there were no widows to make lamentation.

64 But JEHOVAH awoke, as one out of sleep; or, like a mighty man refreshed with wine :

65 And smote back their enemies ; and fixed upon them everlasting disgrace.

66 Then he rejected the tabernacle of Joseph, and approved not the tribe of Ephraim :

67 But chose the tribe of Judah, even the mountain of Zion, which he loveth ;

68 Where he built his sanctuary on high; and laid the foundation of it, like that of the earth, which he hath established for ever.

69 He chose David also his servant, and took him from the sheep-folds :

70 He brought him from following the sucklings, to feed Jacob his people, and Israel bis inheritance :

71 And he fed them with integrity of heart, and conducted them with a prudent hand.



O GOD! the nations are come into thine inheritance; they have polluted ibine holy temple, and laid Jerusalern in ruins.

2 They have given the dead bodies of thy servants for food unto the fowls of the air, and the flesh of thy devoted servants unto the beasts of the earth :

3 They have spilled their blood like water on every side of Jerusalem, and there was no one to bury them.

4. We are become a subject of reproach to our neighbours; and of scorn and derision to those who are around us.

5 How long, O JEHOVAH! wilt thou be angry? will thy jealousy burn like fire for ever?

6 Pour out thine indignation upon the nations which do not acknowledge thee; and upon the kingdoms which do not call upon thy name:

7 For they have devoured Jacob, and have laid waste his habitation.

8 Remember not against us our former sins; but let thy mercies come quickly, for we are nearly exhausted.

9 Help us, o GOD of our salvation! for the sake of the glory of thy name: deliver us, and forgive our transgressions, for thy name's sake!

10 Why should the nations say ; • Where is their god ?"

1 Make thyself known among the nations, by taking vengeance upon them for the blood of thy servants which has been shed !

12 Let the deep sighing of the prisoners come before thee! according to the greatness of thy power, preserve the lives of those who are conde:nned to die ! • 13 Return the reproaches, o JEHOVAH ! with which those who dwell among us have reproached thee, seven-fold into their bosom!

14 Then will we, who are thy people, and the sheep of thy pasture, celebrate thee for ever, and rehearse thy praise from generation to generation.

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HEAR, O shepherd of Israel ! thou who leadest the sons of Joseph like a dock of sheep; shine forth, thou who dwellest between the cherubiin!

U 2

2 Exert

2 Exert thy great power before Ephraim, Benjamin and Manasseh, and come to

save us.

3 Restore us, O GOD of hosts ! to our land; and let thy countenance shine upon us, that we may be saved !

40 JEHOVAH! GOD of hosts! how long wilt thou be displeased with the prayer of thy people ?

5 Thou makest them to eat the bread of grief, and givest them plenty of tears to drink.

6 Thou hast caused us to be at variance with those among whom we live ; and our enemies laugh us to scorn.

7 Restore us, o GOD of hosts! to our land; and let thy countenance shine upon us, that we may be saved !

8 Thou didst bring a vine from Egypt; thou didst cast out the nations, and didst

plant it :

9 Thou didst clear a place for it, and madest it to shoot forth its roots; and it filled the land :

10 The mountains were covered with its shadow, and lofty cedars with its boughs :

11 It spread its branches unto the sea, and its tender shoots unto the river.

12 Why hast thou now broken down its fences, so that all who pass the road do pluck from its branches?

13 The boar from the forest doth root it up; and the beast of the field doth browse

upon it.

14 O GOD of hosts! return, we pray thee; look down from the heavens, and have regard to, and visit this vine:

15 And establish the stock, which thine own right-hand did plant.

16 Those who burn it with fire, and destroy it, let them perish at the rebuke of thy countenance. 17 Let thine hand be


the man of thy right-hand; upon the son of man whom thou dost strengthen for thyself :

18 Then will we not revolt from thee : do thou give us life, and we will call upon thy name.

19 O JEHOVAH ! God of hosts ! restore us to our land; and let thy countenance shine upon us, that we may be saved.

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