D. 1514, 536

Bible Extracts, works on, 218, 318

Bible statistics, 88

[blocks in formation]

Books recently published:-
Bemrose's Fret-cutting, 306
Blackie's Imperial Gazetteer, 596
Bookworm, 140

Booth's Metrical Epitaphs, 403
Bosanquet on the Growth, &c., of London, 571
Boutell's English Heraldry, 44

Brady's State Papers on the Irish Church, 450
Browning (Robert), Essays on his Poetry, 499
Cæsar's British Expedition, by Appach, 595
Calendar of State Papers, Foreign and Domestic,

of the Reign of Henry VIII., 22; Domestic
Series, Queen Elizabeth, 1591-94, 475
Camden Society: Journal of a Voyage into the
Mediterranean, by Sir Kenelm Digby, 355
Carew Manuscripts, Calendar of, 235, 475
Chandos Poets, edited by J. S. Roberts, 116
Charnock on Curious Surnames, 356
Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and
Ireland: Chronicle of Meaux; Giraldus Cam-
brensis; Gesta of the Abbots of St. Albans,

Collingwood's Rambles on the Shores of China


Clarke's Ante-Nicene Christian Library, 116
Cosin's Collection of Private Devotions, 259
Cox's Ancient Parliamentary Elections, 91
Davies's Memoir of the York Press, 330
Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage, 187; House of
Commons and the Judicial Bench, 355
Delamere's Wholesome Fare, 140
Delepierre's Historical Difficulties, 331
Early English Text Society: Pierce the Plough-
man's Crede; Myre's Instructions for Parish
Priests; The Babees Book; The Book of the
Knight of La-Tour-Landry, 139
Ferguson's Irish before the Conquest, 306
Fitzgerald's Life of David Garrick, 259
Founders' Company, Annals of, 236
Fry, Our Schools and Colleges, 380
Fuller (Dr. Thomas), "Poems," 283, 307
Goldsmith's Pretty Book of Pictures, 67
Gray (David) and other Essays, 499
Gregor's Dialect of Banffshire, 91
Guevara's Mysteries of Mount Calvary, 356
Haddon Hall, illustrated History, 306

Hazlitt's Hand-book to the Literature of Great
Britain, 211

Hazlitt (Wm.) and Leigh Hunt's Writings, 307
Herald and Genealogist, 140, 307

Homer, translated by the Earl of Derby, 44
Horace, by Dean Milman, 67; by Yonge, 620
Jameson's Memoirs of Italian Painters, 450
Journal of Philology, 596

Journal of Sacred Literature, 22

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