3 He will assuredly deliver thee from the net of the ensnaring speaker of evil.

4 He will overspread thee with his wings, and under his feathers thou shalt be protected: bis truth shall be a shield and buckler unto thce.

5 Thou shalt not be afraid of alarm by night ; neither of the arrow that flicth by day :

6 Of the pestilence that walketh in midnight-darkness; neither of the destruction that wasteth at noon-day.

7 These shall destroy a thousand on thy left side, and ten thousand on thy righthand; but they shall not touch thee:

8 Nevertheless, with thine eyes thou shalt behold, and see the recompence of the wicked.

9 Because thou hast said, “ JEHOVAH is my refuge;" and hast made the most high thy protection :

10 No evil shall befall thee; neither any calamity approach thy dwelling.

11 For he shall charge his angels concerning thee, to guard thee in all thy ways: 12 In their hands they shall support thee,


Jest thou shouldest strike thy foot against á stone.

13 Thou shalt tread upon the viper and the aspic with safety; thou shalt trample upon the scrpent and the adder without burt.

14 “Because he hath set his affections on me,” saith Jehovah, “ I will deliver him; I will exalt him, because he acknowledgeth my name :

15 “ When he calleth upon me, I will answer him ; when he is in distress, I will be present with him; I will deliver him, and raise him to honour :

16 “ With length of days I will satisfy him, and show him my saving power.”


It is good to give thanks unto JEHOVAH, and to praise thy name, o most high !

2 To declare thy mercy early in the morning, and thy truth every night;

3 Upon an instrument of ten strings, and the lute; upon a melodious instrument, and upon the harp. 4 Because thou, O JEHOVAH! hast


made me to rejoice through thy works and through the operation of thine hands :

5 I sing loudly, saying ; “ How great, o JEHOVAHT are ihy works! thy thoughts are exceedingly deep.”

6 The foolish man doth not know, and the perverse man will not understand this;

7 While the wicked flourish like grass, and the workers of iniquity prosper, neither until they be destroyed for ever.

8 But thou, O JEHOVA!! shalt be exalted for ever; for, lo! thine enemies shall perish, and all the workers of iniquity shall be dispersed.

9 But thou shalt exalt mine horn, like that of the rhinoceros; and ininc old age shall be vigorous with fatness :

10 Mine eye shall sce what befalls those who lie in wait for me; mine ear shall hear what becomes of those who rise up against me.

11 The righteous man shall flourish like a palm tree; he shall grow like the cedar of Lebanon.

12 Those who are planted in the house of JEHOVAH, shall flourish in the courts of

our GOD :

In old

age, they shall continue to bear fruit; they shall be full of sap and vigorous ;

14 To show that Jehovah, my defender, is just ; and that there is no iniquity in hiin.


O JEHOVAH ! thou reignest; thou art clothed with majesty: O JEHOVAH ! thou art clothed' with strength; thou art girded with might.

2 The world also thou hast established, that it can never be removed.

3 Thy throne was established before all time; thou, O JEHOVAH! didst exist from all eternity

4 O JEHOVAH! the floods lift up, the floods lift up their voice; the floods lift up their waves :

5 But JEHOVAH, who dwelleth on high, is. more majestic than the sound of great waters, than the majestic waves of the sea.

6 Thy testimonies, O JEHOVAH! are very faithful; holiness becometh thine

house for ever.



O JEHOVAH! thou, GOD, to whom vengeance belongeth; thou, GOD, to whom vengeance belongeth, shine forth.

2 Arise, thou judge of the earth ; and recompense the proud according to their deserts.

3 How long shall the wicked, o JehoVAH ! how long shall the wicked exult?

4 How long shall all the workers of iniquity boast, and continue to utter perverse speeches ?

5 How long shall they smite thy people, O JEHOVAH ! and afflict thine inheritance?

6 How long shall they slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the father


7 And say; JEHOVAH doth not see it, neither doth the god of Jacob regard it?

8 Attend to instruction, ye simple ones among the people ! o ye perverse ! when will ye learn wisdom ?

9 Shall not he, who planted the ear, hear ? shall not he, who forned the

eye, sce?

TO Shall

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